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The skin is the body's largest organ , whether in humans or even in animals


In humans it occupies about 2 square meters and its

the thickness varies between 0 and 5 millimeters in the eyelids and 4 millimeters in

the heel its approximate weight is 5


Basically we are born with a skin Good amount, skin is very important

because it is the first barrier to infections exterior, so it's a reflection

of our state of health that's why we have to take great care of it

because sometimes the skin has to face threats external, so it's common to see that

Tasks and other things appear on

the skin

Fortunately there are many treatments that will help us

a lot to remove stains and wrinkles and toxins

all kinds on the skin today I'm bringing you a recipe that

will do wonders for your skin,

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what do you need and how does it apply

prepare this fabulous cream which you will need to care for your skin

1 tablespoon almond oil or olive oil 2 teaspoons

pharmaceutical petroleum jelly 1 teaspoon of

honey 1 egg yolk


the first thing to do will be to melt petroleum jelly well in a bath

marine pendant a few minutes

when it is already melted remove the heat and add all

the ingredients until a homogeneous consistency

Pour the mixture in a box, you can use an old box of cream to

the face of about 50 ml

how to use this

First before each use, wash use your hands well and cleanse the skin

depth Then apply the cream by making

circular movements with fingertips after half an hour

Take a cotton pad soaked in a little water to withdraw the supplement

this mix it you have to apply on your face

at least two hours before going to sleep and then it will take

at least 1 hour for the solution to be absorbed through the skin

this cream, you should keep it in the fridge

also try to drink lots of water and therefore you will have

even better results Tasks

on the skin appear mainly because we have the skin

exposed to the sun and generally without the protection

The body also undergoes the changes hormonal during pregnancy or even at

over time, as we get older It becomes

inevitable that the skin will fade

As a bonus I give you these little tips simple things you can do everyday

To reduce skin deterioration I you

recommend these actions

The juice of half a squeezed lemon, put in

a pot before going to sleep, Apply directly to the areas where it

are stain and rinse all

mornings in cold water don't expose yourself not

sun while using lemon

In number 2 onion juice onion juice is extremely useful for

remove skin spots Mix a small purple onion then

soak a cotton pad and apply it on stains leave for 10 minutes and wash

the Face in cold water

at the beginning can cause a slight burn

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In number 3 apple cider vinegar because it has acid ph so is

excellent for closing pores and to have

smooth and shiny skin soak one

cotton with apple cider vinegar and apply it on the spots, let

act for 20 minutes and wash the face with cold water

Secret number 4 is the use of the milk

If you know the great cleopatra then you know she was taking milk baths

, where she got her beauty, milk contains lactic acid which bring back

dead cells on the surface of the the skin, leaving it clean and refreshed

just take a cotton dip it in milk and apply it

in the spots areas leave

act overnight overnight Rinse the skin

As you know the structure of The skin contains three layers

the epidermis the dermis and tissues, compound subcutaneous tissues

cell layers called keratinocytes

So when you apply each of the treatments described above it is very important to

let the solution enter all skin layers is the best way

to have quick results

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