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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CIRA 30 Anos

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what's up and it was times of need that there are 30

years liked the rehearsal of 11 neighboring municipalities and

and blurring boundaries joined hands found solutions

o and projects the future having the laugh of aveiro with inspiration

what's up and what started as an association

of municipalities in the estuary with the purpose promote the environmental quality of the

aveiro became years later in intermunicipal community in the region of

a consolidation of a project pioneer in associativism


asked me if big projects that through innovative approaches and

cooperation agreements contributed to the development of the territory of a

integrated and sustainable way and

the world has changed and different challenges new steps have entered the scene

needs arose stimulating the solving new problems through

a dynamic of common articulation and hi for the future we intend to increase the

competitiveness of the aveiro region in framework of the center of portugal region of

europe and the world and and aspire the best for the best of

ourselves congratulations to all the laugh inspires us to

what's up

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