Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Linssen Yachts nominierung European Powerboat of the year 2022

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Good day dear ladies and gentlemen. My Name is Yvonne Linssen and I am here

on board the Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan. We are in production on build number 3 and here next to

the construction number 4. We are very proud that the 500 Sedan is nominated for European Motorboat of

the Year for 2022. We hope to receive this beautiful to receive this beautiful award in Dsseldorf.

but of course our competitors are also nominated are also nominated, so we hope that

we will be there. We would like to invite you to have a look to have a look at these beautiful ships here in the

production or at your local dealer. At the latest you can visit the yacht

at BOOT 2022 in january. We hope of course to see you earlier here with us. Are you

interested in this Grand Sturdy 500 Sedan then you shoult have a look at our

USP-film where we explain the special characteristics of this ship to you.

For questions and remarks you can leave your message in the comments section,

and don't forget to subscribe to our Linssen Yachts youtube channel. Hopefully

see you at one of our boat shows or here in the showroom or at our dealers.

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