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ah there is nowhere I'd rather be than celebrating the future of our country

today with all of you give yourselves a round of applause now as some of you may

know about a year and a half ago I launched a campaign called Girl Love which

is eight yes which is aimed at ending the cycle of girl-on-girl hate and

encouraging women to empower other women no one yes empowerment cheer for

empowerment now when it comes to gender equality I'm proud to be from a country

that is set such a great example from our female

Olympians to government cabinet - just yesterday when we met our newest female

astronaut Canada is making big strides

but I think there's even more room for girl love and a lot of these things can

happen when we empower youth by our good example in fact I'm gonna teach you

three ways to spread girl up in your homes and schools every single day for

free three number one turn jealousy into compliments now everyone gets jealous at

some point right but being jealous usually means you admire something about

someone so if you get jealous you can do one of two things number one you can be

jealous I'm not like a girl and be bitter or number two you can turn that

feeling into a compliment so don't get bitter get better number two support

other girls now of course sometimes in life we compete a competition doesn't

have to result in hate women can still support other women and there's more

than enough room for more than one successful female in an industry right

yeah number three strangers are sisters if there's a new girl in school in your

class or a party that doesn't know anyone go up to her and introduce

yourself that little gesture can go a long way because females our first

response should be a warm smile not a judgmental look am i right my pledge for

Canada is to encourage all of us to come together not only as women but as a

country built on respect and equality girls and boy the lake to

fight for gender equality thank you so much for letting me speak to you today

and remember Canada we're in this together

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