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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Make friends with Phrasal Verbs: What are they & how to study them

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Are you, like many other students, finding phrasal verbs and ongoing challenge?

It may be true that English would be a lot easier to learn if it didn't include so

many phrasal verbs. However, as we can't eliminate them from the language, and

as native speakers love using them, the best way to approach them is by looking

at them as a fun challenge rather than an obstacle.

Hello and welcome everyone

this is Minoo at Anglo-Link. The first thing to remember about phrasal verbs is

that 9 out of 10 times there is a non-phrasal synonym that you can use to

express the same idea. So, you can be a fluent speaker without learning and

using all the phrasal verbs. Don't think that your English is better or more

fluent if you say, 'I've signed up for your course'

instead of 'I've enrolled on your course'.

The only reason you need to learn the

common phrasal verbs is so you can understand native speakers and the only

way to learn them effectively for this purpose is by learning a few at a time

and always in context.

Memorising lots of phrasal verbs from a list with their

translation into your own language will only lead to confusion and frustration.

Don't do it!

So, the strategy I recommend is, firstly, study a few in context and as

part of a phrase. Secondly, revise all the ones you have learnt before you study

some new ones. And finally, listen out for them when you watch movies or have a

conversation with a native speaker. This way you will gradually begin to use them

yourself quite naturally. You just have to be patient.

In this lesson I'm going

to explain some things you need to know about phrasal verbs that can help you to

learn and assimilate them more easily. Once you have understood these important

points about phrasal verbs you can use the 10 lessons in my series called

'Phrasal Verbs in daily English conversations' to gradually assimilate.

So, when you're ready let's begin this lesson on phrasal verbs.

Well that's the end of this lesson on phrasal verbs, I hope you've enjoyed it.

You will find several other lessons on my YouTuve channel and on my website

that will help you to gradually become familiar with and start using the most

common phrasal verbs in English.

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Thanks a lot for watching this lesson

and see you again soon.

Bye for now!

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