Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Left 4 Dead (Nothing Special Part 3) - Achievement Guide

Difficulty: 0

This is the finale of my attempt for Nothing Special.

If you have the captions on you'll know if there is

a special infected still lurking around. Kill them all

before activating the radio for help.

Even when the smoker pins someone against an object

You'll still have about a second to free them before they take damage.

It's best to melee the tongue before shooting for the smoker.

He'll be stuned for about a second after you free the survivor.

When you're ready, swap out your weapon for a long range rifle.

Choose which ever you feel most comfortable with.

I prefer the assault rifle, but the sniper rifle will be just as useful.

When you've triggered the rescue vehicle,

exit the house from the back entrance.

Make your way to the open field behind the house.

Where you choose to defend here is up to you.

Some people choose to sit further back, closer to the fence.

I usually find this spot ideal. It's wide open

and the AI make quick work of the zombies.

Try and scan the two main avenues of approach.

When the tank comes the AI are usually good about

avoiding his rocks, and with the open area they can

strafe him so he never gets too close.

Once the 2 main attacks are over, carefully make your way back.

The AI will watch your back, but I wouldn't rely on them too much.

Throw the pipe bomb once you reach the rescue vehicle

and you should be more than ok.

Don't panic if the AI don't get in right away.

Just keep firing to keep the zombies away,

even if that mean some friendly fire.

If you speed rushed through the game,

You'll only kill about 10 special infected per kind.

Which is far less than a standard game.

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