Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How It's Made: Wood Finishing and Curing | Ep. 5

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At Viewrail,

we design, engineer, and fabricate our products right here in the U.S.

We're giving you a behind the scenes look at how it's all done.

A great finish begins with a great recipe.

And those recipes are made here.

We are working with international partners to bring together all of the right

elements so that we can tailor them and craft them.

So whether we're putting a clear finish

on White Hard Haple or we're putting an elegant finish on a piece of White Oak,

we want to deliver the look, the depth, the richness.

And that depth and richness comes through a lot of different techniques.

We are, first of all,

spraying on the stain and then hand wiped and hand applied. That hand wiping allows

the stain to settle into the pores and for it to have a depth and a richness

that doesn't happen if we were to spray it on only.

And so you see the handcrafted nature of how beautiful the result is.

Once it comes out of the stain room,

it is now being prepared for two layers of finish.

Well, first of all, putting on a very high-build,

high-durability, catalyzed finish

that is going to be really hard, really strong, really long-lasting.

It's also getting a lot of build. That is finishes next is

going to be sanded, and once it's sanded


then a final topcoat is put on. In the final topcoat is what you're going to see

and you're going to feel, and you're going to love. It's going to lay down really nice

and provide the beauty for your home that you have hope for.

This infrared curing tunnel is key to the process because it cures the finish

because we want to have the right cure of the chemistry.

We have a beautiful product.

That's why we work so hard.

So we can make it here for you.

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