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When you're young you believe everything: spinach makes you strong...

...your father is the hero of the country, and Saint Nicholas exists.

But one day you look at the Holy Man's shoes and think: they're my father's.

Your suspicions are confirmed: It's nonsense to believe...

...that a man with a long white beard travels from Spain... steamboat once a year to leave something in your shoe.

And also: Spinach doesn't make you strong...

...Ho/land will never be world champions and you won't marry your teacher.

And so you grow older and increasingly unhappy.

You only feel like you used to when you feel that you love someone.

Really love someone. Then everything stupid and painful falls by the side.

Love is everything, and we must continue to believe this.

So what would happen if we all agreed that Saint Nicholas exists?

We'd still have to buy the presents ourselves, but it's the idea that counts.

The belief that we will prevail in the end, that love will prevail in the end.

Because love is like Saint Nicholas. You have to believe in it...

...or it doesn't work.

Good morning. Did you sleep well?

I thought I'd pick up a hitchhiker.

It's always nice to chat on the way.

But you slept from Madrid... Amsterdam.

Morning of Saint Nicholas' arrival

But he's arriving.

You're coming with us, right? - Daddy has to work.

But it's Sunday.

But sweetie, I took a couple of Sundays on days...

...that weren't Sundays. Now I have to work on a real Sunday.

Good morning, Dad. - Klaas!

I was about to leave.

What exactly?


Give him some ginger nuts, stroke his head, and you're done.

No exceptions. Not even for my grandson.

Dad, come on. This could be the last year he believes in it at all.

And he could use some attention.

You two were great at destroying your marriage.

Now you must be great at bearing the consequences.

Prick. - What did you say?

You're a real prick, dad.

That's nice, at least.

Don't do that. - But I must.

If you don't paint your face black, you don't need lipstick.

The viewpoint on camera 2... not giving me a boner.

The arrival of the Spanish libertine.

Top-quality TV every year.

Is the boat under way?

I'll give them a call. - Yes, do that.

Mr. Van Ophorst is pulling up.

I'm expecting the Piets any minute.

Yes, people, he's here. - We're leaving in 1O minutes. No five.

It's great to have you here. - Are there any naughty children around?

I'm Alicia. I'll make sure everything goes well today.

Have my black friends arrived? - Any minute now.

And a cup a coffee? Would that be possible?

Get on board and I'll take care of it.

Bibabobabu... - Wow, that's beautiful.

Is this Daniel, the intern? - Yes, Alicia. It's good you called.

We've been...what do you call it? Delayed.

Where the hell are the Piets?

Look, I'm on my way. Guys, into the van. If you're not on the boat in ten minutes...

...l loose my job.

Please change there.

Mum, Puss is shitting in the sandbox.

Damn. - Sha?lcomeu.

...with you today? - Don't you have to work?

I'm not going to work on a Sunday.

If you want to keep your job you will.

What day is it today? - Sunday.

French toast day.

Coffee? - What's the fastest way to the city?

Get on the boat. - Are you Daniel?

Are you taking this seriously? We're 3O minutes late.

Yes, production girl. Hello? Hello? Over.

Damn amateurs. - Go ahead.

What about my coffee?

A coffee for Mr. Van Ophorst.

He uses his own cup. - And something else...

The gown is too short. If the clothes don't fit, how can I feel the part?

I have to get it from somewhere.

Damn. Fuck.

Watch out, madman.

Right on time, as usual. - I had a flat.

Listen, joker.

I'd take it easy if I were you.

I'm babysitting on my day off...

...and we have to finish this week.

What? - I said yes, didn't I?

Look who's here.

You're wearing lipstick. Can I have some too?

Shall we go? Come on, David.

Come on, people.

Come on. Let's go.

Mr. Van Ophorst?

Saint Nicholas?

That can't be... We're here with 100 000 screaming children.

That can't be.

I don't know what to do either.

But if everyone starts crying, we're fried.

The boat will leave... Where do you think you're going?

What? We're going live in 1O minutes!

He's still dead as a doornail. - Yeah, and so?

I told you he wants to do it. - I'd like to hear him say it.

You don't mind doing this? You're sure?

Sir? - But I'm not getting on the horse.

You have no idea how happy you've made me.

We have a Saint Nicholas. We're leaving.


I'm not doing it. - Don't be so childish.

We've been doing it forever. - I'm not going as the rod.

Fine, Kiki and I will go alone. - Rudolf, I don't know either.

What are you doing to me? It's too late to change.

I'm no good with horses. - Cannonball and Spitfire know the way.

I hear the boat.

What a party!

Maybe you can wave a little? Mr. Van Ophorst always did.

Camera four. Over to four.

As usual members of the royal family are here to greet Saint Nicholas.

There is great interest... the Benjamin, Prince Valentijn who's been living in London for 3 years.

Six months ago his short relationship...

...with top model Lauren Mil/er caused a stir.

Since then, he's been seen with highborn beauties, including the divorcee...

Naughty boy...

It looks pretty believable.

Well done. Remind me to give the man a book token.

Say, you... Daniel...

Yeah? - ls that Tom Van Ophorst's leg?

I covered him with a blanket for now.

You covered him with a blanket... Damn-

Sour puss. - You're fired.

Good morning. Amsterdam police, please.

Isn't that your phone? - Yes.

Klaasje Van Ophorst speaking. Who? Wait a minute...

There he is. There he is.

Fenna. - Go ahead. We'll follow.

Sorry. Who? Yes, speaking.



I understand.

Thank you. Goodbye.

Granddad has died.

I'll take you to Daddy. - But Saint Nicholas...

You'll see him on TV.

Do we want this? - I don't know.

You can't broadcast this.

Stay with it.

I can't believe it.

Stay with him.


If you leave, you're through. - But my kid...

There's always something. You're through.

Get lost.



Open, close, open, close. Front to back, front...

And cycle. Cycle away. Keep it up. You're doing great.

Victor Jollema speaking.

Yes, he's my friend.

And where are you, exactly?

On the heath, I understand. But which one?


Are you home?

What took you so long? - You have the key.

I don't live here anymore. - But you can use it.

I'm not going to barge in unannounced. - What the...?

Did your mother do that?

How are you? - Can Boris stay a couple of days?

Next weekend. - I know but...

No way, Klaas. - No?

I'm really busy. - You've had a haircut?

No, I'm in therapy. - Take it easy.

Easy my foot. What's up?

I have a presentation, a broken heater, an empty fridge. Stop your guilt trip.

You left. Not I.

My father has died.

Who's that? - Be quiet. It isn't him.

I could have sworn... - Listen...

Tom had a heart-attack this morning. - I'm sorry.

Stop it. You never liked each other. - Fine.

I'm all alone. I have to arrange the funeral...

...sort through his things. - I said fine.

Boris can stay here.


Camera one, mother and daughter.

Camera one with Valentijn. Over to one.

Ginger nut. Get the ginger nut. And...

...back to Saint Nicholas.

Let's get you some dry clothes. - Are we done?

Done? No, you have walk along the quay.

Damn. - What? You really need dry clothes.

Bugger off.

Let's return to Prince Valentijn. - Camera one on Valentijn.

What happened? - Nothing.

I'm Sjoerd.

Hi, I'm Saskia. - Pjotter.

I'm Victor. Kees' friend.

Don't you want to sit down?

What happened? - Yeah, what happened...? Hum...

The Baron of Ulsendek joined the poisoner from Galandrio...

...and the wood elves tattled.

It's unpleasant of course, but Kees' reaction...

...wasn't normal. - Because...?

Kees beat the daylight out of Ulsendek.


You're kidding.

I don't mean to meddle, but...

Kees isn't well.

We really have the feeling that Kees is using this to...

How can I put it? To...

To escape reality.

It was nice to meet them at last.

Don't you think? - Yeah...

Very friendly people.

Especially Sjoerd.

Are they coming to the wedding?

Put them on the list.

I never knew we had so many friends and family.

You have many.

My family and friends are also yours.

Darling... - Yes?

What happened? - Nothing.

Nothing? You beat him unconscious.

Unconscious... - The baron is in first aid.

Is it all too much?

What? - What?

Your mother died. The Wedding's coming up.

I'm fine, Vic. Really.

Hello, ladies.

Oh, hello. Prince Valentijn.

No, don't do that. Don't!

Come back here.

Stay right here!

Back, guys.

Well... Kiki Jongema.

How do you know?

The name tag, of course. What an idiot.

Super embarrassing. Anyway, I need the man from the horses.

Mister from the horses?

Mister from the horses?

Are you alright? - I'm fine.

Is someone going to unwrap this present tonight?

I'm afraid I'll have to do it myself.

If you need help...

You specialize in that of course. Cutting ribbons and the like.

Prince of Orange.

The car... Our time is up.

We're on the disabled spot, aren't we?

I'll be on my way.

OK. - Have a nice day.

My little girl...

Oh god.

What are you doing here? - I saw it happen.

I was up in my crane and I saw...

Why didn't you call? - I thought...

...he'd never let you leave.

Of course, it's about my kid.

In fact, he told me to leave. - Really, darling?

I'm sorry it happened this way. Your father was a very...

...special man.

One question.

Your father's replacement... you know who it is?

How should I know? - Of course.

I'm just fumbling around.

Take care.

How awful. You can't tell...'s me, can you?

How do you get into these things?

Do I laugh like an idiot?

You laugh...


What a shit day. - You have his number?

Right... He'd think I like him and I'd have to sleep with him.

You're right. That would be terrible.

Can we change the subject?

I understand you less and less. - I'm sparing with myself.

When is the last time you slept with someone?

You're making a mountain out of nothing.

Look, you're a homo. You screw like a rabbit.

Really? That would be top of my wish list.

You hang a red cloth out of your pocket, and voil.

Just say it.

If you meet someone who looks good and he looks at you... the right way, you say: I'm Kiki.

I like you. - Yeah, in a box with a bow on my head.

So you like him? - No way.

Will Lauren be our new Princess?

I'm referring of course to Prince Valentijn...

Are you going to your mother's tonight? - Not tonight. I have other plans.

You're not the only one. - During Saint Nicholas' arrival...

Hey, Valentino!

Are you expecting company? - Hun, open up.

A blonde, anyone?

I'll first check that I'm still a boy.

In less than 24 hours you've regained the title of captain of the sex industry.

I laughed my arse off at the red-capped pedo-priest.

And then our friend pops out of nowhere to show off his X-Factor.

You had a standing ovation in your pants, didn't you?

Shall we get a bite to eat? - Genital idea.

Something French. Dismiss.

A present for Prince Valentijn

Saint Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas.

Are you hungry?

Saint Nicholas' arrival was very special his year.

He saved a seven-year-old girl from the icy waters before disappearing...

...without a trace. The girl's fine...

...and has only caught a cold. - Brilliant story.

He saves a girl then bolts down the Prins Hendrikkade...

...without looking back. - He was gone.

As long as he's on our show tomorrow. - Alicia is working on it.

Brilliant story. Really brilliant.

He was inspiring, a master in the field.

A masterly actor. It's a great loss for Dutch theatre.

Tom Van Ophorst was 79 years old.

The identity of his stand-in is unknown.

Sleep tight, Saint Nicholas.

I'm not Saint Nicholas. - I know.

Saint saves child

Am I a Famous Dutch Person? - Definitely.

Don't play with your milk.


What's that for? - What...?

You're going to work, right?

Of course. I know.

Oh, David.

I saw you on TV. It looked rather...

...breathless and embarrassing. - I don't give a hoot.

What an awful expression. - I don't give a hoot, Rudolf.

Bad night, girlie? I'd use concealer if I were you.

UNDERTAKER respectful funeral management

Kees, just one thing:

Saint Nicholas has died.

He doesn't exist. - Tell his daughter.

She'll be here soon.

I'm celebrating not having drowned.

Toilet rolls for hobbying. - A lot of them.

Ted had gastroenteritis.


I think Klaasje needs rest...

...what with her father and all.

Someone else should care for the gardens.

Klaasje can always call me.

She knows that. - Yes, but...

How can I put this nicely...

Klaasje can't stand you, so it's better if we agree on this.

You slept with her husband, is what I mean.

So I changed the schedule for duck feeding from Wednesdays... Thursdays. Too bad for the pancakes.

When she's back, we'll do Jazz dancing...

...or something. Instead of pancakes.

You're a remarkable woman, you know?

Excuse me. May I?

It's him.

It's him!

Holy cow.

It's definitely him. Side-whiskers and all.

Sorry, I didn't recognize you. - Story of my life.

I did. - I'll have to let them in.

But if want to shop after closing time... For your privacy...

I'm here for Kiki.

Kiki Jongema.

Colder than in Spain, isn't it, Nicholas? - Quiet.

I need to think. I first want to get my own clothes back.

Your own clothes?

We'll be finished in a minute. We can grab a coffee somewhere.

You think he's going to report voluntarily? I've been circling all night.

I'll manage. No, I told you I'd manage.

You go your way, and I'll go mine.

But where are you going, Saint Nicholas? Where?

I'll just tag along, Saint Nicholas.

I saw your father in the theatre last year. As King Lear.

Marvellous. - Saint Nicholas was his favourite role.

Rather hypocritical. He wasn't mad about kids.

He loved the attention.

The applause.

I have yet to cry. - We all mourn at our own pace.

Are your parents alive?

No. Well, I'm sure about my mother, because ljust buried her.

My father left when I was three.

I never saw him again. That's also a type of death.

Something cheerful:

The coffin.

Left or right? - You've forgotten the way?


It's been a long time since you brought me to school.

Right. - Why?

Mummy prefers to do it herself.


To the right?

I don't know this way at all. - You said you did.

Will we be late?

Don't worry.

Here. Give me a kiss.

See you this afternoon.


I'm sorry we're late.

It's been a while. - Yes.

Everything fine? - Great. Bye.

Excuse me.

Klaas? It's me. I just brought Boris to school.

You're calling to tell me that?

I just wanted to see how you're doing.

Great. I'm selecting a coffin.

Sorry, I won't keep you any longer.

Why doesn't she just tell me?

What do you want now?

Kiki, Prince Valentijn is here for you.

Real funny. - Hurry up. He has other things to do.

Don't be so childish. - So what should I tell him?

Who? - Prince Valentijn.

What should I tell him? - ls he really here?

She doesn't give a hoot?

That's what she said.



I'm sorry for dropping in like this...

But I'm expected at my mother's.

I know it's absurd. The whole situation is...

...absurd, but...

After we met yesterday...

Can you come out? It's easier to...

Excellency, there's more to it than crowd pleasing on Queen's Day.

B99 VOW pardon?

What do you think? That I'll throw myself at you... you can dump me after one night of wild pleasure?

You think that's my intention?

Sorry, but I've gone to some trouble... - Trouble?

Gee? You had yourself driven...

...all the way here? - Fine.

Get lost. You've never had to strain yourself.

You shake your side-whiskers and they faint.

How would you know?

Silly cow.

Did it work out? - Yes...

Fine, thank you. - Darn, I almost forgot.

The Piets are coming to interview. I'm sorry but I must open up.

By the way, you're a great sack runner. - Pardon me?

On Queen's Day, when you and your family play games.

I love watching you in the sack race. - We do our best.

Ladies, ladies...

Final sale in the shoe department. - Shoes, over there.

So, you want to be our Black Prince.

I mean, Black Piet.

Hello, Mr. Dekker. How are you?

I'm Simone Koelman. Ted's wife.

I need sand. Our cat does it in the sandbox.

Ted always forgets to bring some.

And you can take these.


What's up?

Listen, Monique... - Simone.

Ted doesn't work here anymore.

It got too crazy. Sorry.

It's your mother.

I have a question.

One second, Your Majesty.

What is it? - Do you all find me... Am I...

Are you what? - Nothing.

Your Majesty, he's on his way. - No, I'm not.

One second, Your Majesty. You said? - We're going shopping.

I don't believe it.

Good morning.

What a coincidence.

I want my clothes.

Of course.

Where did you sleep? - At my place.

We had Chinese noodles.

We could arrange...

...for a place to sleep. - I'd like a warm place.

Who's asking you? You're the new Saint Nicholas.

It's up to you. - The new one?

I'm not Saint Nicholas, Eppo. - Eppie.

He still believes in it. And that I'm... You know...

I understand...

...if you have other plans.

Well, I'll be on my way.

That Saint Nicholas business...

ls it paid? - ls it paid?

You think Van Ophorst did it for free?

He was paid millions. Well...

Soto speak.

But it definitely pays.

Room 302. Thank you.

We're so proud to have you here.

Did you just arrive from Madrid?

You're the first one who really tried.

Oh, marvellous stockings. By Kunert?

Sixty-denier? - ls the position still vacant?

No, I took this on this morning. What a disaster.

I'm very motivated.

What rotten luck. As always.

I bet you can skip too.

Pardon me? - Skip.

Yes. A little more cheer.

A little more joie de vivre.

Look, that's how it works.

Marvellous. Beautiful.

You're good. Got yourself fired twice within 48 hours. Does your wife know?

Yes. - And?

Was she furious?

She understands.

She says it's time I do what I want. That I should think about...

...what I want to do with my life.

As long as you're happy, she said.

Really? - Yes.

I'll see you, Ron. - Good luck.


Your lunch box.

Darling, how was your day? - Good.

I'm afraid my mother insists on doing it. - What?

Sing at our wedding. A number from The Lion King.

Because you like it so much. - I do?

She'll sing, with Uncle Rudy on the piano.

Uncle Rudy? - Her brother.

You met him at Christmas. He's not all there...

...but he really plays well.

Before my father's speech.

Your father's speech? - Don't worry.

My sisters are single. It's his one chance... feel like the father of the bride.

The friend of children, the present-opening...

...Christian presents, symbolic apples...

You don't need to know all of that. - You know, it was never proven.


That Saint Nicholas had a beard. - It looks nice, right?

It's well glued on. - Hijo de puta.


Tell us about your trip.

I came by steamboat...

...with the Piets and the grey. - How old are you now?

How old would he...?

He's from 280...

280. I'd have to calculate.

And... - Did you know...

...that he rides a donkey in parts of Switzerland?

Who? - Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas, Santiglaus.

Yeah, but that's you.

Right. - Yes.

That's me. - Saint Nicholas...'s some footage.


Saint Nicholas. - Quiet.

I can't hear what he's saying.

Let's wrap it up. - Camera 2.

It was getting a bit complicated.

Am I messing up? - You're great.

I'm only standing in. - I know.

Camera four. - Saint Nicholas had a busy day.

So we should... - That's right, he died.

Saint Nicholas is joking. - What do we do?

Nothing yet. - Saint Nicholas...

ls Boris watching TV?

Yes, Why?

Please turn it off. - Why?

It's early. - Because I say so.

Did you know Van Ophorst...

...was paid millions Holy Man, my arse.

Shall we play Scrabble?

Let's sing a song.

What do you think? - He'll be a hit. We'll have...

...great ratings, a big December 5...

...a big Saint Nicholas show.

Give him money, a hotel, food,booze.

...women, and whatever. Until December 5, he's all ours.

You want to join us for dinner? - I have something to do.

Can I come in?

Sure. - How was it?



Thanks, but it's not for me. I'm leaving tomorrow.

That's clear.

I'll give you a ride.

That's sweet of you.

Our hearts are bonking hard

who'll get the rod, who'll get the tart

our hearts are bonking hard

who'll get the rod, who'll get the tart

She watched TV last night? - Boris too?

Until "Holy Man, my arse". - I didn't see anything.

Saint Nicholas really exists. - He's a smart cookie.

He's petrified he'll miss out on presents. Give me a kiss.

See you this afternoon.

Father of Boris.

Should we get together again?

I think not. - I remember good times together.

I remember I was married.

Dennis. - Hi.

I'm Simone Koelman. A friend of Klaasje's.

The mother of Fenna. - Yes, Simone.

A strange question: Do you have time to rake...

...the school gardens? Klaasje has stuff on her mind.

I have to find a substitute.

I thought you may want to do it.

I don't have a rake.

By the way, it's great you're in therapy.

Really great. - Klaasje told you?

Ruining your marriage doesn't make you a bad father.

Shall I tell Sarah about the gardens? To save you the trouble?


Sorry. Heartburn.


Jan, do you know what you brought about yesterday evening?

You're a hit, that's the plain truth. A hype, a ratings' big shot.

You should be proud of yourself. - It doesn't change a thing.

What do you mean? You could earn a lot of money.

But I'm not doing it. Thanks again. - Where are you going?

I want to visit someone. - I'll take you. Do you have an address?


It's short notice... - Your religion prescribes it.

I understand.


We'll take care of it. I'm sorry I won't be here.

I have a wedding, but I'll make sure...'s taken care of. I promise.

Thank you.

Go ahead, cry, Mama.

You still have us and we have you.

I'm sorry.

Please excuse me.



You'll watch them? - No, I'll sell them.

Has Kees seen them?

You're deciding everything on your own? - He's acting so strange.

Fear of commitment. - Right.

It's obvious. Kees works with dead people.

It's a conscious choice. No attachments.

What's going on with you?

I want what you have.

What do you mean?

You found your prince.

I'm happy for you, but...

...l'm angry that I can't manage the same.

It's over. - First of all, it's nonsense.

You're going to meet someone.

And second, relax.

Go outside. Go out.

Mingle. You can't wait for your prince on your own.

He's out among the commoners.

And thirdly, please sleep with someone in the meantime. For the cosiness.

You're too young and too nice... go through life alone and sexless.

That will be 51 euro 61.

I'm going to lunch. - So?

Who's that? - Black Piet. Can't you tell?

Nice legs.

One size smaller please.

Try the children's department.

You're notjoking. - No.

Klaasje speaking. - It's me. Simone.

How are you?

Am I too thin?

Really? Good, that's fine.

I'm calling about the dress-up clothes for the swimming test.

The what? - It will be taken care of.

The school garden, jazz ballet, puppet show. I've taken care of it all.

You're off the hook. Don't worry about it.

I know you have a lot on your mind.

Simone? - Yes?

Are you alright? - Yes. Just one question:

When Dennis cheated on you... How did you know that?

How did you find out?

I'm not sure how long I'll be. - Take your time.

I'm here for Charlotte.


Oh, Mrs Tromp. The former tenant.

She died.

Goodness, I didn't know...

Did you know her well?

I'm going back.

What did you say? - I'm going back to Spain.


I don't know the details...

...but it's obvious you wanted to make amends and you're too late.

I know it's stupid...

...but with love, we're all either too early or too late.

You're born alone and you die alone.

What matters is the happiness in between.

For her, whoever she may be... - Was.


You're too late for her...

...but was she your only reason for coming to Holland?

Finish it off, earn money...

...and do whatever you want afterwards.

Dearie, I realize it's a little inappropriate...

...but could you tell me how to get in touch with the Queen?

You know what? I'll SMS her cell number to you.

How nice...

...that you would do that. I want to ask...

...whether she'll open a friend's exhibition.

He makes pots of some kind. - Rudolf...

...l hate to tell you this, but she has an unlisted number.

And pots are probably the last thing she needs.

A lonely and sexless life is frustrating...

...but don't take it out on me.

Young lady.


Shall I take you home? - Get lost.

Because? - I have a lonely and sexless life.

I heard something like that.

Sorry. - Don't worry.

Every day I think: Can it get worse? And sure enough... always gets a tad more embarrassing.

At least you have your looks.

You don't.

I have other qualities. - Such as?

I'm pretty good in bed.

Kiki. - Vale...

Piet. - Vale-Piet?


Come on. Shall I take you home?

Actually, I'm waiting for Mr. Right.

Who isn't?

But what do we do in the meantime?

Qpen it up.

Open it up. - Three vodkas and a beer.

Yes. Three vodkas and a beer.

Have you served her? - Who?

She's been waiting for a Baccardi Cola for ages.

Damn. - Relax. Take it easy, man.

Especially when it's busy.

Stay calm. Keep it cool. I'm not forcing you to do this.

I'm going to take a leak.

Simone Koelman.

Darling, I'm going to stay and drink something with the guys, OK?

Will you be late?

Yes, I might be very late.

Hey, what's the story with my drink?

Who was that?

Dekker's wife.

I'll get back to them, darling. Bye. - Have a good time.

One minute. - I'm proud of you. You're here.

I'm only in it for the money. - Marvellous, huh?

He's so honest. - You're on.

Nice song. And now, please welcome the only real... And I mean it...

The only real Saint Nicholas.

Welcome Saint Nicholas. - Call me Jan.

Call me Jan.

Call me Jan. - Camera two.

Camera four. Over to two. Attention two.

Tell them, Jan. Tell them.

Over to four. Back to two.

And there we go.

He is not one to sweep it under the carpet: black people are his slaves.

Guys, three million viewers.

Three million.

Don't hold back on my account. - Sorry.

Are you sleeping?


I'm so nervous about tomorrow.

Good... What is it? Morning.

Good morning.

Room 424, please.

Room 424.

Here you are. Did you have...

...a busy night? - Pardon me? Oh, yes.

I did all my deliveries.



Kiki? - Shut up.

What do you...? - ls this how you deal with pick-ups?

Did you fall? - Piss off.

This wasn't the idea.

What wasn't? Tonight?

No, that was the idea. - It was?

But no goodbye? The girl mustn't think it meant anything, right?

It did mean something. That's what wasn't the idea.

How should I say this?

I feel something for you.

It sounds stupid, but it's never happened to me before... really feel something.

It's fantastic.

It's scary.

It's nice.

And it makes me want to run hard, but also, stay close to you.

Real close to you and I just don't know...

...what I should...

Listen, I'm not...

Wait. You have to know... - I know who you are.

You've known all along?

Why didn't you say anything?

I don't know. I liked it that you...

That you, just for me...

I wanted to see how far you'd go.

Pretty far.

Yeah, pretty far.

Do you want to see my room? - Yes.

No, I have to go to my brother's. He's getting married.

When can we see each other? Tonight?

Sure? - Yeah.

How many people did you invite? - 100, or 150.


Including Uncle Rudy? - Stop it.

Hello, Mum. - My boy.

I'm very happy. - Please, Mum, go inside.

I'll take her.


What have you done? - Surprise.


Because I love you, you fool.

Isn't it wonderful... know that if Kees hadn't nearly drowned that day...

...and Victor hadn't given him mouth-to-mouth...

...we wouldn't be here all together today.

Can the witness...

...come forth with the rings?

No. - What?



What are you doing?


Good that you came. It will help Klaasje.

Some familiar faces.

I beg your pardon.

Didn't you take the day off? - My father died with...

...a mitre on his head. Out of respect, we'll stay with the theme.

Tom was a father, a grandfather, a friend.

This wasn't his type of end.

Much too early he went away...

...without Piet, without grey.

But indeed with a long white beard.

This isn't my father.

Any idea where he might be? - I suspect in room 2.

You suspect, or you know? - The ink ran. It was hard to read.

Could we have some drinks?

People are becoming restless.

And who is here?

Saint Nicholas.

Hello, you lovely lady.

I can't keep my eyes off you.


I want to sleep with you.


To hell with the age difference.


I said I'm Daniel Levi...

...and my mother wants me to go with you next door.

Ladies and gentlemen...

...could you please return... the reception room? - Actors. They're born exuberant.

This is their way.

Don't hold it against them.

He looks peaceful.

Klaas? - What are you doing here?

I came to show support.

Thank you.

I've given it some thought...

...and if you want, Boris can stay a few more days with me.

So you can take it easy.



You don't have to, but if you're lonely, you're welcome at my place.

Well... Yes, it's still our house. - No, it isn't.

I have mine and you have yours. We both have our very own house.

Our very own lives.

Very separate, because we're no longer together.

At least the man had a happy funeral on the sly.

With Jews, it's often so cheerless and cheap.

Dennis, this is Daniel Levi.

The son of...

I must run. This week...

...l'm doing the school gardens.

Strange, I was worried about today, but everything is working out fine.

Tough day?

I mixed up two bodies.

It happens.

I brought flowers. My wife is buried here.

This morning I ran away...

...from my own wedding.

Why? Didn't you love her enough?

I've never loved anyone more.

What's her name? - Victor.

Yeah, that happens too.

Tell me, if you love Victor, and Victor loves you...

...l'd hang onto him like a madman. - Yes, and then he dies, or leaves...

Of course he dies or leaves.

We all die or leave.

We don't want to, but still.

You can just wait for it to happen...

...but what matters is what you do in between.


What's this?

Don't be ashamed.

Oh, come here.

Cry your heart out. That's right.


I want to sleep with you.


Kees, it's Kiki. - ls Victor there?

No, he's resting.

Can you tell him I'm staying at Sjoerd's? - Sjoerd who?

Don't do this to me.

Victor? Don't start. I'm not in the mood for this.

Guess what I'm not in the mood for.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

I need time...

A few days. To air out my head.

When will you be home?

When I'm ready. - What kind of answer is that?

The only one I have.

Are you sleeping with him?

What? - With the hobbit?

He'll grab his chance now.

Cup of soup?

I always make a little extra for the weekend.

Choco Prince, aufmachen. - Darn, Huub.

Valentino, can we motivate you to open up?

Huub the barbarian is vomiting on the red carpet.

A lukewarm soup.

Are you going to paint the town red with us?

Or are there cabinet plans?

I have an appointment. - National interest?

Personal interest. - Dick... one's ever caught AIDS from a golden can.

Guys, someone's waiting for me.


Just one, then.

But I don't have much time.

Are you going to pay? - I'm with prince charming...

I really have to go.

We're getting junk food. - A small bite, then.

Didn't you have an appointment? - Later.

I should have a nap first.

Immunity. - Water-polio.

Good morning. - Shoot.

Did I wake you? - No, I was already...

ljust... Hi.

That was Atom Hydro Tag Axel.

With water-spewing T.A.G. Blaster.

Good shit.


How old are you exactly? - Sixteen.

Oh honey, come here. - You have to leave.

Why? - Guess my age.

Fofiy? - What?


What time is it? - No idea.

My kid's taking his swimming test.

I have to go. - Go ahead.

Go ahead.


Isn't Klaas here? - I called. She was in bed.

She sounded sick. - Oh gosh. Poor thing.

No problem getting time off? - For the kids, it's always fine.

Klaas has always been a bit jealous of you.

Why? - Because of your marriage.

It's so solid.

The teacher cancelled, so ljust threw something on.

Hold on to what you have. It's so easy to make a mess of things.

It happens in the blink of an eye.

Fenna, what's up? Don't you dare?

Shall we go together?

Shall I drop you off? - Where?

At your work. I'm assuming you want to go back. It's still early.

No, I'll take a tram.

You guys can go straight home.

It's beautiful. How much is it?

135 euro 95.

Really beautiful.

Yes, it's timeless.

And how much are the earrings?

The pink ones?

Yes. - Six euro.

Can they be timeless?

So you are home. - I was in bed.

Yes, Dennis told me.

What's that? - Soup.

You've got to eat. Even if it's the last thing on your mind.

You must take care of yourself.


I'm Daniel.

Simone Koelman. 38 years old.

I'll be going.

You're such a prick.

Kiki... - Oh, hello.

How was the wedding? - It didn't take place.

So it goes. - About yesterday evening...

I was supposed to stop by. - I don't know.

Did we have an appointment? - Yes.

But I didn't show up. - That's good. I wasn't home.

No? - No.

It's better like this. You and I, it never would have worked.

Of course not. I mean...

I'm waiting for the white horse and you're...

I don't know... But that's not the point.

You and I were not meant to be.

How do you know? - What?

When it's meant to be.

I don't know. When you imagine...

...a future together. When you want someone's kids.

When he still loves you with milk leaking from your breasts.

When you'll always love him.

When you reach 8O and still laugh together.

I believe that exists.

And you?

It's not a disgrace to believe in that. - Right.

I'll be off.

Maybe I'll see you again. And if not...


Who are the flowers for?

For the victims.

So we don't forget them.

Ted... - Yes, honey.

Are you still attracted to me?

Come on...

I was good, wasn't I? - Super.

Mummy wasn't there. - No. Go to sleep.

Good night. - Good night.


Yes? - You were there, weren't you?

You go up this side, and down the stairs on the other side.

There will be smoke and music.

And ballet and a medley of Saint Nicholas songs.

The throne will be here, and you sit on it.

There? - You'll welcome...

...your guests on your lap. Don't worry.

You'll love it.

Don't worry.

It's timeless.

Shower time. We're eating in 1O minutes.

The party is tonight. - Well...

And we'd agreed on homemade trinkets.

No presents, we said. - Just enjoy it.

Where do you get the money from?

Ted... You were fired.


You're kidding.

Damn. - LastSunday

I wanted to tell you.

What happened? How do you...?

You don't listen.

What's this? - You act like a baby.

Maybe because you're acting like my mother.

I want the receipts.

Receipts? - For the necklace...

...and the other presents. I'm returning it all.

I don't have receipts. - Must I look?

I stole it. - What?

I stole all of it. Now you know.

I stole it all.

And what else?

Nothing. - Nothing?

Friday... Dad.


Boys' night.

I'm leaving early. - I'm staying on.

No celebrating?

I think I'll skip it this year.


Hi there.

Hello. - ls your father home?


What do you want to drink? - Anything. A soda.

I'm not staying long. I was just curious.

A soda.

A film. Just what I feel like. - My father is drunk.


My father's in therapy, because he wants mama back.

I wouldn't worry too much.

My mother has stopped eating. She thinks Dad finds her ugly.

We've found something. - Not that one.

I know how it is. I'm also alone.

These evenings are hell.

Take it easy.

What is this? Take it out.

I want to see it. - How childish.

Childish yourself.

Tape out.

To your room. Go cool off for a while.

Dennis, it's fine. - Sorry.

Relax. I know how they are.

Or do you want me to leave?

Saint Nicholas' Eve

Do you find it dumb, going to my house? - On the contrary.

I want to see it. Otherwise we're always at my place.

Well... A ghost.

Mum, here she is. Klaasje.

Yes. We've met before, haven't we?

Dinner in an hour.

You didn't tell me you live at home. - Of course I do. Where else?

Do you want to see my room?

I'm especially proud of our special guest.

The man who came, saw...

...and stole hearts. The man of the day, Saint Jan.

Looking forward to it? - Like a hole in the head.

I'm sorry. My apologies. - It doesn't matter.



Hi. Hello.

You're working?

Did she like the necklace? - No.

I have to take it back.

Can I get you another drink? - Yes.

I'm ashamed for myself. Face to face with your mother.

When I go downstairs...

...if I ever dare to, what can I tell her?

Thanks mother of Daniel. I had a good time.

What do you want?

I want to go home. - Because...?

I miss my child.

But I love you.

I know. It's touching...

Touching? I love you deeply. There's nothing touching about it.

How often in a lifetime are you so much in love with someone?

So much on the same level? - A couple of times.

A couple of times? No,once.

Believe me, more than once.

The first time may be the most intense, but later you know better what you want.

Don't cry. - I'm not crying.

Yes, you are.

I'm sorry. - And I'm not?

Thank you, Saint Nicholas.

Where are we going? - To look for Daddy.

Your mitts. - And Saint Nicholas?

He'll wait.

Could you call my wife? And tell her I'm a good guy.

And then I'll call yours. - Impossible. I don't have his number.

Then I'll explain...

...what's going on. That I had a temporary crisis. Just like she had.

Girl, you're much too beautiful to cry.

Don't cry. lt will all work out in the end.


I rang, but you didn't open up.

I didn't know it was you.

Well, it's me.

Where is Boris?

Come here.

This Saint Nicholas feast...

...focuses on the Foundation "Big Heart", dedicated to children...

...who've never seen a ginger nut and don't have a shoe... which to put one. Our phone panel will tell you all about it.

Let's start with a bang.

Here's the ballet show of Lise/otte Palermo.

You're on after the ballet show.

And Jan... This is our last evening, so I wanted to tell you...

...that I've enjoyed my time with you.

Find something that makes you truly happy.

I love what I do, in spite of the stress.

I'm not talking about work.

What? - Nothing.

You come down when the smoke clears. Frank will make wisecracks...

...and you do your thing. - No.

Please welcome the one and only...


Here he is. Have him come forward.

Good. Have him come forward.

Closer to the smoke.

Closer. Where is he?

Where's Jan? Come on in with your helper.

Come on. Where is Jan?

Where is he? Peter, find him.

Search... - He's not far...

...because his horse is right here.

The countdown has begun.

No countdown. Music.

Music. And can someone find Jan?

I'm going back to the boat with you. Once there...

...l can take care of myself. You don't have to worry about me anymore.


Yes, Saint Nicholas. - Listen. I'll say it again.

Look at me.

Look at me.

I'm not Saint Nicholas.

I swear it. I'm not him. - Hey...

Aren't you...? No.

But you are. - So what's the story?

You saved my daughter.

It was your daughter?

I'm so happy I can thank you.

A beer. Come on in.

This is no night to sit outside in the snow.


Why the long faces? Haven't you unpacked your presents?

We were told to wait. - Where's Mummy?

In the meter cupboard.

It's really him. He's in our living room. Will you call Samantha and Brenda?

Is it really him? - Of course.

You'll never guess who's in the living room.


You don't care, do you? I'm in the cupboard.

Yes. And why, exactly?

I've been here an hour and a half.

Darling, you must help me. I'm not sure what...

Stop it.

Stop what?

Stop lying. I saw you two.

Are you in love? - I don't know what you saw...

...but there's nobody else. - There is.

Is it over?

What over?

Between us.

What are you talking about? It's never over.

Darling, look at me.

Darling, it will never be over.

What's going wrong has nothing to do with that.

I love you.

Not because you make my lunch and are the classroom mother.

But because you're you.

I'm so tired sometimes.

Come here, you.


I can also cook. And clean up.

I can also take the children to school and do the shopping and mend flat tyres.

I know I did everything wrong. - Be quiet.

Let's just stay like this for a minute.

I have to pee.

Aren't you cold? - I am.

How is it going? - Ads.

If you could choose, what would make you really happy?

Right this second?

Guys. ljust heard...

...that children are missing all over the city.

The police have received around 5O calls.

He's inside. Come on.

It's horrible: "lf you're nice you get sweets, if you're naughty"...

..."you get the rod." - No naughty children here.

Any naughty children?

Does Saint Nicholas have to cart someone off to Spain?

Camera five. - Well, Saint Jan... doesn't get more holy than this. - It's a nice way of calling it a day.

Will you return next year?

Definitely not.

I hope to have a regularjob by then.

But no regrets?


You have to think about it?

Well... I regret one thing in my life.

And that's...

That I wasn't there for my child.

I have a son somewhere.

I left when he was three.

Then my wife told me I could never see him again.

Who can blame her? - Saint Nicholas...

...has a wife and child.

Yes, if Saint Nicholas had been smarter, he would have.

Your wife is no longer alive, is she?

And you never tried to contact yourson?

No. - It didn't seem like a good idea?

What's your son's name? Or would you rather not tell?



He probably took his mother's name: Tromp.

Kees Tromp.

This is a nice close to our December 5 special.

I'm scared. - I'm going with you.

I'm pregnant.

What is this? - What's meant to be.

He had a tea-cosy on his head.

You're scared again. Don't be.

I always wanted my parents to be ABBA.

ABBA? Who of the four?

All of them.

I love you so much.

I love you too.

Watch out.

Are you ready for it?

For what exactly?

For the rest of your life.


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