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(relaxing music)

- Lou and I have been living in this incredible

2017 Mercedes G Wagon for the last two weeks,

traveling through Iceland and today,

we thought we'd give you a full van tour.

Starting with the kitchen and the bedroom,

the bathroom and then we will show you

what this car is really made for and that is

driving through rivers.

(relaxing music)

Hi, I'm Dana and my husband, Lou,

is behind the camera filming right now

and today we wanted to show you

the 2017 Mercedes G Wagon that we've been living in

for the last two weeks while we've toured Iceland,

and you might be thinking,

"This doesn't look like a G Wagon,"

and that's because this G Wagon has been

transformed into an incredible off-roading machine.

- [Lou] So the story begins with a Mercedes Benz G350d

professional G Wagon that

my cousin Tim and his wife, Rika, bought,

and then they hired the experts

at Off Road Center in Germany

to cut their brand new car in half, remove the back

and extend the chassis to a wheel based length

not available in Germany.

Next, they upgraded the suspension

and attached a carbon cabin on the back

with modular aluminum frame shelving.

- And they also moved all the electronics up,

added a snorkel and did so many crazy things

that this vehicle can go through rivers, snow, blizzards,

survive hurricanes, it really is a machine

built for adventure and so I thought we would show you

the interior first.

So the kitchen here is really different than other vans,

at least the ones I've ever experienced,

and that is because there is

no gas, no propane, nothing like that, it's all electric,

and that's because we have

a two burner induction stove top over here

and then we have a 180 amp hour battery

and a 3000 Watt inverter plus two solar panels

on the top of the car,

but the battery can be charged when the van is driving.

So that's really helpful and we haven't actually

had any power issues, which has been incredible

because we like to cook a lot.

So this is the stove top I was telling you about.

It's an induction stove top with two burners.

We opened all the windows

so it won't get too oniony in here.

And to turn it on, you actually have to turn on the inverter

because we don't keep that on all the time

because it sucks a lot of power.

So then you come up here.

To turn on the inverter, you go to the AC energy,

then you go here and then you click here.

(stove beeps)

(stove beeps)

(stove beeps)

So in here we have induction pan

and you actually have the house special pans

when you have an induction stove top.

So we've made a lot of yummy meals here,

which has been really fun,

but induction does take a little bit of getting used to,

I'm not sure if the power is like completely even,

but when you're making rice,

make sure it doesn't burn on the bottom

because it's very tricky,

but otherwise, it's really fun and it's nice

that you don't have to worry about getting gas anywhere,

you can always have power just by driving or the sun,

and I feel like that's really nice when you are

taking a car like this in all sorts of different places,

you don't have to worry about ever finding gas.

No matter where Lou and I are where in the world,

whether in a house or in a van,

we spend a lot of time in the kitchen

and that's what was so fun about this

because we had a tea kettle

so we can make tea every morning,

we made oatmeal, we made pasta.

- Thank you for dinner.

- You're welcome.

Basically it's just been really fun to be here

because the set up in the kitchen is really nice.

We have a couch that you can sit on,

a table that comes out so we can enjoy meals together,

not like crouched over in bed or anything like that,

so I feel like that's one of the biggest perks of this van

is that when you're actually living in it,

it's really comfortable to cook in,

the induction works great,

there is all the resources we need

and there's also a lot of storage

so you could go to the grocery store and really stock up.

Here we have all of your spices and small little glasses

for fancy drinks, plus normal glasses,

the van is kitted out with everything you could need,

plus plates, bowls, cutting board, knives, everything,

and then the part that I like the most,

because Lou and I do like to cook a lot,

is that there's so much storage for your actual food

so you can get like rice, dried oats,

all the things like the staples that we eat,

we stock the van and I think

we only went to the grocery store twice

in our whole time in Iceland, which is incredible

because we cook all of our own meals,

but we could really just pack the van full of canned beans,

rice, oats and we are set,

which is really really nice treat because

when you're going off-roading,

you're going to the middle of nowhere basically

and there's not grocery stores there,

kind of you can really get yourself in a predicament

if you were going super out into the middle of nowhere

and didn't have any groceries,

so this car you can really stock up.

Not only in groceries though,

you have a 80 Liter water tank as well,

plus it also has storage for a lot of tools.

Like this has everything you need.

If you got tuck like wrench and ropes and metal chains,

it has air compressors so you can actually

inflate and deflate your tires completely on your own

just using the power of the engine in this little machine.

(tools clinking)

(car engine ignites)

(car engine running)

(machine buzzes)

It has a satellite phone and it has

all the first aid things that you would need as well.

It has a fire extinguisher, like I'm trying to think,

it just has so many things.

Every time we open up different drawers in the van,

we were shocked at how prepared this van is for adventure.

There's also incredible outdoor storage,

which has been really helpful.

(relaxing music)

Here you can clean the car.

The other thing is that all of this outdoor things

have locks on them in case you're in a place

where you felt like you need to lock your stuff.

(relaxing music)

There's a hose, there's so much stuff,

but at this level when you're driving through a river,

it could get wet,

but if it's just hoses and stuff to clean the car,

it's not a big deal.

So this van has two bed options

and we use both of them during our time in Iceland.

When it's really windy because in Iceland

we somehow got caught in multiple hurricane level winds,

we would sleep down here on the bottom,

but if it's nice out, we sleep in the top

because it's much more comfortable.

Option one, sleeping downstairs.

To do that, you have to move the pillows.


This is bed option number one.

It's very comfortable.

(relaxing music)


Watch your head.

Okay, so bed option number two,

it means the ceiling comes down and you crawl up here.

This is where spend about half of the nights

when we were traveling through Iceland.

When it wasn't a crazy storm, we would sleep up here

and it's really really nice.

There's good airflow, I feel like

it's like camping or something.

Like you're in this pop tent

and you really feel like you're part of nature.

Whereas when you're in the bottom,

it feels more like you're sleeping in a car.

One of the things that's really nice about this pop tent

is that it's not pitched.

I feel like with a lot of cars that have pop tents,

they come up like on an angle like that,

but this one comes straight up

so it means that there's a lot of room.

You can turn around like this

and it's worked out really nicely for us.

Now I'm a little dizzy.


So at first this van might seem like

it doesn't have a bathroom,

but it's actually hiding right in here.

This is a porter potty

that you can just bring with you,

and Lou and I actually have never used one of these

before this trip and our van that we live in full time,

we have a different kind of toilet,

so it was definitely an experience to use this,

but it turned out to be really really easy.

There's just these little blue tabs

that you put in the water and yeah.

We used it mainly just for peeing in the middle of the night

because in Iceland, you can't wild camp at all

so we were at campsites every night that had bathrooms,

but this is great in an emergency.

(car door opens)

(relaxing music)

(car roof opens)

One of the really cool things about this van

is that you can raise the roof.

Dee dee


I couldn't help it, it's so corny,

but you can raise the roof with these buttons.


So when we first arrive at any location,

the first thing we do is put the roof up.

(relaxing music)

That makes it much easier to live in here,

you're comfortable, you can stand up

and not have to crouch over,

and then before bed, you pull it down

and then you can climb up and the bed is right there

and it's already made.

(wind blows)

So Gregor even has a shower and can get hot water,

you just have to turn on the hot water boiler

when you're driving so it has time to heat up.

I think it's about like half an hour,

and then you can put out the shower, take a shower

and enjoy even privacy because it has a shower curtain.


I should just take a shower right now.

I feel like if you're on a summer vacation trip

this would be incredible.

Okay so we just crawl to the front.

Since this car only has

the front two doors and the back door,

we do do a lot of crawling in this little section here,

which worked out fine.

So now that we're in the cockpit of the van,

I wanted to show you all the different controls

and systems that the van has to make it really capable

of extreme situations.

So let's pretend we're driving up to a river right now.

You're heart is racing but you're ready.

This car is capable.

All you have to do is put the car into neutral,

then put on the low range, go back into drive,

now you keep driving closer to the river,

you want to put the differential one on.

If it's a really really deep river,

maybe I would put the second one on as well.

You also need to remember to turn the auto off button off,

because you don't want the car just turning off

in the middle of the river.

That's actually the worst thing that could possibly happen

because if the engine gets turned off,

the exhaust doesn't have hot air coming out of it

and then water can get in through the exhaust,

break your whole car.

So definitely auto off button must be turned off.

What else?

Then, this is the other lesson I realized

as we were driving through these rivers,

I was so nervous the first time, I didn't realize

I was driving way too fast.

Luckily this car has the snorkel

so it didn't really matter because

the first river we went through wasn't so, so high,

but if you drive too fast you can actually

push the water, like it turns into a wall

and it can come up over the top of the car,

and that is the worst thing to do.

So when you drive in rivers, slow and steady wins the race.

It might seem scary to go slow,

but it actually is much safer for you and the car,

so that is one thing that we learned.

Oh I forgot the funniest part.

- [Lou] Yeah tell em.

- When you get to a river,

you send out your beautiful husband in weighters.

Weighters are going back on.

- Better safe than sorry.

(Dana laughs)

- [Dana] And Lou would go out

and see how deep the water was.

(water splashes)

- This is definitely our deepest water crossing so far,

but the ground is really nice, it's all like small rocks.

- [Dana] Okay cool.

- [Lou] So it should be okay.

- [Dana] Let's do it. - [Lou] Good luck.

- It's just been really fun

to have such a nice car to drive around.

I feel really luck, Lou.

- [Lou] Yeah that was good.

- It was a really really fun adventure

and I don't know, it's just so nice

to be in a car that you feel is so capable

of doing anything you need and also

that is really comfortable.

- [Lou] Yeah, thanks, Tim.

- Thanks, Tim. (bell dings)

Really appreciate it.

(both laugh)

Sorry we were a little hard on it.

(both laugh)

(relaxing music)

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