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We are responding to a residence for a 25-year-old

female that has had a severe headache for the past hour.

On scene.


How you doing, ma'am?

I guess this is who we're looking for?

Yes, ma'am.

OK, so my mama-- my mama told me to tell y'all I smoke weed.

That's what she told me to tell y'all.

- Yes, you just-- - But--

Do you smoke weed often?


You probably need to lay down in the dark somewhere.

Yeah, that's what I would recommend.

I'm hurt.

I mean, mama, help me, help me, holding her head.


When did you use--

I smoked four blunts out of it.

And so like, this one-- today--


But like, it wasn't getting me high.

So I said, I wasn't fixing to keep smoking it.

So then-- but when I--

So I'm like, OK, maybe it just don't get me high no more.

So how much did you smoke today?

Four blunts.


Four blunts today?


I think the problem is you're high.

But how high?

You smoked a lot.

Have you drank any--

I never heard of this.

Have you drank any water today?

I ain't never heard of this.

[INAUDIBLE] bunk ass weed you got around it.


Like, I've been smoking for a long time, y'all.

You have smoked that much on a daily?


You know, like, four blunts to me, like, at this time

is nothing to me right about now.

All right.

What do you think, Mama?

That you should have never smoked that [BLEEP]..

If you want to go, we got to get moving.

All right, come on.


Let her go.

Get your coat on.


There ain't no 30 minutes.

Go on over there and be seen.

Tell the people, maybe they'll put you in the psych ward.

- But-- - Go on over there.

What's wrong with me?

That's what I'm saying.

We want to know what's wrong with you.

But I ain't psycho.

I'm not--

Smoking that [BLEEP],, you're psycho.


Something ever happens to me for real,

don't come to the hospital. Don't even--

- Don't come. - Nope.

Burn my body.

Don't come, don't have no funeral, either.

I got to have money to do that.

No-- nu-uh. Don't do that, either.

All right, let's get you moving.

You can lay down, turn the lights off.

So we're just going to go ahead and transport her

because she's not calming down.

Her headache's not going away.

So she'll be up there in a few minutes,

and probably sober up a little bit.

All right, take the first step and grab onto this.

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