Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Know your Omeo - Emergency Shutdown

Difficulty: 0

Emergency Shutdown, or ESD is the mode that is activated

when there is a system fault or electrical conflict

It is designed to give warning so you can safely shut down

During an Emergency Shutdown there will be...

a warning alarm vibration

then a warning alarm sound

the legs will deploy and start to oscillate

finally your machine will power down

There are 5 distinct stages in the Emergency Shutdown process

that you as a rider must manage

Once the alarm starts in an Emergency shutdown event

the speed limiter function will also engage

You must reduce your speed to a slow walking pace

and then be ready to stop all motion within 6 seconds

Find a safe flat place to stop

if you cannot get to a flat Spot then face your Omeo side-on

perpendicular to the slope

You must be stationary before your legs hit the ground

with no forward or sideways movement

Keep balanced as the legs oscillate

so that your Omeos body is level when it powers off

power up your Omeo

and set your neutral balance in relation to your terrain

raise your legs and ride as per the standard start up procedure

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