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The Nasals / m n ŋ / Pronunciation Activation Pack34

/ m n ŋ / In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will

be looking at the nasal consonant sounds / m n ŋ /.

We will look at the letter combinations that give the / m n ŋ / sounds.

We will look at lots of words which have the / m n ŋ / sounds in them.

Finally, we will activate your ability to hear and produce the

/ m n ŋ / sounds correctly. Nasals

The / m n ŋ / sounds are nasals which means that they resonate sound through the nose

when speaking. These sounds are hard to make when your nose is blocked.

The / m n ŋ / each use a different way of obstructing the airflow.

The / m / sound uses both lips. The / n / sound pushes the tip of the tongue

against the hard palate. The / ŋ / sound bunches the tongue up against

the soft palate. The / m n ŋ / sounds on the chart are shown

in green, which means that they are all voiced. Letter Combinations for / m /

This voiced bilabial nasal can have these letter combinations:

M, and MM. Letter Combinations for / n /

This voiced alveolar nasal can have these letter combinations:

N, and NN. Silent N

In a few words, the letter N is not sounded and is known as the Silent N.

The Silent N is usually found in the letter combination MN at the end of words.

Where the M and N are in different syllables, we do say the / n / sound.

Letter Combinations for / ŋ / This voiced velar nasal is often heard when

the letter N is followed by a / k / or / g / sound.

Practice A mantis has no nose nor fingers.

/ ə ˈmæn.tɪs həz nəʊ nəʊz nɔː ˈfɪŋ.ɡəz /

Practice I enjoy sunny summer not solemn autumn.

/ ˈaɪ ɪndʒɔɪ ˈsʌ.ni ˈsʌ.mə nɒt ˈsɒ.ləm ˈɔː.təm /

Practice My uncle was penning an English hymn.

/ maɪ ˈʌŋk.l̩ wəz ˈpen.ɪŋ ən ˈɪŋ.ɡlɪʃ hɪm /

Practice I know Norman signs a distinct signature.

/ ˈaɪ nəʊ ˈnɔː.mən saɪnz ə dɪ.ˈstɪŋkt ˈsɪɡ.nə.tʃə /

Practice Your tongue will anxiously feel for plum stones.

/ jə tʌŋ wl̩ ˈæŋk.ʃə.sli fiːl fə plʌm stəʊnz /

Problems for Students The biggest problem concerning the nasals

/ m n ŋ / is the contrast between the alveolar nasal consonant / n / and the velar nasal

consonant / ŋ /, particular for speakers of languages which do not have this distinction.

In this Pronunciation Activation Pack we will be looking at minimal pairs differing only

in the / n / and / ŋ / sounds. Resources and Activators

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