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Well, the truth is that I pull this video right out of my ass

I wasn't planning to talk too much about it

My main idea was to make two shitty comments in the community, end it and continue with another topic

but by some recent comments I found myself in the obligation to get into the subject right away.

For that same reason I am speaking in Spanish and not in English, I want my ideas to be well shaped and I do not want language to be an obstacle to that.

And I also want to give a more serious and thoughtful perspective than the other bullshit that I publish

Maybe that's why this video is not going to get that many views

But I don't really give two shits

As many of you should already know, some news sites made known the romantic relationship of Jihyo and Daniel just about two days ago.

Even I was very surprised to find this same news in public information sites in Argentina, such as clarín and infobae, which are two very emblematic newspapers in my country.

Beyond my personal opinion about these gossip sites like Dispatch, the journalist portal that made the news known in the first place, the note was something very unexpected and shocking to me

because maybe they don't know but both Jihyo and Daniel are my bias in their respective groups

I was always and I am in love with their personality, their achievements, their attitudes, etc.

I am even quite informed of what their lives have been, they are members that I have very high on my bias list, and that I really care about.

While yes, I read many positive comments about the relationship I was also disappointed to find others that were mean and toxic

And that in some way inspired the making of this vid

And it's not like I'm an idiot who didn't know that these comments are made every time a story like this comes out

but the truth is that I am already worried about the toxic and sickly level that these people publish by calling themselves fans.

As I tell you again, I don't get paid enough to make a ten-minute video saying corny shit about the relationship

I mean I could, but it's not really my thing

so that's why I plan to focus on a very remarkable topic that I see in kpop fans and that with the recent globalized impact is spreading like a venereal disease.

Returning, being very sincere, I would not have been surprised to find such toxic comments in a Korean public

and call me closed minded but in general these comments come from those kind of fans

They are much more extremist and clinging to a closed-minded ideology compared to the international public.

No, what surprised me was to see people from the United States or Argentina talking in such a sick and twisted way about the relationship that honestly made my blood boil.

The thing is, I initially read purely positive comments, that's why I avoided speaking more of the subject, but then I went to Daniel's Instagram and started reading the comments that people left him.

Comments in both English and Spanish saying "I can't believe you do this to me, I bought your albums, do you pay me that?" Or "I need time to heal"

I know that many of you overlook these comments and think that it is only a minority, but believe me it is not.

The romantic scandals in kpop are almost a taboo subject at this point, and I, seeing it evolve the truth is that I start thinking about the impact it has on the people it affects

In this case, Daniel and Jihyo.

But you can look at any other relationship

With the progression of the kpop generations, the interpersonal relationships that idols have are slowly dying. Idols of the opposite sex are having less interactions, to the point of missing awards for fear of scandals

And it is something that we do not give importance to, but please, put yourself in the place of idols, imagine what it is to suppress a relationship or even a simply friendship for pure panic and terror of what you can say and do to you.

At this point in the equation we are no longer seeing people but we are seeing how pure androids are created on our faces, they are taking humanity out of idols, and glorifying them in such a way that we can no longer distinguish between fanaticism and madness.

Idk, I am not going to start analyzing the psychology of people or what type of pathology they have to be able to put that kind of comments

But for example, comments like "I need time to heal" Heal from what sis!? Even if he was single he wasn't going to ever fucking date you

Know what your place is, stop getting into your head that you have the right to choose about their life.

And I understand that these comments are funny to you, I find them ridiculously funny as well. But believe me that companies and idols do not find it funny, especially companies that are seeing red numbers

Because thesefansstop buying tickets for the tour, buying tickets for the fans meeting, and like it or not, companies in one way or another take people as businesses, idols are products

I'm not talking specifically about Daniel or Jihyo now, because JYP took it quite lightly and Daniel good is his own CEO, he is not going to fire himself, right?

But this madness got to the point that I got into a twitter fight against a person who said pure stupid things about their career, denying them to date, wondering when I did any kind of analysis, wondering who I was to say those things .

Idk I found it ridiculous and it's why I did this video, honestly we reached THAT point

The truth is that I am not a messiah, I do not come to preach the word of the Lord or come to give solutions to problems.

I come to raise this problem that is evident and that I am seeing more and more frequently and again I am not getting to be stubborn about whether or not I like their relationship

by the way i do

That's why I wanted to make this video, because 90% of people who are uploading videos about the relationship are talking about the same stupidities and are avoiding this problem.

And I am not saying that it is wrong to talk about the relationship, at all, everyone who does what they want with their asses, simply wanted to publish this because I am not seeing ANYONE discussing it and wanted to raise it.

Again, I don't want to talk or say bullshit, but I feel that as a community and as fans we should be more aware of these sick comments left by some people who belong to this group.

It makes me very happy to know that at least Daniel's company is going to start taking action on this matter of people who threaten and insult someone for the simple fact of falling in love.

I don't know, I would honestly like to see us evolve and not get involved in such stupid and disgusting things as you are.

In conclusion, I love the couple, hopefully both of them can overcome these stupid comments and continue to make their own and that relations between idols become more and more normal.

Now I'm going to read some comments that you guys left in my community about the couple. If you guys like them or not, if you find them odd or not , etc.

Exactly what I've been talking about for 10 minutes straight, exactly.

I get what you guys think of it, but even if they are the mom or dad of the group, they should be still allowed to have feelings.

I don't think that them being moms or dads does not equal of them not trying to fall in love.

We should slowly swallow it, because if they are happy we should be as well.

I really love the relationship, right now I'm vomiting rainbows. PS: I would really like to see the faces of people who said that Jihyo was ugly, how he would feel to know that he was dating Kang Daniel, one of Korea's most desired men

Beyond Daniel being one of the idols with the most brand value in Korea, both Jihyo and Daniel are more than just a pretty face and we should appreciate their personalities

Anyways, basically I wanted to comment that, thank you very much for 17k brooo, maybe for the 20k I'll do a face reveal, although many of you already saw my face on instagram but ok.

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