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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stranger Tries Breaking Into Home Using Doggy Door

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The guy knocking at the front door

is about to do something really scary.

He looks over his shoulder, peeks inside,

then heads to the backyard.

And there he is, kneeling at the doggy door.

Watch as he takes off his jacket so he can squeeze

through the small 10x20 inch opening.

I was in awe that a man could physically fit his body

through that door.

Lexie Linberg is the San Diego homeowner.

She was in her bedroom checking emails

at 8:00 in the morning when she received an alert

that someone was at her front door.

I just disregarded it thinking that it was a delivery.

Moments later, another alert.

Someone was now in her backyard.

At the second alert I knew that someone was in my backyard

and that hearing the doggy door with Stella

laying next to me,

I knew that someone was coming into my house.

She ran to her balcony.

I opened the door, and I dropped down to see that somebody

was climbing through the doggy door.

I was being as loud as I possibly could making sure

he knew I was home, letting my dog out to go after him.

Lexie, who has studied self-defense

ran down the stairs and arms herself.

Right by her side, Stella, her six year old poodle

trained as a guard dog.

She's a wonderful companion.

She's always there to have fun but she is a protector

first and foremost.

Lexie saw the intruder in the doggy door

but this time he was scrambling to escape.

Inside Edition producer, Carly Bagingito demonstrates

how easy it is to slip through Lexie's doggy door.

It was a little disheartening that someone else

could fit through pretty easily and I will be taking

a little more security measures.

Including this.

She now has three poodle guard dogs.

The creep got away but not before giving the world

this crystal clear closeup.

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