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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BMW Subwoofer Upgrade/Installation | X5 | BAVSOUND x108 | Part 3

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All right. So now that we've got our hatch apart, our area, our work area,

as you can see everywhere is nice and Rudy to be worked in.

We're going to go ahead and start making our connections here,

which was at the a, at the factory subwoofer, the RDSP plug.

We're going to make our input connections here.

So kinda grab the harness that we sent you.

Yours may not have the remote turn on wire tape to,

and I just went ahead and did that just to make our install cleaner,

but you can do it yourself.

I just wanted to show you guys you'll see you've got two sets of wires left and

right positive and negative.

You'll notice your plug has eight wires on it and we only need four of them

because we only need left and right inputs. This is just for dual voice coil.

What first? So what we'll do is we'll take our dikes,

which are the crunchy dykes here or crimpers or whatever you're using.

You're going to need crimpers at some point.

So he may just go ahead and cut the black tape,

which is gonna free up, a little bit of wire to work with.

Now the thing is you don't want to cut right up by the plug because if we need

to we may want to put the factory sub back in when you guys decided to sell the

car. So this, for all practical purposes,

let's cut, you know,

let's leave a couple of inches on the plug and we only need two of them.

And on this plug we've got blue, Brown, yellow, Brown, blue, red, blue, Brown,

blue, white, blue, Brown. So as it sits in this car,

your your positives are the solid blue and the solid yellow.

And then blue, white and blue. Red.

We're just going to use the blue and yellow cause it's easier.

So just take them, cut them, like I said,

a couple of inches off in case we need to reattach it.

Go ahead and just strip the wire.

He's a, they've probably got sticky tape all over him. It's kinda,

sometimes it's kinda hard to strip the wire that cause you can probably see on

my fingers all the junk from the liars.

A BMW just does that too.

So the wires don't ever get all old and crusty.

It's a good idea, but it makes it a little cool.

I don't know what this is is everywhere.

So once we strip back the wires,

you want to strip back about a quarter of an inch like so Oh,

it's all over my finger. How much did the point or not?

So we'll grab our input harness and left and right. Do not matter.

It's just a stubble, it's not a stereo signal.

So they'll just take one of the positives. Doesn't really matter which one.

Just make sure you keep them consistent.

Just get the crimp tool and in their

crypto wires, actually I think from WD 40,

I can't even, I can't work in the group or,

Oh man, it's WD 40. So do the same thing on the other wire.

Just put the wire in

Crimped down colors.

Remember Silver's negative copper as positive.

Ken holds the liar steady where there's so much stuff that's on the 40 on my



No WD forties, everywhere. Those are useless. Now.

So as you can see, our positives are yellow and blue. Negatives are Brown,

silver to Brown, positive to yellow, positive to blue.

And our input harness is created at this point.

And now we need to talk about routing our cables over to the amplifier.

So to do this now, don't forget, we've also got our subwoofer cable here,

so we're going to want to take that,

tuck it down around the enclosure and we don't want it to interfere with,

with any of our harnesses or anything. So we'll take these,

we'll go ahead and kinda tuck them down through here.

And as you can see here we need to get the cables,

we're going to take them right through this route over here where our amplifiers

going to live. And we also have to tap in for our remote turn on power,

like we discussed earlier. Down here at the tuner, which is our ignition wire.

And if your car is a non DSP car,

we're actually gonna get our ignition source from over here. We'll get over,

we'll go over that when we make our way over that way.

So this wire is also going to need to find its way down to the tuner.

So I recommend there's a big gap right down here.

You'll see all kinds of wiring paths. I just take the blue wire,

which is a remote turn it on and just kinda loosely route it down there for the

time being and we'll make that connection here in just a moment.

So what we're going to do is grab our panel removal tool,

which I of course I forgot. Okay.

So once we've gathered all of our tools and have everything ready to go,

we'll go ahead and start the wiring route over to this side of the car.

Just go ahead and take everything in, tie it together,

just get it a little bit cleaner so everything looks nice and clean back here is

to take one of the wire ties that we've included for you just to paradise snip

it off and you can just tuck this down there. We're not,

we don't need it anymore.

So now let's get the wires to the other side of the car.

Take one of our panel removal tools here.

This one works 10 oil for this application.

This just hooks behind the little clip there,

pops out the little piece. We just got two of them to work with here.

So now we can just take our other tool,

pop it out. This tool, pop it out.

Let's take our wires. Tuck them down in here.

Easy enough. Take the little clip, put it right back in.

Tuck piece right back in. Same thing on the other side,

right back in, right back in. It's nice and clean. You can see the wire.

It's got a clear path. Nothing's going to get pinched.

Everything's right in the factory harness.

I'm going to end up with the wires right over here because this is where our

amplifiers going to go. So let's go ahead, take another wire tie

and you'll see the audio harness going down to the tuner.

This harness right here, just go ahead and

make sure the wires are nice and tight so they're sagging down in there.

Get caught.

So now we've got our wires here ready to go to the amplifier.

Since I am just gonna live right in this region, you go ahead and cut off,

you know, a few feet of the wire and save this for another project.

We just include a little bit extra just in case you decided to put your amps

somewhere else. And our input harnesses here,

and here's our remote turn on wire, which will connect at the amplifier.

But now let's go ahead and make those connections for the remote turn on at the


So with the little blue wire that we've run down to the tuner again,

let's go ahead and take our wire cutters and cut off the black tape,

give ourselves a little bit of room to work with.

And you'll see in this harness there's a large purple wire with a white Stripe.

That's our ignition wire.

So that's the wire we're going to tap into with our blue wire here.

And to do that, you've cut the wire in half,

strip off insulation from both sides of the wire,

and we take our blue wire and you're going to kind of line it up with the end

going towards the amp. Let's go ahead and cut off the excess

again, strip back a little bit of the wire, and we'll take our

blue wire, twist it with one half of the purple wire.

So we're going to basically take the two wires and put them back together. Now,

and to do that, we're going to grab our crimpers.

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