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Hi, Im Tom Antion from

I know youre worried about getting high search engine rankings and optimizing your

website. Ive got to tell you, this is the one facet that I am just fired up about on

the Internet. I can teach people how to get high rankings and I have plenty of them of

my own to prove this. And probably about an hour to two hours, I can teach you everything

you need to know. You can hire high school kids to implement the stuff for you.

The reason I'm bringing this out is because if you type my name Tom Antion into the Internet,

you'll see hundreds of thousands of references to me and the only bad ones are search engine

optimization people and web designers because I'm a small business advocate and they don't

like the fact that I'll teach you how to do something in a couple hours really cheaply

doing it yourself when they want you to think it's some type of dark black art that you

have to pay them enormous amounts of money for. Tell the search engine optimization people

to go take a hike. Youll learn how to do it. Ive got documents that'll teach you

how to do it.

With the Great Internet Marketing Training, I have a complete year-long program that you

can learn nine different revenue streams that goes far beyond search engine optimization.

You can download at this site a learning brochure that will show you active web sites that are

getting high rankings, high traffic, and bringing me millions of dollars a year. The search

engine optimization people don't like that. They're pretty much dorks that dig in on some

specific aspect. They try to pick me apart.

It kind of reminds me of a Toastmaster who ignores the fact that I got a standing ovation

at $5000 per speech. This is one of my favorite Toastmaster stories that happened 15 years

ago. I got a massive standing ovation. People were lined up to get their book signed by

me and this Toastmaster guy tells me, “Well, I dont think youre very professional

because your jacket was unbuttoned and you saidumandahsix times.” Youre

a dork! You don't get it! You don't see the big picture! That's what the search engine

optimization people are.

I wont say that about all of them. Some are very good professionals, but a lot of

them are just geeks that never made a nickel selling anything on the Internet and they

want to pick apart my operation that brings in millions because it's not perfect and pure

like they like it. They can go and fight to make their car payment, barely make their

rent payments and keep being perfect and pure while I'm making millions. I dont want

you to get stuck in that boat. We teach you how to make millions at The Great Internet

Marketing Retreat Center, not to be perfect. On a lot of these things, I don't claim that

I know everything; just enough to make a fortune. That's where you, as a businessperson, want

to be.

Forget about spending a fortune on search engine optimization. Well be glad to teach

it to you along with lots of other stuff. Come on over, look at the video on our retreat

center, get our brochure and download it, and you can see nine different revenue streams.

Youll see active websites there and we will keep you out of this worrying about what

the dorks think about your pure code on your web site.

Im Tom Antion. Yeah, Im a rabble-rouser, but I'll give you the straight scoop on how

to get rich on the Internet. See you later.

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