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Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris.

Welcome, Sister.

Om Shanti.

Om Shanti and welcome to Being Divine.

Thank you.

For years I was very confused about the word 'create'.

But in just one episode you gave clarity.

I am not only the creator of my thoughts.

I am also the creator of every scene of my life.

Because of that, my habit of blaming, which was deep since childhood

I used to blame people and situations for everything.

But now I understand that I am responsible for everything I do.

There is no margin to say that I am not creating any of this.

We always need to remember the chain

Thought, feeling

Attitude, action

Habit, personality, destiny.

Our thought will absolutely have an influence on our destiny.

Either the situation turns that way

Or our reaction comes out that way.

Or the upcoming situations will be that way.

Our thought will come into our destiny.

So we have to take so much care.

So when we remember I am the creator

I have the power to choose

You are the creator but as a creator you also have the power to choose.

We could even create negative thoughts.

But creators have the power to choose.

We also have another power - power to erase what we had earlier chosen.

A lot of our Sanskars that have been created

I would say it's a habit to say like that. No I can't say that.

I have the power to transform.

Reflect, transform, absorb.

So we should neither absorb nor reflect other people's energy.

We need to transform it.

Even our own thoughts and energy that we had created in the past

We need to transform them too.

Every new thought I create will influence my destiny.

So it doesn't matter what we had created in the past.

It's already happened.

Creating guilt or regret over it now

Worrying how to change it now. No. It's already happened. It's fine.

Now not a single thought more to get wasted.

Last time we saw

Check what is the percentage of positive thoughts throughout the day.

Positive means whatever is the situation

What is the right response for that situation?

What is the right thought?

That is positive thoughts.

Neutral which are necessary thoughts.

I need to do this, I need to go there, I need to say that ...

Open negative and waste thoughts get associated with necessary thoughts.

Necessary thoughts are those which are mundane

We are neither creating positive energy non negative energy in them.

We are creating them.

But there is nothing negative in its quality.

It's just necessary. Like you mentioned - I need to have breakfast.

Necessary thought.

But thoughts like - Why is it not ready on time, why is it not yet served

Why is it not the way I expected it to be

I cannot eat this, everyday they prepared this way.

No matter how much you explain, they do it the same way.

If they don't do it properly tomorrow, then I will not eat it.

These were not necessary thoughts.

There was only one necessary thought - it's time for breakfast. Let me eat it.

Along with necessary thoughts how in a very subtle way and unaware

Negative and waste thoughts get added

We need to check that.

Every thought we create is energy.

We cannot afford to waste our energy like that.

What are classified as negative thoughts?

It includes anger, jealousy, hurt, resentment - they are all negative thoughts.

What comes under waste thoughts?

Waste is about questioning the situation or the weather

Which means thinking about everything which is not under our control.

For example, Nature, Sanskars and behaviour of other people

These are not in my control.

But we keep thinking so much

What people are wearing, how they are behaving

Is it waste to think why he said that to me?

Yes. Because you cannot do anything about it.

Why did he say that to me is a waste thought.

What should I do now? How should I speak to him?

Let me show him what I can do. He always does this to me.

This is all my anger and resentment that I am creating.

I will not talk to him ever. I don't want to interact with him.

Let him do what he wants.

Waste thought was, thinking about him.

Because what he said is not in our control.

But what we create is in our control.

Thinking about other people, who are not under our control, that is a waste thought.

Past and future are not in our control.

A moment which has already passed, thinking about it.

Is a waste of energy.

And a moment which is yet to come

What will happen tomorrow, day after, next year...

That is not in our control. So waste of energy.

If we check ourselves, we are spending a lot of time today

Thinking of the past.

And we spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

Both of them are not in my control.

Past has already happened

Imagine investing energy in something that is over.

But there are two things even in what is over

One is about unpleasant things maybe about what someone said.

Even when we think of good things, we say those days were good, which negativity again.

We feel it is not present anymore now.

We say we lack it now.

If there is a lack, we cannot create a good feeling.

Negative is anyway negative.

But things which we enjoyed earlier, we are seeing them also as negative now.

Even if you check for one day or even an hour

Why so much is being talked about in the world, about the power of now?

Spirituality means being in the present moment.

Present is a present to you by God.

We speak, listen, and read so much about it

What does the power of now mean?

In which moment does our power lie?

Not on the moment which has passed and not on the moment which is yet to come.

Our power is only on now.

This is the only thing in my control.

What is happening is, this is the moment

At this moment if we think of the past

By then what will happen to this present moment?

This also would have passed.

Again we will be thinking either of the past or of the future moment.

As long as we are in this position

If instead of thinking about this moment, we are thinking of past or future

We are wasting this moment.

The other way also.

I will do this from tomorrow.

That is future.

God give such a beautiful line

Now Or never.

If you don't do it now it will not happen because you have the power in now.

Whatever you want to do, do it now.

It's not doing it today, but doing it now.

Let's not say I will do it today.

Whatever you have thought of doing, do it right now.

Because your power lies in the now.

Actually we spend very little time in the present moment.

If we remain in the present, mind will be very peaceful.

It's always - Why did he like this, why did she do like that...

Next time I will do like this...

We are either here or here.

If we start living in the present

Mind starts becoming silent.

That is why meditation gives us a good experience.

Because mind starts becoming silent.

The mind is neither thinking of the past nor future, in meditation.

It is creating thoughts in the present.

Last time you mentioned that by meditating just for 2 minutes

Your mind and body felt nice.

I felt as if I woke up from a 6 or 7 hours sleep.

Because what did we do in those two minutes?

We created very pure, elevated thoughts.

Even if it was only for 2 minutes

We did not create any negative or waste thoughts.

We felt so good in those two minutes

Our body got the vibration of thoughts created in those two minutes.

Mind also feels charged and body also feels relaxed.

And most important, here

New programming started getting created in those two minutes.

I didn't understand about new programming.

When we created this thought for 2 minutes

I am a soul, the master of this body.

I am the creator of my every thought.

All these thoughts are very different from our earlier programming.

What was our programming earlier?

I am this body, name, position...

Thoughts? We believed they come by themselves based on the situation.

We didn't say I am the creator.

We said because of this situation this thought came.

Who was responsible for our reaction? Situation or other people.

This was our programming.

All this programming is changing within 2 minutes of meditation

But the mind would argue so well over the earlier programming

The mind would give excellent logic

Your circumstances were so and so

Your family was like this

You got this Sanskar from your parents

Anger or argument - we got the Sanskar from them.

That person himself was not right.

And then whatever has to happen will happen.

It is like a CD on which all this was recorded.

It happened because of him, it happened because of her ...

All these songs were recorded.

When these songs are recorded on the CD

Then only these songs will play throughout the day.

Regardless of the situation.

Regardless of our reaction

One or the other song will play from this CD.

What can I do if it is a hereditary Sanskar?

What can I do if situation is like that?

Because that is the song recorded.

That is the programming.

So when we sat in silence for 2 minutes

And consciously created a thought

I am the creator of every thought

Irrespective of the stimulus.

No matter what the situation is

I am the master and creator of my every thought.

When we created this thought what did we gradually start doing to the CD?

New recording is happening

That recording will get used sometime in the day. That song will definitely play.

The new recording will overpower the old ones.

That will happen if we do everyday.

Even if you do it just for one day

A beginning has been made.

Next day again you will record on top off it

Then third day and fourth day ...

If you do it everyday will there not be a change?

Whatever you feed, that thing will grow.

Whichever thought we create and give our energy to

Presently what we were doing this, the programming of blame game

We were giving it energy everyday.

Not my fault. It happened because of someone else.

We were taught that way since childhood. Even society says so.

Be accepted it and kept saying it

That recording is so strong.

That's why even today we experience

That we create a new recording in the morning

But during the day the mind will again play one of the old songs.

Because the old recording are stronger

That song has gone into an automated mode.

It keeps playing in a loop.

We need to gradually and consciously record a new song

And consciously play that song throughout the day.

Even if the old song plays in between

That something happened and we once again blamed external factors

It goes back to the old recording

But now we have a new song with us

In gramophones if the needle would get stuck at one place

It would keep playing only that segment

We need to consciously take it from there and place on a different track.

In the morning we need to create the track.

During the day if old track is getting played even by mistake

We need to consciously lift the needle and place it on the new track.

Even if it happens after the situation.

That a situation came and reacted in old ways

Never mind.

But thoughts are still going on

Because this thought that is active will reaffirm the track.

Once again we need to place the needle on the new track.

Realising that all this has happened but I am the creator of this.

So we have placed the needle on the new track

Gradually what happens to the new track?

It becomes powerful

And then we will see that our thoughts change.

Our behaviour will change.

After few days we will say I could not make out when I changed.

We don't come to know when that change happens.

It is not a quick switch which happens immediately.

It's a daily recording.

After few days when there comes a sudden situation

You will see that you are behaving very differently.

And then you will reflect back and say

Earlier I would not respond like this.

How was I able to respond like this?

It means I have changed.

It means we don't need to erase or Delete anything.

Just keep creating new recordings.

Nothing gets deleted from the soul ever.

If we don't use it, it becomes weaker isn't it?

We shouldn't use it.

So there is no effort needed to delete anything.

I just need to open the new folder which I like.

Create a new one in the morning

And use it throughout the day.

Again create it in the morning and use throughout the day.

When new programming was getting created and used

Transformation from thoughts to destiny is guaranteed.

So the first power or role of the soul is mind.

When we use the word mind

Mind and Soul are words used separately

Even in certain programmes or titles of books

It says body, mind, and soul.

Mind and Soul are not different.

It is a single power which regulates the body. It is not 2 energies.

It's only one energy which manages the body.

When it thinks, we call it mind.

When we start creating thoughts and we create so many thoughts

Then the 2nd faculty of I the soul

Is intellect.

What does it do?

Intellect evaluates our thoughts.

It will understand, discern them.

Chooses which is right and takes a decision.

Intellect does this.

Mind creates thoughts.

Intellect evaluates the thoughts. We call it wisdom also.

We call it conscience also.

Power of discrimination and power of decision.

You mentioned about the other day that there is an inner voice.

Which says do this... or don't do this

The inner voice which comes, is the voice of the intellect.

The intellect tells you what is right because it has all the knowledge.

It tells you to either do this or don't do this.

Then it becomes our choice to listen to that voice and implement its decision.

So the second stage immediately after thoughts is to evaluate them and take a decision.

When we are body-conscious

And when our attachment is with our role, position, name, or body

Then our consciousness will always have fear and anger.

There will always be fear.

Fear and anger are two dominant emotions of body consciousness.

Fear and anger are dominant. Rest are secondary.

These are dominant because

When we have an attachment with our body

Our position our idea, that is my Idea

Where there is attachment, there is fear of losing that thing.

So fear will always be there.

Where there is fear there will be anger.

Because we want to protect that.

Fear is because I fear losing it.

And anger is created because that is my way of protecting it.

Suppose you are attached to a particular way of working.

It has to be done this way only.

We are not ready to detach and see if there is any other possible way.

It has to be done this way only.

They have to follow what I say.

So there will be a constant fear -

What if they don't do it my way?

To make sure they do it our way

What is the way we adopted? To be very loud so that they obey.

So that chances of it being implemented increases.

So fear and anger will go hand in hand with body consciousness.

In the presence of fear and anger, the intellect which needs to take a decision

Intellect which has that intuitive voice

In the presence of fear and anger, the intellect cannot accurately discern right or wrong.

Because what thoughts have come to it?

Fear and anger. Which of them can it discern as right or wrong?

It doesn't have the decision then.

That's why today we fear taking a decision.

People fear taking decisions.

They ask others - What do you think I should do?

The intellect or decision making power

We are not using it well because nothing good is visible there

Which thought to take to arrive at a decision?

Does it mean intellect stops working

Because it doesn't have good or bad. It just has negative.

We say - They have killed their wisdom, they have finished their conscience.

Don't we use such words?

If you give thoughts of fear, hatred and anger to the intellect

How can it tell which is right?

The root causes body consciousness. So a good thought cannot be created in that state.

So even if we gradually start practicing meditation

By meditation we are moving towards soul consciousness.

When we move towards soul consciousness

We start detaching from these things.

Detach from what?

I will use the body but I will be detached from the body.

And detached means what?

The image I had created that I am the body

I am detached from that, because now I know I am not the body.

Fear of losing will obviously finish

There is no fear of death because the soul knows it has no death.

It will only change the body or costume.

We are in this body for a certain duration.

Let's do good karmas and move forward.

And fear of losing loved ones?

We are aware that they also need to leave the body.

So what is the fear about?

Fear of the unknown is possible. But when something is known, why fear it?

They also need to leave one day.

But it's not known. Because we don't even remember all the time that they will leave.

Is it not known that every soul needs to leave the body?

If my friend dies, I will not think that I might also die some day.

I also need to leave this body.

I just know it in the background.

In the background because it's a fact.

We don't need to think when we need to leave the body.

First of all the statement itself that - I will die

It's not right.

I do not die. My body gets finished.

I do not die.

Why would we say - I will die?

Because we thought - I am the body.

The Pandit Ji would come and remind us that the soul is eternal and Indestructible.

We would say the person died. But they would tell us that the soul is eternal.

The person took a different costume

Left one costume and wore another.

Journey goes on.

Today you have worn this dress. Tomorrow you will wear a different one.

Yes, that soul will not be with us.

Because they have moved forward on their journey.

We will miss their presence.

They were with us and we shared a relationship.

Now they are not with us.

So we will miss their presence and that relationship.

But we cannot say that they have died.

Because they have not died. That soul has changed its costume.

Now that's old will take a new costume

Create new relationships

New location.

Everything has changed.

But the soul is eternal. Let's never say that someone has died.

Only the body has changed.

Now we cannot fear losing loved ones.

We are aware that one day they need to leave.

We need to take care of everyone and of ourselves.

You need to take care of the body.

But we should not live in the fear that something might happen to me.

Why shouldn't we create this fear?

Because every thought I create

I am creating implications of that thought.

We should not just casually create thoughts of fear.

If we create thoughts of fear and get disturbed here

The body got affected

Fear radiated to the atmosphere

We didn't have to create a thought of fear because it has to happen one day.

We need to remember the power of the quality of each and every thought.

It's like this chair

We know it will break one day.

As long as we have it, we will lovingly take care.

We should not be careless about it or bang it here and there.

Saying that anyway one day we will lose it. So let's do whatever we want.

No. We will take care of it lovingly.

We will use it lovingly.

But everyday we can't keep thinking that nothing should happen to the chair.

Or what will I do if something happens to the chair?

How can I manage without this chair?

Every such thought is damaging.

Everything is for you

Use the chair.

Take care of the chair.

Which means use your body.

Take very good care of your body, lovingly.

Give gratitude to your body everyday.

We definitely need to use it in order to do our every Karma.

Next is that we should be very nice to other people.

Let's take care of their health. But thoughts of fear?

That will mean we are contributing to negativity.

So we have to take very good care

Whatever the mind will think

When mind starts thinking right

Then we can empower the intellect so that it takes the right decision.

When we meditate even for 2 minutes a day

Our soul consciousness state increases

There will be detachment to all these wrong images.

Detachment from what? From all the wrong images about which I had thought - This is me.

My body, position, role.

They are mine. But they are not me.

We need to detach from the image of that relationship.

That they are mine

Nothing should happen to them, nothing should happen to me.

Even as we create a slight detachment from this image

Our fear and anger will reduce.

When fear and anger reduce

Voice of the intellect or the intuitive power

Wisdom will be able to accurately answer what is right and what is wrong.

That is why when we do meditation

We experience that our intuitive power increases.

Because we will hear that inner voice

Do this and don't do that.

It will be a very strong message and we will follow it.

First is mind and second faculty of the soul is intellect.

Next time we will see what the third faculty is.

We will discuss in the next episode, Sister. Thank you so much.

Om Shanti.

Om Shanti.

The Description of 4 Types of Thoughts You Create: Subtitles English: Ep 14: BK Shivani