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Did you want something?

Look, Ben, I might be a... Baby gay.

..a baby gay but I am a fully-grown man

and I know myself better than anyone,

so you don't get to tell me whether I'm ready or not.

Well, that's great, Callum, but we're, erm,

trying to have a drink here... Ben Mitchell, will you go out with me?

Oh, Callum, I don't think now's the right time...

And I'm not doing the filing on my own any more, Jay. You need to start helping out as well. Yes or no?

Oh, for crying out loud, Ben. Just go out with him, will you?


I like your perseverance, but...

No buts!

That's a shame.

I'm being serious now, Ben. I know you are.

Which is, erm...

Which is why we can't do this, Callum.

You deserve someone good.

Someone that ain't going to, I don't know, mess you up.

I decide who I deserve.

And I want to try! You and me...

I'm ready.

Kiss me.

If you're ready, then prove it.

No booze for courage like before.

Just you.

Kissing me here.

In front of everyone.

How many times, boy?

Lie with dogs, you'll get fleas.

We tried to make him go, but he just...

But he ain't going until someone tells him!

Why was the wedding called off?

Cos you ain't going to do better than that prime rump! Careful!

This prime rump's got a tidy left hook.

If only my Callum was as tough a bloke as you are.

We didn't work out, all right?

And that's why we called it off. No, don't, Whit.

Look, I ain't interested in being tough.

Making other people feel small. That's your idea of being a man.

But some other people...

..they taught me that it's much harder making someone feel big

and worthwhile.


And you've never done that,

cos you ain't got the strength.

And for 28 years, neither have I, but now...

The reason me and Whitney never got married, Dad, is because...

Callum... because... because I'm gay.

You're my son.

Of course you ain't.

Nah. That ain't right!


No-one's made me think anything.

I know.

And I've always known.

Get off him! Get off him!

It's him! It's him that's turned you into one of them!

A disgusting, muck-loving faggot!

Phil Mitchell won't be laughing when I go to the Old Bill.

And what you going to tell them?

None of us saw anyone hit anyone.

It all happened so quick, officer.

Saw it too, did you?

The sexual tension between our dads?

Aw! This needs a soundtrack.


Don't you get it?

That ain't going to work any more.

All right, all right, I'll go on a date with you.

What, after that kiss, who says I want to?

You don't?

I'll drop you a text and we'll go from there.

MUSIC: I'll Be There by Jess Glynne

# You'll never be alone, I'll be there for you... #

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