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Difficulty: 0

[unintelligible speech from various juveniles being loud, cackling, laughing]

Punk @ss b!tch [cackling, laugher continues]

[Intro hip-hop/dubstep music]

Girl: I say... if I throw this over and into that trashcan you gotta eat me out tonight and

if I don't then you still gotta eat me out tonight.

Guy: that wann't mess'd up

Girl: all right, ready?

Guy: dude she put it on the trashcan

[water bottle thuds into the trash can] Girl: ahh!

[Guy giggles and laughs]

[person lying on the couch farts from the pressure]

[Several people on and off frame laugh histerically]

Guy: 1... 2... 3...

[disgusted] aaaaaahhh! [laughs]

Cammer lady: Hhhelloooo!... Why don't you say something maaan!

[Cammer lady and some other lady in the background laugh]

[condescending, arrogant runt] only nine, years old this little tate and am reachin' to all yo' broke-ass, julie pop,

looking ass niggas. I fuck your mama cause she a thtar [star] and I'll become your father, by spending money on child support

I'ma [I'm gonna] spend that money on foreign shit bitch [hits camera] hundred thou' on my wrists!

[switch toggles, electric zapping]

[Lady pushing stroller ranting loudly as she chases the first guy down the sidewalk unintelligibly]

Lady: ...mother f*cker, stop!

Derek (or some other word) stop!

?????, stop!

[Not really sure if she's calling out "baby", "Derek", "medic", or what] ????

Come on maaan!

Come on maaan! Cammers: Hell. no...

[Stroller lady continues yelling down the sidewalk]

[Cammer lady in a raspy femenine voice] Her nanny was tryin' to be funny.

An' I ain't tryin' to act like, you know, i'm conceited or none of that

cuz I'm far from that. Come outside or whatever... And I keep walking on my hands(?)

But what I did hear, was all her wantin' to do's tell his homies about some'in'

and she got a baad @ss mother f*ck'n attitude

but I wasn' gonna do shit but f*ck her @ss anyway

[taps video camera]

[Now speaks in a very male voice] I was gonna f*uck you my nigga

Yo' ass was about to get f*cked, b!tch

Sunday, volvo with the wackest outfit in fucking, america bro

The prob what kind of shirt, is that bro?

Babe and fendi martha there's no such thing as a fucking, baby if any monster

See this what i'm talking about i mean the bodega motown forgot, which gatorade our wall then this motherfucker just

Slid across, three cranberries like it were nothing

get out

What's happening, brother, what's happening brother, hey, hey homie no i just want you

Hey-ya, this fuckin, ass dog

I'll go back round with the car

put this show on camcorder homie

Miss you ain't no homey not some fucked-up shit dog, we like to stay let

You, stay in our house, homey, we gave you, fuckin rides you shook, my mother fucker

Tell, me why the maintenance man came this morning to fix

some shit in our apartment and stole my weed

When i tell you i'm on the hunt for this nigga i will find him and i will get my

This, man brought me back, some weak-ass reggie i need, my weed that you stole out of my apartment this morning

No it is not i bought seven grams you, gonna, bring me back this

Okay, update i found him and he ain't have, my shit for me i'm pay, me for that shit and i saw his weak-ass, way?

Down kinder tonight what's up man you good killing that, wawa y'all right

What's wrong?

Are you paralyzed can you work you paralyzed

So you, born that way?

You, can't walk at all how. Much money you got so far nobody no money

This, is that you fucking weirdo?

Sure this is crazy, by the paintjob

only sees me but i was gonna pull off i

Love you girl. Haha, what do you have a colleagues, ask


man it's definitely pretty, one

Say you ever uh

you're, pooped your pants

One time it's all one time yeah yeah i drink too much, soda pop sued about



sprite it's just not the pitbull i treat heart, one

Thing is just a flood or something then

You can, use them right now. Okay no i eat them without the coke i cannot

I want something to drink i'm thirsty you can't eat them without a coke i do not want

Motherfucking water you know that i never in my, whole fucking life

With you asked you to get me water and certainly, not pay for oh, my, god out of that


Boffin waters not gonna know, the fucking cut

You know of card boys i don't get water like that never ever ever ever ever done it ever

Hey, bitch, what's up bitch suck, my dick bitch let, me talk to you!

Jewish, what

What did you say, what did you say i should be in the jewish oven?

die like my ancestors


Nobody never in my, life told me i will fucking snitch i will never be a. Fuckin snitch i

Hate that word that's the word harm you could get killed bit of snitch you know. That's

Your snitch you opposed, them behind that you snitch

What are you guys doing

No it's not, my neighbor's house it's, my neighbor's house the police are coming right now

I don't have steak don't attack

Fuck it is this

Alright exchanging i'm so happy i can't wait to go to help good


I can't i can pray with. You right now if you, want we're doing something i mean she seems to be interested


accelerant of my beliefs you

Know not you know. You're too close, me man back the fuck up will you keep walking over here no your view

Came up to us i saw you approach my girlfriend, well that's fine

yeah, i'm turning this way so if you -

I already, did you know, did you know. You're literally

Exchanging i can't normal sexual behavior normal crazy, maybe i am, gay everyone i would just like you to know

Come on why the fuck do you got this handled

Why, don't fuck you got the donald trum handle

Knowing, nope look stupid

You, don't care

You, went down, some support come, back here brother one less words well that's word

Wrong this, is discreet big black

You know, what i got got, my fucking mind and its?

Own it's over between, me and i swear to jesus christ man i love him

Yeah, i'm leaving here in an hour if you're waiting fucking a program, by, monday night i'm never

my kids

our family


Heading to seem very post then, again, where the posi sending it

How much you pay for them

Ten thousand embassy, plus, we see the diamonds a

review on yelp, because you are in here

Fine i'll go to jail i know how to work in jail okay i'll tell you what

Yeah, you touch, my car i'll go ahead and show the police

I'll show, them this video i got pepper. Spray, and i'm not afraid to use okay you saw, sorry son of a bitch

The other, way you get the hell out of here why, the way you get out?

out of here and walk

I'm gonna, tear your, ass up and boom