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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 그놈처럼 낚시를 즐겨라! - 2020. 1.17. 통영 참돔 타이라바 선상낚시

Difficulty: 0

Hello everyone? This is Dalbong

Friday, January 17th. Tide is low today.

High tide today is at 13:52

With Tongyeong as standard

Low tide is at 7:26

Even yesterday while returning

there was feeding time

so today we're staying a little late.

The captain is the husband of my wife's sister!

He owns a ship in Tongyeong Yuchon

So while sharing the news of Tongyeong tai rubber,

and to see the husband of my wife's sister

I came to Tongyeong Yuchon

I'm with my son

We arrived a little past 2 AM

so we couldn't decide where to stay


we slept for a bit in the car

but my son didn't sleep much

I slept for about 30 minutes

So I'll do combat fishing

after staying up all night.

Man.. To self drive all the way down here

It's really far. From Ansan

But.. Well..

From by my side, like a parrot

like a sparrow

my son

constantly talked about schools and stuff

without sleeping

so the 4 hours went by really quickly.

I'll do my best.

Captain: The depth is 4 meters. We will be passing by a fishing bank.

If your rod gets stuck, raise it slightly to get it unstuck

If you leave it, it gets stuck


Captain: In the morning the fish bite low. So 8 winds after the floor


I think I should take a pill for nausea


Be Black skirt

Wow.. My hand is freezing

Wow.. It's so cold that I can't think straight

My son is with me

but since he couldn't sleep yesterday, he's not getting up

Captain: Get ready quickly~ Dalbong: Lol

Captain: There was a Red Sea-Bream~

Dalbong: Already? Captain: Yes~


Captain: We don't go long after the fish banks. We go in short intervals.

Captain: good luck

Yes~ good luck~

Captain: Fishes at the bottom. The bottom~

Now~ 44 meters start here~

Drop after the sign


Captain: We're passing the fishing bank

Equipment specifications are Banax Legend C63R

Reel is Banax KAIGEN LITE , Line is a braided No. 0.8

Shock leader is ALL59's No. 4

Skirt is Be Black

Tai rubber head! He said there is a phosphorescent lure this time

So I took some

The forecast said it wouldn't be windy but it is


Now~ There is one~

Is this a Scorpionfish?

Is this small?

Captain: Oh!! Dalbong: Haha

But I think it's a Scorpionfish...

Captain: What? Dalbong: I think it's a Scorpionfish~

Captain: You think it's a Scorpionfish? Dalbong: Yes~

My son, yesterday

didn't sleep at all while trying to nap in the car

He won't wake up.. Even if I shake him

Captain: The wind will die down after 12

Dalbong: Oh~ Captain: That... the afternoon is the feeding time~

Captain: Let's only do this~ this amount~

Dalbong: Lol~

The captain brought a handful of worms


and said let's only do this amount

Now~ 10 meters~

Wow.... Lol


It's really small this..

Dalbong: Lol Captain: This one is going to be released~

Dalbong: It's going to be released~ Lol


Still~~~ Still

Captain: Now~ Let's go again.

Beep Beep Dalbong: Thanks for giving me the experience~

I should have shown it to my son..


First catch~

Good bye~

Wow~ My hand is frozen

Beep- Warm up~

Captain: The depth is the same. 44 meters.

44 meters~

Captain: The tide is changing... So it's when the tide is good

If it sways too much use 120g

Woah~ phosphorescent lure is good~

Near lunch time~

He said.. "you can catch some"

at that time

I'll do my best in the meantime.

Wow~ this heaving sea~ really~

That's why people fish sitting down

I met the owner of Be Black

manufacturer brand

that makes tai rubber head for all59. He was in Siheung

Electroplating head! Shiny things!

To make them

he invested

a lot of time and money

Phosphorescent lure!

I'm using the 120g one


with that phosphorescent lure

I caught one petite~ fish.



Ran into the boat?

Oh~ Sea Bream! Ha ha ha

It's a Sea Bream~

Wow~ the Sea Bream size is good~

At this cold~ weather~

How good it is to catch anything like Sea Bream~

It almost got caught

Wow~! The floor is suddenly rough

Now~ it's rough so they bite quickly

Now~ What is this...?

Oh, with all this flapping about

I think it's a coarse fish

I tried octopus

and after trying a tai rubber

I can see how the captain is doing his best.

Regardless of wind or tide

the line goes straight~ in a straight line~

Even if I'm not related to him

I recommend Ship Hanna

He really does his best

Oh~~ I'm getting the tug constantly

Wow~ Got it~

Oh? Did he get one?

Ah!!! c

Captain: Did it run away?

Captain: Ah!!!!!!!!!!!! That....

Dalbong: Sir, I looked over at yours

you raised the rod~ Lol~

Hey! Why? Do you do nothing but tease~

Beep beep-

Captain: Let's go again.

It only took the worm Wow~

Now~ generous 4 worms~

Yesterday... at dawn....

Today at dawn. Around 2 AM

we arrived

and I didn't sleep much

and my son couldn't sleep

so he can't get up.

He's in 5th grade at elementary school

so I'll let him sleep

and since the feeding is in the afternoon

I'll aim for that.

But.. Today's tide is low... But the water keeps flowing~

Captain: It's when the water temperature gets low and tide changes

so the bites can be sensitive

When the bite becomes sensitive

the fisherman can become more~ sensitive~

Just~ slowly reel it in~ Whether there is a bite or not~

Captain: Raise it up~

Captain: Change it once and do it again

Captain: I'll try another spot

Captain: There is a fishingbank

Oh;; My hand is frozen..

So it takes a long time to change equipments

I changed the head to 100g

color is pink

Skirt~ Captain: Fishes are at the bottom~

Skirt is orange...

Not orange..

Somewhere between orange and yellow

Captain: Raise it~ I'll move. Beep beep-

Captain: It's 41 meters

There is some difficulty here. Beep-

Captain: Sea Bream bites from the bottom

Is this Sea Bream?

Oh~ It's been long since a bite~ really

Captain: It can start to get stuck.

Captain: be weary of the bottom

No!! Lost it!!

Oh.... This... Man...

Captain: It's okay~ Don't make the editor do more work~

Dalbong: Him and I both got a bite..

Mr: And?

Dalbong: It just touched.. and that's it

Fisherman: It touched and

Fisherman: I don't know when to raise the rod

Captain: Don't raise it! When there's a bite~


It's a Red Sea-Bream

but a little one~

Red Sea-Bream~

Woah~ it's a Sea Bream

Woah you got a tasty one~

Captain: Let's move

Woah the depth is 50 meters

=Son woke up and is fishing= (As soon as he started, he caught a Scorpionfish)

Is it being released?

Son: Why? Does it keep going down?

Dalbong: It's really deep

You're reeling too quickl


Do it a little more at the front~

Give it five winds and lower it again~

The speed is really good~

Son: Is our lines tangled? Isn't it?

Dalbong: It's not~

Son: Dad, the line is tangled

Dalbong: Oh, the one you caught wasn't recorded

Son: Hm?

Dalbong: The one you caught wasn't recorded

Son: Why?

Dalbong: I had the switch


Son: It's like pedestal fishing Cuttlefish...

Dalbong: Right

Son: Me catching a Cuttlefish doesn't get recorded


Captain: There's a fishing bank

Dalbong: a fishing bank!

If you touch the bottom and leave it there, it gets tangled in the fishing bank

The bottom is really rough

Don't wind it more than 5 times

The fishes are practically attached to the bottom

The fishes are practically attached to the bottom

The water temperature is a bit higher than yesterday

But yesterday and today, fishes are in the bottom

If there's a fishing bank, you must be careful

For my son, I set him up with webfoot octopus fishing pole

Because the tip is thin~

Fisherman: It fell out again

It fell out again?

Fisherman: It fell out as I caught it Dalbong: Ha..ah

Son: Did you catch it? Fisherman next to me: I think it was a big one


If I pull then it falls off

Son: It fell out? Dalbong: Yeah

He thinks it was a big one but it fell out as he pulled the pole

You shouldn't pull

Captain: Wow...He must be so

Dad you should put more of earthworms.

I need to put more earthworms

Son: Something keeps hitting

Oh~ it's because the water is flowing

But it's so funny

Red seabreams bite when the water flows

According to my experience they did

Fishing isn't easy

You need to do this the whole time

Son: Dad


Son: This way is tightening the drag? Dalbong: Yes

Son: Can I tighten it? Dalbong: Yes

Why? Does it come loose?

Son: The drag got loose slightly a couple times

Dalbong: Oh...

It's good for it to come loose

So when a fish bites

If it comes loose

It'll think "Oh~ this is food"

If it doesn't come loose when the fish bites

Then it'll think "Is this a fishing pole?"


Why? why do you keep tightening it?

Son: No...This.. Dalbong: Yeah

Son: I did .. but I loosened it

Dalbong: When you wind it up

Little by little

If you get the feeling of it coming loose slightly it's good~


He caught one!

He caught one! Wow it's big

Son: Oh~

Dalbong: What is it? Oh~ it's Red seabream!!

Is it Sea Bream? It's Red seabream! Red seabream!


Son, try harder

Dalbong: It looked like Red seabream. Son: Yeah?

Dalbong: A big Red seabream

Son: A big Red seabream?

Dalbong: Yeah~ either size 4 or 5

It's Red seabreamr~

Son: Oh~

Dalbong: Wow~

Dalbong: I caught one just in that size in the morning

Captain: Bring it up~ bring it up

Son: Wow~

Dalbong: He said to hold it up

Son: He did Dalbong: Yeah~

Dalbong: I held it up already

Son: It's pretty. Red seabream~ Captain: Let's go once again.

Beep beep

Dalbong: Oh I need to hurry up

'My hands froze.. I can't move them'

Son: Other people are win

Dalbong: I need to put earthworms too

Son: are right

Dalbong: I thought you would get these things done

But now that we are here, I'm doing everything

And you are just sleeping

Son: Dad~ Dalbong: I like to hold grudges~


It feels good this time~

Son: Why isn't the tip working

Dalbong: I feel good this time

Son: Oh~ho

Dalbong: Wind up~

Dalbong: Oh~ I got it~

Son: Oh~oh Dalbong: Wind it up more~


Bring it down~

I feel good this time I think I might catch one


Dalbong: Sir. Are you going to? Fisherman: 7 turns~ 7 turns

Dalbong: 7 turns!

Fish bit at 7 turns

-Son, Hit!- Dalbong: Wind it up slowly.

Slowly~ slowly

Wind it up~ wind it up~

Wind it up~

I told you I had a good feeling~

Wind it up~ continuously

Son: I think it's better not to pull Dalbong: Wind it up~ continuously~

Son: It's not easy..? Dalbong: Wind it up~ continuously~

Captain: Oh~ you suddenly got up so I thought you caught something.

Dalbong: Hahaha Son: I got something~

Dalbong: It's here~ it's here~ Captain: You did???

Dalbong: Continuously~ Captain: Wow~ That's awesome!!

Dalbong: Don't pull it just wind it up

Fisherman: You are awesome

Son: Hehehe Dalbong: Hahahaha

Dalbong: Hey~ this is Pagrus major

Son: Wow it's strong? Dalbong: Wind it up continuously~ wind it up continuously~

Son: Is it gone?

Dalbong: Just wind it up!

Son: No it's here Dalbong: It's there it's there it's there~

Dalbong: Wind it up~ wind it up~

Dalbong: You need to wind it up faster now~ Captain: Wind it up fast

Son: Dad like this?

Dalbong: Yes yes yes~ wind it up! wind it up!

Son: At least I felt it even if I loose it

Dalbong: Hey! why are you thinking that you should catch it

Son: Ah..I will!

Dalbong: Oh~ captain's here~

Dalbong: You can't let it go now

Son: Hehehehe Dalbong: Hahahaha

Son: Dad..Is the reel stuck?

Dalbong: No no

Dalbong: Sung-Tae

Dalbong: The knot is stuck.. the knot the knot

What did I tell you when the knot gets stuck

Son: Like this Dalbong: Right

Dalbong: Lock the drag, lock the drag

Captain: Don't touch the drag!!

Son: Dad told me to.. Dalbong: Oh it's almost here right now

Captain: No no. You need to lock the drag little by little

Captain: Not at once

Son: It's Red seabream Wow

Dalbong: Oh Petite~

Hahahaha wow~


Captain: Press slowly

Captain: Bring it up bring it up pull it out


Dalbong: Wow hahaha~

Son: It's not even in all the way

Dalbong: Wow~ How did you do that.. how did you do it like that?

Dalbong: Wow~ you~

You had a good sleep

And you caught one?

Son: I caught Scorpionfish and Red seabream~

Dalbong: Wow~ You catching Scorpionfish

I couldn't film it...Oh...

Son: Wow Red seabream caught by me!!

Dalbong: Hahaha

Captain: Is this your first time?

Dalbong: First time ever Son: Petite~

Captain: I'm letting it go now~ Son: Okay~

Captain: Catch a big one next time~ Son: Bring your mom and dad~

Dalbong: He can bring his brother

Don't need the mom or dad~

Wow son~ You caught the first one~

I caught one just in that size in the morning too

Son: Oh~ really? Dalbong: Yeah~

Son: You caught one?

Son: You can do it!!

Dalbong: It's petite~

Son: So you are same as me?

Dalbong: I told you

I caught one as soon as I began

Son: Well.. the biting is the same as this?

Dalbong: Yeah~

This is Red seabream. A small one~

Son: Petite~

Dalbong: Yes~ Petite~

It's going to be different when there's outflowing water

Because right now there's flood tide

Son: Red seabream comes out when there's outflowing water?

Dalbong: Yes~ We get better results when there's outflowing water


This Red seabream is small but it keeps going down

Son: Dad

Dalbong: Yeah?

Son: I think fish is like that

Dalbong:'s touch and go


Captain: Sir~

Dalbong: Yes~

Captain: Take this and eat it grilled~ Dalbong: Oh?

Captain: Take this and eat it grilled

Dalbong: Hahaha~ Okay~

We need something so let's bring this with us

Son: But we can take this size right? Dalbong: Yes~

Captain: There's a Red snapper behind you~ Dalbong: Red snapper~

Son: Dad be careful not to get bitten Dalbong: Yes

Dad: Is there a low tide a little bit from now?

Dalbong: Yes

Let's eat this grilled

And bring it with us

Son: Did you tie the Scorpionfish with cable tie?

Dalbong: No

Son: Did we let that go?

Dalbong: No

Son: Did you put it in the icebox right away?

Dalbong: No

Son: Where is it?

Dalbong: In the plastic bag


It's there~

Now I caught one too son~

Son: No way! Dalbong: What are you doing~ Not catching one hahahaha~

Dalbong: If we let them go they bring one back~

Son: Really? Dalbong: Yes~

Son: I let one go where is it

Dalbong: Dad... Son: Then it should've come to me~~

Dalbong: Hey!

Son: Hehe Dalbong: I told you I let one just like yours go while you were sleeping



Son: It got stuck? Dalbong: Ah this got stuck.

Oh no

I'm okay~

Wow I'm okay~

I survived but died~

Son: You survived but died?

Dalbong: Yes~ the hook broke


Dad as well~

I will use a pretty skirt as well~

The one you used~

Captain: Let's go up. Bring it up

Beep beep

Dalbong: Wind it up all the way~



Let's go~


Captain: Why don't you guys continue. I'll prepare some lunch

Dalbong: Now~

Captain's going to prepare some food for us

Son: Oh~ food? Oh~ it must be delicious

Dalbong: Hey! you must catch something to pay for it~

Son: I can do it while eating~

Dalbong: That's not it

Only people who worked out can catch the fish~

Dalbong: Our son~

Son: I work hard~

Captain: Very efficient~ very~

Captain: He does it when the fish bites

Dalbong: Wow..hahahaha

Dalbong: He's such an idler

Dalbong: What should I do Son: I'm better than you~

Dalbong: Hey~ I'm one fish ahead of you~

Son:'s 2 vs 2 now~

Dalbong: If you are going to pay for the food~

You need to catch at least 10 of them~

Son: I thought we were here to have fun?

Dalbong: Yeah~

Son: I cleared my mind (We promised not to be sad even if we don't catch any)

Dalbong: You should but at least try your best~

Son: That's why I'm trying my best right now!

Dalbong: Can you let me win? Son: No!

Dalbong: I never hear you say 'Okay. I understand'

Wow~ you

Dalbong: Food's here~ ha~

Dalbong: You got to catch 3 more fish to pay for the food

Son: I caught Scorpionfish and Red seabream

Dalbong: Hahaha

Is Scorpionfish considered a fish too?

Son: Yeah!

Dalbong: I caught one petite Red seabream

And one Red seabream big enough to be grilled! Two of them~

Until when are you going to fish?

Captain: Between 5 to 6 Dalbong: Wow~ you are crazy

Captain: Ask me when we go home. I'm tired tired~

Dalbong: Hahahaha

Dalbong: People fish as if they are in a war everyone

Dalbong: Wow~ the rice is so warm~

Dalbong: Wow you are winding as soon as we are done eating wow~


Now wind it up faster

Isn't it a petite one?

Captain: The floor isn't nice. Be careful so it doesn't get stuck.

Dalbong: Wind it up faster~

Dalbong: Yeah?

Son: I think it's gone

Dalbong: I think it did. But wind it up all the way

Son: Wait isn't it Scorpionfish?

Dalbong: We don't know!!

Son: It's Red seabream

Dalbong: Wow~ It's big enough to be grilled

Dalbong: It only has to be 25 cm

Dalbong: It can be grilled

Captain: You caught a Red seabream?

Dalbong: Grill it. It can be grilled

Captain: The son is a player!

Dalbong: Hahahaha

Dalbong: The pliers are in here

Captain: He's better than the dad

Dalbong: Heh~ hahahaha

Dalbong: Ah~ fish had just bit mine too oh no~

Dalbong: It's 2 vs 2 Sung-Tae~~

Son: Here it is again!!

Dalbong: Wow~~ what is this

Dalbong: Pull the pole up

Son: What? Pull it up?

Dalbong: Pull it up like that

Dalbong: Pull it up like that

Son: Oh! A red sea-bream!! Hehe

Dalbong: Oh what?!

What's gotten into you?

Captain: Okay, let's go around once. It's low tide soon.

Captain: We're moving.

Dalbong: Stop stop stop!

I think you took mine!

Son: That's not it.

Son: You hooked on my fish just now.

Dalbong: Wow, another big one. Why are you taking all the fish?

Son: You hooked on mine.

Dalbong: Hm... This is strange.

Dalbong: What's wrong with you?!

Son: Your weight is still under water.

Dalbong: Yes, I know.

Captain: Did you get one?!

Dalbong: No no.

Son: Only I did. Haha

Dalbong: Jeez...

Captain: Who caught that?

Son: I did!

His strings tangled on to mine.

Dalbong: Your bait is not in right now,

so they will come to me, right?


Son: I'm going to start again as soon as my bait is ready.

Dalbong: Hmph.

They will come to me anyway.

I gave him a webfoot octopus rod so that he won't mess up,

but he caught three.

I caught two with tai rubber rod,

but they're tiny.

Wow, It's huge!


It's coming! It's coming!

Son: What! Wow~ Dalbong: Wow~


Son: Wow!!

Dalbong: That's like size 6

Holy~ It's almost here!

Son: What bait are you using?

Dalbong: No, nonono.

Dalbong: Another big one! See that? Captain: Watch your string! The string!

Dalbong: Okay! Okay! Okay! Captain: Keep your eyes on the string.

Dalbong: Wow... Both of them are about size 6


Son: Wow, that's huge. Dalbong: Wow~

Dalbong: Wow~ Congratulations! That's amazing~

Son: Daddy Dalbong: Yeah?

Son: We should pull our socks up. Dalbong: Okay!

Let's do this!

Wow, I didn't know there were such big ones in Tongyeong

Dalbong: Son?

Dalbong: Did we get the recordings of you catching a 30 cm scorpion fish?

Son: No way... Dalbong: N...No way...

Dalbong: There's no way to check if we got the recording or not on this camera.

My son caught a size 3 scorpion fish,

and I caught a bluefin searobin, not too small.

But I don't think we recorded all that.

Gosh, I can't believe I didn't press the camera.

So my son caught...

3 red seabream and

2 scorpion fish? 3 reds 2 scorpions.

Dalbong: I caught 2 reds 1.. Son: I think I caught 2 reds.

Dalbong: No you caught 3. You let one go remember?

Dalbong: 2 reds 1 scorpion 1 bluefin searobin

Son: I think mine's stuck...

Dalbong: I think so too.

Place the spool on the ground.

Push it down. Hang on to it.

Son: I lost my weight as well. Dalbong: Huh?

Son: The weight...

Dalbong: Okay.

Over here.

Do you want the same one?

Son: Yes, the same one.

Dalbong: It's so cold out that we're losing focus...

We lost too many scenes...

All these memories with my son.


Dalbong: Hey! Son: It's all because of that camera.

Dalbong: Don't give me those looks.

I should have checked...

When you caught one and while I sensed something,

I was in a panic.



That looks like it's about size 4 or 5

Oh no, it's not.

Dalbong: It's a cutie. Son: What happened?

Dalbong: It's a cutie.

Captain: Don't give up yet.

They're still out there.

Dalbong: Hahaha

Captain: We still have time for one more.

Dalbong: Of course.

Son: Huh? What did you say? Captain: We still have time.

Dalbong: We still have time.

Captain: Don't give up until we retreat.


Son: Let's do this!

Dalbong: It's 3:20.

Son: This place looks like a lot of red seabream will come out.

Son: Huh? There's someone fishing there.

Dalbong: Wow.

Dalbong: He's fishing on a rock by the seashore.

Son: Is he looking for rockfish?

Dalbong: No, black porgy and red seabream.

Dalbong: Are you hurt?


Son: Don't touch! It hurts. (He burned his finger making cup noodles.)

Dalbong: Place your finger somewhere cool. Son: I did that already over here.

Dalbong: Is that cold? Son: A little.

Dalbong: What do we do? You're not eating this, right?

Dalbong: I'll have both. Son: Nope.

Dalbong: How are you going to eat when your finger hurts?

Son: I'll eat with my right hand.

Dalbong: You have to wait a while.

Son: I like my noodles frim

Dalbong: What?

Son: firm

Son: Daddy, where do I put my fishing suits?

Dalbong: Wear them until we get off the ship.

Take them off when we're on the car.

Son: So, I can't take them off right now?

Son: Why? Dalbong: It's cold.

Son: Oh..

Captain: Pull it up.

Dalbong: Is it good

even after burning your finger?

Son: Yes.

Everything tastes good when you're on a ship.

Dalbong: Son, it's really deep here. About 60 meters.


It's 35 meters.

Son: Hit!

Dalbong: What's wrong with you?

Dalbong: What is that? Son: Wow, it's a whale.

Pull it up quickly.

Son: Is it gone?

Dalbong: It's still here. It's a red seabream.

Son: Really? Wow. Dalbong: It's a red seabream.

Dalbong: Either we grill it or let it go.

Son: Let's grill it.

Dalbong: This is so strange. Really.

There are so many rods here,

but you're catching them all.




Son: Should I let it go? Dalbong: Yes.

Dalbong: Why are they all headed to you?

Son: Thank you.

Dalbong: Did you get 4?

Dalbong: This is a crushing defeat.

You and your fishing luck.

Captain: We are moving again.

Fishermen: You're the best.

Son: Thank you. Fishermen: I mean it!

Son: Nibble comes when...

Dalbong: You only caught them because they were blind.

Son: Hmph! I caught 4 though.

Dalbong: That's because you chose a lucky place.

Fishermen: What?

Dalbong: It's because he's at a lucky place.

Fishermen: What does that mean? Dalbong: Hahahaha

Son: Last time...

I thought it was like that too. You're the same.

Dalbong: Hahahaha

You see,

if I was standing there, I caught them all.

Fishermen: Your Dad should buy you a fishing rod.

Dalbong: Hahahaha

Fishermen: What in the world are you fishing with?

Dalbong: Hahahaha

Fishermen: Am I right? Dalbong: Hahaha

Son: No.. I'm fine.. Fishermen: Really?

Son: I use this type of reel every time I fish anyway.

Fishermen: Still.

Look at your dad! He's using an electric reel.

Dalbong: Hahaha

Son: My mom doesn't like electric reel.

Son: Right, Dad? Dalbong: That's right.

What is he saying..

Dalbong: Okay, it's not about the reel. Hahaha Son: Hmph.

Fishermen: It looks like a small fish. Dalbong: Oh he caught.. a sillaginoid.

'Alert! Alert! Alert!'

Son: Wow, what is that?

Captain: There's a bite.

Dalbong: Wow, it's a big one!


Son: Wow!

Dalbong: Wow~ That is..

Isn't that size 7?

I can't roll it!

Oh... size 4?

I thought it was the biggest one of the day..

45? It looks like it's about 45 cm..

Captain: 3 more rounds on the ground.

Captain: Basal layer fish. 16 meters.

Captain: We're moving now. Pull up your rods.

Son: Sigh..

=As time to go back home got near, My son was drained out of energy, but he didn't give up reeling.=

Dalbong: Tighten the drag.

It's almost here.

Faster, faster!

That's it.


I think it's time for our last trial.

It's really fortunate that

my son actually caught something today.

It's unfortunate that we couldn't record him catching a 30 cm long scorpion fish.

But we got most of him catching a red seabream...

Son: You didn't get the recordings of me catching scorpion fish?

Dalbong: I think so..

Why.. We can't record everything.

What is it about fishing?

I mean.. even when someone asks me,

I can't say anything other than I just do..

It must be the same for him.


We got hurt from needles

and made our baits even when our hands our cold.

What is so fun about all this...?

The protagonist of our trip today was not me,

but this guy.

Lucky for him, he got to catch many types of fish.

We will sleep for a bit on the car way back,


then eat..

That's how we will go back.

Captain: We will wrap up here for today.

Dalbong: Let's wrap up.

Captain: Good work, everyone.

Dalbong: We will finish here.

Thank you for watching.

Son: I caught something weird.

Dalbong: Throw it away.

Give me the weight.

Pull it up 'til the end.

Son: Pull?

Dalbong: That's right.

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