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I'll show you exactly what you need to do and say

to find amazing artists, who will create designsfor $4 each,

that sell on print on demand platforms like Redbubble and Merch by Amazon.

I've personally used this method for years to earn thousands of dollars passively

to the point that I've been able to quit my day job.

I'll also show you how you can take this process to the next level once you're set up

with some tips that I've never shared before.

First of all, we're going to register on Upwork, which isfree to sign up for,

so we can find the artists.

This is important, so please listen carefully toeach step

because we're laying the foundation for finding artists that create outstanding work,

which will result in thousands of sales.

If one step in this process goes wrong, it can affectthe whole thing.

Click "get started" and enter your email address, then it'll ask for your details.

Youdon't have to put a real name in here if you don't want to, that's up to you.

Password and location are self-explanatory and then we want to click "hire for a project"

Yes, we understand the terms, and "create my account"

When your account's been created, you can just click "Skip to job post" at thebottom of the page,

then "It's just me" when Upwork asks about your company.

For the title of the job,we don't need to put anything too complicated...

The artists on Upwork are used to working with people looking to sell on print on demand

so "T-shirt designer needed for $4 perdesign" is fine.

if you're focusing on something other than t-shirts, like if you specializein making phone cases or something like that,

then specify that in the title.

For the jobcategory, we're going to stick to "graphic design".

"Illustration" is an acceptable choice as well and can result in really interesting work

but it can be a more challenging category to work in, because the artists aren't necessarily used to

working with print on demand. This can cause all sorts of problems which is why we're going to

go with graphic design.

Now it's time to write a description of what we need.

Here's where it gets a bit more complicated so listen carefully.

Giventhat we aren't going to be the only advertisement that artists will be seeing, it's important to make it attractive to them

and worth their time, so we're going to make it clear that there's asignificant amount of work available from the start.

"I need an experienced t-shirt designer to create 100 designs at $4 each"

Don't worry about having to pay upfront, this isn'trequired.

Instead, we'll be setting milestones for the artist to make sure that they're good andthen we'll pay when we receive the work.

Now, we need to describe the job and how we'll work with the artist to set expectations from the beginning.

"I will send you an outline of what I'm lookingfor, and you will use your artistic ability tocreate something suitable."

And to ensure thatthe artist is familiar with print on demand,

we can literally say:

"I need the files to bein .png format with a transparent background, ready to upload to print on-demand websites"

Again, we'll reinforce the relationship with the artist by showing that we're ready to commit further and provide them with

positive feedback, which will enable them to get more work on the platform.

"I'm looking for a long-term contract and will supply you with more work and positive feedbackin return for high quality artwork"

If you've got any examples of the sort of work that you'relooking for, you can add them in here.

You can go on Redbubble or Amazon and screenshot some of thebest sellers that you'd be happy to receive

from your chosen artist. This shows the sort of qualitythat you're expecting.

You don't have to do this, but it can help set expectations.

For this example, we'll go with some classic shirts from Redbubble:

"Oh For Fox Sake"

"Trust me, I'm a Dogtor"

and"Cats Against Cat Calls".

I'm just screenshotting the t-shirts to be able to attach as files for the artist to see.

If you do decide to add artwork, just put a note on the bottom of the description

saying that you've attached some examples of what you expect to receive.

Now click "next".

Here, we have the option of selecting what type of project it is.

We're going to choose "ongoing project" to show thatthere's more work available if the job's done to a high standard.

This shows that it's worth the time of the artist as we'll keep them on our payroll in exchange for high quality work.

Screeningquestions are important to make sure that the artist has got a good understanding of English.

Because if they can't answer a simple question in the beginning,

it's going to be a nightmarewhen it comes to getting them to understand what you want for your designs

Trust me, it'll saveyou a lot of hassle.

We'll click "add a question" and then create our own question.

Number one will be "How long have you been designing for?" just to see if they understand basic English and

it'll enable us to learn a bit more about their experience without having to read their entireprofile.

And question two will be something that tests their ability to use their initiative.

I liketo go with "Who was the Prime minister of the UK in 2016?"

This means that they'll have to understand the question and know how to find the answer by searching and filtering out irrelevant information.

Both helpful skills for later on if we're going to be working together.

You can use similar questionsrelating to your own country, or if you decide to use my questions, the answer is

Theresa May andDavid Cameron were both Prime Minister in 2016.

I'm going to be satisfied if someone replies with either name and especially happy if they go above and beyond with their answer

We're also goingto tick that applicant's need to include a cover letter

as it's another hurdle that someone has to jump over to provide that they're worth further investigation.

This might seem a lot but as you'll find out, there'll be hundreds of potential applicants

and these initial steps save us a lotof time later.

For the skills section, all this stuff is optional.

We're going to tick "Clothing", and in the additional skills section at the bottom we'll type:

"T-shirt design" and "print on demand",

thenselect skill level intermediate.

The location of the artist doesn't matter, so we'll click worldwide.

We're going to set the availability to "anyone" and allow more than one freelancer to apply.

This is important because we're going to be shortlisting multiple candidates and testing the

best ones to see who we'll decide to work with, plus it makes the listing more attractive toartists

because they know there's more than one position available and therefore they're inwith more of a chance to get the work.

If we only advertise for one freelancer and applicants cansee that 20 people have already applied they might skip past it

and look at something else instead.

For the number of freelancers, we'll go with 5. Again this doesn't mean that we'll be hiringfive people,

it just means that it's open to more applications.

The talent preferences section at thebottom is very important, even though it's optional.

Here, we can filter based on qualifications which we're going to use to our advantage.

You can leave it alone if you're wanting asmany applications as possible, but it does open the floodgates for low-quality artists.

Ifyou've got the patience to vet each one, there's nothing wrong with leaving it and allowingall the applicants

but at least change the talent type so you don't get agencies messagingyou.

For the filtering, I recommend choosing "90% and up" to ensure that they have consistently goodfeedback

from clients that they've worked with. At least 100 dollars earned on the platform,

As well as conversational or better English, because a lot can get lost in translation when itcomes to design work.

It's time to set our budget and we're going to go with paying a fixed priceso we can pay for each design or set of designs.

There's an option to set individual milestoneslater on when we've chosen our artists so, although we've specified

a hundred designs inthe brief, we can create a milestone such as one design for $4, and pay upon receipt.

So this is why we're going with a fixed price.

The budget's up to you. A hundred designs at $4 each comes to $400,

And that will be attractive to artists because theycan see the potential earnings.

You can put that figure here and it doesn't mean you'll be paying them that, it just shows that it's a possibility.

Now it'll show you a summary, so make sure you're happy with everything and you can "post job now".

If you haven't already, you'll have to verify your email to proceed, which takes two seconds.

We'll then be taken to the invite page where we can invite freelancers that match our specification.

As you can see from the image preview on the left hand side they aren't necessarily what

we're looking for, so we're going to go and adjust the filters at the top. In the search,

type "Merch by Amazon" so it picks up anyone that's had involvement with print on demand.

This way, we only get a list of people who already have experience with print on demand and don't

need guiding through the process. We've onlygot 15 invites to use, so we're going to get

some of the top rated people straight away. "Earnedamount" we'll set to $1k and above, "Job success": 90%

and above, and most importantly, last activitywithin the last two weeks so we know they're

still around and not wasting invites on people that don't use Upwork anymore. When that's done,

we'll just go down the list and invite anyone who seems relevant. If you've got the time to

spare, you can go into their portfolio and judge their work to see if you like it before you invite

but there's no guarantee that they'll acceptyour invite so I wouldn't spend too much time

investigating and getting attached to potentialartists. Don't worry about what their hourly rate

is because we've got a fixed budget, so it's up tothem if they're interested or not. Once we've used

our 15 invites we can leave it alone. Within an hour, your inbox should look something like this

as people start expressing an interest in thejob. You can start looking at your applicants if

you want, but I recommend leaving it 24 hoursto allow people to see and apply for the job

In the meantime, we're going to prepare some test jobs that we'll be sending to our artists once we

find someone that we like. Hopefully you've alreadygot some ideas that you'd like to commission...

If you don't have any ideas, I recommend Merch Informer for Merch by Amazon designs.

You'll find a link in the description to sign upfor a free trial. I just go on the Merch Hunter

section and sort by the top 500 best sellers to see what niches are popular right now, or use the

Trend Hunter module, which shows what's growing inpopularity. You can cancel the trial when you're

done so you don't have to pay, or if you want to subscribe you can use the code "PASSIVEOWL"

to get 20% off. If you're looking for Redbubble information, there's the free popular tags tool

which shows what's growing in popularity week by week and it's updated every Monday. There's

a link in the description to this and I've got a video explaining how to use it in depth as well.

Once you've found some suitable niches and comeup with some ideas that you'd like the artist to

create, we're going to prepare a test job for ourchosen candidate to double check that they're up

to the task before pursuing a long-term agreementwith them. While we're waiting for the artists to

express their interests, type up what you wantin notepad so you're ready to paste it when you

found someone. Write down what you want as clearas possible and provide a visual example for them.

You might say something like "I want you to drawan orange octopus with socks on his tentacles"

"Underneath i wanted to say 'Sock-topus'". Now when we look on Google Images, we can see that there's many

ways that this could be interpreted. Is our ideaa cartoon octopus or a real one? A cute one or an

angry one? The artist doesn't have access to whatwe're thinking, so it's important to provide as

much information as possible, as well as a visual,even if it's vague. It shows the kind of style that

we're expecting. Come up with two concepts thatyou'd like the artist to draw and have them ready

to copy paste when you find someone that you like the look of. When you go back to Upwork, you'll find

a significant number of people who've expressed an interest in the job. We're just going to go

down the list looking at their summary. Thumbs upshortlists the applicant, thumbs down hides them.

They don't get a notification about this, so don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings.

This is just a brief check to see who we're going to investigate further without going

into the profiles yet, so we're looking at whattheir tagline is which is this bit of bold text.

What their budget is - i.e is it appropriate toours, or are they trying to charge way more?

If they're going way above what you expect to pay, just decline. We can also see their job success

rate and other information, like where they'refrom. We can click anywhere on this box to open

up their proposal and check if they've answeredthe questions appropriately. Some artists put

a link to their portfolio, or examples of theirwork in the cover letter but others you'll have

to scroll down to the bottom of the page to seetheir portfolio. It's just a case of going through

the list and seeing who we like the look of. We canalso check their reviews from previous projects

to see what other people thought of working withthem. Some will have amazing applications, but their

artwork's going to be terrible. It's just the caseof looking through until we find someone who's

good enough to hire. When we've found someone thatwe like the look of, we can click "hire freelancer".

We'll be taken to the terms page where wecan set our first milestone for the test job.

Click "deposit a lesser amount to cover the first milestone" and write the description of two test

designs. You can set a deadline of one or two days, then a fee of $8 to cover the cost of

the work. This money is held in escrow by Upwork until we agree to release it to the artist, which

will be after they've delivered the work. We'llhave to add a billing method now which is either

a credit card or PayPal. Again there's a summaryof the job, and we can click "hire". After this,

our offer will be sent to our chosen artist and it's up to them if they accept or not

We'll be asked by Upwork whether we're finishedor plan to hire others. Click "I plan to hire

more freelancers for this job" so the job remainsopen to new proposals which will keep coming in

while we're waiting for the work to come back. If you've got a lot of ideas you can work with

multiple artists, but if it's your first time on Upwork, you might want to focus on just one at

first. Either way, leave it open to other applicants just in case the first one doesn't work out.

You can then message your chosen artist and copy-paste the test ideas that you came up with earlier

along with the visual references so they know what style you're looking for. We've put in as much

preparation as possible to get to this point and thoroughly vetted the candidates, so now it's time

to wait for the results to come back. If you'rehappy with the artwork that they've made, you can

continue to work together and set new milestones for each set of designs that you request. You just

need to focus on niche research and uploading the designs. If you get it right, your income will grow

and grow. It might get to the point where yourchosen artist can't handle the amount of work

that you need by themselves, or maybe you just want some more variety. Just follow the same steps and

hire more people. Once you've established a goodworking relationship with all your freelancers,

you can ask your favorite artist if they wantto become a project lead and manage the other

artists for you. This way, they can take controland lead which person's best for which design,

this frees you up to identify more profitableniches and increase your passive income.

I hope you found that helpful, and if you did, I would reallyappreciate if you give this video a thumbs up,

and subscribe to my channel. I release new contentevery week that will help you with your passiveincome.

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