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Hi, Welcome back to my Youtube Channel with me, Stella Lee

Today I'll be doing the most requested video from you all,

That is "Japanese Supermarket" near my house. The location is very near

and it is my food supplies for years since I started living here, I can't eat at all if there's no supermarket

In my opinion, the foods at the supermarket are fresh and cheaper too,

so I'm really grateful that the distance is near from here.

Since there are many apartments that their distance of the Supermamarket are quite far from the apartment

So, It doesn't cause me much trouble on bringing the rice home.

So, I bring totebags with me, because I am going eco here,

I don't use plastics at all, I always bring eco totebag with me to the Supermarket

Let's go to the Supermarket

So here it is, at the Japanese Supermarket, they always put the basket on the trolley

So, it can be use for second trolley, but I'll go with one trolley first.

Usually, when you first come in, they'll show you what's on sale, today's sale is banana and melon

It's currently winter here, so strawberries are in season now

So, every seasons have different fruits, this time there's many strawberries

Currently, the fruits are sure sweeter and cheaper

How much are these strawberries? It's ¥600. Expensive..

Look here, Kare set

So, usually for Japanese who live alone and eat alone, It's too much if they buy this one for one person only

So, they provide like 1 pack all in one, onion, potato, carrot, and the portion is for 1-2 persons. So practical

However, I don't feel like making kare today, I am looking for radish. Where's the radish?

Okay, found the radish. This is Japan's radish, big and beautiful

Oh, seems like it has the upper one. So, it depends, the taste of radish are usually different

from both bottom end and top en of the radish, so they make it two kinds

What's more...?


It's cutted already, so there's a half, one quarter, we need only a quarter

What's more... oh! pork, let's go to the pork area

Pork meat, if the pork meat has been labelled like this, although it is not a discount

Since tomorrow is the expired that, it means there's special promo, this one is having 40% off

If I'm not mistaken, it's 40% off


I feel confused right now, these are two types, so many types here

But, for tonight, I would like to take this one, if not this one then I'll take this one

hmm... okay, let's take this one

Running out of kitchen paper, so we buy it

So, it's complete already

bought daikon, bought chicory, bought pork

Tonight we'll cook pork soup with radish, now we look for rice. oh, here it is

want to buy rice... where is rice

Oh, that's it

there are several types of rice here, here is 2kg one. They even count how much is 1kg

The rice is ¥490 for 1 kg, almost IDR 60.000

And this is the standart rate of rice in Japan

Then, for example we buy 5kg, oh this one is a bit expensive

this one 5kg, one kg is ¥416, so big

Anyway, if it has sign like these three, it means no need to wash the rice anymore

No need to wash the rice anymore, you can directly cook it in the rice cooker, save more time.

So, the rice that I always purchase is from Niigata Koshihikari

It's the top 3 most delicious rice in Japan, It's such a good brand

The brand is different, It means it's all from Niigata and the name of the brand is Koshihikari

Anyway, beside the rice section, these have the healthy rice section

For example, the types that 18 different kind of rice becomes all in one like this one

Healthy grain, like so healthy

So many kind of rices here, I always buy this one

Shirataki rice, the name is Masanaso Hikari

So, the rice is from Shirataki rice, it zero calories

The taste is similar with the usual rice, however, it can be as fluffier as the Japanese rice-

That will stick when you make onigiri of it

Shirataki rice can't stick, it's grain-ish. the way to cook it, is to mix with the usual rice that I bought just now

the ratio is 1:3, how is 1:3, what's important is 1 for this, 2 for that. so it's one- third.

this ratio is 1, that one is 2, and that it cut the calories as 33%

As for me, I usually divided it by half-half

So that the calories cut will be higher become 50%

So, I buy this, actually the price is quite expensive, it's written here ¥905 for half kilogram

So it's around IDR 120.000 for half kilogram, 1 kg is IDR 24.000

For the sake of healthy, for the sake of lost weight, let's just go with it, I'll buy this one

They even have cake areas

This is pancake section. It's morinaga pancake

So, this is to make the thick Japanese style pancake

I want buy it. However, I am currently on progress to losing weight

Look here, they even have Morinaga that is collaborating with Pikachu

This is so cute

There are also many Sashimi section in here, all are fresh and only can be eaten by today

Also got Tuna here, if it's getting late, It's discounted become 10%, and then increase until 20%

and if it's already super last minute, it will become 50%

These is the Tofus area. I am so happy for being here too

Because, in my opinion, if you want to eat healthy,

low calories food it is very easy, it is well-provided in Japanese Supermarket

These is Tofus area, the usual Tofu are at that section, Here is like instant food

But, Gratin Tofu, and the price is under ¥200

There's even an explanation that the calories is only 168

So, for girls who want to diet and cook

and confuse on how to cook Tofu

It has provided several kinds of Tofu here, this is Grata

and then, Korean Sundubu and many more

and it's very easy, only need to microwave it for around 3 minutes

and then, you can still add cheese on the top of it, the cheese is heated for 10 minutes

It's cheap, easy, near, and why am I still fat?

So, if you shop at Japanese supermarket, you must pay attention to the staffs, that is sticking stickers

Finally, I got the 50% off Salmon

Look, from ¥855 becomes ¥427

Half prices get three

So, one piece is around ¥140.

To get premium salmon, uuuu I am so happy

Next, in Japanese Supermarket, their instant foods is so charming in my opinion, omg

my heart feel happy just by seeing it, one of them is in these section

These is the section of packed instant foods, you can warm it by microwave

However, it does not have the food, so I only need to buy meats or fish and grill it myself

Only add the sauce with this one, and it's fool proof that the foods are definitely delicious

My most favorite one is this

the one that I buy so often is Maisaizu

It has several kinds and what's great is...

Look, this one pack only contains 100 calories and it's very easy, only need to microwave it

The price is very cheap too, only ¥108, so IDR 15.000

The one that I often eat is Butter Chicken because it's so delicious

As usual, you guys might know that in Japanese Supermarket, has so many Bento

Just like the fresh foods, Bento is also on sale if the Supermarket is going to close soon

Unfortunately, today it won't be closing soon, now it still 7-8 pm

Usually Bento is on sale on 10 pm

As you can see, at the front in the corner has a space to sell magazine

As for Japan magazine, usually I buy the magazine not for the magazine, but because the gifts are cute

This one, for example

Look, this one we can get a bag. The price of Japan magazine is ¥7001000

It's around IDR 100.000-150.000. Usually we'll know, what gift inside

It can be cosmetic, bag or pouch

So, If you are in Japanese Supermarket, or 7 Eleven, or convenient store

They sell many magazines, make sure to check it out. The gifts are all adoreable

Look who's here

It's Arashi

omg my Arashi

omg omg omg omg omg

It's Yamada

It's Yamada

I bought lemon just now

We're soulmate

Stella Lee goes fangirling

Yes, Yamada is my favorite idol in Japan

Yamada Ryosuke from Hey! Say! Jump! omg I got teary

Okay guys, today's grocery shopping is done, today we do not shop that much, since I just shop days ago

What I buy are meats, vegetables for tonight and then I also buy rice

and coincidentally Salmon id on sale, so that's for my breakfast tomorrow

And then I also buy this towel kitchen paper because we are running of it

We are going to pay now

What you guys see just now, the payment is now automatic. So you only clicked the payment on the LCD

Then it will have payment options by cash or by card. I always use cash

And now, this is self-service. We need to put the stuffs inside by ourselves

Anyway guys, finally we've finished today's grocery shopping

Thank you so much for watching and following through this video

I hope this video can give all of you a closer look regarding my Japan daily life here

regarding my life of grocery shopping in Supermarket

Hope everyone's happy and I am truly sorry I can't record all of it

Because It was crowded back then, many people too. So I feel uncomfortable to shoot too much

Next time, if you all like these kinds of supermarket shopping

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