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Hello everyone, we meet for a VERY VERY special video

Before that, HAPPY NEW YEAR !!

As you can see, I'm outside, I'm going to explain to you

What will happen on my channel this year and hmmmm.....

I'm sorry that I was very inactive during 2019, it will change this year

I have a lot of new video ideas and today is one of them !!

The train

Thanks a lot

Today I'm going to an unlimited Flammekueche restaurant called "Flam's" at the Saint-Lazare train station in Paris

You can find all the informations in the description

A man looked at me weirdly because I was talking alone to my camera

Thanks for the announce now sncf...

*Talking about the weather*


I'm going to explain a little bit what will happen today and in 2020 hmmmmmm...

First, I will make a lot of "food videos", I will go to restaurants to discover and try new food

Especially unlimited restaurants but also "normal" restaurants

To try new food, I'll present you the restaurant, the menu and try a maximum of food that I can... Eat

I'll try to go more on unlimited restaurants because it's really the kind of restaurant I like a loooot because you can eat a lot, try a lot of different food and taste etc...

I am a BIG eater

When I go to my favorite restaurant which is the "Grill'Inn" in Garges Les Gonesses (that I really recommend)

I eat about 5 or 6 or sometimes 7 plates...

It's not a joke I really eat 5/6/7 plates (it depends on my appetite)

During the week I eat normally but when I go to an unlimited restaurant...

I really eat a lot

I will explain you more in details in another video

Today, I'll really show the restaurant, I'll film myself while eating

and we'll see how much piece of Flammekueche I'll be able to eat

Flam's is a Flammekueche restaurant which have an "unlimited" menu on their menu which cost 16,80€ (around 18/19$)

I've never eaten Flammekueche so I'll try the "traditional" one and then I'll try the other one

In the unlimited menu you have the unlimited Flammekueche + a starter or a dessert

This is what I'll take and I already know which dessert I'll take

And for the other Flammekueche, you'll see ;) Let's go !!

This is the Flam's restaurant which is really next to the train station, let's gooo !!

The entrance is really cute

The smell is fffffou...


It smells really good and it looks really cosy

The smell is reaaaaally good...

This is the menu

When you take the Unlimited formula, you have all the Traditional and Creations Flammekueche (unlimited)

The Traditional ones are like the "basic" ones and the Creations are all the varient you may have, like Pizza !!

You have with that, the choice between a starter OR a dessert

So I'll not take a starter but I'll take a dessert which I already choose before coming, which iiis, the Brownie with Chantilly and vanilla ice cream

For the Flammekueche, I'll start with the Traditonal ones, then another traditional (same ingredients but they add mushrooms and cheese on it)

Then the Elsass Burger, Munsterchef, Flam's es Montagnes, Ay Caramba ! and the Popeye (which will be replaced by the Viking one)

So let's start with the" Traditional" one, the "basic" one because I never tried it so

Will you cut it or roll it ??

"I'll eat it like a pizza"

Okay let's go x)

It's fat

(the way to eat a Flammekueche is different from Pizza, you may roll it or close it, I decided to roll all the Flammekueche I'll eat)

It's really good hein ?? ("hein" is like "right ??" or "what ??" depends on the intonation in French)

My friend: "oh everything fell down"

You may close it or roll it

It's REALLY good

The dough is really thin, it's not like pizza

For the taste it's not very different from pizza

My friend: "I like because it's sour"

It's maybe because of the onions

My friend: "the cream"

There's a debat between which is better between Ketchup or Mayonnaise

Are you the Ketchup Team, Mayonnaise Team or Team "Mixed both together" ??

*talking about the order* I wanted to take the Popeye (pesto Flammekueche) but she wanted to try the salmon one "Viking" so we take the Viking ;)

My friend: "then what is after the Viking ??"

Me "The Munsterchef" she wasn't very happy to try it but... My friend: "Oh you want to try it ??"

Me: I added it on my list too... My friend: "Okay go with the Munsterchef"

Lesson 1: How to convince someone to eat ??

To try !!


Waitress: The Mushrooms one !!

Me: Thank you !! ; Waitress: What is the next order ??

This will be theeee...

Elsass Burger !!

Second Traditional one, ingredients: Paris's mushrooms, emmental (French cheese), smoked pork and onions

It seems really good

Friends: *Talking about exchanging pork with mushrooms between each other*

Omg theeeem.... xD

Yep it's fat...

It's juicy !!

My friend: It's juicy??; Me: Yeah; My friend: It's because of the mushrooms !!

It's so good !!

It's sooo good !!

My friend: It's good !!

Me: So good !!

It looks like a crêpe !! (French pancakes) It's stressing me

Me: Crêpes ?? O.o xD

Me: It's so good !!; My friend: Wow you eat really fast !!

Me: I eat really fast and I don't talk

My friend: We'll eat everything on the men; Me: Yeah !! My friend: It's easy and fast to eat

The other ones didn't want to finish so we ate the left overs with my friend

There are a lot of liquids, I don't know if it's the fat or the water from the mus..; My friend: It's the mushrooms because there are fresh

She's happy to eat

When I eat I'm always smiling

Elsass Burger seems really good !!

What are the ingredients ??

Cheddar (cheese), beef, tomatoes, onions and mustard

I should've ask without the mustard !!

You don't like mustard ??

No, but it's okay

Thank you, the next one is the Viking please

It seems very yummy

My friend: It's juicy

Oh yes look at this !!

It's fat


It's good but too much mustard

I don't feel it

Ah really ??

When you don't like something, it's when you may feel it the most

You don't like mustard too ??

Yep you may feel it a lot, I don't like mustard so I feel it a lot (I say I don't like but it's not "don't like", it's just that it's not really my thing..

Yeah and when you don't like something, you feel it directly

Viking: Smoked salmon, aneth, tomatoes and lemon on the side

I really like when the dough is not cooked a lot

It was what we talked about earlier when I told you about the dough !!

It's alright

I'm not really fan, I don't like salmon, especially smoked salmon

I took the piece which doesn't have a lot of salmon on it

But it's not my favorite, I think it will be the one I like least

The smell is strong !!

MunsterChef: munster (French cheese), smoked pork and onions

My friend: I'll not eat it (We shared it with my other friend so I took the half of it)

Are you sure you guys don't want to try it ??

Yep !!

I admit that the smell is strong

It's greasy !!

Yeah it's really fat !!!

The smell is strong but not the taste !!

Yep the smell is strong but the taste isn't strong at all

It's soft as a lamb

Yeah I admit the smell is really strong xD

What did you order next ??

Flam's des Montagnes

Wow it's so good !! It's so good and it's not strong !!

The smell is strong but the taste is really soft

As all the orange cheese "fromage à pâtes lavées", the translation would be "washed dough" x)

The "washed dough cheese" are cheese with a strong smell but with a soft taste

Except thepoisses" (French cheese)


This cheese is like socks xD

Oh yes... xD

It's good hein ??

This one seems way more fat

Ingredients: potatoes, raclette cheese (French cheese), smoked pork and onions

But I like it because there are potatoes

Let's try the potatoe alone

Yeah it's a potetoe

It's good

It's seems like it's fried


Now let's try the monster

Omg it's incredibly (xD) good

Ay Caramba!!: Cheddar cheese, beef, red/yellow and green peppers, onions and spice

The spice is just the little powder

Look at her face

It's good hein ??

It's not the best one but it's really good

The peppers add a fresh taste to the Flammekueche

It's a little less....

Yeah it was good

My friend: Already finished ?? My other friend: Wait... You already finished

I'm a vacuum...

I can see that... xD

Where does it go ??


It was good... But I have the feeling that it's always the same things because the there are always the basic "traditional" ingredients

Just all the time, 2 or 3 ingredients which change for example one with peppers, another one with

But it was good right ???

Yeah it was a good idea !!

When you eat too much and you have to unbutton your jeans

She unbuttoned

Brownie with chantilly and vanilla ice cream

It's not really well presented

Let's try the vanilla ice cream !! (very important for me xD)

The ice cream...

Do you want to try the vanilla ??

I already have some in mine

What ?? x)

You are a stomach

I eat a lot hein...

I told you that, you told me "no" but huh...

I'm so full

As I told you, the next video will be an "informations" video

So I'm going to explain to you what will I do this year and

A lot of things will change

I will focus more on...

food videos

It's what I like the most and reactions videos because I like to discover new songs a lot

I will explain that in another video so don't hesitate to ask me questions in the comments down bellow and I'll make a sort of "ask video"

So don't hesitate and I'll make this video, if you have questions about my channel, about the future video, my trip in korea

I told you I'll make a video about my trip

I didn't forget !!! It's been a year but I didn't forget, it will happen !!

So if you have also questions about Korea or about videos or even about me, don't hesitate to ask me in the comments because the next video will be an ask "FAQ" video

So you may know my channel and me better and if you want to travel in Korea in the future !!!

Sooo don't hesitate to ask me and I'll respond in the next video !!

We meet again...

For a little day recap video

In total we tried 7 different Flammekueche

From the 7 I wanted to try, just one changed from the Popeye one to the Viking one

I will make a little ranking for the 7 flammekueche

From the "less good" to the best one, to the one I recommend the most

Honestly, there are a lot that I really recommend

The one that I like the least... It still ate all, I finished everything but

The one I like the least is the the Viking one because of the salmon

Wee took the Traditional Flammekueche, the Fresh Mushrooms Gratinated, the Elsass Burger, The Viking, the MunsterChef, the Flam's des Montagnes and the Ay Caramba !! And the Popeye !!

Oh no right we didn't take the Popeye finally

So the one that I like the least is the the Viking, salmon, tomatoes, aneth and lemon

It's just not my type


The Flammenkueche isn't a pizza but honestly, it taste almost the same as a pizza with cream on the base

It's the one that I liked the least because, in general, I always eat pizza with ham or meat such as beef or pork

I'm not really of salmon fan, I don't like it, especially the smoked one, I can only eat it on hmmmm...

On sushi, maki and on "pavé"

The smoked one nope, on Christmas I never eat smocked salmon

So yeah it wasn't my thing

Then... Honestly....

Every others Falmmekueche, I liked it on the same level..

There aren't one I liked better or least

Every different flammekueche had and add this little thing

I have the feeling that there are almost all the same because there are always the basic Traditional ingredients

The Elsass Burger and Ay Caramba!! are almost the same

The Elsass Burger have: Cheddar. cheese, beef, onions, tomatoes and mustard; the Ay Caramba!! have: cheddar cheese, beef, onions, 3 peppers and spice

So the only thing that changes is that, on one you have tomatoes and mustard and on the other one you have peppers and spice

Otherwise, they both have the same base with is: Cheddar cheese, beef and onions but it's just that there are 2 or 3 ingredients that changes

The Fresh Mushrooms Gratinated is really good but it's the same thing than the Traditional one (smoked pork and onions) but they add emmental (French cheese) and mushrooms on it

The MunsterChef and the Flam's des Montagnes are the same thing again

Except that, one have raclette cheese (French cheese) and potatoes, and the other one you have Munster cheese (French cheese)

They say "Munster that smells good" but I think it's a funny word play jokes because

"washed dough cheese" are orange cheese, I think I said it earlier in the video but,

but, "washed dough cheese" are cheese that are really


They have a really strong smell but in the mouth, except the Époisse cheese (French cheese)....

It's a cheese that is really...

There are cheese which really have a strong smell but have a soft taste

Whereas, other cheese like Camembert or Brie (other French cheese), don't have a strong smell but have a strong taste

But of course, if you melt Camembert (French cheese) on the microwave it will smell badd too... xD

So anyway, it's almost always the same thing, same base, pork, onions

It's really good, I like it a lot, my favorite pizza are the one with onions, pork and cream, like Flammenkueche

I think they're called "Fermière" and "Campagnarde", I'm not sure but , one have potatoes and ham and there other have onions and an egg.... Something like that.... xD

But these are the one I like so I think that's why I liked Flammekueche a lot, it's similar

It's a restaurant that I really recommend

So I can't rank them, the Ay Caramba wasn't really spicy

Actually, almost not spicy at all, there wasn't spice a lot

So I don't know for the first one but the one that... Not that I recommend the least but

The one I I liked the least was the Viking one because of the smoked salmon

I didn't add the lemon on my piece of Flammekueche becauuuuuuse

I'm not a fan of sour food

It's not that it taste bad but I'm not a fan of it

It was good but...Well it was just eatable... xD But I din't like a loot

So that's it for that restaurant that I really recommend

I liked to make that video a lot

So yeah I'll make a lot of food videos like this, when I'll go to Paris etc...

There was a little bit of "a lot" of people xDD We were 4 but for the next times, I'll be alone or we'll be 2

Don't hesitate to give me some restaurant ideas and food I can try in the comments down bellow

And I'll probably go there to try it and make a video ;)

I'll film the restaurant, I'll show you the menu and I'll film myself while eating and comment the food, like today

I didn't talk a lot while eating today but next time I will

I hope that you liked the video, don't hesitate to give a Thumbs Up, follow me, add me on instagram and share the video

See you next time in another video, BYE !!! :D