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(All shouting, laughing)

Get them!

Shh! Wait!

He's getting us!

You and me, fighting 'til the end.

If we get separated, one of us gets taken prisoner,

we'll come for each other, no matter what.

Got it?





I'm exhausted!

Yeah, well, that's what happens

when you and Shakey conquer the world.


MAN: Hey, guys?

Listen up.

I just want you guys to know that we love ya.

We wouldn't have made this lousy banner

back here for ya if we didn't.

When you go to Chicago,

we don't want you to forget about all of us here.

Cause we're not going to forget about you guys, are we?

ALL: No, no!


ALL: Cheers!

Thank you guys for coming.

Go Mud Hens!

Go Mud Hens!


Oh my God, alright.

Everybody eat up. Have some burgers, hot dogs. Eat up!

(All chatting)




You know we don't have to do this, right?

We don't have to go.

Yes, we do.

Are you sure?

Because we've got everything we need

right here in Toledo.

Of course I am.

This is your dream, Daddy.

You, me and Shakey are a team.

Let's do this!

Let's do it.

(Both whooshing, imitating explosion)

Come here.

I love you, Daddy.

I love you too, sweetie.

We are going to rule Chicago!

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah!

Queen Chandler.

That sounds nice.

That sounds pretty good. And who's the king?



You can be my jester.


Make me laugh.

(In high-pitched voice): Hello, I'm the jester!


I'm the jester!

Oh, she grows angry, she grows weary!

You're fired!


What am I going to do now?

Sleep in the dungeon.

Oh, alright. I'll go to sleep in the dungeon.



Shakey to the rescue!


Jester down, people! Jester down!

Jester 911, please!


Jester's got a headache!


Okay, team, stay frosty.

If we are where I think we are,

then the Independence Plaza

should be right here someplace.


Dad, I think it's sort of hard to miss.

Well, I can't see anything

with this humungous building in the way.

That's the Independence Plaza.

No way! This cannot be it!

It says 2139.

Wow. Wow. Shakey, wow.

Stop saying "Wow", Dad!



Dad, I think Shakey's gotta go.




Alright. Well, uh, how about, uh,

right over there?



If we go there,

we'll get kicked out and won't be able to live here.

We have to get out of sight.

When did you become such a little rule follower?

New place, new attitude.

Watch out, Miss Thing!


Stop! You're so annoying!

Wow, wow.

Oh, come on! Huh?

Hey, how you doing?


Need, uh, some help with anything?

Come on, buddy! Come on!

I'm with my daughter--


Is that your vehicle?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah, you can't keep it there. It's a loading zone only.

Get it moving!

Okay, okay, I'm sorry.

Is this the Independence Plaza?

Yeah, you got it-- that one's a freebie.

Next question's going to cost ya.

I'm J.T. O'Neil. I just drove here from Ohio with my daughter.

Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. O'Neil.

(Sarcastically): We've been expecting you.

We got some champagne on ice for you inside.


Yeah, a nice new shirt to get rid of

that sweaty armpit thing you got going on there.

Now, beat it! Get out of here, come on!

(Snapping) Come on!

Back to work!



Excuse me? Hey, hey!

Excuse me?

Sir, I sent in my lease and deposit two weeks ago

and this is the move-in date that, uh,

Miss Willinger and I agreed on.

You've spoken with Willinger?

Okay. Okay, okay.

Maybe you are who you say you are,

and maybe you are not.

Wait right here.

Flavio? Could you get Her Highness on the horn for a sec?

Why don't we just give the guy a break?

Flavio! Get Her Highness on the horn for a sec?

Alright, alright!


Miss Willinger? Hi, I got a guy here

says he spoke to you about moving in today.

Well, no ma'am, it's just that Mr. Jerski here--


Yes, ma'am.

She wants to talk to you.

MR. JERSKI: Thanks, now beat it!

Miss Willinger! Hello there!

Hey, uh, while you're waiting on the super-indecent--

Sorry, the superintendant,

how'd you like to borrow the master?

Uh-huh. Yeah, he's about, uh, 5'7".

That's being generous.

Looks like he weighs about a buck-o-five.

Jeez, the guy is all skin and bones.

Gotta be honest with you.

(Chuckling) Thanks, man.

Hey, sweetie.


Wanna go up? We got the key!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Okay. I will do that. Okay.

Alright. Thank you, bye-bye!

Okay. (Clearing throat)


Why don't you go on up, alright?

I'm going to stay and talk to this weirdo.

(Muttering) Where...

Oh! Oh, jeez!

Mr. O'Neil!

Everything all set?

Yes. Yes, Mr. O'Neil.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the mix-up.

You've got nothing to worry about, alright?

Flavio here is going to help you move your stuff in.

Ain't ya, Flavio?


Don't worry about tipping him, either.

Alright, let's get the lead out fellow, let's go!

Let's go!

Move it, Flavio! Back talking me, huh?


See the hammer? Fear the man.

My head is stuck in the clouds

She begs me to come down, says, ♪

♪ "Boy quit foolin' around" ♪

I told her I love the view from up here

Warm sun and wind in my ear

We'll watch the world from above

As it turns to the rhythm of love

We may only have tonight

But 'til the morning sun you're mine all mine

(Both screaming, laughing)


Play the music low

And sway to the rhythm of love


When the moon is low

We can dance in slow motion

And all your tears

Will subside

All your tears

Will dry

Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba

Ba-ba, ba-ba, ba-ba

Right here?

Uh, no, over there.


No, actually back here is good.


No, I think over there is good.

(Groaning) Okay, it's going right here.

(Chuckling) Yeah, okay.






(Bell dinging)


Oh, Miss Willinger!

Good afternoon, ma'am.

I-- I...

I'm going to just...


There's no reason I can't do this later.

(Glass rattling)

(Buzzing musically)


Ugh, gross!


BOTH: Oh...


To Independence Plaza!

J.T.: Hi, there. You must be Miss Willinger.

I am J.T. O'Neil.


And this is my daughter, Chandler.

How do you do?


So nice to welcome my new tenants personally.

One of my more pleasurable duties as manager.

Have you had a chance to flip through our book

of policies and regulations yet?

I trust that you--

I'm sorry, you were saying?

A dog.

His name is Shakey.

A dog?

In the I.P.?

Is there a problem?

A filthy,

stinking mutt

in my building?

Well, we could probably all use a bath.

It was a pretty long drive.

I know this one stinks.


There never has been, nor will there ever be,

any animals allowed

in my building.

Not while I continue to live and breathe.

Well, Mr. Ober never said anything--


A blind man with a seeing-eye dog

asked to come in and use our phone.

He was refused.

We've had Shakey since I was--


A tenant attached a birdfeeder

to the balcony railing.

He was...


Okay, well, I can appreciate that there are rules--

Once a wandering squirrel

came into the kitchen.

Okay, okay, I get it.

Tell you what.

How about you just give us our money back

and we'll be on our way.

Mr. O'Neil!

Your deposit is just that.

It's meant to help us all avoid

this type of predicament.

Your oversight

cost us renting to a more responsible tenant.

Miss Willinger,

I simply cannot afford to lose that money.


At this point, I haven't even started my new job,

and it's all I've got.


Well then,

sounds like you're staying.


And remove that.

Guh! Yah!



What are you still hanging around for?


Where's the dollar?


You said you would give us a dollar

if we got you a pack of gum.

And you told us to be quick about it.

No, you gotta listen!

I said I'd give you a dollar if you were quick.

You gotta listen.


Okay, alright. Alright!

Alright! If your brother's going to be a baby about it,


50 cents.


You take that 50 cents and get yourself some Q-Tips!

Get in there nice and deep!

Kids, I tell you what. Can't live with 'em,

can't have 'em!


Good evening, Miss Willinger.

Mr. Jerski,

did you permit a canine to enter my building?

What? No! No, of course not. That's impossible!

A canine's a dog, right?

There is a mongrel in 4001D.

On my floor!

See to its immediate removal.


I'll be back tomorrow.

If the dog is still here...

you'd better not be.

Okay, don't worry about it.

Don't worry, Miss Willinger.

Don't worry, I'll take care of it!

It'll be taken care of.

Mr. Jerski, less talk, more action.

Yes, okay! It's taken care of.

You look beautiful!

You look like a... rose.

Okay, bye-bye.

You look like a rose!

Get the dog out of here.





You look like a tomato

with liquorice legs.

Mr. Jerski!


Look, I know it has something to do with your kid, right?

You know, I had a pet once. A goldfish.

My old man flushed it down the john

because I wet my--


because I didn't clean its bowl.

Right, but rules is rules.

Made me a man.

Alright. Look, man,

she's only nine years old

and she's already been through some pretty rough times.

I can't send away her only friend out here.

I wouldn't push so hard if it wasn't such a big deal.

Come on, it would mean the world to us.

Look, I understand, okay?

That don't mean I can do anything about it.

Okay, come on.

I start my new job tomorrow.

Just let the dog stay one more night.

Please? Just one night?

Hey, look-- look!


Miss Willinger ain't the type who'll wanna make an exception.

I mean, she lives right down the hall.

I got it.

Ten, twenty?

You've seen her? You've seen Miss Willinger?

That woman died already.

And the devil sent her back.

Thirty, forty.

The devil still has nightmares.

Okay, fifty-eight bucks.

And that's all the cash I've got,

and we still have to eat until my first paycheque.


Okay, I'll take your money.

But only because you forced me to.


Have him out by 10:00 a.m.,

no later!

Alright, thank you.



What are we going to do about Shakey?

You know we're a family.

We make decisions together.

So what can we do?

Well, we could go back to Toledo.

But then you'd miss out on your big break.

The whole reason we came was so you could be a big-time chef.

Yeah, but there are other jobs out there, Porcupine.

Not like this one!

That's what Mom always wanted for you.


You know, you remind me more and more of her every day?

You know that?

You're so smart, and funny,

and kind to everybody.

And beautiful, too,

but don't let that go to your head, Hollywood.

We'll figure something out. I promise. Okay?


Come here.


I love you, sweetie.

I love you too, Daddy.


Alright, come on, everybody. Cheer up!

This is not the end of the world, it's all good.

Want to pump up this party?

Want to pump it up?

How about a little laser light show?


Oh, Shakey, get ready to bring the thunder, buddy!




There it is! There it is!

Alright, Porcupine,

I'm going to run inside and get you registered.


Hang tight.

Hi, there.


I'm looking for the school counsellor?

That's me. I'm Miss Frankenfurter.

Hi, nice to meet you. I'm J.T. O'Neil.

Nice to meet you. How can I help you?

My daughter is new here today.

Oh, well welcome!

(Bell ringing)


Whoa, there! Hi there, sweetie.

Can't you just drop me off at the library every day

and I can teach myself stuff?

Home school?

Come on, Porcupine,

don't you want to make new friends?

Now let me have him.

Tell him he doesn't like small cages.

I will.

He doesn't like anything flavoured with blueberry.

I'll tell them.

And he doesn't like anything--

Okay, sweetie, sweetie.

The kennel is just temporary, okay?

At least until we just figure things out.

And we're going to visit Shakey every day.

Want to trade places?

Alright, you'd better get in there.

Big family hug!

Come on, for your dad!

There we go. Come on in here.

Come on in here. I love you both so much!

Bye, Dad.

(Bell ringing)

Dad, I have to go to school!

Oh, you have to go to school?

I do!

Okay, alright.

I'm not stopping you.

Bye, Shakey. I love you.

See you later, nerd!

You're the nerd.

No, you're the nerd!

Bye, nerd!

You're the biggest nerd I've ever met!

Nerd goes to school! Story at 11:00!

I'm a nerd.

I am a nerd. Let's go!

Come on, Shakey.



Mrs. Clark, we're keeping the deposit

because your dog is a mouth-breather.

Well, it kept the Papillon up all night.

Very well. We'll see you next time.


Come on! Come on, Shakey.

Yeah, come on.

Hi there.

Hello, welcome to Chateau Bow Wow.

First time guest?

Uh no, you know, I think I stayed here once before

and I recall complaining about the fleas.




I'm J.T. O'Neil.

The dog.


Obviously. Stupid.

Uh, this is Shakey.

Shakey, come say hi. Oh yeah, hi!

Say hi to the nice lady!

Say hi to the nice lady!

Come say hi!


Oh no, no, no.

He'll just jump up and down on your leg a few times.

Yip yip!


You know, I actually don't even know.

I rescued him from a shelter, so...


I'm going to need a 200 dollar deposit.


Oh, wow.

Uh, do you-- do you accept credit cards?

Of course.



Do you have another card? Because this one's--

Yeah, I know, I know. The strip is worn out

cause I use it a lot.

And pay it off, too.

There you go. Try that.


No, no, no! Shakey, Shakey!


(J.T. chuckling nervously)

I can fix this.

You're welcome to.

I'll just add the damages to your deposit.


Thank you. Thanks a lot.

And sign the receipt, please.


I'll take the... beast.

It appears we have a--

(Clearing throat)

budget guest staying with us.


Mutt incoming!

(Dogs barking in background)

What's the matter? Not a crate kind of dog?




Thank you.

I'm Raoul.


Since this is your first day here,

this is important for you to know.

You see this spice?


It's supposed to go in absolutely everything.


Got it. It goes in everything.

No, that's not what I said.

It is supposed to go in everything,

but I put it in absolutely nothing.


Don't you worry, J.T.

Raoul is keeping his eyes on you.

You'll do fine.


You're a nice guy, Raoul.

I am. Now work!

Oh, yes, sir.


(Crowd gasping)





You look beautiful.


(All gasping)

He's in the house, it's your lucky day!


Eenie, miney, mo...



May I?


Ah. (Slurping)





Round, but...

mm-- edgy.

This sauce-- ha!

Is perfezione!


Ha ha!


ALL CHANTING: Ober! Ober! Ober! Ober!

Ober! Ober! Ober!



A little gift.

Thank you!

MAN: Moving out to table 12!

MAN 2: Ober's here!

Who prepared the sauce for table 4?

I did, Boss.

I'm sorry.

No, no, no. He's just covering for me.

I'm doing the sauces.

You, sir...

are very good!

I don't know you.

Why are you here?

Oh, I'm J.T. It's my first day.

You guys brought me here from Toledo?


I tried your Creole aundouille cream sauce

in a small town in Ohio!


That is why you are here!

I'm expecting wonderful things from you.

Mr. Ober, could I speak with you for a second?

Oh, oh, oh.

I just wanted to thank you for moving us here to Chicago

and getting us into the Independence Plaza.

The opportunity means a lot for me and my daughter.


Make no mention of it!

But remember,

Mattias Ober has an exclusive catering agreement

with the Independence Plaza, ja?

You behave under that roof, yes?



Okay. Yeah.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.


Thank you.

But what I really wanted to ask you--


I know I haven't been here long at all,

but I was wondering if it would be possible

for me to have an advance on my paycheque.

Because there was an in--



We are artists.

We create...

We never speak about money.

You and I.


Especially in the kitchen!


(Clearing throat)

(Whispering): You see these vampires behind me?


We let them take care of those mundane trivialities.

(Laughing) Shh!



Move, Raoul!

Let me get this straight.

You've been here, what? Four hours!

And you're already asking about money.

Does he have that straight, O'Neil?

Okay, tell you what. We'll give you three days advance, but

you're going to have to work extra shifts next week!


Does that--





Yeah, it resonates.

OBER: Let's go, boys!

Why did you do that?!

Are you out of your mind?!

Are you crazy?

I need the mon--

They're lunatics!

I can tell!

(Door opening)

Five minutes for kibble.

Come on! Wha--

Listen here, dog

I don't like the way you're living

Sniffing around

Doin' the no good things you do

There was this beautiful little puppy.

You're taking more than you're giving

I don't know

Cause there's a dog inside me, too

Well, listen here, dog

I don't like the way you're looking



I don't mind you didn't even come home for dinner

Take it from me


(All screaming, groaning)

I know where you're going

I've been those places, too

Whose dog is that?


(Whistle blowing)

BOY: I'm out! No, no!


Hey, Sanjay. What are you doing?



why don't you give your eyes a rest

and go over there and talk to the new girl?


My name is Sanjay.

Hi, Sanjay. I'm Chandler.


SANJAY: That's Sergei Demonico.

But we call him Sergei Demonic.


You're new, huh?

Yeah. I moved here from Toledo.

Do you miss your home?

Kind of.

Mostly I just miss my dog, Shakey.

He's stuck at the kennel

because our apartment doesn't allow dogs.

I'm sorry they won't let you keep him.

In my religion, we believe that

if two souls are destined to be together

then nothing can keep them apart.

He must be miserable in that kennel.

I'm a soul traveller

You know I'm gonna push on through


I run this whole round, and I can't slow down

♪ 'Til I find my way home to you

The road is long

The valley's wide

(Foghorn blowing)


But I know you're waiting on the other side

Rivers rise, mountains fall

That don't worry me at all

I'm a soul traveller

You know I'm gonna push on through

I run this whole round, and I can't slow down

♪ 'Til I find my way home to you

I had to leave you alone


I'll hold you in my arms again

I swear



Never ever doubt I can

Keep believing in your man

I'm a soul traveller

You know I'm gonna push on through

I run this whole round, and I can't slow down

(Mocking): I'm Oskar Jerski.


Ah, evening, folks.

Welcome back. Have a nice night, did we?

That's good. Alright, well,

see ya tomorrow, then!

(Shakey whimpering)

You're that O'Neil dog, aren't ya?

I can't do anything for ya, I--


Ah, who am I kidding?

Alright, come on.

Don't let Jerski see you, alright?

He'll kill us both!

(Whimpering softly)

Nice work, Jerski!

Those will keep them better than

the plastic ones you were trimming last week!

Jerk. Jerk!

(Elevator dinging)

Okay. Yeah, there you go. Right there, right there!

Daddy's here. Daddy's here!




Jers-- aah!

Miss Willinger!




It is a dog! Canine's a dog!

In my building!

Yes, uh, I will take care of it.

I'll take care of it.

You are incapable

of taking care of anything!

I will do it!

Go, Jerski!



(Elevator dinging)


I got an idea.

Why don't we get Shakey from the kennel tomorrow

and you can take him to your friend Sanjay's house

for your sleepover?

We can't.

Sanjay's dad is allergic to dogs.


Yeah, I already asked.


Alright. We're still going to go visit him, right?



(Repeated knocking at door)

Be back.


(Knocking frantically)

Mr. O'Neil! I thought I made myself perfectly clear

when I said you must get rid of this dog!

Shakey, hi!

No exceptions! Guh...

I have no idea how this happened.

Chandler, did you go down there and--

MISS WILLINGER: Remove the dog at once, Mr. O'Neil.

Or you will be sleeping in the street tonight!

Okay, okay. Calm down.

Chandler, bring Shakey.


Now, Chandler!

Let's go, boy.

I didn't do anything!

I was in school all day.

I promise.

Ask Miss Frankenfurter.

(Whispering): Then how did he get back here?

He must have escaped.

He loves us so much and he wants to be here with us.

(Elevator dinging)

Get in.

Sorry about that, Miss Willinger.

I swear it won't happen again.

I'm going to take Shakey back to the kennel right now

and then Chandler and I are going to have a very long talk.

I should certainly hope so, Mr. O'Neil.

(Whispering): Don't move a muscle.


Shh! Don't press any buttons. Listen!


BOTH: Oh, yeah!

(Elevator bell dinging)


Okay, team. I'm low on ideas,

and even lower on cash.

So, here's plan B.


you're going to hide here

while we're gone tomorrow, okay?

So that means no howls, growls, woofs or whimpers

out of you, buddy, or it's big trouble for all of us.


if anybody asks,

any strange smells coming from the apartment

are caused by your dad's stinky feet.

Got it, Chief.

(Chuckling) Okay.

So, any questions?

Yes, the lovely girl in the pigtails?

Well, why wasn't this plan A?



Go easy on me, kiddo.

I've never had a fugitive on my hands before.

That means you!


I love you. Love you.

Love you too, Dad.

There we go. Okay, there, stop.

Steady. Steady wins the race, Oskar.

Steady wins the race.

Lefty loosey, righty tighty--

How long does it take Mr. Jerski

to screw in a light bulb?

Well, I just started--



Be careful, Dad.

That's coming out of your salary.

Yes, Miss Willinger, take it right out there.

Hi, there.

Good morning.

I trust the situation from last night

has been taken care of.

Oh, absolutely. Just mailing the last of Shakey's things

to the kennel right now.





Keep your eyes on those two, hm?

Okay. (Clearing throat)

And when you finish the monumental task

of replacing that bulb,

you're excused for the morning.

Yes, Miss Willinger. Thank you, Miss Willinger.

Less talk, more action.

Okay, less talk, more action.


Oh, thank you, Porcupine.

Darn! Missed the mail truck by two seconds!

Oh, well! Dad, we'd better hurry up.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

Did I see that package walking around out there?

Oh no, no, no, no, no.

I think your eyes are playing tricks on you, Jerski.

Must be all the dim bulbs in the place.

Okay. That's why I'm changing the bulbs!

J.T.: Okay, well, keep going.

Okay, I'll keep going! Okay.

CHANDLER: Are you working hard or hardly working?

Loose lips sink ships!

J.T.: Oh, you got burned, Jerski.

Got burned! I'll burn you, that's what I'll do.

How would you like that? Ha!

Okay, lefty loose-- What is it?

(Bell ringing)


Ooh! Oh!


Who do you think you are?

Do you know who I am?

Yeah, I do!

BOY: Give her a black eye!

You think you're so tough, but you're not.

Ah, you're tough, eh?

Yeah, I am.


Hey! That's it, you two. Split it up.

She stepped on my toe!

No excuses. Both of you to my office. Let's go.

You, too.

What do you think about this, Shakey?

There, there!


(Dial tone humming)

(Phone number dialling)


Ugh! Yeah? What?



O'Neil! This thing's got caller ID you--

(Hanging up)

Hello? Hello?

Alright. Alright, smart guy.

Make Jerski come up!

Pay a visit, take a look around,

come up with a nice juicy fine or two?

Shouldn't be too hard.

If that's what you want.

(Doorknob jiggling)



Mr. O'Neil!

Mr. O'Neil's kid!

Hello? Hello?

Okay, alright.


Oh, hello there!

Hello there!

There we go, Oskar. There we go.

Puff that out a little bit.

Get those going. There they are, everybody sees it.

Jerski! Oskar Jerski.


(Singing James Bond theme)

You look good, kid.

You look good.

(Singing James Bond theme softly)

Oh boy, O'Neil.

Only got one fire extinguisher?

Alright. You're supposed to have at least two.

What happens if that fire extinguisher catches on fire?

Yeah, that'll cost ya.

That'll cost ya.



Hello? Hello-- Oh, looky here!

We got some candles! That's a fire hazard!

That's what that is. That's a fire hazard!

No doubt about it.

Not gonna fool this one on Jerski.

This is-- Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

Boxes shouldn't be there. That's also a fire hazard.

Jeez! What is going on?

Oh, my gosh.

Hey, look! Peanuts in a dish!

He finally does something right!

Good work.



Oh, aah! Come here, you!

You! You!


(All chatting, incoherent)



My dad told me he went to the first kennel last night,

after I went to bed, to see how Shakey got out.

What happened?

He doesn't know,

but he said there was police tape everywhere

and the place was a wreck.

Wow! That must be some dog.

Yeah. You have no idea.


I'm sorry. My fingers must have slipped.


Hey! Your girlfriend stepped on my toe this morning!

On purpose!

No, I didn't.

There was a bug on your foot and I was killing it.

Yeah? What kind of bug?

The stupid kind that always has food on its face.

What? I don't get it...

(All gasping, laughing)

Food fight!

Eat this!


I'm sorry about that.

Probably shouldn't be standing

in the middle of the hall, sir.

You're going down, doggy!

I see you, I see you!

I'm coming to get you, dog! You're going down!



(Chuckling) Hey, hey!


Hey, hey!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!


(Phone ringing)



Oh, just a minute, please.

(Dishes clanging)

Oh, it feels good to be the king.

You are not the king yet.

Beat the eggs.

This is Mattia'' place, remember?

Oh, yeah, I was just kidding, Raoul.


You have a phone call.


This is J.T.

When you getting rid of your dog, O'Neil?


Yeah! When you getting rid of your dog, O'Neil?

I told you and your queen

that I took him away last night.

Yeah, except I'm looking at him right now!

Are you in my apartment?

Oh, it's not going to be

your apartment for much longer!

Alright? I've been chasing that mutt all over the place!

He's running wild!

And he covered my leg in dog whiz!

Okay, you know what?

I wouldn't stay with you snobs one more night if I had to!

Just leave the dog in the apartment

and I'll get him after work, you idiot!

Oh, I'm not an idiot. You're an idiot!

You're a moron!

Oh, I'm a moron? No, you're a moron!

Jerski, you can't just repeat everything I say, imbecile!

Oh, I'm an imbecile? You're an imbecile!

Look, let me tell you something, alright?

I will not stand for this!

(Dial tone humming)

I have never-- hello? Hello!

OPERATOR: If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again.

This is all your fault!


The big dog's here! The big dog's here!

Only room for one!

Ugh! Just as I dreaded!

These taste like multitasking!

Throw them out! Start over!

And the next time you make a phone call on my time,

it better be about egg whites.

Yes, sir. I understand.

OBER: You are lucky!

Mrs. Circleford on table 4 loves your cooking.

She told me.

Mrs. Angus on table 10 told me, too.

I see...

Mattias' taste has proven once again impeccable!


Listen close!

Come to the city for your dreams, no?

You lose focus!

And you forget about them for one second

and they disintegrate!



Keep your eye on the balls!


Worked for Mattias Ober.

Nothing can stop you from your dreams,


Not this time.



One more thing.

I, uh,

I need your help for one night.

I need your talent to impress my stockholders

on the board of the Independence Plaza.



Show us what you've got, boy!


(Imitating engine revving)




That's enough. Enjoy.


Well, I'm not exactly sure what you did to get his...

attention and respect, but for some reason,

he... (Grumbling)

likes you, O'Neil! In the meantime,

I need you to... relax.

He's letting you borrow the Lamborghini, Mr. O'Neil.

Not have it. He wants you to taste success.

(Chuckling) Oh, yes.

And if you were ever to achieve--


success, you would owe Mattias Ober

big time.

And nod your head like a good boy and say thank you.

Thank you.

BOTH: Whoa!

A Lamborghini! Let's go for a joyride!

Oh, I can't, I can't!

Let's pick up some ladies!

Oh, I gotta pick up my daughter.

Oh, well, I come with you.

No, it only seats two.

We put her on the roof!


No, Raoul. Joyride tomorrow.


(Music blaring)

(Horns honking)

J.T. O'Neil!

Rock star!


(Music blaring)

(Mockingly): Hello, Chicago!

I'm Mattias Ober!

Super chef! Ja, hello, everybody!


(Tires squealing)

(Music blaring)


(Music stopping)

Hello, ladies! How we doing today?

Where did you get that?

My boss lent it to me.

It has been a crazy day.

It's been a crazy day here, too.

Chandler started a food fight.

Oh! Sweet!

No. Not sweet.


Right. Alright, get in the car, Porcupine.

Okay, Dad.

Do you have any idea why she's acting out like this?

Yeah. It's our dog.


J.T.: Yeah, he's wreaking havoc

at the apartment we just moved into.

In fact, they're probably trying to evict us right now

and I kind of have to get back there.

Okay, well...

Talk to her.

I will. I'm sorry about this.

Bye, Chandler.

Bye, Miss Frankenfurter.

J.T.: Chandler...

I really don't know what else to do.

He can't stay here with us.

I think we have to find him another place to live.


What happened to us sticking together no matter what?

How can you be ready to give Shakey up

to a bunch of strangers?

Come on up here.

Come here, come up here.

Hey, come on.


I'm not ready to give Shakey up.

We just have to.

(Shakey whimpering)

And they won't be strangers.

I'll meet everybody and make sure we find somebody

who really loves him just as much as we do.

I want us to be together.

To be a family.

Oh come on, Chandler, we are a family.

Not anymore!

Yes, yes we are. Come on.

Chandler, I love you.

I'll figure something out, Shakey.

I haven't given up on you yet.

Don't forget that, okay?

I love you.





How you doing? You good?

Uh, yeah. Very good, thank you.

Good, good, good.

Has your dog ever driven a vehicle?


Uh, it's a dog.

Ah, we can work on that.

Uh, is your dog good at digging?

He digs up bones and things like that.

At least, like, three feet?



We should probably go.


Let's go, let's go.

I like your dog.

What's it taste like?

(Laughing) I'm kidding!

But what's it weigh?

Uh, like 40 pounds?

Your dog looks fatty.

Yeah, it is mostly fat.

Your dog's not right

for what I'm looking to make.


I meant a family!

Take care.

Can I pet your kitty?

It's a dog.

Nice kitty!

It's a dog.

(Horn honking)



Can your dog shuck corn?

That's a weird question.

(Cow mooing)

Well, you know, I could, uh,

chase squirrels around. I love the park.

I sleep there sometimes, uh...

we can go to the bathroom together outside.


this was a bad idea.


I think we're going to go.

- You and Sharpie?

- It's Shakey.

Oh, stay! I'm making food!

We're good.

Squirrel cacciatore!

No, we're good. We'll--

Thank you.

This place is pretty nice, Shakey.

Oh, hey!

Hi, there.

How are ya?

Sergeant Curtis Stubbs. Marines. Retired.

I'm J.T. O'Neil.

Pleasure, J.T.

And who is this? Shakey?

That's Shakey.

That's who I thought it was!

How you doing, boy? Hey, Shakey!

What a good looking dog!

Yeah, he really likes you.

Does he really?

Oh, yeah.

Aw, that's a cutie pie.

Doesn't urinate on the rug, does he?

Oh, no, no. He's house trained.

Oh, good, good.

Forgive me, my manners. Come on in! Both of ya!

I got some milk and cookies, I got some biscuits,

gluten-free, I hope you don't mind I took the liberty.

J.T.: Shakey loves homemade biscuits.

STUBBS: Oh, that's good to know.

Come on in! Mi casa, su casa!

J.T.: Well, muchos gracias.


STUBBS: My pleasure.

So, hopefully once we make enough money

we can find a new place to live but--

Thank you.

Right now, my daughter and I are in a real bind.

And it's been hard.

Sure, I understand.

A dog...

it's like a part of the family, huh?


I sure would like to have Shakey here.

He looks like a good boy.

It's been quite quiet around here, uh,

I've been on my own for a while.

I lost my dear Delilah a few years ago.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

Thank you.

Yeah, I lost my wife.

Did you?

About a year and a half ago, too.

So you know what it's like to be on your own.

Yeah, well, I mean, lucky for me

I've got Chandler and I've had Shakey, too, so...

You know, maybe that's good. Maybe it was meant to be.

You've got someone to spent time with now.


Maybe it's because you keep speaking in Hindi.

Please, please--


do you know where does Santy Claus stay

when he goes out of town?


You must know! Take a guess, come on!

Okay, okay. Don't stress yourself.

I'll tell you. He stays in a...

Ho, ho, hotel!


I told you!

This kills at Zadi's every week!

Good paneer.


I promise you, J.T., I'll take good care of him.

I know you will. I feel good about this.

Alright, buddy, come on up here.

This is it.

Alright, don't you give Mr. Stubbs too much trouble.

Be good.

Alright, I just gotta go, I think.

I know it's hard.

(Sighing) Alright.

Thank you, J.T.

No, thank you. I'm just glad we found him a new home.

(Sighing) So long, buddy.

Drive careful.

I will.

And time to drive through

The words weren't even off my tongue

And you're already running from

Don't you ever get tired of the move? ♪

♪ 'Cause I do

Can't you see it from your sky view? ♪

The ground is right underneath you

Let yourself

Fall into all that completes you

And I will keep my arms like so

Forever if ever you let go

Now that you're part of the family,

I want to show you around a little bit.

See here? This is a code for the day I met Delilah.


Kind of secret. (Laughing)


Yeah, it's high-tech.

That's high-tech, son!


Okie dokie, come on in!


Now, you see this? Uh-huh?

My very first target practice.


That's when I knew I'd be perfect for the military.

But the military had different thoughts.

Said I couldn't fight.

Gave me some bonk about having flat feet!

So, what did they do?

They put me in the worst front line of all!

30 years of active recruiting!

High school job fairs!

Should have given me a medal.

(Sighing) Anyways...

see that over there?

That's a picture

of my dear, beautiful Delilah.

I remember the day I lost her...

(Gunshots firing)

Die, mallards, die! (Laughing)

Whoa! No!

Delilah! No!


And I haven't had a drink since.

Swear, Scouts honour.


I pulled myself together.


Let's go on to happier thoughts.

Look around you, son.

These are my prized possessions.

My favourite collection.


And last but not least--


The best alarm system that money can buy.



You're a lucky, lucky dog.

ROBOTIC VOICE: System arming in five,

four, three, two, one.


System armed.

Now, listen. I'll see you tomorrow.

We'll start training.

(Panting, sniffing)


SANJAY: So, tell me again what we're doing here?

CHANDLER: We're going to see the man my dad left Shakey with.

I want to make sure he's got a good home.

SANJAY: I don't know if we should do this, like...

we didn't even tell our parents we were going on this train!

You gotta do more than just read books!

This is important to the both of us.

Now, let's go.



(Bell ringing)



Now, Shakey.

See, I don't think you're ready for this here platoon, son.

You see these soldiers here?

They'll eat you alive, boy!

(Squishing) What the--

What's that? Who made a doody?

Who made a doody? That was an unrequested doody!

You-- Ugh!

Now look here, Shakey.

What we got here is a perimeter.

Y'all understand?

A perimeter?

I want to show you a little something here, Shakey.

Yeah, put on a little collar on ya.

You know a little collar!


We're going to play a little thing called a war game.

You're going to be a good guy.

And I'm going to be the pinko ATF agent, you got it?

Now, come on!


Sorry to shock ya!


But you ain't ready to join this man's army yet.

What's going on?

Is he playing with him?

Here. Take a look, quick!



We gotta save him. Come on, let's go!


Where are you?


You are like on the other side of the moon right now!

Oh, I'm sorry. I just-- I need a minute.

Come on!

Keep your chin up, you moon dreamer!

I will, Raoul.

I like this guy.


Who goes there? Friend or foe?

Uh, friend!


Uh, do you like cookies?

Do I like cookies?

Of course I like cookies! I'm an American!

I'm from Kaplan Elementary.

We're selling cookies to help pay for...

uh, better field trips!

Field trips?

I love field trips! (Laughing)

What kind of cookies you got?

Well, uh,

they sent me to see if there's any, you know,

interest in the neighbourhood before we actually

bring all the cookies.

Interest? Interest from my neighbourhood?

That's the dumbest, dumbest idea I've ever heard!

I apologize. Don't want to offend you.

Okay, tell me what kind of cookies you're going to have.

We got chocolate chip.

Chocolate chip.



Um, vanilla...

Vanilla's my favourite.


No! Shakey!


Come here!


Come on, boy!


What is that?


(Gasping) What the--

Wait! I didn't tell you about our (Unclear) crisps!


Just let go of me, you little rugrat!

(Both shouting)


Take that, mister!

Come on, let's go!

Let's go, come on!



Now who are you two little delinquents working for?

The Russians? The Swiss?

Gee, mister. I just want my doggy back.

(Mockingly): I just want my dog back, mister!

Well, you're not getting your little dog back, okay?

He's going to be working for me!

He's going to be my second in command!



CHANDLER: That's what you get for messing with me!



Ah, there we go. Oh yeah, there we go.

Nice work, Jerski.

And the award for Employee of the Year

here at the Independence Plaza goes to...

Oskar Jerski! (Echoing)

(Imitating crowd cheering)

And that award is given to a man who could do a job

that no other person has ever done here!

He is the greatest employee of the Independence Plaza!

The award is now called the Oskar Jerski Award!

Congratulations, Oskar Jerski.

You are the Employee of the Year!

I got an idea.



BOTH: Thank you.

MAN: You're welcome.

(Both groaning)


I know.

Slow down!

What you got there?


Oh, really?

What is this? Give me this!


Gee, Mr. Jerski.

Can I have my spaceship back now?

Okay, sure! Sure, kids!

You can have your spaceship back!

Here you go.

Thank you.

(Imitating jet engine)

Oh, there's a problem as it re-enters Earth's atmosphere!


(Imitating explosion)

Houston, we have a problem!

Beat it! (Laughing)

(Gasping) Mother of pearl!

I told you that mutt ain't allowed here!

You aren't going anywhere!


Come on! Come on!





Get down from there, dog!




(Struggling, shouting inside)

Ah, Mrs. Carmichael.

Miss Willinger, hi, how are you?

Hello, Flavio.

Yeah, Mrs. Carmichael. Hi, good to see you.

Bye, Mrs. Carmichael. Hi, sir, good to see you.

So nice to see you again!

Great to see you, too, sir.

You know what? Miss Willinger,

The lobby seems a little wet from the cleaning.

You all might want to consider going around the side entrance

where it's a little less slippery.

Estelle, we don't have to open the door ourselves, do we?

Of course not, don't be silly!

Flavio, don't be a fool!

Open the door!


Yes, I...

After you.


Come here, you mutt! Come here!





Miss Willinger.


You're fired!


Fired! Get out!

Miss Willinger, the Independence Plaza is my life!

Not anymore!

Go! Get out!


I never want to see your face in this building again!


Do you hear me?

I hear you!


JERSKI: Miss Willinger...

J.T.: Chandler!

I spoke with Mr. Stubbs.

Dad, will you just listen to me?

You remember him? The man you stole from?

He was hurting Shakey.

You lied to me, Chandler.

You said we were all going to stay together out here.

That mutt dies!

Stay out of it, Jerski.

Farmer Brown? That no-good dog of yours

cost me my job and living quarters!

We don't have a dog.

We don't have a family.

Sanjay, your parents are worried about you. Chandler?

We're going upstairs now.

See what I'm talking about?


Get out! Now! Go!

I was trying to--


Get out.

Get! Ugh!

Hi. Miss Willinger, uh,

want to... take a book?

Mr. O'Neil.

Sanjay, take Chandler and Shakey upstairs.

It has been an unpleasant evening for all of us.

But in accordance with Paragraph 201A

of the Independence Plaza Policy and Procedure Manual--

I simply cannot allow you to keep that dog in this building!

I'm sorry, but I cannot.

You see what's done

is done!

I've told you many more times than I care to remember.

If you keep that dog in this building

one more night, Mr. O'Neil,

you leave me no alternative.

But to evict you.

I don't care what you do,

just get that Halloween mask you call a face

away from me!




You should be dressed by now!

Ah. Ah!


The illustrious Miss Willinger.

I could swear you've grown younger

since the last time we have seen one another.

That was far too long ago.


Once all my employees are dressed appropriately--


dinner will be served.

Very well, Mattias.

We're still waiting for a few of our board members.

Ah! Oh.

Is there a problem?

No, I'm just running behind, sir.

Catch up.

(Elevator dinging)

Well, it appears you're staying with us

one more night after all.

Nope, nobody sees me.

I tell you, no one does that to Oskar Jerski.

I promise you that. Nobody does that to Oskar Jerski.


Looky here!

Well! Beat it, punks!

Well, well, well.

Now, this is an interesting turn of events.

Well, I'm glad it is. Now scram!


You want 50 cents?

I don't want your money! Give it to me.

Give it to me! Give it to me!

But you said you didn't want it!

I don't want it! Now get out of here!

Lowlife, you need it more than me.

Oh, you lowlife! You know, I'll take it!

I'll take it because you forced me--

Loser! You loser!

Shush up!

You shush! Nobody tells me to shush!



Willinger! I'm coming home!



Time to do the right thing.

Read this.

Alright, Sanjay. Read Paragraph 201A.

I hear you're quite the salesman.


Got it?


You know what to do.


(Snoring continuing)


Oh, look at you.

Look at you. Oskar's here!

Oskar's here!


They will not tell us we cannot be together!

No, they will not. Oh, yes.

Look at you. Hi, how are you?


(Glass clinking)

(Crowd shushing)

As one of our board members, Mr. Ober,

I want to thank you for your kind offer

to cook for us tonight.


OBER: Thank you, Mrs. Willinger.

We are in store

for a treat tonight.

Mr. Ober, Miss Willinger,

distinguished guests.

Tonight, I will prepare a meal fit for kings

and queens.


Thank you. Enjoy.

Are you certain this is a good idea, Mattias?

After all, I...

I want your cooking.

Don't fret, Madame.

It's plumb good.



May I?


Thank you. May I?

Oh! Ah...




WOMAN: Um, no.

(Door closing)


Good evening, sir.

Would you like to sign a petition

to repeal the building no pets policy?

Why on Earth would we want to do that?

Come on, Chandler. We've got a lot more apartments--

Sanjay, wait!

Why? Because, sir,

because I believe animals are more than just animals.

They're sacred. They can be family and friends.

Sometimes all we've got.

Sometimes the best we could ever hope for.

It certainly is nice to see a young woman

stand up for what she believes in.

Right, dear?

It certainly is nice.

Thank you. Have a nice evening.

Thank you!

Yes! That's awesome.

Focus, Oskar. Focus. Eyes on the prize.

Eyes on the prize, Oskar! Eyes on the prize!




(No audio)

Good to meet you.

Excuse me, guys. Good to see you.

(Quietly): Don't you ever snap at me!

(Whispering): Why would I ever snap at you?


(Laughing maniacally)


(Laughing maniacally)


What is that?

We are preparing duck.

No, no, the smoke.

Your first time in a kitchen?

J.T.: No, I've been in a kitchen before,

but something is wrong here.

Yeah, you know what is wrong?

You are not preparing your duck.

That is wrong.

You're so mean to me, Raoul.

RAOUL: We are making smoked duck!


(Sighing, laughing)

(Laughing maniacally)


(All shouting)

Calm down, calm down. Tranquillo! Tranquillo!

What do you mean, "tranquillo"?

You don't know what "tranquillo" means!

It means calm down, Raoul!

It almost burned my moustache off!

Well, that would look better on you!

What's happening with the lights?


It's alright, sweetie.

Can-- can you do something?

Of course, my love.

Do you see what this O'Neil character is capable of?


What on Earth is happening here, J.T.?

That's not me, Mr. Ober!

The whole place just started going buck wild!

Buck wild?


I don't know! I'm sure I paid the bill.

What does "buck wild" mean?

Buck? Well--

Very, very wild.

Yes. Cheers.


Please. It will be all taken care of as usual.

Everyone remain calm.

Yes, that's what I just said.

Thank you.

Your hair.

Mr. Ober...


Ah. Ooh!

What's going on?

I don't know.

Guess this building's not as great as it looks, huh?



Come here! Come here!


Let's do this.

And the best for last!


(Laughing maniacally)

Yes. Yes!

(Laughing maniacally)

Oh, for heaven's sake!

What's going on?



That's news to me.



Do something!

Get back in there!



Everything will be okay!

Ask me!

(Growling) There you are!



How dare you...


my banquet!

You are plucky

like this duck!


Oh, no! The duck!

Your little girl! And your little dog, too!

Do you smell that?

Is that you?

(Willinger grunting)

Watch the duck, watch the duck.


That's it.

You want some of this?

Let's do this!


Does this taste like decaf?

Ah, decaf makes me pee.

Makes me pee, too. Really--

Oh no, that's leaded, man.


Get off my back!


You fight like a girl!

You fight like a man!


Give me my duck!







It's very good.

Mr. Ober!

Please tell me

it isn't true that this...

idiot is heir to your cooking empire!


I knew that thing was involved!

Get it out of here!

Ladies and gentlemen of the board!

I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting,

but I'm here today with important business.

I'm collecting signatures for my petition

to repeal the no pet policy.

I've been all through the I.P.,

each and every floor

and have had almost all my neighbours sign.



This is Shakey.

He belongs to me and my dad.

And it may be easy for you to say he's not allowed,

cause you don't know him and you can't see him around,

(Choking up)

But me and my dad have been through

some pretty tough times and...

and Shakey's always been there for us.

You all are very successful people.

And I can see that.

And keeping Shakey is a big deal to us.

Think of what loyalty means to you.

It's my turn to be loyal to Shakey.

Thank you.

Come here.


Oh, come on!

Act your ages!

Thank you.

I apologize for all of this.

Our move here has...

obviously been hard.

You could have had it all!


You know, I already have it all, Mr. Ober.


I quit.


Thank you, Porcupine.

I needed this wake-up call.

I love you, Dad.

I love you.

How's this for a wake-up call?


Ah, well, looky here!

All the dogs are together!

Mr. Jerski.

You slimy little toadstool!

What's the meaning of--

Cram it, witchy-poo!

I'm here for what I'm owed! My severance pay.

Or the people in this room are going to get so messy

they'll make the room look good by comparison!


And while I'm at it, I want that dog.

J.T.: In your dreams, Jerski.

Oh, I'm sorry, Old McDonald. Did I ask for permission?

Hey, hey!


(Drill whirring)

Unemployed men with power tools

should not be provoked, O'Neil!

Now give me that mutt!

Oh, you want him?

I don't just want him.

I want to destroy him!

Oh, you want to destroy him, huh?

How bad do you want to destroy him?

Bad, O'Neil! Give it to me!

I'm gonna give him to ya.

Give me the mutt!

Should I give him what he wants?

Do it, Dad.

What is that?


What is that-- Stay, stay!

I said stay! Aah!





JERSKI: Ow! Excuse me, pardon me.

No, no! Excuse me, pardon me.


Oh, no, come on!

I got him!

I can't believe that! Get away from me!


Excuse me! Help me!

That's my screwdriver, thank you.


My mom gave me those!


Chicago Police Department. Everybody freeze!

Please, can we--

Yeah, yeah, you get it.


Alright! Whose duck is this?


Flavio! How could you?

It wasn't hard at all.


Come on.

(Gasping, screaming)

A duck's illegal?

It was only a duck!

Time for a drive down to Lakeshore, sweetheart.

Can I ride with you?

Oh, yeah.

That worked out well.

I, uh, think you might want to go in

for a re-wipe over there, Estelle.

What am I paying you for?

I want this whole lobby ship-shape.

We got some very important guests

coming this afternoon, okay?

Hey, how are you today?

Just fine, sir.

Good, I'm looking for Mr. J.T. O'Neil?

Oh, right this way, sir. Right this way.

You know J.T.?

Yeah, they're from Toledo, Ohio.




Yeah, yeah, yeah


Hey, Chuck, how's it going?

There he is!


Oh my goodness!


You wonder how it's gonna be, yeah

But we won't know until we get there

So why are you asking me? ♪

I don't know, first we'll go

Then we'll look, and we'll see

Then I'll know

And I'll tell you

I'll tell you what I know


I'll tell you what I know, yeah



There ain't no how



Until there and then become here and now

Moon is growing, evening falling

Down into the changing tide

Above the mist the stars are shining

Dreams are scattered to the sky

This is where they're meant to be

They already seem to know

And we don't even have to try

For love has made it so

I don't have to try to love you

Just take my hand and walk with me a while

Travel on until tomorrow

We can walk another 50 million miles

I hear the birds chirping out my window

I wish I could understand, I wish I could know

I hear the cars passing on the street

I hear the people, the tapping of their feet

So many places

So many times

Don't let them tell you life is a drag

So be a dreamer

As you go

Don't let them stop you

Because you don't know

Can't you live up to the promise

Every day and every night

Why don't you live life to the fullest? ♪

Follow the voice inside your mind

I hear the birds chirping out my window

I wish I could understand, I wish I could know

Where am I going? ♪

Where have I been? ♪

Where am I now? ♪

I never felt so low

Like I've one foot in the ground

Must be gravity keeping me down

I often wonder what you'd say

If you could hear me

You'd take it on your feet and

Use your gifts and you'll be free

From this gravity

No gravity for me

I think it's time

We should lay it all

On the table

You got my heart

Running like a car

On a cable

Maybe it's the way you get that look in your eye

The way you captivate me

With a hint of your smile

I've got to be, got to be

Close to you

Da, da-da

Da, da-da

Doesn't take a song to sing

I can't stand when you're away

My world turns to black and grey

When you're nowhere around

I lose the clarity I found

Maybe it's the way you get that look in your eye

I've got to be

Close to you

Da, da-da

Da, da-da, da-da

Must have had

Me confused

With somebody else

I'm breaking free

I'm headed out... ♪

With the wind at my back

And the rivers rushing fade

Won't you sweep me away? ♪

Won't you lead me home? ♪

You know she needs me

Won't you lead me home? ♪

Back to my family

If I had some wheels

I'd be rolling through those fields

I'd tie up the laces

Of the folks who would chase us all the way home

On city streets I think I

See your face, but it can't be replaced

With the wind at my back

And the rivers rushing fade

Won't you sweep me away? ♪

Won't you lead me home? ♪

You know she needs me


Well, I don't know what it is

That you see in me


Well, I don't know what it is

That you see in me

But whatever that be

Oh, I hope that you wake up with me

In my life, I want you

I don't want strife

Whoa, I think that we could sail away

Out on a warm sunny day

(Tires screeching)


In my life, I want you

Don't want strife, I want you

I want you



The Description of I Heart Shakey