Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BroedrostTV | $2478 WIN - Trolling chapMAD on CSGOJackpot (ENG SUBS)

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Asiimov? What happened to it?

I put it in

Lets hope for something good now

We're in, we're in, we're in

They accepted our offer

There's ours

$519 value

Lets hope there is another $500 bet

Imagine if Cyrus would win with that little bet

He would give it backXD

You didn't win yet

How many percent do you have?


Sitting there with his pillow XD

I'm going to die, I'm going to die

My heart is beating

My heart is beating really fast right now

If we lose this then I've went +/- zero

I'm playing with my winnings

I'm at $500 profit

I'm at $200 profit right now

and I have $200 something in this bet

for those who are wondering in the stream


It's gg

We're screwed

Oh my god

If we win, we're rich

What is he DOING?

He's sick

Fuck him

Fuck him

Fuck him

It's GG

It's not over, you can still win

I promise, there's some viewers that teamed up to take my stuff


Wtf is he doing

I shouldn't have streamed this

I shouldn't have streamed

Someone did this on purpose, they want to take my stuff

If we win this we're done for life (XD)

I can quit streaming~

Lets book a trip if we win, okay?

Imagine if we win, damn

Dennis, lets book a trip, okay?

Where do we go?

It doesn't update

Why is it freezing?

Come on now


just wow



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