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welcome back to guts and glory everyone now there's a few more levels that we

haven't done yet and then we'll get on to the community levels in a later

episode possibly okay laser focus wait vehicle class F oh yeah

we did that first one once there is a new rocket chair yep yep blah blah blah feel

confident flying it no oh okay laser focus feel confident flying it no

that's okay we're just adding a few death lasers to the course stay focused

and you'll do fine death lasers we can use jr. or Larry top

hat a top hat on Larry right right Larry go uh something's wrong okay this is

this is all over the place oh we got it okay go this way this right

no yeah I want one of these dangerous but I mean you know well actually yeah

everything's dangerous these days because the law says so anyway don't

slam into the building must not slam into the building where are those lasers

they were talking about oh oh okay Oh down there front flip wait hang on oh

no that wasn't good oh that was close okay can we what what

you want one shot with an arrow in the face okay what the heck is going on no

no this is this is a problem help um this way thank you that's better

oh no that way rotate please no that way no oh God not that way oh um Larry

you're off course a bit Oh Oh crumbs we survived okay how did we survive no

clue I know that didn't go okay that didn't go well oh okay you just

just made his leg come off or whatever what the heck actually came off him

a lot by the looks of it okay go back go back you get a go through the checkpoint

through the checkpoint that's not the checkpoint you you stupid lawn mower

person oh hang on fifty meters where is it what the heck oh come on

hello human you like what you see here don't you

you want one of these thingies well well sorry I burnt you I was stuck on a

building okay go in this way again right Oh what's this Oh

backflip Oh perfect landing finally the moon landing went like that finish no I

don't want to see my personal West Rankings go away if the death lasers

don't get you the smart bombs will okay I'm gonna do Larry with the top hat

ready yes I'm ready oh whoa oh oh God

okay what are the smart bombs look like I only missed it no go back stop Larry

Larry oh that was an arrow narrowly avoided so was that one okay Oh need to

go through there no this is hopeless so hopeless stop we died right we're going

to do this steadily reminds to be a simpsons hit and run for some reason no

idea why actually probably because it looks very similar in terms of textures

yeah we did it well good I mean I did it no one's doing anything what what's the

point of Let's Plays I mean you're not playing them with with like the person

who is playing and it's basically a let's watch oh we're missing a leg okay

I need to go through there I need to go over there come on come on can we can we

get through this checkpoint nope we obviously cannot okay come on

good to be good to be accurate with this stuff

those balls are really annoying oh we did it okay okay there's more death

lasers now we missed last okay we're just gonna

put it down that was a nice landing and then we're gonna go over slowly slowly

does it slowly does it slowly does not do it yes it does hang on here we go

oh mashing buttons on the controller for some reason why we're doing that okay

yes we did it okay get up I mean I did it not we there is

no we in a single-player game yes okay

don't fall off your chair right now I need to get to the finish there okay go

up this way faster nope down down down down down down down crap

oh crap get out my lap please bomb and that will restart from the checkpoint

and go slam into the into the ground bit service just went everywhere but it is

supposed to happen in the game that's called guts and glory isn't it right

this is like I that's not like Iron Man we missed it okay slam into a tree

cuz you suck or just scrape it off screen hey niggas is hot okay was

finished that's nice okay ready we did it I did it I mean and I smashed

into it a bunch of trees next track right tower defence when Larry lost his

mind in his job another fair enough his brother Harry

several of israei of his inventions as his own the truth was never or must

never come out so Harry has increased defenses in this course to try and stop

Larry's return Larry with something never ladies okay we're ready

yes the music changed right so we have to basically hop from from building to

building what how are we gonna do this yes

okay next one's over here 220 meters oh there's no defenses on this roof nice

Oh smack your head into a thing don't worry he's got aerodynamics on his face

on his head well that's good okay we're gonna have to try this

differently it's so difficult to control can't there be an autopilot I mean

Larry's probably an idiot you didn't invent that okay now the difficult thing

is oh yeah just blow him up and then chuck them off for building yep

might as well write again that was easy slow down how many lasers did Harry

invest now the difficult thing is getting there don't worry I have a plan

I don't but make it sound like I do those arms gone don't worry arms you can

do without him he's bleeding a lot and he's got a new coat of paint on the

back of his chair a little bit okay slow down slow down slow down

oh well this is a weird episode Oh Oh wrap right okay no idea how we're gonna

do this but we will know

and the finish line is in sight luckily because this mission is a bit of a pain

I reckon Larry should just build one of these chairs for Harry

so that Harry can go on smack into some buildings with it

stingers are Paynter control we did it holy cow dude now I'm not impressed it

sucks next track stunt planes what ready yes I am ready that was close why crumbs

Oh crikey what there how can you fly like that

seriously ok turn elzar quickly they're turning but I

think seson has to turn that fast get up ok we did that actually what

happens if we get hit by one I don't know because the controls are all over

the place again hello plays I wonder if planes will be friendly that was close

ok go on yes tripping hard after tricky

trip ok two more two more to go Larry needs beer depends what type of do

a heck

sorry I don't know what happened to him right we're almost there this beer is

helping him out what type of beer is it because if it's beer that people usually

associate with didn't go well oh all the way back at the starting beer

has to taste like beer anyway what am I on about already Oh his legs off his

legs off already okay now this one's a difficult one he's lost something again

okay we're going at it from this angle or not get up you stupid lawn mower man

rocket chair lawn mower Larry The Lawnmower Man was someone else

what is with that building being sideways no clue

okay it's the second last level Oh God the heck is happening with the screen is

he drinking the beer get off the tree Oh crappy nappies well I don't even oh hang

on okay here we go next track right this is gonna be the last one trippin hard

yep with trippin hard ready oh and this is this is good what was that a car what

a cars doing flying in here this is what the heck going on here

is inherently avoided those two what is going on Larry what if you put in your

chair this time what's going on said that before

hey are flying mines flying mines that is not good

ow ah that mine surprisingly didn't actually do that much I just dodged a

car in the air somehow turn that way please um is this what it actually looks

like Oh straight into that there this is worse than that level in GTA it's at

least the one in GTA you could see what you were doing not playing GTA though

not that fun anymore and there we go okay the finish line is just that I have

no idea what is going on what's the story behind this or maybe I should have

read that okay there's lasers there and we're going flying cars and mines and we

did it I did it I mean I'm 90th okay next track

there isn't an extract main menu what was the description for that level I

have no clue official tracks you're trippin man yeah I think so

plate official track group rocket science with no level skips 10 tracks

with zero injuries to anybody or anyone Harry's plan worked Larry has lost once

again in a world of listen Haitians will he ever find his way back to get revenge

who knows

they control our highly recommended yeah I can see why I can see why it's highly

recommended updates no steam go away I don't need to see updates okay that was

interesting that last level the heck was going on Larry Larry was having some

problems there food also cited that after that mission he did actually go

and see a doctor and he did actually die completely and properly this time in a

sort of humane way I don't know how did he get here his propane tank he

accidentally went into a reactor and well it blew up and then that's pretty

much how that went anyway thank you for watching tell me what you thought of the

video with a like dislike or comment and I'll see you in the next video


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