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Evewyonye, we have an annyouncement to make!


Fowtnyite is onye of the most successfuw games on the pwanyet, and due to that

It has to catew to a wawge audience of nyinye-yeaw-owds.

Nyow when Epic Games add something nyew to Fowtnyite,

it's nyot going to pwease evewyonye.


Fow exampwe, I'm unhappy how the T-pose emote is 200 V Bucks and nyot 15 miwwion V Bucks

But wecentwy Epic Games intwoduced a system into Fowtnyite that is

pwobabwy if nyot, the wowst finyanciaw decision they've made in theiw entiwe wife.

This nyew edition is cawwed


And awthough this has good intentions, a wot of peopwe awe about to take advantage of those good intentions.

MEWISSA: Hey fans, I'm Mewissa fwom the communyity team and this season

we'we vewy excited to annyounce the Fowtnyite suppowt a cweatow event.

Duwing this event, cweatows can appwy to eawn weaw monyey

when theiw fwiends and fans decwawe theiw suppowt to that pewson in-game and spend V Bucks.

PYWO: Nyow you can awweady see the majow pwobwem hewe: V Bucks and weaw monyey.

To say thewe's a wot of peopwe in the Fowtnyite communyity that awe oppowtunyistic wouwd definyitewy be an undewstatement

I mean, even with this tweet annyouncing this nyew edition, you have peopwe wepwying bewow with pwuvn to be fake giveaways

they just nyabbed fwom Googwe Images.

MEWISSA: This appwies to V Bucks that you've eawnyed fwom gamepway events, contests, as weww as any othews that you've puwchased

PYWO: So obviouswy, when wowd gets awound that V Bucks can be tuwnyed into actuaw monyey, you'we gonnya have a wot of peopwe cwimbing out theiw

disgusting decwepit manhowes to twy and capitawize on the situation.

So fow this nyew pwogwam,

They'we gonnya want to pick some top echewon cweatows,

fow exampwe



Yeah, I got nyothing.

They've just got to pick someonye that isn't a degenyewate, that's aww I'm twying to say.

So, who is onye of the fiwst individuaws to make it into this pwogwam?

*Wetawd Appeaws*

Wispy Jimmy, oh my god, Epic Games you have made the wowst decision of youw entiwe wife

Nyow boys and giwws,

if you don't knyow who Wishpy Jimmy is, you awe you awe

Oh, I'm gonnya teww you a stowy. You see, I've been catawoging

Jimmy's Youtube caweew fow quite a whiwe and I've basicawwy bwoke him up into thwee stages

The fiwst stage is GTA six whewe he wouwd cwickbait getting

Openying and even pwaying GTA six acwoss muwtipwe videos.

Wooks absowute fwesh wight? Wooks wike someonye wike wegit was sent this by a wockstaw wepwesentative.

And then when the gwand theft auto communyity stawted to dwy up, Wispy muvd on to stage two, which is fiwst-pewson cwickbait.

You knyow when you see those Youtube videos that usuawwy got popuwaw off Weddit, fow exampwe:

My Son Said His Fiwst Wowd, ow I Suwvived This Event,

Wispy, wouwd steaw these videos..

Weupwoad them to his channyew and then titwe them in fiwst-pewson wike the event happenyed to him.

Wispy: If you wike the video and subscwibe

Wight nyow witewawwy go down bewow witewawwy hit the wike button and witewawwy hit the wed subscwibe button. You couwd win 100 dowwaws

I'm giving away 200 dowwaws to you guys evewyonye that's watching this video if you witewawwy comment-

I knyow that commentawy on Youtube gets kind of a bad wep

It's just an individuaw tawking about something adding theiw opinyion and it's debatabwe whethew they'we even adding anything to the situation

Okay, I wiww expose them

Awwight, I wiww come to the stand and expose them mysewf

With that being said wet's watch cheatews get caught in the act

Wispy wouwd steaw these cwips and weupwoad them and nyot even have commentawy

He wouwd just weupwoad entiwe videos with nyo substance whatsoevew.

Nyow, I was kind of sick of Wispy at this point

That's why I used my **sunwight medawwion** to cast him

into the abyss

Wispy: Befowe we get stawted. Pwease weave a wike on this video.

Pywo: Weww, unfowtunyatewy my faith stats wewe tewwibwe.

So, Wispy manyaged to weincawnyate himsewf into stage 3 and this is what I caww the Fowtnyite stage

So instead of steawing peopwe's videos because that's obviouswy too much effowt to put into a cwip convewtew owo

he nyow just stweams Fowtnyite constantwy and the onwy weason his channyew is pwobabwy stiww afwoat

is the emphasis on GIVEAWAYS, evewy video has a giveaway.

it onwy takes a few seconds out of youw day guys hit the wike button and subscwibe because I'm giving away a TON of

Bwand nyew season 6 battwe passes guys just wike the video

I've heawd confwicting things about these wike the giveaways awen't even weaw. They'we wigged. They'we fake.

Nyo onye actuawwy wins anything, but I think we nyeed to wook past that and see the biggew pictuwe -

that if someonye's channyew is onwy stiww awive because of giveaways, they'we basicawwy on wife suppowt.

I mean he's even doing it nyow you go on the Fowtnyite Twittew account and you'ww see him in the wepwies

Begging fow wikes to give peopwe a fwee skin

Who isn't ewigibwe fow this pwogwam?

Can we just wet these thwee countwies be awwowed into the pwogwam and wepwace it and wepwace it aww with wispy jimmy, pwease?

Thank you guys. The pwogwam itsewf is pwetty hawmwess, but they say they have a good vetting pwogwam to teww who's wegit and who isn't

and then you have wispy jimmy wike come on guys nyow, I wouwd be mowe mad at Epic, but honyestwy,

they've eawnyed my wespect again because they added the scouwge skin and and

Twump: My fathew gave me a smaww woan of a miwwion dowwaws -

Pywo: Nyext Topic we have powiticaw memes

Wiewds fiweawms in the nyew Hawwoween movie despite advocating fow gun contwow

So if you don't knyow thewe's a nyew Hawwoween movie coming out

and thewe's a woman in the fiwm and this woman uses a gun and in weaw wife she does nyot wike using guns.

Nyow fow some weason peopwe decided to make an awticwe on hew

This is wike me saying I wike to game end peopwe in video games and I don't game end peopwe in weaw wife

That makes me a bad pewson

You got five staws in GTA FIVE, but you don't game end powice in weaw wife. You awe a wibtawd

It's a weawwy dumb point, I don't see much context to it

I mean, it's wike aww those peopwe that used to cwy aww the time saying video game causes viowence

I mean that thewe awe stiww peopwe doing that today. Nyow, obviouswy, I don't nyeed to expwain it because

the memes

the memes

Josh Bwowin pways a mass muwdewew and infinyity waw despite being a stwong advocate against genyocide

This is so sad. Josh Bwowin mowe wike fake Bwowin

Josh Bwowin got game ended Nyo Countwy fow Owd Men, but he's stiww awive in weaw wife


Nyow it's vewy obvious that (femboy) Fox Nyews has been infested by the wibtawds, and they'we twying to tawnyish theiw nyame

So again, I caww upon the **sunwight medawwion** and I send the wibtawds back into the abyss

Pywo: It's quite a handsome boy though, wike come on. Guy: shut the FOO up

Guy: I wiww FOOing wasew you with awien FOOing eyes. Pywo: nyow guys, this is a meeting of the minds

Kaynye West and Donyawd Twump

Kaynye West wanted to meet Donyawd Twump to pwuv his woyawty to the syth

nyo opinyion awwowed nyo bad

So Kaynye went to meet Twump

Obviouswy they had a heawtfewt d/m convewsation befowehand to set evewything up and then it happenyed

Kaynye stwode into the Ovaw Office with his magnyet cap on and he was weady to pwuv himsewf

to Donyawdo Twumpo. Fiwstwy Kaynye shown the wowwd his phonye passwowd, which was

just zewo

Witewaw Megamind. And then Kaynye began shawing with Twump his bewief in muwtipwe unyivewses

infinyite amounts of unyivewses in this awtewnyate unyivewse

Yes, Kaynye

I to have pwayed BioShock Infinyite and Spywo the Dwagon Daddy but fowget that fowget the meeting because that isn't wewevant

You knyow, what is wewevant?


Kaynye: this wight hewe is

The AI pwanye Onye.

My god is that weaw-wife GTA 5 wooks wike weaw wife

Thank You Kaynye, vewy coow

Oh my god, I wuv that

I wuv that hug oh ah, I hope they make out that wouwd be so hot. So what have we weawnyed today?

Wispy Jimmy is a bad pewson if you enjoyed the video, pwease SMASH SUBSCWIBE

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Fow exampwe, we have a weekwy suggestion thwead

Whewe, you couwd suggest youw videos at the minyute i have about 300 wepwies and evewy singwe onye is gawbage

So pwease be that pewson that contwibutes with an actuaw owiginyaw video idea, even though you pwobabwy won't.

Tomowwow I'm going to stawt pawt 1 of my

500th Fowtnyite wet's pway

Yiff me daddy

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