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>> Um, I'm okay.

You know, it comes in waves.

It's been a very difficult

and surreal experience.

You know, I'm apart from my


We weren't able to be with my

stepfather during his last days

in the hospital.

My mom, who, thankfully, now has

recovered from covid was alone

while my stepdad was in


And when my stepdad passed,

I can't touch my mom.

We couldn't have a

celebration-of-life or memorial.

So, intellectually, I know that

my my stepfather is gone, but

it's just hard to sort of like

wrap my head around what's

happening because it's --

it's like he was just here,

and then he was gone.

So, yeah, it's --

Some days are are easier than


To all the front-liners and

health workers and everybody out

there who is just out there

doing their best and helping

everybody out, thank you.

>> Nico credits his boyfriend

Zeke for being there for him

during this difficult time.

The two are quarantined

together, and Nico admits to

passing the time during

isolation like so many of

us who are looking for something

to watch.

>> Everybody's bingeing


Why is it the perfect show to

binge during this time?

>> Well, look, I love our show

so much, and we have five

seasons of episodes to binge.

It's so funny that I have to go

watch a show about a big-box

store to sort of remind me of,

like, "Remember that time when

we could just go and shop

and be around people?"

>> Right?

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