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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UGC NET/JRF 2018, 8th July, Paper 2, Answer Key, Discussion, Part 1 English Literature

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I'm professor Sharma and again I'm here

in front of you to give you the answer

details of the recent UGC net exam was

which was held on 8th of July 2018 you

must have already got the came from

various sources but I just do not give

you the answers but also discuss the

answers let's begin with admission about

what questionable one which narrative

went by Lord Tennyson presents the story

of a fisherman turned merchant sailor

who after a shipwreck is marooned on a

desert island

Lord Tennyson you must have read many

points by your Tennyson he was the point

Lord when he wrote this particular point

in the ads the correct answer is anak

Aden which was written in 1864 and it

resembles somewhat like Robinson Crusoe

the sailor who was a fisherman initially

turns to a merchant sailor and then he

leaves his family and children just to

give them cold light just for the sake

of this family he leaves them to earn

more and then he's abandoned in this sea

he returns after ten years but then he

sees that his wife is happily remarried

to his friend so he doesn't tell them

that he's alive he doesn't want to

destroy their happiness once again so

the correct answer is

question number two in my Moodle vs.

Arnold pays tribute to three great works

worthy three great poets who are based

tribute good Wordsworth and not by this

is a very common for him and is asked in

many syllabus so question number three

woman the following English player and

it's wrote screenplays on normal such as

muscle promised in search of lost time

John falls French Lieutenant's woman and

Margaret Atwood's hat means take correct

answer of this question is happened

he wrote the screenplays for all the

movies of the above-mentioned place or

knows I hadn't until he got to the bell

Prize in 2005 he died very recently in

2008 his Nobel Prize was very late in


he is the author of the getting the

birthday party which you must have

studied in your masters quest number for

the years in English literary history

between 1649 and 1660 are known as this

is a very good question and very easy

one if you have read history thoroughly

you can easily find out the answer the

answer is the compliment Chavez one was

taken in custody the trial and then his

execution and then a crumble

Oliver crumble he took the parliament in

his hand

but his successors were proved weak so

in 1616 chance to

was restored therefore there is duration

Peter of the new classic so the correct

answer this the Commonwealth period

question of effects in our key neurons

Swami and friends

which game offers for me the best kind

of emotional release from the strains

and pressures of disagreeable

circumstances so he was in love with

cricket the correct answer is cricket

and every Sunday the boy is the colony

used to have matches

so this Swami and his friends and some

more novels are written in a fictional

town describing Malgudi written back

okay not question number six violently

express the importance of the particular

when he said that to generalize is to be

- that is an idiot

nobody realized is the alone distinction

of merit fill in the blank so the

correct answer is needed a William Blake

he said that if you come in the central

like you are like any other person on

this planet I did and if you are

different from the others that is

particular and he says that general

knowledge is passed by the Indians only

so the correct answer is needed next

question which of the following is not a

dialect of Old English this is a very

easy on question there's an answer

written here itself Irish Irish is not

the Old English language the other three

of course northern Britain mega marts

feminine Kentish they are the correct

answers these three are the dialects of

Old English for next question

Anthony burgers last novel published in

1993 it's called the 10th man in-depth

phone who is the central character to

whom the title reference answer is

Christopher Marlowe so here is mentioned

as kit Marlowe and kit Marlowe is of

course from Cambridge University

and the life and character of Keith

Martin is disgusted by Antony worthless

next question now this is a long


choose the correct chronological order

very easy because you know first of all

you can easily make you can easily

choose from all the four choices that

William Caxton prints the first English

group totals miscellany you know just

after the Renaissance when Caxton's

during the time of fairness I should say

Hixton invented a printing press and he

publishes total Mussolini which was

written by sunny and white and this

particular volume is said to be famous

what first volume of the Reina Sofia and

then of course when it shakes was first

volume and then John Milton's in your

fridge article in average Attica that is

against the banning of the printing

press next question tenth what is the

phrase a picture of voices from Hollis

art of poetry me you must have studied

art swear to god from Paris and this

means that as in painting and so in

poetry means painting became a came

first so whatever happens in painting

the emotions same in way true so he's

comparing printing to boy tree push them


woman the following is the author of

account of the August an eighth in

England 1759 the correct answer is for

the postman and in this volume August an

age he relates it to the Queen Anne's

rule the main point of the first images

of course and London for so he gives the

complete reading of the August image

because at that time the Roman classics

were talked more the Roman culture

imitating the same even the writers were

trying to translate all the epics

written by Virgil and other people of be

real nice to me oh no thanks Tracy

so in how many parts did seventies

publish his novel don't get stopped

thanks big ult 70s was a Spanish writer

and don't exert is a very famous classic

from him I think we had studied the

story in seven started from a rapid

readers and during my recent visit from

Spain I even got the you know the statue

of Sancho Panza and a dog Dixon so it

was in two parts and both the parts were

published in the period of ten years

1605 to 1650 question with 13 little

stretches eminent Victorians carries

biographical sketches of writers of

public figures identify the list that

correctly mentions those eminent

Victorians so a little stretch it was

one of the member of the Bloomsbury crew

and this work was published in 1918 and

the correct answer is first because

there was three men and one women

disgust as eminent Victorians and that

is Cardinal many Florence Nightingale

Thomas Arnold and general cotton next

question one of the following statements

about the eponymous saint of Trident

song of st. Cecilia again a good

question and an easy but after census

seeing how strong he was a Christian

from the Christian faith and she of

course invented this organ she was a

very good singer and it's saying

as if the boy scheme hoped from some

cutters and then once you singing into

you know he appeared on earth thinking

of it as heaven

so this heavenly music which has come

from the heaven which has made this

world this all this is given in and go

to st. Cecilia so the correct answer is

second that means this is not the

correct of the question 15 which is the

statement on Michael Robbins favorite

book this is a poetry anthology and the

first edition was made by Michael novels

in 1936 and they of course the company

the publishing houses paper and paper

and then again there was a second

edition it was by and riddler in 1951

and then again the third one was in 1965

when Donald hall so the poems which were

published after 1910 were taken into

consideration so of course Hopkins was

taking it so the one we just can connect

which is not to go of the following is

the collection begins with the poems of

Robert Rogers second one is incorrect

all the dance with you

Westham 16 who over the following

proposed that the first Gulf War had

never taken place in it was simply a

high B real media generated spectacle so

the correct answer is to get important

life and he was a French theorist you

should say that he is the father of the

French woman postmodern theory he tried

to evaluate the society which hasn't

done no gender issues or no mores

no society nothing like that and he was

the one who said that because he was

trying to evaluate the society in

general so you know what the three monix

the girl

the Gulf War will never happen the girls

war is never happening because what did

not happen

excellent Sir Thomas bronze unbuttoned

was prompted by so the correct answer

here is the discovery of ancient burial

urns near knowledge the other title of

the this work is hydrograph via and it

was written in 1658 it is of it is in

two parts the first part is a post

hydrosphere or own burial the second one

is the god Osiris so this considers the

countryside of the land in England corn

or folk it is very it is a sublime

rhetoric so the correct answer is that

Norwich one next question identified

from among the following list those that

cannot be covered more fiction modern

instance catch-22 age of innocence and

the making Joseph Heller wrote catch-22

in 1953 which was published in 1961 it

is in third-person narrative of course

the background beings four seconds of

this and I told you the other one was

the way it was based on the experiences

of the writer Norman Mailer and it was

written 1948 and we belong to the

hundred in 12th cavalry regiment this

movie also made and this particular book

comes in 100 most popular books written

in English and the other two are very

simple ones the first one is the modern

instance it is a realistic novel by Dean

Howells 1882

is an American writer and this is about

love marriage

three divorce etcetera and the other one

the age of innocence and is the answer

would be in C because they are asking

which one are not more friction age

is written by Edith Wharton in 1920 she

got the blitzer price and she was the

first movement to get Pulitzer Prize so

they got it done sir this model instance

at the age of innocence question 19 who

among the following items was not the

one identified with the movement of the

1950s England so the movement of the

1950s was called

is also called angry decade interested

and angry so of course the radius like

Kingsland ever see them is called as the

angry young man and of course Philip

Larkin and normal baby they all belong

to the movement the correct answer is

why fuller who was not from this

movement of course he first saw been

here but he did not write in the same

man pushed a metric which is the 14

novels does not belong to the drug being

for ha spoke in the Sun try ology

Neurath in Pharma is a somali writer and

then he shifted to many countries

including us and many African countries

England also you can drink there also so

yes what is nice for him in nature so

the three tragedy the means the

trilogy's are the first one is maps

gives an secrets of us but he wrote

another set of trial G in this this nuts

is included as the second book we were

like this links knots and crossbones and

the complete trolley she was known as

past imperfect

trial G X question in the following

series which one has all the poets

correctly matched with their poems very

easy you have read all the poems in your

masters or bachelors physical of course

boy love world watching Tom illusion

small-scale reflections on a great house

Thor Odin's

three and Mama through sunset at Bowie

so the correct answer is fourth question

22 from among the following identify the

incorrect observation regarding

Ferdinand de Saussure's seminal

distinction between landing pillows

please go and watch my videos on

linguistics as well as on

reader-response Theory and you'll find

the answer there the correct answer is

the first choice parole is a particular

language system the elements of which we

learn as children and which is codified

with a grammars and dictionaries whereas

land is the land of Education all the

details of the language handling

mistakes you will find in my linguistic

videos the what is Lange Farrell all the

this thing studies of SACEUR and others

you would find in freedom response

theory that is the critical theory video

next question

2:23 John Heywood wrote a fictional

interview called the foreign peace who

were the four please

so the answer is our partner of both

curry and a pen nothing to explain here

whatever 24th in the mechanical drill

method of second language acquisition

when you learn the second language if

you are mechanically clapping up the

sentence then what will happen the

learner has a freedom to choose method

from many responses no not at all he

cannot choose the learners response is

totally controlled of course he cannot

choose his responses are controlled if

he has to say yes he has to say justice

or sit down or what is your name my name

is the drills are very mechanical in

nature so build back and then the

comprehension by item of the learner is

not required of course it is required

but in the drills it is not required it

is not required so the correct answer is

B in C let's read the for choice also

comprehension item whether one is

obligated or no they do not understand a

Mimi beings they don't open hand they


the choice has to risk ompletely 24

questions here I think you was the

questions must be right and we must have

understood the answers as well so please


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them and I would be very soon meeting

you with you again so take care


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