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so today we're going to be looking at what i consider to be the rolls royce of rodent kill

traps this video does not feature any kills in action so if you're here to see that this is the

wrong video what i'm doing here is reviewing the good nature 824 rat and mouse trap system

we have several of them in play here we're going to talk about things like this bait

here where it says at last count over 1 million 31 972 pes rated our lures as irresistible i'm

gonna have to say that that's true we're gonna take this through its paces but i'm gonna show

you all the features of this trap today and this uh bait comes from

and where's it made it's made in new zealand i have four of these traps i've had a couple on the

shelf for years because i hold them in reserve in case a rat shows up but what is around right now

are mice this bait was manufactured august 14th 2020 so it's fresh i'm making this video

in october of 2020 so this is a rundown showing all the features of the trap

it has a ram that comes out and kills the rodent there are a lot of things about this trap that

i'm going to go over but this is what's on the box they're powered by co2 it's an automatic

trap which means it can kill one mouse or rat after another without having to be reset by you

that means it goes automatically plus there's a counter that comes with it the trap automatically

resets itself and then other mice can come in so these are the features this by the way

is a portable trap stand the early one did not have this so when i bought these a little over

a year ago because i had a rat problem i put them on the shelf and they used to have to be

mounted on the wall i think this portable stand is a game changer plus i went to their website

and they ordered extra portable stands to put on my previous versions of this a24

so now i can set them anywhere some people have problems with parked cars

rats and mice will move into your car you can put this on the floorboards they come with

lure tasters which you're supposed to put around to see if you've even got a rodent problem

to see if they're going to chew it they come with little push pins here and you put them in

your shed your garage my chicken coop my bee shed the basement the attic wherever you think there

might be mice or rats this tester with the bait already loaded just like that is going to lure

them in and then when you find the tester chewed by a rat or a mouse or some other rodent you get

six of them you'll know that that's probably a good location to put your trap how does this thing

work look at the underside here this is where the rodent would go up inside to get the bait

and there is a receiver right there where the plunger that orange piece on the right comes

across hits that receiver and smashes the rodent really so there's no blood and then the trigger

is that silver pin that comes across there and yes i'm going to test it and show you how that works

and on the back side here what drives the ram is a co2 cylinder that comes with it looks like

it's brass pretty well made this is an all-weather trap so this thing can be out summer winter rain

heat cold you name it and it's good to go it's heavy duty plastic and this is the bait side here

you can put a cup in there with your own bait or you can put the bait that comes from good nature

and i'm going to show you the bait from good nature it's pretty good stuff and it's pretty

durable if you're not happy with this thing you can send it back that's pretty good because these

are not cheap i have four of them right now and it's the automatic humane trap a24 24 it'll do 24

cycles look at that symbol there which says not to put your hand up they're not kidding

this will hurt you so this is the co2 canister that comes with it it has threads on it and it has

enough for 24 cycles as i said with this trap and it is 16 grams of co2 carbon dioxide it's made in

taiwan and there you have it comes from wellington new zealand and i thought i would compare it

with the co2 canisters that you get that you might be shooting a pellet gun with for example

no you can't use your pellet gun co2 with this unit for one those pellet gun co2 bottles

don't have threads on them so you have to go with the good nature plus if you use a canister other

than the good nature co2 it voids your warranty so this new zealand coin comes on this end

this is a bait pack that you put inside and if you remove that coin it's an automatic pump which

means it continually refreshes the bait into the trap bit by bit over a period of six months

i also got this bag of rat bait and i'm going to talk to you about that later and it says pre-feed

your site in other words put little bits and pieces of that bait around just to see if you

can get the rodents in the area interested in it if they can lick it off the wall pieces of 2x4

the wall of your basement foundation things like that then they'll recognize that smell they like

the taste of it and they'll go seeking the trap this is the old one that shows how it mounts to

the wall but i like this freestanding mount much better because i just want to put it around plus

if it's not getting any action where you put it pick it up and move it somewhere else there's

two holes in the bottom of it so you can screw this to something so it doesn't get knocked over

and it also has vents on the side so you can look easily to see if you have a dead animal in it

so we're going to test it start to finish here i do have a mouse problem i'm going to

show you where they are and by the end of this video you're going to see how effective it is

and it looks like this thing is built too big it's made to accommodate rats and mice but as you may

know mice are pretty tiny sometimes so i thought this thing was oversized and i'm really hoping

that they will consider making a smaller version just for mice

there you can hear the ram charging so the co2 tank is engaged screwed right up there

plus we're going to put the counter on that but this thing is charged and considered armed don't

put your finger up there now because you will injure your finger there's no question about it

now we're going to put the counter on i did observe some things about the counter

if you move it too high up the co2 tank here it doesn't vibrate enough for the counter to go off

so i like to keep it down keep it at the halfway position or lower or the counts may not register

now when you push the button here you need to push it and hold it until it goes to zero it

may have some numbers on it and now it's zeroed out so anytime the system cycles and triggers

it will start to count so if the animal that's been killed and it disappears

you will know by the counter that it actually cycled it'll last either six

months or through 24 cycles before you need to replace that canister

so that's pretty good and this is the bait pack side you can put your own bait in here

with a bait cup or i showed you the little canister that goes in there but let's test the ram

that's a serious trigger and it's hard

and of course that was a slow motion sequence of it cycling this trap is not

playing around if you've ever met rats they're formidable they're powerful they're dangerous

rats will eat mice rats will eat other rats that are dead in a trap mice the same

so they're not good to have around this is the automatic lure pump and it refreshes

the bait for six months and i did have problems with it i'll be honest to say

and that is that it kind of pushed out too much of the bait

and the mice couldn't keep up with it where if it were a rat for example it would eat the bait

and get back up to the trigger position and then of course trigger the trap and be taken out by

that ram that comes across this is what the bait looks like and it's threaded on the end so you

want to make sure that when you put that in it threads into the back of the good nature a24 trap

and this is what the bait looks like it says it's chocolate but it doesn't

smell anything like chocolate you have to replace the gas lure every six months

and also this shows the whole kit everything that comes with it

and these are my chickens in one of my coops we have three chicken coops this one in particular

has mice running around in it how do we know because we see their droppings everywhere

and there you go there's rat poo rat droppings mouse droppings and they're along the walls of

the coop they go everywhere so we're going to put lures up in here even though i really

don't need that step because i know that the rodents are here but i put the test lure up

of course my chickens came and picked it off later look at this guy underneath the drinker

that's a house mouse now often we come across deer mice but this is the culprit here

house mouse you see one there'll be plenty around so that's what we're trying to trap

and i'm curious if the trap is too tall but i put the bait there and i put some teaser

lure bits little dabs on the walls there so that the mice can start to eat that

we're also going to look at the other trap here this is one that i've had on the shelf for like

i said over a year it comes with that bait bottle same thing toxin-free lures by the way the bait

is non-toxic although people should not eat it and the early one was marked rat and stout a24 trap so

we're going to load this up with the co2 canister again i'm putting four of these out because for

this review i want to see how they perform under a variety of circumstances all indoors of course

although these do function outside my target animals are already inside in my basement

in my bee shed in the chicken coop and in the garage so this shows the stuff that

comes with it it's set up exactly the same way although this one has the wall mount and there

are stainless steel screws that come with it so that you can attach that orange wall mount

bracket and then put this anywhere you need to hopefully where you found mouse or rat droppings

now this one's charged and ready to go too unsafe for fingers

put the counter on there and remember to put the counter lower on the canister

now that was a really slow motion function there and what you heard bouncing off in the distance

was one of those stainless steel screws that took off i should have removed them before i cycled the

trap they're no joke now this is the old bait jar that used to

come with it you give it a little squeeze and get the bait to push out here over this grid

and then the goal is for the rodent to get up in there and shoot with that to try to get at the

bait and here it is wall mounted in the basement of my garage in the basement it's actually on

the floor of my garage and the only limiting height thing there was the fact that i had to

have the counter down lower in this position it was too high and did not count the cycles on me

so you want to lower it a little bit and again mouse droppings wherever mice or rats go

they are putting out their waist constantly and here i see

we got a mouse in the chicken coop so this does answer my question is the unit too large for a

mouse to go up into it isn't they jump right up in there and down here this one's a deer mouse

so we've got two of those already in the garage and we got two already in the chicken coop

that would be a rooster and i decided to put a little wooden shim in here so that smaller

mice would be able to get up in there and still reach the bait this has had three kills already

by the end of my testing i got four of them here's the trap sitting in the basement along the

basement wall just under the floor joists here and the mice were able to go right up in there

they were very careful about it remember that when you set up a new trap specifically with rats

this can take weeks the reason for that is they have new object phobias which means when you

put something new in an area don't go moving it around if you know for sure that they're there

leave it there rats can take weeks before they warm up to something and actually go in and take

the bait mice are a little quicker this is a mouse running around a deer mouse but when it comes to

rats you got to wait them out if you change it every day or every couple days and move it to

a new position you'll lose the rat they won't trust it don't forget to spread the bait around

now here was the problem i had you can see that the mice have been chewing at the bait but the

bait comes out of the trap at too high a rate so they actually were getting more than enough bait

and there was no reason for them to go all the way up and trigger it this led me to another thought

how weather durable is the bait so i mix it up here with dawn

dish detergent which is supposed to be a great degreaser

and i'm running this under very hot tap water and i wanted to see how quickly it would dissolve

because if these were going to be outside it would rain on them water would flush on it and the bait

might wash out but let me tell you that is all weather bait so i'm going to try another bait

these are reese's peanut butter cups chocolate and peanut butter supposed to be a fantastic

enticement for rodents mice in particular and so i thought i would put one of these in one of the

bait cups that you can buy separately i recommend you get them if you want to try unique baits

and i put that in there i even teased it on the bottom here with some little bits

trying to get that mouse that's in my basement the mouse came through through that paper wrapper out

and did not trigger the trap so these are the automatic loading baits remember these packets

last for six months and continue to refresh themselves what do you do after you've trapped

your animals you put the dead mice and stuff outside any consistent location of wildlife comes

like this raccoon so they get used to the dead rodents that you put out there that we

were recycling we're not just killing them and throwing them in the garbage

we might as well feed the wildlife this is well away from the house of course you don't

want to bring in predators to come and hunt your chickens and things like that

i think that raccoon was making happy sounds comes another raccoon different one again now there's

three mice laying out there this thing will also work in your garden if you have vole problems

once you set it in position you can put it under a box this buck white tail deer showed up and was

very interested in the mice on the ground sniffed them for a while even came back a couple of times

we know that a whitetail deer will actually eat bird eggs they find on the ground and in some

cases even the baby birds but they didn't eat the mice i thought that was going to be very

interesting if that showed up here raccoon comes again these are over a period of several nights

of course this isn't all one night but you get a chance putting out the rodents that you've killed

to see what kind of wildlife comes through to pick up their bodies

and they don't even have to be fresh if it's a day or two old the other thing is once you have

a dead mouse or rat in the trap in the a24 will that deter other mice or rats from coming and

triggering the trap too nope and the chicken coop in particular i found them piled up two at a time

now look at this customer

and here comes the skunk skunks are a cleanup crew they like to eat

all kinds of bugs ground wasps hornets and they even like mice

off goes the skunk here comes the buck again on another night

i will share with you that i really did like the 824 these things are expensive i looked them up on

amazon amazon has them priced currently too high highly recommend you go directly to the website

good nature is the name of the company and here i laid some of

the mice underneath the pile of leaves to see who would discover them first

and this tenacious little skunk dug right in there and found the mice

so you get your best price going straight to the website there goes opossum walk through like it

didn't even see them but then seemed to have a change of heart came back oh look there's food

here's a fox so comfortably decided to take a seat and eat there

so you have a rat problem you have a real challenge rats are smart they

pay attention to everything remember new object phobia take your time outsmart them

and i highly recommend you don't just set one trap you set many i have solved my chicken coop

mouse problem i have solved my basement mouse problem and i have solved my beehive house

mouse problem so i like the a24 i hope you like it too no blood no mess

the most humane kill tram you can find

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