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The performance you presented

today is a lot like

a band.


For the stage, I Want,

except the song and dance

they have to do it on their own,

they also designed

the stage decoration

and visual effect.

I don't know if you noticed

the pictures on the screen.

He drew them.


KINGSTON, introduce it to us.

Thank you, PD.

When we decided

on the idea of a band,

I thought

when I'm happy,

what I will think of.

I thought of the ten of us

standing on the rooftop,

and on this stage,

and playing these instruments.

When that scene came to my mind,

I decided to put it in drawings.

And I hope our performance

and the drawings

on the screen

can make you happy.


Thank you, Chris.

I never thought

she would pay attention

to the drawings on the screen.

It's really warm.

I thought my effort paid off.

In fact, this isn't the first time

she encouraged me.

During the rehearsal,

she encouraged me once.


I think you're so unsure of yourself now.

I actually wanted to ask a question

about it.

I don't know if you remember

the first time

we shared our opinions.

I think I've tried my best

to express my view,

but due to

I'm just curious about

how to overcome obstacles in your heart.

It's OK.

Feel better, OK?

It's OK.

In fact, the problem in your question

is also an obstacle for me.

It often happens to me

that I just can't

express the exact idea on my mind

that I want to share

at that moment.

But I think,

due to different personalities,

we have different views.

When there's something

I can't express or record,

I may write a song.

It's also a way to create works

and express my views.

For you,

your remarks

are also a way to express your views.

As far as I can see, you're actually

a man with insights.

When I watched

the Press Conference,

you gave me a deep impression.

Mentors, do you believe in dreams?

I came back from abroad for this show

to keep pursuing my dreams.

When you asked the question,

you provoked deep thoughts in everyone.

Have faith in yourself.

OK. Thank you, Chris.

I will.

I wish

from now on

I could express my views bravely.

She encouraged me

with her own experience.

I was enlightened.

And it was like a magic pill

that she told me to have faith.

She is a cure

to the problems that have been haunting me for years.

I think

that's more precious than any gains.

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