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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Minnesota State Welcome Faculty and Staff 2019

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[Chancellor Malhotra] Hello, I'm Devinder Malhotra.

I'm deeply honored to be the chancellor

of this remarkable network of 30 colleges

and seven universities we call the Minnesota State System.

It is indeed my privilege to welcome you, our faculty

and staff, to a new academic year.

Our colleges and universities

and the collective work that we all do serves

as the catalyst for the economic vibrancy

and social mobility across Minnesota.

The partnerships that our colleges

and universities have built with employers,

7,000 of them when we counted last,

are critical to provide transformative education

for our students.

We recently talked to some of the alums

who have benefited from the partnerships you all

have forged and they are filled with the pride

and gratitude for the experiential learning opportunities

they had while in school.

Let's listen to a few of them.

[Steve] By my senior year I was working 30 hours a week

at GeoComm and then I was hired the day I graduated.

If it weren't for St. Cloud State and this partnership

with GeoComm I wouldn't be where I am today.

[Vilayluck] I think it's very important that Minnesota State

and Mayo Clinic have a partnership.

When you're done with your program

and you're looking for your different jobs

that you want to apply to, recruiters

in Mayo Clinic will look to see that you've been exposed

to the different expertise that we have here

at the different facilities that you're doing clinicals at.

[Cheri] I still remember when I received my wings.

As soon as we passed our check ride

they would slide your wings over across the desk to you

and that is really an impactful moment.

When I look back upon my education here

at Minnesota State, Mankato it really set

a terrific foundation for my entire career.

[Derek] I think partnerships between colleges

and employers are very important because it's a way

of getting your foot into the doorsteps

of what it's like working in the real world

and the field that you're studying in.

It was also a way for me to get introduced

to a company such as Visual Communications.

[Breanna] Because of the internship and the partnership

through Alex Tech and Ziegler I ended up getting hired

before I graduated.

Employer partnerships like this are important

because it makes it a lot easier for kids in college

to actually talk to someone, communicate,

and it definitely helps.

[Chancellor Malhotra] I find these examples of how our collective work impacts

the lives of our students inspiring.

But we have to do more.

In June, I shared with the board what I viewed

as the next steps following our reimagining work

we all did together this past year.

The vision I shared with them is that

by 2030 Minnesota State will eliminate

the educational equity gaps at every Minnesota State college

and university.

I'm calling this goal Equity 2030.

All our faculty and the staff are doing great work.

But we know we will need to do increasingly more

in an environment with less resources if we are

to reach the goal of Equity 2030.

Tenacity at all levels will be needed

and required to stay focused on enhancing access

and student success.

However, I think together we can rise

to the challenge and accomplish Equity 2030.

Thank you for opening the doors of educational opportunities

to students from all walks of life.

As you know, the diversity of our students, faculty,

and staff and our commitment to inclusion, respect,

and closing the equity gap are among our greatest strengths.

Best wishes to all of you for a successful

and fulfilling year.

Good luck.

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