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mmm-hmm look it's raining can you believe it who would have thought that

here in England we would get rain but there it is now falling from the sky

it is raining very heavily at the moment here in England Oh guess what it's time

for another live English addict

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you ok I

hope so are you happy I really hope you are

happy because well I need cheering up to be honest I'm feeling a little down

today a little gloomy but can you blame me look out the window at the moment oh

my goodness it is horrible outside right now the

rain is falling very heavily apparently we are going to get I think it's one

month's worth of rain in in in a day is that true

that doesn't sound right to me are you telling me that we are going to get a

month's worth of rain in one day no surely not and that doesn't sound

right to me hi I don't think that's true to be honest

anyway here we are I hope you are having a super-duper day where you are and of

course I'm sure you are pretty happy today I know why you are happy because

the weekend is just around the corner which means that it is Friday

Friday a lot of people think thank goodness it's Friday because a lot of

people spend their whole week waiting waiting for Friday to arrive and it is

here I hope you have had a good week my week has been okay I've been doing quite

a few things mr. Steve has been busy as well we are going over to see my mother

tomorrow as well so we're going to spend some time with her because she has it

been very well lately so I'm going to see my mum tomorrow and of course I will

be back with you on Sunday as well I'm such a busy bee these days Sunday

Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time is when you can catch me still there are many

people asking mr. Duncan when can we see you live so there they are the times and

also the days of the week when you can catch me live on Sunday Wednesday and

Friday all of those days 2 p.m. UK time and

don't forget to check the time difference because there will be a big

time difference depending on where you are in the world we have a very

interesting live stream coming today we are talking about one particular subject

later on Black Friday have you heard of Black Friday a lot of people are talking

about it at the moment now today is Friday it's not quite Black Friday yet

however a lot of people are talking about that particular subject and we

will be doing that later on I will show you a video all about the reason why and

what people do on Black Friday that coming later on I suppose I should also

have a look at the live chat don't you think so okay before we go any further

we'll have a look at the live chat oh and also I have to apologize for

something as well I've been a silly boy something that I forgot to do in the

last lesson I will be doing shortly how about the live chat what is happening on

there well oh it's very busy at the moment on the live chat thanks for

joining me here on YouTube Isabella hello Isabella guess what you are first

on today's live chat which means you get a super-duper mr. Duncan rang of


well done I know it's not easy it isn't easy being first on the live chat you

have to have a very fast finger do you have a fast finger if you do then maybe

next time you will be first on the live chat who knows

also khyber is here hello Khyber nice to see you here as well also Tanya Tanya

art I'm very intrigued I want to know what type of art you do is it something

very creative maybe you paint portraits of people I've always wanted to have a

portrait painted of me I've had a caricature made of me but never a

portrait so I would love I know this sounds very big-headed and incredibly

vain but I would love to have a portrait painted of me maybe sitting on a horse

or maybe next to a tree an old oak tree I could be leaning against it looking

thoughtful into the middle distance I would love that so yes if you do paint

portraits maybe you can paint one of me of course you will have to do it for

free as well oh yeah hello Valentine hello flower Espoir

hello to you as well Luis Mendez is here Cristina is here I think Belarusian is

not here because Belarusian today is actually picking up a special award for

her 25 years I thought I want to say 25 years of graduating from dentistry

college or dentistry school dentistry so if you are a dentist if you like to pull

people's teeth out we can say that you are in dentistry so that is the the

field of your expertise well done to to Belarusian for

celebrating the anniversary of graduating from dentistry college or

dentistry school hello to Tran also kunal nice to see you here as well

hello mr. Duncan I hope you are happy I I'm feeling a little down today I don't

know why this morning and my back was hurting I don't know

so maybe that's the reason why also because outside it is raining it looks

so miserable outside at the moment so maybe that's the reason why who knows so

welcome everyone welcome one and all also Amer and also pal Mira MD ba ba

hello to you as well I don't recognize your name on the live chat is it your

first time hello also Tamika yes Mika you are right I am wearing my

special t-shirt today do you know why because today is t-shirt day did you

know that so people all around the world people in this country are wearing their

t-shirts today I don't know why I thought it might be something connected

to a charity but I couldn't find any information about that so today is

t-shirt day and I thought I would wear my special t-shirt would you like to

have a closer look here was a closer look of my t-shirt for those who are who

are interested there it is so that is the t-shirt that I'm wearing

today to celebrate t-shirt day do you like wearing t-shirts I must be honest

with you I do like wearing t-shirts but the only problem is this time of year

they're not very good for keeping you warm

unfortunately so there is my pet shop boys

that t-shirt is over 31 years old I bought that t-shirt when I was just a

young lad way back in 1988 so that t-shirt is actually very old it

is over 31 years old and I'm wearing it right now

the only problem with the shirt the only slight problem I have is that well the

shirt is very old like me and I suppose you could say that the shirt has it has

seen better days now this is an interesting expression when we say that

something has seen better days it means that in the past it was in much better

condition it was new however if something is kept for a long time it

might start to look old we can say that it has seen better days mr. Duncan your

t-shirt looks very old I think it has seen better days it's a

way of expressing something that might be a little worn old tired and I'm not

talking about me although I might be today so something that has seen better

days you might say that my t-shirt here it is again you might say that my

t-shirt has seen better days it has seen days when it looked better that's what

it actually means so it's t-shirt day today are you

enjoying your t-shirt day maybe maybe you don't even realize that it's

t-shirt day do you have a favorite t-shirt

do you have an item of clothing that you love wearing and maybe you wear it so

often that it has become old and worn out it has seen better days I know the

feeling hello to everyone on the live chat hello Anna

hello also Jehan Zeb hello Jehan zip you're not looking

like the t-shirt sir you look very young oh thank you very much

that's very kind of you I do like the compliments it gives me quite a boost to

be honest so today we are talking about things that might be old something you

own that has been around for a long time maybe something that has been passed

down from your great-grandfather or great-grandmother so something that has

been in the family for many years we could also describe the that's this

thing as a prized possession so if you have a prized possession something that

you really value something that you think is valuable to you so it might not

be expensive but it might be something that is a prized possession so when we

say prized possession we mean something that means a lot to you or something

that has value but not necessarily something that is expensive so maybe I

don't know maybe you won a prize in a contest and you keep the prize somewhere

where you can see it easily it is your prized possession maybe you have a

beautiful car that you like to keep clean so every weekend

we'll stand outside your house and clean the car we can say that the car is your

prized possession something that is valuable to you as a possession so when

we say possession it is something that you have something you own something

that belongs to you you have ownership it is your possession

hello Eric I like t-shirts and sandals interesting

yes sandals now you don't normally see men wearing

sandals that's all I'm saying I'm just going to leave that there I'm

saying nothing else I'm not meaning anything bad I'm just saying you don't

often see men wearing sandals

zhuzi car says later is better than never

sorry I've been very busy but I'm here to learn more thank you very much for

joining me today I know it is Friday a lot of people are excited because the

weekend is around the corner okay I've been putting this off I've been avoiding

this but I'm going to say it now I am sorry I am very sorry

in the last English addict lesson I gave you a mystery idiom and here it is so

this is the mystery idiom from the previous English addict live stream the

only problem is I forgot to actually tell you what the answer was so I do

apologize I've had lots of people writing lots of people complaining

people leaning out of their windows shouting Abby

saying mr. Duncan why why didn't you give us the answer to the mystery idiom

from the other day and I do apologize for that so I will

give you the answer right now so the answer to the mystery idiom here it is

again for those who didn't see it here it is so there is the mystery idiom

question but what was the answer I will reveal it right now so don't worry you

don't have to wait any longer I will put you out of your misery as far as knowing

what the answer to this is and the answer is what are two of you got it

right congratulations so this is the mystery

idiom from the previous live stream get the boot if you get the boot and there

you can see someone being given the boot so that is the mystery idiom from the

last lesson and the meaning of get the boot to be dismissed from your job you

are being fired by your employer you are getting the sack you get the boot or we

can say you got the boot so if you you have been dismissed from your job you've

lost your job your boss has said look you are rubbish at your job I'm sorry

you have to go we can say that you have been given the boot you have got the

boot so there it was the last mystery idiom from the previous live stream so I

hope you are now happy and satisfied I apologize for that

sometimes these things will slip my mind I have a lot of things to think about so

many things going on in here sometimes I feel as if my brain will start to melt I

really do Pedro is here oh hello Pedro hello to

you hello Sally as well mr. Duncan you are going to see your mother and get

your bottle filled ah very good you remember that so that is an expression

that I used when I was making fun of mr. Steve going to his mother so yes this

weekend I will go to see my lovely mummy and I will get my bottle filled it's

great I love that expression it really is good

hello to Palmyra you are made redundant the same meaning well actually if you

are made redundant it means your job goes because of cutbacks or maybe they

can't afford to pay your wages anymore so it is a little bit different but you

can use it to mean made redundant you have lost your job because the company

cannot afford to pay your wages however quite often we will say get the boot

when we mean sacked or dismissed you have been kicked out of the company you

have been given the sack you've got the boot you have been kicked out hello to

Japan hello deca chin hello deca chin hello

I am Japanese a big hello to you I have a lot of people watching in Japan by the

way so thank you thank you very much maybe you got the boot mr. Duncan have I

ever been sacked from my job no I don't think I have it's

ever happened to me I've left many jobs because I grew tired of doing it or

maybe I hated the job or maybe someone who I was working for was treating me

unfairly so that has happened in the past I once worked for a company and

they gave me a transfer to another area so I went there to work but one of the

women and I'm going to say it was a woman because it was a woman she was so

cruel and nasty to me she really was so horrible to me and I

don't know why but she treated me very badly so I decided to take the transfer

so I transferred my transfer back to where I was before because this this

lady was treating me so badly I don't know why but she hated me can you

imagine anyone hating me okay maybe one or two people say no more I'm saying

nothing else thank you very much to Florence what does it mean when you get

your bottle filled by your mother it means you go to your mother and she

gives you lots of love and care and hugs and she tells you how much she loves you

and then you tell her how much you love her so she has a chance to treat you as

a baby just as if you are a baby so sometimes we will joke when a person

goes home to their parents or their mother we will often say oh I see are

you going home this weekend to get your bottle filled because when you're a baby

your mother will often give you a bottle too to drink the milk from a little

bottle so there you go I hope I've explained that well mr.

Duncan and mr. Steve are you both very happy having your mum's still yes we are

very lucky both of our mother are still with us mr. Steeves mother I I

don't know if I'm going to get into trouble for this I probably will but I

don't think they're watching I don't think mr. Steve's mother watches me so

I'm going to I'm going to be okay but mr. Steve's mother will be ninety in two

years time so mr. Steve's mother is nearly 90

approaching 90 yes my mother not quite as old that's all I'm saying

and as for me I really do feel as if I really do feel as if I have seen better

days so sometimes I feel like this t-shirt sometimes I feel exactly the

same as this t-shirt I feel worn out and maybe I should be

thrown out into the street and put onto the scrap heap who knows so V Shan can

you tell me what's knowledge tell me about knowledge what is

knowledge well knowledge is what you know so anything that you know anything

that is inside your brain any information about anything is knowledge

so knowledge is what you have in here the things you know the things you have

learned the things that you were told or taught at school so anything that you've

learned from experience or through teaching is knowledge and it is stored

up here in your brain and zonic hello and zonic nice to see you again you are

the best teacher in the world thank you very much I do wish that

someone would tell YouTube about that that would be very nice by the way if

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oh I see I've just seen what an sonic has written and zonic says oh my mother

is also my wife my wife works as an English teacher also so both are the

best teacher in the world so I share the position of the best

teacher in the world with hands on

extinct so Mika says my father is 88 and he is quite healthy now I would imagine

that your father has been very active in his life maybe he didn't smoke or drink

maybe he has taken care of himself a bit like Steve's mum now Steve's mother has

more energy than me and mr. Steve put together I can't believe it and earlier

this year Steve's mum had a car crash as well she was involved in a car accident

and a couple of weeks later she was back behind the wheel of a new car can you

believe it so I really do think mr. Steve's mother is like is like one of

those Duracell rabbits have you seen those rabbits and the TV advert that a

like a clockwork toy but they use batteries to power them so yes I really

do love that Rakesh hello mr. Duncan did you remember me I ate for you but I'm

happy with your livestream thank you it is about night it is now night time here

in Pradesh thank you very much Pedro says mr. Duncan maybe your mother had

platonic love for you I'm not sure about that that's not getting to that oh dear

cute our met hello cute our meds once again please highlight the disabled

people's issues yes I will do it one week I have lots of

things planned but yes that is a very good idea I have made a note of your

suggestion so don't worry I haven't forgotten Marwa says mr. Steve's mother

is amazing I think so I always remember we went on a walk with Steve's mother a

few years ago and and Steve's mother was going up this hill there is a hill that

we visited and Steve's mother was going up quicker than we were Noemi my mother

is 90 and she has some times more energy than me Dornan Dornan wu asks mr. Duncan

do you smoke no I don't I've never smoked cigarettes in my life the strange

thing is both of my parents did they used to smoke a lot quite heavily so my

mother would smoke cigarettes all the time and my father was a smoker but to

be honest with you he'd actually put me off I decided that I didn't want to

smoke so sometimes people believe that if your parents smoke then you will be

tempted to smoke as well but actually it had the opposite effect so it didn't

encourage me to smoke it actually put me off I didn't like the thought of smoking

a cigarette I don't think so hello to Noemi again hello also too cute

armed' don't worry I have written your suggestion down hello to Patrick

someone didn't like you I can't believe it I know it seems incredible how can

you not like this unlike a little puppy a little lost puppy that's what I'm like

the number of your subscribers has been increasing I'm happy for you yes there

are still some people on YouTube who are watching me although something very

strange happened a few days ago did anyone notice what happened on one

of my Sunday live streams suddenly I had lots and lots of viewers and then the

following live stream everything disappeared again so sometimes I do

wonder what YouTube is doing especially those naughty algorithms I think so

Pedro says my mother is 55 still very young I feel slightly disturbed that

your mother is almost the same age as me or is that the other way round I'm

almost the same age as your mother Pedro can you believe it my parents don't

smoke but unfortunately I do says Patrick Oh Deary me

some people like smoking and then they become an addict so there are good

addictions like living the English language and there are bad addictions I

suppose some people like to smoke some people like to drink and some people

like to learn English hello Dorian again yes no smoking it is good for you and

for everyone around you I agree with you yes so over the next few days people are

talking about Black Friday I think its next Friday in the USA Black Friday is

actually next week but many people here in the UK are already talking about

Black Friday so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at one of my

English lessons where I talk all about the subject of Black Friday

so the holiday season is on its way once again which can only mean that Black

Friday is also on its way with each year that comes around we hear this phrase

used more and more but what exactly is Black Friday what does it mean well let

me tell you first of all there are many recorded events which have been given

the title of Black Friday many of these events are unhappy or tragic the name

often relates to death or destruction taking place however this particular

Black Friday is related to a holiday that is celebrated in the USA this

particular Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving

itself occurs on the fourth Thursday of November and Black Friday falls on the

day after Thanksgiving which is a Friday Black Friday is not observed as a public

holiday although certain states in the u.s. do consider the day after

Thanksgiving as a day off for those working in the government the term Black

Friday began in Philadelphia and related to the swarms of pedestrians and traffic

that would fill the streets right after the day of Thanksgiving later this

phrase would relate to profits made by those who ran shops the time of year

when shop owners would be in the black this means that they make a profit they

are not in the red they have not made a loss they are in the black nowadays the

term is used to describe the beginning of pre Christmas trading the first day

of christmas trading is normally marked with discounts and sales

this event grew in popularity during the 1970s during these sales many people

will push and fight each other for the discounted items the Black Friday rush

to buy something on offer has slowly spread to other countries to Australia

Brazil Canada India Mexico all have Black Friday sales even here in the UK

we have Black Friday events the first of which was held in 2003 it normally falls

on the same day as the one in the USA there is even an online version of Black

Friday called Cyber Monday this relates to items purchased through the internet

and occurs on the Monday after Thanksgiving

both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are seen as important days for retailers as

for some these are their best days of trading during the whole year so that is

Black Friday all explained in a nutshell this is mr. Duncan in England saying

happy holidays and enjoy your shopping and of course Tatar for now

so if you didn't know before now you do that is why we have Black Friday

it is English addict live on Friday it isn't Black Friday today but it will

be next weekend I think it's actually next Friday in the States even though

here lots of Black Friday sales have already started so people can't wait

they are so desperate they need those customers because at this time of year

all of the shops all of the businesses that sell things are desperate really

desperate to get your money or to get you to go through their store door I

think so hello Pedro again I need to buy a new and more modern cell phone to

watch you mr. Duncan I see oh maybe you need to update your phone perhaps we

were talking about smoking earlier on as a side subject because my parents smoked

when I was a child I'm not sure if it's done any damage to me although for many

years I did suffer from asthma so maybe that's connected who knows I can blame

my parents for that patch you hello also - hi Lee Kwang when is Black Friday when

does it begin well I think it begins next week in the States because it's

always the weekend before Thanksgiving and also it's the time when people

receive their paycheck before Christmas so it's normally the final paycheck that

people receive before Christmas time so that's why it is a very important time

of year Patrick Patrick says something about Black Friday I don't think he

likes it I don't think he likes Bret Black Friday to be honest with you I

won't be buying anything here that I don't normally go out to the sales I

don't normally do it so I remember many years ago when I was a

child they would always have a big sale on New Year's Day so when the year came

to an end on the 1st of January there would always be a big sale because the

shops would be closed during Christmas so the whole period surrounding

Christmas the shops would actually be closed you couldn't go shopping at all

so they would have a big sale normally on the 1st or 2nd of January and then

people would go to the shops and they would wait outside for hours and hours

to get those bargains quite often there would be something in the window of the

shop to tempt people to queue outside normally a television maybe a television

set was in the window and maybe it was only 50 pounds so that's what used to

happen anyway but nowadays of course you can buy all the time the shops never

closed in fact I think in this country some supermarkets this year I think they

are opening on Christmas Day I might be wrong but I'm sure I read this somewhere

on the internet it might not be true but I believe that some are actually opening

on Christmas Day can you believe it but I suppose also when you think about it

because we live in a country that has lots of different races people with

different traditions so not everyone celebrates Christmas so I suppose there

are two ways of looking in that situation there are two sides to that

story hello Valentine the chances are that you have been a passive smoker for

a while well I never used to like my parents smoking anyway I used to hate it

especially my mother I used to always worry about my mother

smoking because I knew even as a child I knew that smoking was a bad habit I did

Patrick says I apologize for my rude word hmm yes you have to be careful

sometimes on the internet when you typed things don't worry about it though it's

t-shirt day today I'm wearing my lovely pet shop boys t-shirt can you see it

there it is so there is my pet shop boys t-shirt I'm wearing it today and that

t-shirt is 31 years old I can't believe it but it is it actually is 31 years old

I remember buying that way back in 1988 I was so young I was just a child

so it's t-shirt day also we are talking about things that might be old something

that has seen better days as I mentioned earlier also maybe there is something

that you love maybe you have a prized possession maybe something that you love

maybe something that you own that you really take care of you love it so much

but one of the problems is that sometimes these things can get damaged

or break or stop working and this is something that happened to me a few

years ago I think it was about three years ago now something that I cherished

and loved decided to stop working can you see this this is the most amazing

thing this is a camera it's a professional quality camera and I bought

this over nine years ago so I've had this for a very long time

however three years ago suddenly it stopped working so suddenly it stopped

functioning it decided not to work anymore so I decided to try and get this

repaired so I contacted some people who repair cameras and they said it would

too much to repair this in fact I could almost buy a new camera

for the same price as getting this fixed so I couldn't get it fixed I couldn't

afford to get this mended so I had to put it in my cupboard and now it's

useless it doesn't work and yet it is still one of my most prized possessions

I used to love going out filming in the streets filming among nature filming the

birds and the trees and also sometimes I would filled myself so yes there it is

so one of my prized possessions I still keep it even though it no longer works

my lovely professional camera rest in peace quite a shame really

so unfortunately I can't get it fixed because the camera was very expensive he

was nearly 4,000 pounds so when it broke the people who I offered to take it to

to be repaired said well it will cost about three thousand pounds to correct

it to put it right so I couldn't get it fixed unfortunately how impressive it is

to keep your t-shirt for 31 years I think so even I'm amazed to be honest I

really am so like my camera just like my poor camera it is broke it has broken so

here are two words that we can use to describe something that no longer works

if something no longer works we can say that it is broke or broken quite often

something that stops working something that needs repairing we can say that it

is broken my camera doesn't work anymore unfortunately

it's broken because of work I miss my lovely camera so much we could

describe my t-shirt we could say it is worn out so if something is worn out it

means it looks old it looks untidy it looks as if it needs

throwing away it is worn out so if something is worn out it means it is old

it is tired and maybe it is time to replace the thing that is worn out so

quite often we will use this expression to describe clothing so maybe an item of

clothing that looks old you've had it for many years a bit like this t-shirt

so some people might think that this t-shirt is worn out they might say mr.

Duncan why do you wear that t-shirt it is worn out you need a new t-shirt but

the reason why I'm wearing it today is because it's t-shirt day we might say

that something that looks old we might say that it looks worn around the edges

so again you might describe this t-shirt you can see this t-shirt looks worn

around the edges so because this t-shirt is so old it actually looks a little

worn around the edges it is something that has been used or worn so many times

that it now looks old and out-of-date

highly Cuong says what about vintage yes we can say vintage to mean something

that is old or sometimes we use the word classic classic so maybe a car can be

described as a vintage car an old car a classic car

Sally my food says I would like to be a photographer someday and have my own

studio yes well you never know if you want it go out there and get it because

the world is your oyster as they say nice body sir in this shirt

oh I see thank you very much so you are saying that the shirt looks

old but the body underneath looks alright thank you very much that's

really cheered me up Thank You Patrick it is old fashioned to

wear an old t-shirt maybe especially this one because the pet shop boys still

perform but they are now much older so yes they look much older however I do

like wearing things that remind me of my past and also my young years because

when I was growing up music meant a lot to me and I was a big fan of the Pet

Shop Boys to be honest your t-shirt is a real relic oh yes I like that one as

well so something that is old something that is worn-out something that has gone

past its best is a relic relic maybe something you dig up that's buried in

the ground you might find an old relic part of an old building or maybe a piece

of pottery something that is old it is a relic something from the past we might

say something looks beaten up if something is beaten up we can say that

maybe a car so maybe you've been driving the same car for many years and maybe

your neighbor comes out one day and says your car

it looks beaten up it looks old so maybe there are lots of dents and scratches on

the car so it looks old it looks beaten up it looks as if you've

been driving it for many years and maybe you've had some accidents in the car

something that is no longer useful something you can't use anymore because

it no longer works you can say that it's useless

it's useless a useless thing is something that no longer serves any

purpose so something that is useless something that is no longer useful is

useless so you could describe this camera so this camera now doesn't work

it stopped working it's useless unfortunately very sad and

quite heartbreaking as well it's useless here's a great word I love this word so

much I really do kaput kaput something that has broken something that no longer

works quite often a piece of machinery or maybe an electronic device that no

longer works we can say that it has gone kaput or it is kaput it no longer works

it stopped working it's kaput I like it yes your broken camera is now useless

and unfortunately yes my my days of filming with this camera are over I can

no longer make my videos using this camera even though I have some other

cameras but they are not so good they are not as good as that one because that

one is amazing well it was amazing you are so

synonymous with your lessons thank you very much I am somewhat connected with

YouTube and also teaching English on YouTube I think so probably because I've

been doing it for many years I've been doing this for for 13 years

that might be the reason why Patrick says kaput it is a German word

hello also to Leviathan hello Leviathan who asks do you speak

another language I had to learn Chinese when I lived in China because I was

living in China for many years teaching English and I had to learn some Chinese

and also when I was at school I was very good at French I don't know why or how

but I was very good at French Patrick says don't do it with your underwear

don't do what what are you talking about I don't know what you mean there maybe

Patrick means don't wear your underwear for many many years I think that's a

good idea although I have noticed that underwear

never lasts very long just like socks so I always find that socks and then

depends they normally wear very quickly you always have to buy new socks and new

underwear I think so is another camera too expensive to buy

well a professional camera yes many thousands of pounds to buy one of those

although I do have a couple of cameras the one you can see now the one that I'm

standing in front of now so that is a DSLR that I'm using to show myself to

you and also I have a Sony camera as well so this is the Sony camera so that

is what I'm using to show the outside view so that is a Sony camera it isn't

fully professional but it is high-quality and then we have my old can

camera this camera is very old in fact the camera you are watching now was my

first ever high-definition camera so yes I have three cameras an old one are not

so old one and a DSLR as well so not everything is bad not everything not

everything is broken fortunately in this t-shirt you look like a hippie thank you

very much for that sometimes I feel like a hippie to be honest what's wrong with

this do you mean my camera I don't know it just doesn't work anymore

one day it stopped working it went kaput very disappointing and it's a beautiful

camera as you can see it's lovely but it no longer works it stopped working there

is some sort of fault inside I don't know what it is but

unfortunately because it's professional to get it repaired will cost a lot of

money so that's it don't worry I'm not begging I'm not asking for a new camera

before anyone asks no I'm not asking that however you are more than welcome

to make a donation if you want to allow my work to continue if you want PayPal

no problem Valentin does the underwear have a special celebration day well I

suppose it depends on how old your underwear is some men will wear their

underwear many years they will put their underpants on for many many years of

course they will also wash them as well so I don't mean that they wear the same

underwear or the same pants for you for lots of years so nothing like that

something that is broken something that no longer works we can say that it's

habit it doesn't work anymore it's broken it's it's had it

it's habit unfortunately the thing no longer works it has become useless it's

had it sorry mr. Duncan we can't repair your camera

it's had it unfortunately something that cannot be fixed or repaired we can say

that it is beyond repair so I suppose you could say that this camera can be


but to be honest with you I think that it is beyond repair it can't be fixed

something that has seen better days something that is old may be out of date

may be something that no longer works properly we can say that it's for the

scrap heap so when you dispose of something old worn out maybe an old

washing machine or an old refrigerator or even an old car we can say that it's

full the scrap heap it is no longer useful it no longer serves any purpose

it is for the scrap heap scrap heap a place where things are disposed of quite

often large objects things made of metal such as washing machines and as I just

mentioned refrigerators and cars as well if something doesn't look good

or maybe something looks a little old we can say that it is rundown now quite

often we will use this to describe maybe a building maybe a room maybe a piece of

furniture so something that looks old-fashioned or maybe dirty or maybe

the thing is falling apart it looks as if it needs a lot of repairing something

looks down run down so maybe you stay at a

hotel and the hotel inside it's very old-fashioned and some of the rooms are

quite dirty you can say that the hotel is rundown it looks old and worn rundown

Mohammed knee brass says mr. Duncan don't worry you are not rundown I'm

pleased to hear that an old building an old structure something that is falling

to pieces we can say that it is dilapidated it looks old it's falling

apart it looks dated something that needs a

lot of work doing to it it is now dilapidated an old building can be

described as dilapidated maybe it is abandoned maybe people don't use it

anymore it has fallen into disrepair it is

dilapidated I like that word that's a good one an item of clothing like my

t-shirt you might describe it as threadbare so you might describe an item

of clothing if you wear some clothing that looks old maybe it is falling to

pieces we can say that it is threadbare so you might describe this t-shirt as

looking a little threadbare it is very worn it is old it is threadbare quite

often we will describe an old carpet so if you have a carpet in your house and

maybe it is looking very worn we can say that the carpet is threadbare

so maybe the original color has disappeared completely the carpet is old

stained worn-out it is threadbare my hospital building is dilapidated says

Mohammad yes an old building maybe a building that needs lots of work doing

to it we can say that it is dilapidated tattered I suppose also you can use this

to describe clothing maybe if your clothing is old you might say that

Charlie Chaplin used to wear tattered clothes when he played the part of the

old Tramp so the Tramp that Charlie Chaplin played

would often wear tattered clothes old clothes they were worn they were old and

a need replacing tattered so something that is tattered you might see a

homeless person sitting outside a shop and they are wearing tattered clothes

can you say that your camera has been acting up yes that's a very good

expression if something acts up or if it is acting up it means it is presenting a

problem it is not working properly so I think this camera has stopped working

completely so it isn't acting up it has completely stopped working it stopped

working completely and we have not many left I will be going soon we might tell

someone to throw it out if you own something that is old worn something

that is no longer useful you might tell the person to throw it out why do you

always keep your old thing why do you keep your old camera mr.

Duncan I think you should throw it out you should throw it out you should throw

it away get rid of it dispose of it so throw it out to discard

something you throw it out here's an interesting word and expression chuck it

away now quite often you will hear this said in British English Chuck so the

word chuck means throw so you throw something away you took it away

chuck it away so you might hear a person say those trousers have got holes in it

we can see your knees I think it's time to to chuck them away or if it's one

thing chuck it away so a pair of trousers we would say chuck them away if

it's one item that doesn't come as a pair we can say took it away took it

away you don't need it anymore mr. Duncan just chuck it away another way of

describing something that is worn out and no longer useful we can say that

it's had its day it's had its day and you can see here there are two uses of

its so this here is the contraction of it's had its day and also there the

possessive form of its which doesn't have the apostrophe it's had its day

it's had its day it has had its day so here you see the contraction for it's it

has it has had its day it is no longer useful if you throw

something away we can say that you discard something you discard it so to

throw it away you no longer want it it is no longer useful to you you discard

something so maybe you discard your old clothes you discard your old furniture

you throw it away you get rid of it you discard it I like that word

discard I must discard my old camera throw out so this is something I

mentioned just now if you throw out something it means you get rid of it you

throw it away you no longer want it it is no longer useful to you you throw out

your old clothes you throw out your old furniture and finally the last phrase

throw away now you may have heard seen read listened to in the news a lot of

people are talking about the way we throw away or rubbish so when you throw

away something it has to be disposed of so someone has to dispose of the things

that you throw away so maybe you throw away your furniture or maybe you throw

away some paper or plastic you throw it away it has to be disposed of someone

has to take care of that throw away so many people throw things away food some

people throw away food because maybe they think it is no longer edible you

can't eat it anymore so there are many reasons many reasons

why a person might throw away something and that is it I am about to throw

myself away from the internet but not for long don't

worry I will be back guess when Sunday I'm back on Sunday 2pm

UK time with another English addict for those who can't get enough of the

beautiful language that is English thank you very much for your company today I

hope you've enjoyed this it's been different

I think it's been fun I think it's been interesting maybe I hope so

I hope it's been useful we will have another mystery idiom on Sunday by the

way there will be another mystery idiom and once again apologies can I apologize

I will say sorry for not giving you the answer in the last English an extreme so

that's it that's almost time for me to go it's almost time to say goodbye

Mohammed says I have been using the same tattered trousers Florence says I need

to go thank you for your video Thank You Florence don't worry I'm also departing

as well but don't worry I'm not going to jump on the scrapheap I'm not going to

throw myself out not yet anyway I still have a few more miles on the clock

hello also to RHS thank you very much thank you Eric

Thank You Noemi thank you very much for your company today now I know what's

going to happen a lot of people are going to join running now as I'm saying

goodbye so I know what's going to happen a lot of people are going to suddenly

join me watch watch what happens let's see if I'm right I'm about to go but I

know what will happen people will start joining and they'll

say Oh mr. Duncan are you going already it's not fair

Thank You Valentin Thank You Rosa Thank You Mirrelle thank you very much for your

company today even though more people are now joining sadly I must depart

it is time to go parting is such sweet sorrow it really is so I will be back on

Sunday 2pm UK time so now you know this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of

English showing you the t-shirt for the last time this t-shirt is 31 years old

sadly the person wearing it is much older than that and of course you know

what's coming next until we meet again right here on YouTube

Tatar for now

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