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- Oh my God!

Is that Mario Lopez?


- Yeah!

- Look at his hair!

- [Emma] I'm so concentrated.

- I'm so, yeah, (laughing)

I'm really, this is really--

- It's like a--

- [Asa] I've got to be honest, a lot of these shows

and people I don't know. - Yeah, same.

- Aimee.

- Yeah, yeah, I was gonna say Aimee as well, so Aimee.

Jessi from Big Mouth.

Buffy 'cause she's a vampire slayer.

- Yes, she is.

- Sabrina 'cause she's a witch.

- So, you know.

Effy and Rue both have a lot of issues, you know.

But they're so cool.

So, ummmm....


I feel like I would wanna,

I'd wanna go to a school with her,

I'd wanna be her ride or die.

- Who would be in my squad?


- Okay.

- Jay, just 'cause he makes me laugh.


- This is quite stressful, this is stress, like--

- I told you games are stressful--

- Jackson, I just love Jackson.

I would want, I just would wanna be his friend

and I would wanna help him.

- We love Jackson.

- We love Jackson.

- Sabrina, she's just cool.

She can like cast spells.

- Yeah.

- That would be cool, dunno for what--

- I mean, yeah, we're using her as just like,

for her magic, not actually her.

She's magic, so, you know, that's cool.

- And both James and Alyssa are sort of terrifying.

- [Emma] She's badass, she's cool.

She's got great one-liners.

- You're pretty shit.


So good!

- Maybe they come as a pair?

- You have to pick one, come on.

- Fine, Alyssa.

Because, she's not gonna kill me.

- Okay, I'm gonna start mine with Jackson.

'cause like, you know, he's the boy, he's the man.

Moordale mellin' it!

And then I'm gonna go with Willow

'cause Willow is a really powerful witch.

- Oh, is she?

- She's a witch as well.

- Oh, 'cause I wouldn't done, oh.

- Sorry, I should've, I should've let you know--

- Yeah, you should've said.

- But I was just so concentrated, it was like,

this was stressful, like, picking this.

So Willow's actually a really, like,

she's a badass witch.

Very, very powerful.

Then I'm gonna do Aimee.

You know what I mean.

And I need either Tony or Effy in there just to,

you know, you need, like,

a kinda rogue one in the group.

- Yeah, you do need a rogue one in the group.

- You need someone that's gonna--

- You need someone who's a little bit off!

- Derail you, or, yeah!

- Off piece!

- So you can like rein each other in, they get,

I'm gonna say--

- You gotta rep.

- I know, yeah, exactly.

- Gotta rep Kaya.

- Gotta rep my girl, Kaya.

Yeah, Effy, and then, I'm gonna say

Jimmy from "Degrassi," just because

it's Drake.

- Yeah, it's just Drake.

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