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Hello. I'm Joe Paiva. And I'm Bob Morris.

We're here to tell you a little bit about GeoLearn and the new website we have launched.

We hope that you will find it a great place to visit.

GeoLearn is a business concept that's been brewing for a number of years and we finally

have an opportunity to bring this to the marketplace.

GeoLearn is based on a modern technology, using multimedia, intense video and a number

of other technologies, to enrich the whole learning experience. It is an asynchronous

model, so people are able to take these courses at your own convenience and we've increased

the rigor of the courses to basically improve the quality and the overall endorsement by

societies and the accreditation institutions that we're using.

So, our faculty are one of our strong points, we believe. Their top notch, they're well

known and we think you will appreciate what they have to say.

We have Gary Kent, who will be talking about ALTA, ACSM, land title surveys. And Wendy

Lathrop, who will be speaking on floods, flood plain management and the National Flood Insurance


Those are our launch faculty. However, we have many others lined up that you will find

out about on our web page. But some of them include Dave Doyle, who will be speaking on

geodesy, Bill Hennings on RTK, Eric Gakstatter on GPS and Dennis Mulland on Ethics.

And we have Joe Paiva's courses also brought to the catalog. Joe's presenting a series

on unmanned aerial vehicles, ranging from an intro to more advanced topics on that subject,

as well as complete series on state plain coordinates and a beginning course on errors

analysis in basic surveying practice.

Part of the package that we provide is the professional development credit that's attached

to our courses. We do this through a partnership with Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi.

So, you get that, but at the same time, we believe that you will probably want more than

simply being able to satisfy a licensing board's requirements for renewal.

So we hope that our content will actually challenge you, maybe even entertain you, but

certainly bring you to a higher level of practice, so that you can deliver to your clients better


And over the years, Joe and I have spent a good part of our careers together and independently

on product development, bringing innovative technical solutions to the practitioner.

One of the things we've noticed and we hope to address with GeoLearn, is the fact that

many practitioners start to just press buttons. They take the technology at a little too much

faith, perhaps. And what we would like to bring to the table is knowledge and understanding

why you're doing what you're doing and how the technology is going to actually help your

industry, or help your practice, in efficiency and what you deliver to your customers.

Yes, if you have attended any of my seminars, you probably know how I, how much I talk about

the trained monkey syndrome. We certainly want to do something to help address that,

because many of you have voiced that same concern that you, as well as the people who

work for you, or who you work with, probably don't know as much as they need to know about

the technology and how it implements very basic surveying techniques.

On top of that, we want to make sure that you can actually get from us additional information

that helps you raise your level of quality and your level of expertise in delivering

to your customers.

Another GeoLearn offering is going to be what we call Group Solutions. In your corporation,

your agency, your group, whatever that makeup is, if you would like to customize learning

course offerings for your employee base, we invite you to come and talk with us, so that

we can put that together, that's tailored for your needs and we can deliver that either

through the GeoLearn training portal, or put a custom training portal together with your

brand, so that you have control over the delivery of those courses.

Yes, having a cost control over education opportunities that we provide, especially

for those on your team, we hope will be one of the attractive things about the Group Solutions.

So, we invite you to come to our site, check us out, follow us on the social media that

we mention on the website. We have a contacts page, where you can write to us and tell us

your criticisms, as well as your complements.

We also want you to give us suggestions on where we can go with faculty, with topics

and the kinds of things that you need to improve your level of performance.

So we hope you'll visit us on our website, and we look forward to meeting many of you

in the marketplace.

Enjoy your visit. Thank you.

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