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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Vegan guide to Manchester" by Cerys Davies – EF Guest Vlog

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Hi everyone.

My names Cerys Davies and today Im going to be doing a guest vlog for the EF channel,

taking you guys all around Manchester.

If you dont know who I am, I create lifestyle videos here on YouTube where I cover an array of topics

including self-confidence, university videos and veganism.

Weve got quite a buzzing vegan scene here in Manchester, so I thought I would take you guys around

and introduce you to some of my favourite places to go for vegan food, so, lets go!

Our first stop, the tram-stop we just got off at, is St. Peters Square.

Our first location is right in the centre of town and, if youre getting off the tram,

its a straight 8 minute walk down one of Manchesters most popular streets, Oxford Road.

Theres a bus stop right outside, which follows the routes of busses 43 and 142.

We just got to our first location, which is the Eighth Day café and supermarket.

This place is your typical vegan café, but with a twist.

Theres a supermarket, and theres also a deli where you can find sweet and savoury treats to take away.

Downstairs is the restaurant part where theres a wide variety of food from the salad bar to vegan cakes.

Theres also a hot food section where the menu changes daily. I got a dal with a side of potatoes.

Our next destinations are about a 15 minute walk or a short tram ride away.

You can get off at either the station Piccadilly Gardens or Market Street.

Getting off at one of these will pretty much take you to the Northern Quarter,

which is my favourite part of Manchester.

Were at our second place now.

I think you pronounce it Ziferblat. I dont know, I could be wrong.

This is a really cool place because you basically just pay for your time here.

So, its 8 pence a minute and if youre a student, its only 6 pence.

You can get breakfast here, snacks, cakes, all types of different things, tea, coffee.

Its not purely a vegan place; there are optionsa lot of options.

And theres a bunch of different things you can do. There are a lot of books, you can play board games.

So, let me take you around. First, you want to sign in at the front desk.

They just register your name and what time you came in.

This place reminds me of a huge sitting room.

Its comfy and cozy enough to relax, but there are also tables,

so you have the option if you want to use one to work or to eat at.

Everything is self-service, meaning that you help yourselves,

so Im just using the coffee machine to make myself a drink,

and then heading over to the fridge to choose some milk.

Theyve got a large variety of food here, and the food changes throughout the day,

depending on what time you come.

They only thing is that the food isnt clearly labelled here, so you do have to ask about what is vegan and what isnt.

The staff is so friendly and helpful here.

But my favourite part of Ziferblat is its game section, so I couldnt film this video and not include some action.

Once youre done, you simply clean up after yourself; theyve got all the supplies at the sink.

Check out and pay at the desk.

Our next location is right across the road. The next place weve got is V-Rev.

This place is the best place ever for vegan junk food.

Theyve got things like hot dogs, mac ncheese, chicken, and all types of things you can imagine, and its vegan.

I know, it sounds crazy if youve never seen anything like it before,

so pause or rewind the video if you want to see the menu.

V-Rev can get quite busy, so you might want to book a table to secure a seat.

Inside, the décor is retro inspired and its just a really fun place to be.

Again, the staff is so friendly.

I thought, I couldnt come here and not get one of their sundaes,

so I got this cookie one filled with brownie, cookie, ice cream, sauce, sprinkles,

the full works and - like I said - a hundred percent vegan.

I also got some chicken strips. These are southern fried, covered in ranch and barbecue sauce.

There are so many options, youll be spoiled for choice if you go here.

Were just opposite from the Arndale shopping centre now, and

right behind me is our next stop, which is Little Aladdin.

The food there is so affordable and its so tasty. I just got myself a tofu sandwich.

This used to be my local when I worked nearby on an internship

and I cant recommend it enough.

Its a family-owned business and the people are so nice,

so definitely, if youre in the area, check it out and get yourself a nice wrap

- or a curry! They do a lot of different things. Its very nice.

This is just around the corner from our last two places, so Little Aladdin is very central.

Theyve got an Indian style menu, but they also offer takeaway classics such as cheese nchips, burgers and falafel,

and theyve got amazing vegan sauces, so you wont be missing out if you go here.

Its a nice laid back café where all the walls are glass, so you can do some people watching while youre eating.

You can choose all the salads you want and, once again, the staff is amazing,

so definitely support local and go check them out.

This is our last stop now, which is Crazy Pedros.

This place is like a little hidden gem in Manchester. You really would not just see this walking past the street.

I think its somewhere where you kind of just hear of it through word of mouth,

so Im excited to show you guys this one.

From the outside, you really cannot tell what this place is,

but once you walk down the steps, youll find this really cool, dark,

underground restaurant with arcade games and rock-inspired décor.

Its a nice chilled-back environment. Theres music playing.

You just order everything at the bar. Its not like a formal restaurant.

The lunchtime menu actually lasts way longer than lunch time. I think its on until around 5 p.m.

You can get two slices of pizza and a soft drink for 5 pounds.

The pizza they offer really is crazy. They have two vegan options and they go all out with the toppings.

And were back. So, those are my 5 top places to go as a vegan in Manchester.

And even if youre not vegan, I definitely recommend checking out at least one of these places.

I think each of them give a good representation of what Manchester has to offer.

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And feel free to head over to my channel - the link will be in the description -

for more videos from me. Thanks for watching. Bye everyone!

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