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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Maniyar Kudumbam Tamil Full Movie

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Here it is mama

Is there a new soap?

Here it is mama

Is the hotwater ready?

It's ready

-Have you pressed the Shirt and the Veshti? - Yes mama

-Red, White, Where is the Green chutney? -Here it is

-Bless everyone

-How do I look? -You look fine

You made me get ready on right time

Mama, You didn't have water

I'll take leave.



W E D, is it a wednesday? - It's yesterday's paper mama

Then it must be a Thursday -Sir

-What's it Ulavaiya? -We need to pay Rawathur Bai Rs.2500 for meat

If it's 2500, then we must pay it

That's why I am here

Remove that teak beam.

Mama, the house will lose its balance!

Remove the door in the north entrance

We removed it last month

-The door in the south? - It's there

-How much can we sell it for? - About Rs.15,000

Pay Rs.2500 for Rawathar

Why do you look dull? you must not toil

You take Rs.500

-Is Rs.12000 enough for this month? - it very well is.

Remove it!

Where is my mother Rasamma?

She has gone to her sister's house as she got bored here.

Now who will give me company?

What happened?

They say he won't survive for more than 10 minutes

Oh my god! He even got money from me yesterday for beetle leaves

What happened to him?

Mother, What is that noise?

Kuppusamy has fallen sick


They are taking him to hospital

Ask them to bring him here

I'll bless him with Ash. He will survive

He is a very hard working fellow! how did he fall sick?

Come Come

Oh my! the south entrance door is also gone!


Poor thing!

Only yesterday he got some cash from me to get some beetle leaves

Don't cry! Don't cry! No one should cry at my doorstep.

Stop crying

They said he won't survive for more than 10 minutes

Don't cry! I'll bless with ash and he will survive

What is this mother?

Your aunt sent it

Fine! Make kesari in the evening

Get some ash mother

the ash is over mama -the whole sack is over?


They came to us in faith.

Get some ash from father's photo.

Its over -over?


Dad! You have left all of us alone!


Why are you people crying as if he is dead?

He is really dead?



9 to 10.30 is a good time.

Its the right time to bath. Bath and bury him.

Lift him

He will be fine

Let him rest in peace

Mother! come let's go inside

Well! where is my grandson?

Your grandson and my brother potlathan went out together


Good morning to everyone present here!

We are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Mr.Maniyakarar from Rarapuram

We thank Mr Kutti Maniyar and his uncle Potalathan for Permitting us to celebrate it in our village

Give a big round of Applause

He build the temple and school. He dug us a well.

He even laid us the roads

Can anyone refuse it

neither can they forget it

I said it would be nice to have Velmurugan and Chinnaponnu event today

Kutti maniyar said It shall be done

I said it would be nice if we have a dancer today

Kutti maniyar said It shall be done

Did you?

I said it will cost 5 lakhs -5 lakhs?

Kutti maniyar said It shall be done

Aint we supposed to appreciate them? -You said all this without my knowledge?

I think I've said that even without my knowledge

Were you drunk? yes!

Thank you

It is windy It makes me wobbly

This entire place Gears up with gusto

Inside the flower garden

The flowers bloom only to Voluntarily ooze honey.

Look, the beetles hum around

What do they do? Suck in that honey.

Enough! Sing the song!

Hey! Dance!


-Dance! -What?

Oh my!

Kutti Maniyar! Please save our Honour!

You are everything that brightens up my day

Who shall I root for? Your sister?

Or... It could be only you.

You are everything that brightens up my day

Who shall I root for? Your sister?

Or... It could be only you.

Hey, you brisk beauty

The lofty lady

Mired more by your eyes

Than by anything else this world sells

Hey, you Romeo

You are ever so valued. Unique are your flirtatious routes

They rise up, my love beats. The one who makes me gush

Also gets to own my heart's mesh

Come, let the rhythm of your song Show me the real you.

You are everything that brightens up my day

Who shall I root for? Your sister?

Or... It could be only you.

The even music of your earrings Sets my heart to its own rhythm.

Seeing the strength bristling in your muscles Reminds me of my desire for you.

Is anyone spared by The mighty love?

My dear, just say yes And become my own.

Even a woman isn't exempted From the routines of love and lust.

Come dear, be the will Of my life.

The little bird got caught in the hill

Seeing the hunter, the fire blazed high within

-Its 5'o'clock

The event was successful

Those who want to take photos please come in line


You can take the photos later

please settle the payment first

Cash right?

Kutti maniyar?

Kutti maniyar?

I've told him! They will settle soon sister

Kutti maniyar?


We have assets worth 300 crores

My son is a big industrialist! Muah!

He is our only child child

She refused for more. Muah!

Why are you doing this?

I am helpless. I'ts my mannerism! what can I do?

He wanted to study in abroad! I Sent him abroad immediately.

As soon as he returned, I spoke to him about his marriage

He got scared

You should have taken him to a doctor

Stay quiet

But the moment he saw your daughter's photo

He agreed to get married. So we came immediately

The kids are talking

If they like each other, we shall fix the wedding immediately

You look very handsome. Everyone will like you

You've studied abroad. I also like you

Let's get married

After marriage, I want to have 3 children

But all my children will look like my love of life, Kutti Mani

People might talk bad about this

But you shouldn't mistake me

you're fine with this right?


My apple pie



Why is he running away like this?

I'll explain

What happened?

You are going to talk about your family issues. we will take leave.

What did he do in the terrace?

One can fall in love in school or in college or even in the workspace

But his son impregnated a girl when he went to study abroad

Oh My!

I feel bad for the girl


I asked him won't it be shameful, if the girl comes for our wedding with the kid

He asked how I knew about it and ran away

Dad, Did I ask the wrong questions?

Do you understand why your son got scared of marriages initially?

How dare you come and ask my daughter for such a lecher?

Get out you son of a *****

Mama, how long do you know me?

-From the time you fell out of my sister's womb -Why are these two out this late?

We have decided not to talk to anyone after 10.30 PM

-Why? -People take our drunken talk seriously!

Why what happened?

Without gaining anything we both have become a debtor of 5 lakhs

I don't understand anything

-Get lost -go

These two won't let anyone in this street to sleep tonight

My legs are hurting mama. take me in the train Don't you think we will have to sleep?

Go sleep

-Please let us sleep -Go sleep

Let me sleep!

-Let us sleep -Mama

We should see who this arrogant guy is.


Mapla! this guy is a magician. Instead of two legs, he is showing us four legs.

Is it?

Let me check

Did you notice one pair of leg is white and the other dark?

He is also having anklets around those white legs

Why are you having only two legs?

where are the other two white legs?

-Tell me fast! -Mama

Forget the legs. Ask him where those anklets are?

After years of toiling in Dubai, I got home to be happy with my wife. is that a grave mistake?

Don't you know what not to prank about? Husband and wife?

Forgive us brother!

Poongavanam! they left. come out!

Mom! I am already loaded with too much work!

-Why is he pissing me off? -What happened?

He is asking me not to go out as there is some important work

What is so important?

Hey! Don't scold your dad!

He is one poor soul

One Mr.Desingh promised to make your dad big!

Your dad been selling off your grandfather's assets and paying him

But now, Desingh cheated on him!

Now he has nothing to sell off and is sitting at home for the past 15 days

Why are you cribbing early in the morning?

I can live without your dad, can you live without your father?

I can! only you cannot live without your husband

Let it be! Isn't it lovely to see him sitting in the front yard every day?

The god is here! what is he praying at?


-What is it Kutti?

-The god is in there. Grandpa's photo is here! what are you praying at?

Move aside!

-No dear! -Move!

Why do you have a picture of horse? HAIL DESINGH

Desingh is a horse?

So you lost all our grandfather's wealth in the horse race!

You know what will happen if mom learns that desingh is not a person but a horse?

She will die!

I can even live without my wife. Can you live without your mother?

I can!

-You're the one who can't live without your wife -mama, there is a horse in front of our house

Rasamma, I'll come

-I only asked for a horse. Shall we leave now -Where to?

-When we got married what was my age? -23

-What was your age -17

-What is kutti mani's age now? -23

-Then we should get him married right? -Ofcourse we should

Who is the girl?

-Your very innocent! -mama!

My sister's daughter! We are going now and fixing the marriage.

Everything is happening as we planned dear! Our grand daughter is going to become the daughter-in-law of this house.

-Narthangasami! -mother

-Where did you get the money for the horse? -I asked them to remove the kitchen door

What?! Are we going to cook in the public?

Don't talk like that. The god is with us!

-What is it about this sudden marriage talks? -Let it happen mama, Its a happy thing. so let is happen!

Kutti mani! Get on the horse!

Brother in law! Go along with him

Ulavaiya! No one should get bothered that we are going to walk 12 kms.

We will have a feast as soon as we reach.

Don't stop the music till we reach there

C'mon Dance!

Relax mama! I'll take care of everything

Stop! Stop!

Chinnakannu! Sir!

Didn't you know that I am going to fix Kutti Maniyar's marriage today?

I heard it! I'll have my porridge and come

There is a feast waiting for us! Forget your porridge

-Feast? Have this! -Brother? Shall I join?

You also come! Start the music

-Mother! Tell him not to dance! -Why! He is good



Wait! Where are you going?

I'll thrash your face if you go

What! Do you think I won't divorce you because we are 50 years old?

I'll smash you!


What is this mama! The house is wide open and no one is here to recieve us?

They are wealthy people. There are too many servants.

They might be busy. Ask them to play loud music. They will come

Increase the volume


-Will we have a feast as soon as we get in? -Stay quiet

It doesn't look like anyone is coming out! come, let's go inside.

We shouldn't talk like that. There are some rituals.

What rituals?

If I come here asking for his daughter, he should take 'Arati' and wash my feet.

-I'll ask if he has few coins. -I will give it like this

If I put it on the plate, He will take it and go inside and we will all follow him

-Dad! Will they do that? -It's a custom son!

Customs do not change as generation grows

Who is it making those unnecessary noises out there?

Why is brother talking like this?

Rasamma, he is my sister's husband right? So he is making fun of me!

Are you leaving or should I ask my people to chase you off?

He is not making fun of you. He is insulting you

He is here

-Why are you creating unnecessary trouble? -Do you think we came here to make trouble?

Whatever it is, lets talk inside

Am I running a conference hall to take the whole village for a talk?

Whatever it is, just bring 4 people and we shall talk

-Rasamma, brother in law, mother and me! -Dad!

You brought me here for what?

You are the groom, dear!

Then why are you going inside without me?

He said 4! 'machan' Please make it 5.

-He didn't say yes! -He won't say! you come

-Ask them to send us some hot tea! -How can we have the feast if we drink tea?

-What do you want to talk? -We have an only son! He has grown up

You have a daughter at girlhood

No! We saw her playing here yesterday!

Boss! your going to talk about your family issues


If we get them married, both our families can live happily!

Pssst! He is worried! Only daughter right?

Let your daughter be here! I'll bring my family here. We will all stay here

Are you happy?

-Get up! -What's wrong?

You've sold everything from your house and you have nothing to sell now

He is a jobless rook

Just because I have a single daughter and she is earning 25,000 a month,

You are here asking for her to get 3 lakh a year!

The people might think you as innocent

Run away!

Or I will put chilli on your face and let the dogs chase you

You shouldn't let loose words. Let's go! Goodbye sister!

Son! He thinks you are not qualified to marry his daughter

Am I not qualified?

That's what he thinks

Why did you bring me here to embarass me?

What is embarrasing here? life is full of ups and downs. come lets go

I can't let it go like that!

-What are you going to do? -I'll tell you

Don't! No! Let him go

Let him go

Let me go!

What are you doing?

So you'll give your girl to a guy based only on his qualification?

Listen to me now!

6th month from now, that is 600 days

Your math is wrong

-What then? -I will make you kneel infront of my house

and plead, asking me to marry your daughter

Dad! raise your leg Raise!

If not, I swear am not his son

What are you going to do?

In 3 months, that is 300 days

-Again your math is wrong! -Get lost!

I will become an entreprenuer!


-Mama? -I cant take it

I swear I am not kutti Maniyar

I swear

-Get lost you fool! -We are leaving

-Grandma! come let's go home! Everyone leave! -What are you looking at? Get in

Move the Horse

-The horse won't move -Why

I got Rs.2000 for 4 hours

Its been 8 hours. Give extra Rs.2000 and only then the horse will move

Let it not move! Come let's all walk

Oh my! Am hungry

My legs are struggling

What next?

I won't talk to my brother-in-law ever!

You never fed us a feast till the end

My stomach hurts

Eat the sand! Is food important?

Name and Pride is important

When he said he won't give his daughter,

I left immediately

An Ox kills itself at the loss of its hair! It's Yak!

I meant the same

How dare you pour the porridge I gave you! Come home and i'll thrash you

I cant take this anymore!

I didn't understand what you spoke! But you spoke well

Now I believe that our family

will move to the next step

Kutti! You challenged him that you will become an entreprenuer?

How in a single word, I shut him up?


What does an entreprenuer mean? Kutti?!?!

Its good we cooked before we left!

What is this?

-The locked gates are open -Oh yes

We closed it properly, right?

Oh my!

Even the front door is open?

-I have no clue what went missing -Hey grandma!

Oh! Its her!

Hey! Makizhampoo!

Don't panic!

What was here to steal?

You people were here! And you went missing! Now you're back!

-Did you go there to ask me for marriage? -Yes Darling!

You people never asked me?

If you'd have told me before, i'd have done something and sent my father out of station

We could have fixed the marriage as soon as you were there

We could have even fixed the wedding date!

Mama is ..

...not that smart enough and everyone knows it!

She is talking straight on the face just like her father

She is blaming you I meant the same!

You've grown so tall! but don't you have any brains?

Your father embarassed us at your house!

You are here at my place commanding me?!

Mother! She must leave in 5 minutes!

Or I'll break her face! Tell her!

Look who is breaking the face!

Ah! He is working out without any work

There is no roof?!

The sky is visible! There are no windows!

Looks like he has worked hard to remove it!


-38 -Dei!

Dei Dei Dei!

Why did you come here?!

Why did you?

You said you will break my face! This is my face!

Break if you dare!

Get lost!

Let me see if you can break

Go away!

-Break it! -Go away!

The cattles are living at places where people should live

You people are living at places where cattles live


Stop shouting!


There are seven days in a week.

Go and do whatever you want for six days!

Keep aside a whole day for me!

What are you blabbering?!

I'll change your whole family!

Watch Makizhampoo's action from now on!

-Hey fool! The path is here! I know

It's open everywhere! I can go out through any! In 3 sundays you will be by my side! Watch

-Come soon! come soon! -You go! Am with you!

My sister-in- law has given birth! It would be helpful if you can drop us on the way!

Am I going to carry you! get in!

He is such a good person

-Cover yourself properly! -Oh is it so?!

Dad! It's been a minute! start!

Start what?

We grow by getting lifts!

Are you burglars? You're very talented uncle!

-What are you going to do now? -I'll put holes in you and collect wealth

Don't put holes on an entrepreneur in a hurry!

You want jewels right?

I will keep driving! you start removing the jewels slowly.

You have a big heart

This is enough for this whole year!

Can you remove the one in your hip and give it to me?

I need that man!

There is no petrol in the bike. I don't have any cash left!

Shall we take one of these goats? The herder will thrash us! Is that fine?

Fine! let go!

They've blocked the road!

If you try to give signals to someone and attempt to escape

I'll pluck everything inside of you!

Look here!

Don't don't!

Why did you hit him?

Get up!

Oh my! The knife is in the wrong place

No No!

Turn back!

Shut up and Run!


Give the jewels and run!


Let me go! Let us go!

You shouldn't use such language!

-Give respect son! -Let us go you scoundrel!

You saved me at the right time!

Give it!

No! Let madam come!


Let go of my hand! How dare you hold my hand?

Let go of my hand!


Come here! Be careful

Take care of sir too

Why are you laughing sir?

-She is not my wife! she is the burglar's wife -What? Not your wife?

I was infact wondering about their age gap!

Sorry sir!

Thank you! I thought she was your wife

Check if everything is here! Let it be!


You both seem to be nice people

-In case of any help come and meet me! -SIR!

In case of any help, come meet me!

Padikattu mudaliyar! Ulagam silks!

Grandmother's story! First Sunday

When is your son going to sell this land?

No one will buy this!

My husband's grandfather gave this land to the temple.

I thought so!

Hey Grandma!

I asked your grandson to spent a day with me every week. Where is he hiding?

Oh! I didn't know he was hiding from you all this while

Grandma! Am taking the whole responsibility of your family!

Did he tell you?

-He didn't mention that! -He wouldn't have! Move aside

Firstly, I need to know your family traditions

What do you want to know?

Did you and grandfather sleep together the first night or later sometime?

Eeew Yuck! Is this how our family will grow?

You stay quiet!

She is asking for some reason

Your grandpa didnt have much patience

We both grew up together just like you both!

I was born in his house. I grew up there!

Till my 12th Birthday, I used to play in his house


Then my father restricted me from going to his house


Because I attained puberty

You didn't meet grandpa after that?

He waited only for 20 days.

On the 21st day,

He came to my garden.

He asked ' Hey Vandumani, Why ain't you flying around my house anymore?

I told him that my father restricted me from going there

He said ' why can't you come close and talk?"

I also trusted and went close to him

I couldn't scold him

It all happened so fast.

What happened?

-He 'talked' all of a sudden -'Talked?'

What next?

The next question will be on next sunday

I'll leave now. Bye dear

Bye Grandma

Don't fail to come next weekend

Don't forget

You come home! We need to talk!

Grandmother's story! Second Sunday

What question is she going to ask now?

Have you both fought anytime in life?


On the 5th day of our marriage,

We both fought and both our families got seperated for 2 years


Your grandpa doesn't like tamarind gravys

I didn't know that

I prepared tamarind gravy

He broke the pot asking why I prepared dishes he doesn't like

My father entered the house at that exact time

My father entered the house at that exact time

My father asked what would have happened if the pot would have fallen on my daughter's head

And took me along with him

So in that two years, you both never met?

-Ah! She came to the point! -How is it related?


He waited only for 5 days

On the 6th day, in the midnight, he opened the roof and jumped in

He 'talked' and left immediately

I became pregnant

You've 'talked' even before your marriage. You gave birth to a child when separated

Kutti! How is this?


Grandmother's story! Third sunday

Fine! Why are you late! Ask the question

Kutti mani! are you in such a hurry?

If I know, then I can go do someother work

If you and grandfather wanted to 'talk' who will give the signal?

and how?

Your grandfather is too good in giving signals


He doesn't like boiled milk

He only likes fresh milk

I don't understand

When am milking the cow, he will come and get the whole pot and drink it fresh

Does he mean to 'talk'?

If he gives signal, I am the one who 'talks'

If he sees me after the bath...

Sees you after the bath?

I used to look very beautiful then.

You both have 'talked' so much!

You had his father and my mother

Why only two kids?

Did you both stopped 'talking' after that?

Only in these days you have surgeries and pills to stop pregnancy

Where did we have those facilities then?

But your grandpa knew how not to get pregnant and stay safe

How do you know that? I used to find out when we 'talk'


I am earing Rs.35,000 a month

But I lied to dad that it's Rs.25,000

Till you start earning I'll give you Rs.10,000 each month

-Can you do one thing for me? -What

Quit drinking

Your drinking habit will affect our future generation too

You called me to talk, now you're advising!

If I 'talk' will you 'talk'?

I didn't mean it like that

Eh hey Kutti! Don't get scared!

Like how grandma said, we can 'talk' without making a child

-Shut up -what -Shut the mouth

What are you doing?

You asked to shut up. So I did.

Take these clothes. From now on you should wear only the clothes that I get you

Got it!


What is she saying?

She is asking me to 'talk' with her

Go and talk. what's the harm in it?

Coming from a family with such a history, how can you feel shy to talk?

-I grew up seeing your father talk -Get lost


-What did I talk wrong for him to be angry! -Come here!

Hey!! You know what I will do!

-Can anyone cheat him? -Good day brother!

Go potlathan! Go

-What's wrong? Usually you finish first. -Drinking causes problems mama

What kind of problems?

My wife eloped

The society spat on me

If I am going to be worried about it

How can I be happy now

Why did your wife elope? Nothing started! So she started!

A wife expects her husband to start loving her!

My love didn't. So she did.

This bad breather is asking for fragrance

Brother! Did you hear what he said?

You're the senior most drunkard in our village

Please tell us the pleasures of drinking!

Till my parents were alive, I used to drink only in the night

But after their death, I used to drink all day

One day, my wife casually asked why i've started drinking in the day

I unintentionaly started a fight

That fight turned abusive and ended in a brawl

Since then, my life has been full of booze and brawl

Who do you think is responsible for all that

This crap!

After years,

My daughter became a women

For many years,

For many years,

No one came and asked my daughter's hand in marriage

A distant relative once approached to marry her

Right on that day, I was heavily drunk

And slept naked if infront of my house

He ran away seeing that

Then my daughter eloped with someone

I accused my wife of failing to raise my daughter properly and was about to hit her

'Stop it' yelled a voice

It was my 15 year old son starring at me angrily

He hit me black and blue!

This twisted leg hasn't been straightened since then

One fine day, he told me that he won't get a girl if I was alive

So he told everyone in the village that I was dead

He asked me to either die or run away.

I am not able to hate or forget this alcohol

So I threaten people that I will get naked and kiss them if they fail to give one cap of alcohol for me

This is why everyone is giving alcohol for me.

What is the reason for my condition?

This very useless alcohol

This place used to look like heaven till yesterday

Today, when am sober among drunkards, this place looks like hell

I won't drink here after!


Thanks a lot kutti Why?

I heard you quit drinking.

I trust you a lot more now

A girl likes to live a life that she loves

I will marry someone and live for another 30 or 40 years

How nice will it be if it was with you?

Don't think am interferring in your freedom

Be however you are and do whatever you want

But when you get some time, please think about our future

If we want to grow, we should only think

Yesterday she brainwashed him not to drink

What has she done today?

Are you furious?

I feel the same

Her father has a house and some assets

She is also working

And is earning handful

Your father

has sold everything he owned

You're irresponsible and useless

She is saying all this indirectly

She is telling all this directly

What is wrong in that?

From my childhood whom did I grew upto?

Grandmother, mom, dad, you

She taught me what none of you did

But I understand onething for sure. If we want to grow, we should only think.

You've been looking tired recently!

You seem to be in deep thoughts!

What is this all about, Kutti Mani?

No grandma!

I want to get a job

Or atleast do something useful

It has been bothering me

Hey! You seem to be thinking about the family!

I am so happy!

Do one thing! I have some gold left to offer the god! I'll give you that

Though this is just a rope, it has a golden 'thaali'

-Mother! -I can manage without it

Take these two and pledge them. Start some business with that money.

Won't you recover them later?

What is it Kutti! You asked me to come early in the morning

Am going to become an entreprenuer


You will need a lot of money for that

My mother and grandmother are giving their jewels for me

I'll pledge the for Rs.30000 and buy 60 chickens

10 roosters like me and 50 hens like you

afther that? After that,

I'll make the 10 roosters to 'talk' to the 50 hens. By making them talk to eachother again and again, I'll build a chicken farm

In a year, your kutti mani will be the top chicken farm owner in this district

How is my idea? What an idea!

Amazing Kutti

I am very happy for you

Be ready tomorrow morning

We are going somewhere


Be ready!


When are we going to 'talk?' Let the chickens talk first. Then we shall talk

Fine! I'll wait

What is it Makizhampoo?

Why have you brought me to the windmill area?

-We will start a windmill in your name -windmill?

-In my name?

Maybe, we can talk about my chicken farm idea

Am not worth for these huge windmills!

You know how expensive these are?


Your family might not have wealth

But they have a tradition

They have the name and respect!

To start a windmill, we need 3 crores

We can get a crore as bank loan and another crore as the government subsidy

-We need to invest just a crore from our side -How will we do that?

Let's make them into a Rs.10000 share

We can collect it from our village people and make 1000 shares

We can easily collect a crore

Do you trust me so much?

Your my my only hope

What happened? I have a doubt

Do you really love me?


Like an invasive species, Like a toxic tentacle,

Your thoughts surge inside of me.

Oh, just why can't I hold back?

Like an invasive species, Like a toxic tentacle,

Your thoughts surge inside of me.

Oh, just why can't I hold back?

A tender heart And that whole-souled laughter,

Stir up my dreams of living with you. Oh, I'm now eaten up by your thoughts.

Am I supposed to sign in all these deeds?

How can I do it single handedly? It's difficult. But we have to do it

Don't waste the deeds Why?

What is it Potlathan? Who will give money for your signature, mama?

Kutti mani only has to sign! You've made my job easy.Thank you

Is the paper here? Yes mama

I was reading an article yesterday

Kutti mani! The sir we are going to meet was born in our village

He was your grandpa's childhood friend and was working in Delhi

His son is the SP of Pudukottai now

Sister Vandumani! Come come!

How are you doing Am doing good brother!

Is that your son? Yes

What is his name? Kutti mani

What is it? Why are you holding it to your heart?

We are going to start a windmill

I've enquired for both bank loan and the government subsidy

We are planning to collect the rest of the investment as shares from people

What do you expect from me? Sir

It would be nice if you could give the first share and start his life

I was worried that he will become useless like his father!

Look at him! He is even proud of this! Quit that

Atleast he is trying to take our Rarapuram Manikarar family to the next stage! Am very happy!

-Well... How much is one share? -Rs.10,000

Rs.10,000 per share!?!? This won't work

-Uncle?! -Why one share! I'll invest in 10 shares

Here take this! Rs.20,000 for 2 shares

Don't I see the gushing colours of your thoughts?

How do I respond but with a pint of silence?

Needless to say, your lofty gait

Gobbles up my entire pride.

You've become my silver lining.

You're rightly my only beginning

-Here! Rs.30,000 for 3 shares -Thank you

5 shares Bro! In Poongavanam's name!

Gone are the days of being a Roadside Romeo.

Now, like a tendril, I'm entwined to your soul.

Adding responsibility as your forte will

Make me assure others of your high will

Ah, you've adeptly driven your point home.

Where would I be, if not around you?

Bro! Why are you starring at the money like this?

I invested 10 lakhs and set up a tea shop for him

It didn't do well

I asked him to sell it off and he came back with Rs.1,50,000


He wanted to go to Dubai. So i've asked him to leave soon

You're making a hasty decision.

Imagine once he goes to Dubai, you fall sick

What if you die? Son!!!!

Don't you want your son to do the final rituals?

I was always around my father!

Its the same with my son. He is always around me

Life is living with your children around you

The spirits hang on to the tamarind tree when the sons don't perform the final rituals.

Do you want the same?

Take the money dad!

-Give it -Add us as shareholders

The master is practicing for the concert! Don't disturb him now

Wow! Awesome he is!

All of you. Get up

How was my performance You were great as always, Master

Mapla! Female voice! It's personal liberty! Let it go!

What next! Position change!


How was it now? I've never seen anyone so fast!

What's so fast?

What next? Position change

mama! Personal liberty mapla!

Kottasami mama! What concert is that?

Get i! Hide inside Open the door

Hey Master! Open the door Come in! come in!

-What were you doing? -I was practicing for the concert

-Why are there so many flowers? -I did a pooja for the equipments

mama! There are bangles! Let's check inside

I played the music! How did their bangles break?

Where are you going? Come here

You got caught!


What are their names?

Does you wife know about this?

What will happen if she knows?

Mama, come to the point! Invest 5 lakhs in the shares

We won't cheat you

-Put some flowers -Fine!

Mapla/! -Here mama!

I've given it to grandma!

Take that!

It's there!

Everything will prosper from now on!

Am trying to snatch the old hag's land by starving them

Are you trying to give a feast and keep them alive?

Bro! Someone is going to built a windmill in the old people's land!

Hey! call them

Guys! C'mon!

Rasamma! Where is Kutti mani?

He has gone to the shop!

Ain't we supposed to finish the pooja at the auspicious time? Where did he go?

Mapla! Who is it?

Labourers, maybe

I plan to swindle this land and looks like you have different plans

Hey! burn everything!

Why are you hitting them?

Who are you?

Who are you?


Get up Dad!

Get up

Son! enough!


Run away!

We should do something Bro!

Kutti mani! are you fine?

I'll see how your opening this windmill!

Why should this happen when we are about to start our life?

You all go home! I'll go meet uncle

At rage, my son hit him badly

Won't he take revenge? I don't know who he is but I'm scared!

Nothing of that sort will happen! I'll tell my son tonight!

Go to the SP office tomorrow morning! He will take care of the rest!

-Here is the complaint! -I'll enquire

If there is truth in your complaint, you will get justice in 24 hours

-Okay Sir -Here, Take this

-Check this -Okay Sir

-Good Morning! -Good Morning Brother!

Dad said everything! Come inside

Sit down

He hit him without knowing his background

He looks creepy

What if he...

Bro! Wait! I've asked him to come

Don't panic

Wait here

-Sir, Thanrasu is here -Ask him to come in

Won't you stand straight?

Remove your glasses

Button your shirt

Button it

Hey! Remove the ring from his ear

Wearing unnecessary things

-Where are you from? -Thuthukudi

Where were you before this


My friend Ramalingam IPS must have encountered you there

He let you go

He let you go because you gave a written statement to reform and live

Are you trying to play your games here? Do you know my name?

Sa.Nallavan(Good lad)

I am a good person. But not for people like you

What else do you know?

From Salem to Thuthukudi, You've done 9 encounters

That's official

Do you have any clue how many I've done unofficially?

When someone troubles the society, I never wait for the higher official's permission

I finish him off and carry on!

Don't die anonymously!

Every youngster is trying so hard to grow up in life!

You want to spoil their life?

What is your problem if they are opening a windmill with the old couple's permission?


When is the function?

19th Sir!

-What time? -10.30 to 12.00 PM

The windmill must be open on 19th by 12.00 PM

Repair all the damages you've done

If anyone of them gets any harm by you

or by anyone else, then I'll encounter you

Get lost!

Don't forget

12.30PM on 19th!

With your blessing, our family is growing to the next stage! Am very happy!

-Bless us! -Kutti Mani!

Come inside!

Where are we going to take the money now?

What is this dad?

We will take it to the bank and they will give us the loan

The government will give subsidy and we will assemble the windmill

Subsidies are for people who are in need!

Our ancestors will feel bad if they knew that we got subsidy to stablise our lives

-So? -We got a crore easily because it's my good time

If it's a good time for me, then it means its a good time for Desingh

I've enquired! Don't tell anyone! Desingh has become strong

Let's do one thing! We will go straight to Chennai!

Let's bet on Desingh at Jimkana club

We will win 10 crores

We will put 5 windmills when we return Even your mom will cry

I'll tell her that everything happened through you Please do this for me!

-MOTHER! -Yes darling!

We have to leave to the bank! Why are you delaying Kutti Mani?

-Rasamma, We are going to the bank -Okay Mama

Mother! kiss me good bye!

Take care of things here

-The car from the travels came? -Yes mama! It's here.

C'mon Kutti Mani! It's getting late! He is so stubborn!

We will take leave!

-Bye mother -Dad! Move and sit

Driver! What is your name


Won't you look at me and tell your name?


How come you're so dark?

My parents are dark! So am I!

You're so lucky!

I like dark skin

As a child, I'd often ask my mother why was I not born dark?

-Really? -Yes

-Start the vehicle -Okay Boss

This is bad

Chellakili, what happened?

Look like the water in the radiator drained

-We could have filled it at home itself! -Sorry Boss!

You be here! I'll go down the quarry and fetch some water!

People must take responsibility

I checked before starting!

How did I miss this?

It's getting late

Where did he go?

Where did he go?

-I'll go check! -Shall I come along?

-Stay here dad! There is cash in there. Careful -Okay

Junior is out!

The senior is yet to get out

Ah! the senior is out too


Dad! Why did you get out? The cash is in the car!

It's locked and the keys are safe

Where is the driver Chellakili?

He is missing

He is from the city! He might have lost balance.

Check inside the water

I've searched everywhere. He is missing

Oh my! Where did he go?


Chellakili! You are leaving us!

We are not inside the car

Poor thing! He doesn't know

Kutti Mani! Stop the car!

Stop the car

Dad! You said you had the keys with you?

I locked the bag and kept the keys on top of the bag





Stop it!


Stop it I say!

Why are you people behaving like school kids?

He has taken a crore from us!

Am anxious

What should you have done?

You should have either gone to the police station

Or you should have made arrangments to catch the thief


Instead, If you keep yelling 'shares' will the cash come back to you?

None of you are smart enough

Did you all wake us from sleep to stare at us like fools?

Have I ever refused to meet anyone when you've been to my home?

I've been very humble to all of you

You have bought two shares!

Why are you looking the other side?

You have bought 3 shares! Hey! Hey!

Why is he doing the same?

All of you in this village are dumb

Listen to me properly!

I don't know who the thief is or where he is right now!

I don't care how you catch him,

But no one sleeps before bringing him and the money in front of me!

Take responsibility!

Go and take steps to catch the thief

Hey! Who is the thief here? Where are you asking us to go find him?

All the thieves are here in front of us!

Who is the thief? You are the thief!

-Hey! Why are you talking like this? -Stay out of this, you crook!

For centuries their ancestors toiled in your ancestor's fields and they stacked all the rice,

And gave only the granules to people and claimed themselves as generous lords

After selling off everything, with any hard work, they now have entered our houses and robbed us.

If you ask, They will claim to be the masters and the lordships

Without any money, how do you call yourself a Maniyar!

Who do you think he is! Dare you touch him now!

Thiefs like you can't have wrath!

I invested more than a lakh.

-You cheated everyone! -Who cheated?

I've been roaming around jobless!

My father has never worked in his life

My family doesn't know how to survive!

But we've never cheated anyone in life

How dare you touch my father?

What do you want? the money, right? I know who took it!

-I'll get back the money! -If you didn't?

I swear on my mother and father, If I don't get back the money,

My family will hang to death right under this tree

How can I trust you?

Hey stay quiet!

Son! you said you know the thief! Go get the money! We will take care of your family!

Let go! My parents might believe your stories! I won't!

Control your temper! You please go home!

Let them go!

Those two will leave. We will give a feast to these three and believe that we will get back our money!

Attention people!

Till Kutti Mani brings back the 1 crore collected from us

We will lock his family inside the house

They will be fed by one family each day!

What?! The driver swindled the money?

How did you get cheated so easily?

Thannrasu only must have taken the money! I'll go hit him and get it back!

Don't do anything stupid. The SP will take care of it.

Only now we've started our life!

-Don't get into unnecessary trouble -Exactly

Let's not get into trouble at this hour. We shall go to the SP office tomorrow morning

Have this for expenses. Take care of him

Don't worry! we are at the SP office right! We will find Thannrasu and get the money back

Hello Sir!

-Hello! -We need to meet the SP

SP has gone for the CM camp

-When will he be back? -It might take a week

-What is it about? -We came to meet the SP regarding the windmill issue.

It's okay Sir! We will meet after he returns

Thank you sir

-We can give complaint to the Inspector. -Get on the bike

Mama! You go and check there

-Hey! Hey! Where is Thannrasu? -I don't know

You don't know? Hey thannrasu!

Bro! Those windmill guys are here!

What shall we do?

-What is the time? -11.20

At 11.30, go and tell him am not here

-Hey, What do you want? -Where is Thannrasu?

-He went out just now. -Are you lying to me?

They asked us to stay inside and promised food from one family each day!

But shouldn't they give the food on time?

No one lives up to their word. Rasamma, Who should bring us food today?


-Melatheru Chokku? -Yes mama

He won't even feed his own mother. How will he feed us?

He is here! welcome Chokku!

Only when the food is served hot, we can taste it better

What did you cook today?

What is this? Idly and jaggery! It won't digest!

Will poison digest? You are a very lucky person

Without putting in any effort you get to eat food.

Am so jealous looking at you

We should feed those who robbed us itseems! What kind of justice is this

-Rasamma! -mama!

Chokku is casting his evil eyes on me! Get a charm to remove it

-Do it now -Right away

We fed the whole village once. Now that driver made us plead

He won't have a life! He will get hit by a train. He will get hit by a lorry

Mother! Just like you, some women gave birth to Chellakili

If that mother hears you won't she feel bad?

Who knows what he is going through? You think he knew there was a crore in the bag?

How much will be a driver's problem? Rs.5000 or Rs.10,000!

He could have sorted it and returned the rest of the money!

He didn't do that and that's wrong!

What if your curse comes true and he dies! How will our son come back with the money?

You've lost your senses. Here! Eat!

No! You eat. We will eat later! You can't deal hunger.

(Music Playing)

No worries just bite my lips

if it's ripped, lets make it alright

No worries just bite my lips

if it's ripped, lets make it alright

A lakh for a kiss on the forehead

But a crore, for a kiss on my lip!

-What's wrong? -You don't love me anymore

Recently, You've been calling me only once in 3 days

-Am I right? -Whiskey

-Brandy for me -Jinta!

Am coming Bro!

-Bro -Get a Full

-Is one enough for you? -Leave

Is it wrong to even see her?!

-Stay here! I'll get a full -Come soon

As usual, I'll drink half and pour water in the rest

-Mapla! Look at him -What else can a poor labourer do?

-Isn't he his sidekick? -Yes he is. Come

We can find him with this fellow

Oh my! They got the lead now!

-Why is Jinta not here yet? -I'll check Bro

-Where is he going? -I must divert and fool them

-Though am a poor labour, am super smart

Hey Jinta!

Why are you going the other side? You fool!

-He is spoiling everything -Can't you hear me? come here

-You Pighead! -Bro is here! where are you going?

-If you want to Piss, come up here -Such a dimwit

Hey Jinta! What's wrong with him?

-What will I tell him now? -Hey!

-What are you looking at? -There are two new guys in here

New guys?

Why are you hitting me?

Tell me why you're hitting me

-Where is the cash? Where did you hide it? -Cash?

What do you think of me?

All of you come in search of me and thrash me!

-I swear on my mother, I didn't take it -You didn't? Then why are you running away from me?


Does it look like that?

You heard the Sp!

Didn't he say he will kill me if any of you get hurt or even if the windmill isn't open by 19th

Should I sit at home and welcome him to kill me?

Am running for my life

If you haven't taken it, how come you are dancing around with so much money?

You dumbhead!

Is this cash? I've changed a Rs.2000 note into coins.

Well! How were you sure it was me?

-When the SP threatened you, you gave me a stare. What does that mean?

-What does that mean?

''After breaking my face and complaining to the SP, how can I let you walk free?''

That's not it! It means 'You broke my face and filed a complaint too. Don't you have any pity?'

Mapla! Where is the cash then?

Mother? Rasamma?

My son went in search of the money

Will the thieves stay at the same place?

These people have snatched my phone too

I don't know where he is or what he is doing!

I can't be without our son!

Dear! We shall give this house to these villagers

We can even live in the streets

If they are still not satisfied, then we can go to the jail

But we can't live without Kutti Mani

We can't

Fine Mother!

We will do as you said

I'll go get my son

-Bro, Where is KGT Travels? -Go straight, take a left and then a right

-Mama! tell! -Did you find the travels?

Am on the way to KGT Travels in search of Chellakili

-Are you with Thanrasu? -Yes

- Fine, I'll call you later

(People chattering)

-Why are you trying to hit me?

-Where is the driver of this vehicle? - I am the driver

-A dark, bald guy...Chellakili -Oh yes. But why are you searching for him?

- He stole my cash - How much

One crore


It's Public fund. He stole it when we were on our way to the bank

Ah! That's why he left the car in some forest and ran away

-Where is his house? -He doesn't have any house. He stays here

-Atleast give his phone number -It's switched off for the past 2 or 3 days

What is this? You don't know his house and his number is not working!

He is an acting driver, not a permanent. You should be asking the owner

-Why is he shouting at us? -He has lost huge amount of cash, right?

What can we do for that?

Poor thing! Chellakili is not capable of swindling such huge cash

There has to be some smartass behind this

Get him down

You will swindle the money and also make friends with them?

They are innocent, humble villagers! How can you cheat them? you will never reform?

I've was in chennai and might take a week to return

They won't be able to pay on 19th, they will die because of embarrassment

And you can sweep all the money.

Before I come back, you can wipe all the evidence.

Was that your plan?

If a crook like you thinks so much, How much will a cop like me think?

I know where you kept the money. It's with me now

Bro! you take the boys and go home. I'll bring the money at 4 PM

Bring him to the spot

Get cheated somewhere and here you are, bothering me!

Drink the Tea

You can't go back to the village without the money

I won't be alive if you don't open the windmill on 19th

One crore is the problem, Right?

An person I know owns 12 grounds of land

If we get a good buyer, we can get rid of this problem


The land near Ulagam silks.

-Mapla! Ulagam silks! Our Padikattu Mudaliyar

Oh! Do you guys know him?

He is a wealthy man. We once saved his life.

He asked us to come to him if we need help

The ground is right next to his shop. He won't miss the chance. You fix the meeting

There is a buyer and a seller. How will we get a crore?

1 ground is 2 crores. 12 grounds will be 24 crores.

10% commission will be 2.40 crores.

We can divide it in two and get 1.20 crores each

What it this? There are three for us! Divide it in 3

Fine. we will get 80 lakhs each

This won't work. Divide it in three

That will be 80 lakhs each

-When shall we meet him? -We can meet him tomorrow morning


Kutti! where are you?

-What happened? -Thannrasu didn't take the money

What?! He didn't take it?

What will we tell the villagers?

Don't worry. Tomorrow we are going to sell a property to an entrepreneur I know

We will get a crore as commission

We can settle the payment

When SP is back, we will get the money back and we can start the windmill too

I am so happy to hear this!

I want to see you right away!

Why... did you worm your way into my heart? Why... did you become embedded in my thoughts?

Getting my soul written off to you,

I act and respond, all thanks to you.

Who knew that one look from you Could make me go weak in the knees?

Whoever had known that This would end up demanding all of me?

Oh, just what have you done? What have you done?

The water gushes down the coutralam hills

The sparrow's song induces to dance

Come, Let's tightly embrace

Come, know me, place your lips on mine

Come, teach me, place me on your bed

Here I am, hot as ever

My tired hands are waiting for you

Remember, if it's you and I, In the next ten months...

Even as I take you for a piggyback ride

And go straight up the steep hill,

Would you weigh anymore heavier than a feather?

I shall even make my way into Neverland,

If it's you that I have for company.

I'll only hum with ripping delight, then!

What, shall we clear out all this intrusion?

What, shall we fall prey to the battle between the sheets?

Remember, if it's you and I,

In the next ten months...

He lives in a bungalow and also owns a huge store

-But when he travels, he will go alone -First try to sell it and get the money

Ring the bell

Sir! Do you remember us?

Hey! You both saved my life

-But who is he? -He is our friend, Thandu!

Hello Sir!

Come in!

Make yourself comfortable

-You need any help? -Yes Sir!

What is it?

You remember the 12 ground empty land near Ulagam silks?


-He is responsible for selling it -Really?

-You are responsible for those empty lands? -Yes Sir!

Let's finish it right away. Sampoorni?


Give these guys some juice

I'll come now

How come he understands everything without any explanation?

Wise people are like that

Wealthy people are usually like that Potlathan!

Sir! We never spoke about the price

They saved my life. Is it right to talk about the price to them?

Whatever rate you fix, I'll go with that

Take It


Ofcourse it's a deed


This is the deed of your shop Ulagam Silks!

-Ofcourse it is -Why are you selling your shop?

Ofcourse it's due to debt

How did you get into debt?

Ofcourse it's a story

What story sir?

That Desingh *$%@#

-HAIL DESINGH -I trusted him and lost 40 crores

Mapla! Your Father's group!

You keep this deed safe

I'll fix the rate and come meet you

When we saved you, you asked us to come meet you in case of any help!

I meant, if there is any help for me, you guys can come meet me!

Is that what you meant?

Is there any other meaning?

When we saw you the other day, you were full of jewels!

Now you look empty!

It's all drying there after a wash!

I wear it when I go out

-Take this -Keep it! It might be useful

-It was not useful!

Where is this woman?



-Sir asked you to give some juice -yes he did!

-You didn't get any?! -We don't give any!

-Then why did he tell? -Just for hospitality

Today it's my turn


-What is this? -Food

Have you brought food for those cheaters?

Get lost!

No one should give them food anymore

What kind of justice is this?

Those fellows ran away the other day

Now the man of this house is also gone

Do you think we will let go of you just because you are women?

You won't be fed any food or water from now on

Die inside!

They all will come for your death's right?

I'll take care of them then. You both die now




Chellakili died?

Did my mother's curse come true?

The cash?

The public fund!

One crore!

Come let's see

Sir! Who are you?

Where are you from

Poor thing! He died


Where are you from?

What happened bro?

He saw the photo! I don't understand anything

Sir! Please get up

Looks like he knows him. He saw the obituary and sat down

Shall we go to the hospital?


(People chatterinng)

Chellakili died

I've lost a crore

I don't know where my son is

Please come in a line!

-Please come in line -Hurry up


Are you Chellakili's brother


-Yes bro -Your bother died?

Don't cry!

Don't cry!

Is your brother's family struggling?

Your brother's family is struggling when he is dead

My family is struggling even when am alive

-Do you know the reason for his death? -What is it brother?

My mother's curse is the reason

-Don't cry! Forgive me! -It's fine brother

Your brother had my bag before his death

Did he bring it to your house?


If he would have brought that, why would you be standing here?

Hey Chellakili mama! Come soon

Wait! Am coming

Are you Chellakili?


Let me go

Who are you?

Where have you kept the cash?

My name is Chellakili!

My brother's name is Chinna Chellakili

-I won't trust you -Please trust me

Let me go

What are you hiding from?

You swindled a crore! why are you standing for this free food?

Where have you kept the cash Chellakili?

Please tell! My wife and mother are at home

My son is missing

Am roaming in the streets

Where have you stashed the cash?

Where is the cash?

Am begging you

Tell me Chellakili


-I'll tell you -Tell

-I'll tell everything -Tell

Am starving

I need food

I want food


What happened?


He is starving

Sit down

-Hotel! Food! food! -Wait! you can eat!

I'll get you food! Will you tell me what happened to the cash?

I'll tell you everything Boss

-What do you want? -Boti fry and Kothuparatha


You were standing in queue for free food. Now you're asking for a feast!

Am starving

-Am starving -Brother

-Do you have Boti fry and Kothuparatha -Yes

-How much is it? -Rs.100


It used to be Rs.80 at my place

I've spent a Rs.100 out of the Rs.190 I had

Hey Chellakili

You ran through the back door?

Why did you ask for food and run away?

Am scared of your son

-Why -He is very tall

-He will shoot me -You talk as if he is a policeman

-Where have you kept the cash? -Am hungry

Am starving

Why did he run without eating?

He got scared

-Am hungry! -Wait

what happened to the Boti fry and Kothuparatha


-For how long! Give. I'll take it -I'll bring Sir

Chellakili! Run fast

How long will a starving person wait?

-Chellakili -He ran away again

He looks simple

But he catches me everytime

Why are you doing this to me? Don't you have any mercy?

Don't say like that Boss! You look like a dummy

But your son looks terrific

I thought he will puncture me!

Does he look like a mobster?

Where have you kept the cash?

Am hungry!

Only when I ask about cash...

-Will you give me the food or not? -It will take 10 minutes

-What do you have right away? -We have tamarind rice

- Please give me a tamarind rice - Parcel a tamarind rice

-I don't want tamarind rice. I want... - You rascal!

Open your mouth

Yea! like that!

Here drink water

Open your mouth

Tell me

What happened? Where is the cash?

Boss! I'll tell you

Please untie my hand! It's hurting

If I untie, you will cheat me again. Tell me


-I stopped the car in front of your house -Yes

Both of you got inside the car with the bag!

The car stopped in the middle of the road, Right?

I got out to fetch some water

You both got out and went inside the quarry in search of me

I was watching all of this from behind a tree


I sat inside the car and started driving



Hey Chellakili?

You once again told everything I knew and passed out!

Boss! You're going to talk about your family issues

They will feed expensive cakes at the age of 3

At 5, They will keep changing clothes every 5 minutes

At 8, they will enroll in all sort of classes

At 10, They will drop them at school in AC cars

When she comes of age, She elopes and they ask us to find her

A police complaint will tarnish their family reputation itseems

On top of it, we have to find her evening!

If not, he will hit us!

What all we have to do being servants! Instead...

Hey! Look at that!

Are you Makizhampoo's lover?


Are you Makizhampoo's lover?


Your future wife is going to be my one night stand now

-Who are you -Do you want to see it live

If your man enough, be there. I'll come

Come to Trichy Rahul factory immediately


I'll wait

They are the ones who came to our boss house the other day

Because he refused to give his daughter in marriage, he would have kidnapped her.

Let's follow them silently

Don't be loud you blabberhead!

come let's go!

-Boss! -Did you get any updates on my daughter?

We will give you a good news in sometime

-Don't blabber -I won't

Who is it?

Who are you?

Who are you?!

I wish to have three kids after marriage

But all my kids will look like my lover Kutti Mani

When he went to study abroad, He impregnated a girl

I am the one who kidnapped you

Do you want to know why?

-Who are you all? -Your little brothers

-Who am I? -Our elder brother

-Who is he? - Our first son!

-He is not the first son! He is a useless son!

We sent him abroad

And he crossed the border

I thought he will grow, but he wrecked everything

Don't listen to her and talk like a food Dad!

We are all together! How dare you push him away?

After this, Who will marry him?

-Please don't do anything -Do you understand now?

-To save your love, why did you play in my life?

To make your lover a hero, why did you make me zero?

Because of your lies, no one was willing to marry me

I tried to fly out of this country

My stupid father burnt my passport

I became a Psycho

I am the first person in the world to admit being a psychotic


You wanted to give birth to three of his kids and make them call me Dad?

Now you will give birth to one of my child and it will call him father

How is my revenge?

Now you're in my control and your lover is on the way

Where will I get the money to raise the child?

So I swindled the one crore you collected

Now everything is in my control!

What is this place? Why did they bring me here?

Am thirsty

Can you give me some water?

Why is he starring like this?

You traitor!

How many jobs have I given you

I trusted you and told him I've received the cash even before I got it

What will I do if he asks for the cash now?

We've been friends for ages and now he has become a psycho

In spite of looting the money you thought, I'll let you go free after seeing your obituaries?

See how we caught you!

Where is the cash?

Tell me!

-Bro! Bro! Bro! Save me Boss!

Save me Boss!


I knew you were child-like and you don't have that smartness in you

Yes brother

Is he the one who gave you the idea?

Is he your new boss?

-My name is not boss. I am Narthangasamy


Let's make some pickles!



You're the one who makes plans for crossleg kumar, right?

He commits murders for Malaikottai Guna group. I've seen him

He is from Bombay

He has been selling stuff from Dharavi

He's dead today!

-I know where the money is -You know? Where is it?

Are you kidding me? I know how to get the money from you. you want to see?

From me?

Why ain't you talking?

They are saying I've taken my own money

Tell them that it's my money

They will hit me if I tell them

Why are we going to hit you if you tell us

We won't let you go if you won't tell

Where is the money?

Put a chair for the new boss


Please sit on the chair

Get up and sit on it

Get up and sit on it

Sit or they will hit you

Hold him


He doesn't have the habit


Now he will talk


Wait Bro! let him get high

-Me -You

-Me -You

-Me -You

Tell fast




Start music!


-I'll hit you right on your face

What is this?

I expected him to blabber but he is entertaining all of us

Pour another round

Don't die

Don't die you faggot

Tell us and then die

Oops! Again?!?



Oh my!

-It's your father -Dad!


Dad! where are you?


Don't hit me! I can't take it anymore

Don't hit me! It hurts!

A father is anchor of a family

If the father is not responsible, the family will come to the streets

A man should work and earn

If he doesn't, then the family will come to streets just like mine

I shouldn't have born nor should I have got married

I shouldn't have had a child

Due to my selfishness..

..I lost my father's hard-earned money and reputation.. those useless horse races

I should have died when I started gambling

God let me live and took others!

I failed as a son for my father

I failed as a son for my father

And I failed as a father for my son

I failed miserably

Due to my foolishness, my son has lost all the money we collected,

and is roaming on the streets

I don't know how my Rasamma and mother are?

My son won't be able to take it if he sees me die of embarrassment?

I'll take you for my son and apologise to you

It's nothing Mama

Thank god! I can leave now

-Oh my! Police -How come you are here

- I don't know anything -Everything started because of you

-Makizh -What happened?


-Look at my father

-Tell me!

-Where is the money?

-Ill tell you

I called the boss and said I've taken the document bag

-Nice Chellakili! I'll tell the location. -Yes Boss

-Keeranoor Junction

11.30 AM

New Inji Tea Stall

With an yellow shirt

and cooling glass

Holding a cigarette in his right hand

And taps his butt thrice with his left hand

Give the bag to him

Give the bag to him

New Inji Tea stall!

Yellow shirt? Cooling glass?

I got him!

He is such a dummy!

He said only three you dumb head

Didn't he tell you properly?

Thank lord!

You're such a slob to come back empty-handed

God is great

God is great

10,000 Rupees!

Greetings Boss!

Operation success!

-When will you give me Rs.10,000? -You scoundrel

You took the bag at 11.30AM

Now it's 12.00PM

-Where is the bag? -Boss

-I gave the bag -Whom did you give it to?

That yellow shirt guy! I gave it to him

That wretch is right here!

Are you trying to swindle the bag after knowing that it's got a crore in it?

A crore?

Wasn't it documents?

After swindling it, Are you eating Boti fry and Kothuparatha?

The bag should come to me in another 30 minutes.

If not, I'll kill both you and the mastermind behind this


He asked me to give it to the one with a cigarette in the

left hand and taps his butt thrice with the right hand

I gave it to him

Hey dumbo!

It is cigarette in the right hand and tapping the butt with the left hand

You blabbered!

How do you know?

Tell me the truth

what happened?

Tell me

We will tell

Once you and your father left from home

I followed you behind

We planned to loot the money but the driver tricked all of us

I still followed him

We was talking to someone oh phone! I listened and told that to my aide

-We know the spot -Where is it?

Hold the cigarette in your right hand and tap your butt with your left hand

Whose butt?

Your Butt

So I went in a yellow shirt, holding a cigarette in right hand, tapped on my butt thrice with left hand

You look smart like Sharukhkhan! Let's take one selfie!

Left hand and the butt!

We took the cash he gave

Dumbass! Get lost!

-Where is the cash? -We gave it to our boss

You maggots

Run away chellakili

I'm so ashamed to even stand before you

Forgive me

What will you do Makizhampoo?

Mama! Take my father and Makizhampoo home


You leave

How did this cash come here?

You were the one who did this misdeed?

Should a girl forget her own family when she gets married into another?

What is the difference between killing a child and your evil-doing?

Am so ashamed to have given birth to your child

I feel ashamed to even mention you as my wife

How can I take that joker as my co-father-in-law?

And that useless brat as my son-in-law?

You shouldn't be talking about being ashamed

I'll make you all disappear




Why did you do like this?

If we didn't get the money back

Just like how my son promised, my whole family would have hanged to death

Our whole generation would have been over

You know better

I was born like that

I didn't know about life!

I didn't know how to raise my son

If you think I am the problem, then let me die!

It's enough if my son does well in life

Don't cry son!

I can't take this

I've never seen him cry like this

Have I been left to live to see all this

You atleast live a happy life


My husband is not smart enough

He is innocent!

Why did...

Don't cry!

He should be the one crying

What did you say?

Your ashamed of my mama?

Your ashamed of his son?

Now listen to me!

I am ashamed to call you as my dad!

You don't get peace with wealth

You're very distant from peace

Let's go grandma

When a wealthy family loses everything,

They will struggle just like my family

Those without anything can live. But those who had everything must not lose it

It will take more than a generation for them to get stable

My father was also born in this same village

You were also born here

Did you go abroad?

You worked hard in this same village and earned everything

You have a only daughter

And you wanted her to get married to a wealthy family

What's wrong in that?

If you have to marry off a girl, either the groom should be good

or his family should be


Forget it, Mama

Your reputation won't be tarnished because of me or my family anymore

In a while

Both Athai and Makizhampoo will be here in this house

Please mama! Don't do anything like this again

Please drink it

Athai Leave now

If it's a vacation, you can stay here as you please

Now you've left mama alone there!


You also leave

-I won't -Leave now



25 years back

I came as a labourer and asked you to give me your daughter in marriage

And promised you to keep her happy

You trusted me and gave your daughter without asking any question

I failed to extend the same trust for your son and your grandson

Relatives are for holding the families when falling

But I failed!

Anyone else would have put me in prison for the betrayals I've done for this family

But your family is still showing their love for me

I've done a grave sin

Forgive me!

Where will I find a better family for my daughter to live a happy life?

Forgive my mistakes. Please marry my daughter to your son

and accept me into your family

Get up!

-Don't cry -Forgive me

The God will bless us!

Come in

If a falter like Kutti Mani

gets a girl like Makizhampoo

He will succeed!

The Description of Maniyar Kudumbam Tamil Full Movie