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let's make a tree topper

we start with 6 ribbons

in the same size fold one together to a loop

make three quarter of an inch overlap and push it together

make sure you have enough fabric on each side

so the loop won't get lose now

put a wire around it this time we use

about three-quarter of the wire

pull it through so you secure it

make sure you have the overlap and twist it together

now we have our first loop to the tree topper with one longer wire

and one shorter wire

we continue with the next loop I'm just checking here

if I have the right one, and we fold it together

make sure you have the 3/4 inch overlap

push it together like this

we use the long wire this time

push it down as close as possible

make sure you have enough fabric on each side

and twist it together

now we have two loops

and now we have three loops

and we have no

visible line underneath them

continue with the next three lopps

and now we have

all the loops together on a long string

find the first loop, I think it's right here

I push the wire through the first lopp

this is a little bit tricky since it's a little hard

but push it through and try to get it

as tight as possible so you

connect all the loops together I take the smaller wire

and twist them together, like this

and here we have

the top to our treetop if you want a bigger topper

you just make more loops the same way

and you will eventually end up with a long

string of loops

It's esier to connect them all together if you

take the first few loops twist them together and connect them

and then do the same thing one row at a time

now we're going to put the back

ribbons to tree topper, underneath

we do it the same way we did with the bow so pull the wiers

to each side like this this time we're going to use

a longer ribbon. I've got them right here

I'm going to cut my ribbon I don't fold it because I like it when it's a

little bit uneven

so I'm cutting this side

I'll cut the other here take it to the middle

push it together like we did with the bow if you have a right face on the ribbon

make sure it's up towards the topper

twisted it together like this I want to use more than one

ribbon hanging down on the tree topper some I'll take another ribbon

lets cut it

this one is a little

to even so I think we cut it a little bit more

just trim it, here we go

put it together

into the middle the right side up

in between our wires

and twist

I can adjust this later

push it around a little bit so I get little more volume

in to the bow and this starts to look like a tree topper

and here we have it our tree topper

to our chestnut Christmas tree

sometimes when I have a tree topper

it could be difficult to mount it on the tree so

let me show you a little trick here

take a wire this is a large piece of wire, we need about

14 inches

it should be a sturdy wire and

this wire isn't sturdy enough but lets show you howe it's done

let's show you how it's done fold it

put it underneath the ribbon

as you can see

I am puting it across the two ribbons

like this. I have one ribbon here, and this is the other ribbon.

so I put it across both ribbons

twist it

like this since I already have two wires here

I can take the old wires and twist them together with this fire

I continue to twist

all the way up to the top here we have the other wire

connect them, just continued to twist if I can I can take this and

cut it an put it directly into the Christmas tree, but if not

we twist the whole wire

like this, in tiny little loops it's not important how they look so

just keep going round your fingers like this

tiny lips all the way to the bottom of the wire

like this. Push it up a little bit

make one finally loop

here at the top and here we have it

now we can slide this on top of our Christmas tree on the top branch

and if I put this down no one

will ever see the wire and to see how I mounted it on

to the Christmas tree so just a little tip

this for the chestnut Christmas tree I will put that

project up a little bit later and

these are the bows we made to the tree

to go with our treetopper

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