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My name is Laura, and I'm a teacher and

teacher trainer and researcher, so

I'm lucky enough to get the opportunity

to observe a lot of people teaching in a

lot of different contexts and I think

from everything I've ever seen my top

teaching tip would be to simply listen,

and then act, because the fundamental

essence of teaching is responding to what

other people need in an appropriate way

and if you haven't taken a moment to

just pause

listen, and have patience with a

person who might be struggling to do

something or express something in

another language, then you won't know the

best way to respond appropriately so the

most important thing you can ever do is

simply stop talking and listen!

My name's Phil Bird, and this is

my top tip for teaching today

it's for teenage learners - you're going through your course book

there's a question at the end, maybe

'What's your favourite film?' - A great question

for adults, they'll talk about it forever

and you get loads of language other

teenagers will look at themselves look

at each other

look at the ceiling and not say very much

perhaps because they're self-conscious

perhaps they don't actually understand what

they're supposed to do - so what I do

is just print out tables, blank tables

but you give them different things

to look at so one column you might get

in to fill in the names of five films

the next column the actors

the next column the genre, and in the next column

maybe score it out of 10 and then get them

to talk about why they chose the scores

for those films - so actually they'll end up answering

the question you asked in the first place

but you get a lot more language out of

them its kind of leading them to it and

getting to think what to do and it's

dead simple - there's all kinds of graphic

organisers you can use but it can be

just as simple as a table and so that's my tip!

Hi I'm Cynthia, I'm from Kota Kinabalu

in Sabah, Malaysia - I teach in a

primary school and my teaching tip is to

find out what engages my students and then

use that to help them learn

for instance my students love technology

they love to play with their smartphones, so I

use that to get them to be more

interested in writing - when I did that

with my students it makes writing

more engaging for them more

interactive for them

and they love it! So I

think the most precious moment in my

teaching experience was when my

students told me that I had helped them to

learn what they need to learn by making

them believe that they really want to

learn it - so that's my teaching tip!

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