Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 27 - improve your English - WHAT/WHEN/WHY/WHO/HOW - 27th October

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is there anyone there knock once for yes and twice for no

did you find me okay are you there did you manage to sort your clocks out

I have changed my clock we are now an hour behind however the time of my

broadcast remains the same welcome to day 27 of 31 days of learning English in 2019

I really have suffered over the past 24 hours trying to work out how to sort out

this problem with the time yes we are now just after two o'clock GMT does that mean anything

to anyone so I hope you are there I hope you are watching right

now because it's so confusing all of this with the clocks going back one hour

last night so I hope you are there if you are not there where are you

so to be serious for a moment yes we have put the clock in the UK back the

big clock that controls all of the time here in the UK has gone back one hour so

it is still seven minutes past two o'clock

however it might seem different where you are unless of course you have also

altered your clocks it's so confusing can we just stop doing this it is far

too confusing for us all so briefly to explain what we had before was this

British summer time so during the summer we put the clocks forward by one hour

and this makes the daylight last longer we often call it daylight saving time so

when we do this it means that we get an extra hour of daylight during the summer

and apparent parently apparently this is what happens it gives us one hour of

extra light and apparently it saves all sorts of lives many lives are saved by

this apparently so daylight saving time most people know it as British summer

time however here in the UK we then revert we go back to where we

were before from this we go to this which is the

original time Greenwich Mean Time you can see their Greenwich Mean Time the

word mean in this case means the farthest distance from the least and the

most so basically it is the middle time so we are the farthest away from the

earliest and also the latest so that's what we mean when we say Greenwich Mean

Time so we are right in the middle of all of the time zones between you and me

I find time zones very confusing especially when I travel abroad if you

go to another country and if there is a big time difference quite often you will

get quite confused and for example when I used to travel to Malaysia I would

always feel very tired for the first couple of days as I got used to the time

difference so sometimes it's seven hours difference and sometimes it's eight

hours difference it's really quite a confusing subject I must be honest so

now we have GMT you can see up above me just up there so it's now 10 past 2 GMT

and that's the way it will be until next spring when it will change back to

British summer time dear oh I need a lie down on the floor after that so hi

everybody here we go it is Sunday and yes we can't have the new day without

some lovely fireworks of course it is Sunday I know lots of people will be

feeling a little and happy because Monday is tomorrow but

you still have your free time the weekend is still here yes it is still sunday

we are here today live on YouTube and we are coming towards the end the final

days of 31 days of live English the final days are approaching Monday

Tuesday Wednesday and the final day will be Thursday 2 p.m. UK time you can catch

me over the next 4 days as we say goodbye to 31 days of English in October

have you enjoyed it has it been interesting I know some of you have

enjoyed it I know some of you haven't enjoyed it what can you do really you

can't please everyone sometimes I try to please everyone but as they always say

when you try to please everybody you end up pleasing no one so sometimes it isn't

worth the effort by the way you can have captions if you want to follow my words

live oh very clever you can click the button right there on your screen

so if you want to follow my words you can lots of sport taking place today the

world rugby tournament semi-final is taking place today

I think it's Wales against South Africa am i right

I'm not sure anyway England won yesterday so England are through to the

final however who will they be against will they be playing against South

Africa or their archrival Wales so that will be very interesting for those who

are keen on rugby a showdown between England and Wales so that will be very

interesting if it happens hello to the live chat oh hello live

chat don't worry I haven't forgotten about you I just want to make sure that

everyone is here because I'm sure there will be complaints mr. Duncan why are

you on it's a different time I'm not I'm still on at 2:00 p.m. but it's 2:00 p.m.

GMT there it is GMT so we've actually changed our clocks

Wow oh hello - Chris Chris guess what you are first on today's live chat

and a big congratulations to you Chris Morales I will give you a lovely bow and

also a curtsy as if I'm eating the Queen thank you also to Tomic for joining us

today Rahul well a loop hello Guadalupe I love

your name by the way I love saying Guadalupe it makes me feel happy for

some reason blue thunder nasiha also Julie Messier asks please teachers about

phrasal verbs well in fact I have done a lesson all about phrasal verbs there is

a lesson on my youtube channel all you have to do is subscribe to my channel

and then you can find all of my lovely lessons so there are nearly 700 lessons

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that would be ever so nice hello Olga hello Luis hello Maria

hello armed' Wow so many people here already I'm so pleased to see that

you've found me even though the clocks have changed we have gone back one hour

here in the UK Patrick says hello it is now about 16 minutes past 9 o'clock at

night in Thailand so if you are a head of the UK then it will be one hour later

if you are behind the UK then it will be one

our earlier as I understand it it is such a confusing subject don't you think

roll fee is here hello mr. Dan Cohen the Dominican

Republic is live with mr. Duncan thank you very much nice to see you here

hello also to Berlin Chris business hello mr. business I hope you are okay

what type of business are you in what type of business do you do or are

you pursuing some people especially nowadays a lot of people want to break

away from the traditional way of working so when we think of working we always

think of going to work in the morning and then we spend maybe 7 or 8 hours at

work and then we come home however nowadays a lot of people want to break

away from that tradition they want to break away from the rat race we think of

the rat race as being going to work every day or maybe during the week you

have to give so much of your time however nowadays a lot of people are

choosing to create their own businesses and work for themselves so this would

appear to be a thing that is a growing trend even now so here in the UK there

are a lot of people who are going alone they are deciding to set up their own

business especially in things creating computer programs or maybe doing some

sort of craft work no I don't mean that sort of craft work she is a model and

she's looking good not that craft work craft work as in creating things such as

greeting cards or maybe t-shirts or maybe paintings that people create their

own things and then they sell them so that is one type of business

that people are creating nowadays so going it alone going alone on yourself

having your own venture having your own business is something that is very

popular nowadays hello patch you who says happy Diwali it

is the festival of lights apparently happy Diwali to everyone and here in the

UK a lot of people are celebrating that as well this weekend

ciao mr. duncan satury No hello satury no I haven't seen you for a while it is

nice because today all of us get back one hour so all of us are now a little

bit younger yes but the problem is you have to give that hour back next year so

you don't get to keep it unfortunately Irene hello Rosa hello

Celia hello also - Theo hello Theo the weather

here by the way is gorgeous today would you like to have a look outside let's

have a look outside it is a really nice day so much better than yesterday we had

so much rain I can't begin to tell you how much rain we had I will show you in

a few moments because yesterday I went for a little walk and I did some filming

so you can see just how bad the weather was yesterday we had so much rain and

another view looking into the distance although it looks a little bit dark at

the moment over there the clouds are rolling by so hopefully that that view

will look better a little bit later on I'm waiting for the Sun to come back

from behind the clouds however over there it looks rather nice thanks for

joining me today we are talking about interrogation or interrogate 'iv

questions so quite often where we ask someone we will use certain words those

words might be when why how who so words like that

for example hello Rosa hello Alexandra hello Guadalupe nice to see you all here

today so nice to see you here hello also to Luis Mendez I am going to

tell you the answer even if I don't follow sport its South Africa oh I see

so I guess that the semi-final has already taken place so South Africa will

be playing England in the Rugby World Tournament Cup final you can tell that I

don't really follow football all that much you cut you don't you know that now

you know I don't follow football or rugby or tennis I don't really follow

sport at all hello also to catch you we believe that

today or night I don't lack sim Laxmi I'm not sure who

Laxmi is I'm sure someone will explain Khan all this here mr. Duncan I think

all of your students are similar to you we all love life and we are enthusiastic

well sometimes in life you have to be enthusiastic even if you are doing

something you don't really want to do you can still be enthusiastic so quite

often even if you have to do something you don't want to do quite often you can

change your attitude so I think attitude is everything in life whatever it is you

are doing it is the way you see it the way you view something and if you don't

like it maybe you can change it it's never too late to make changes in your

life that's what I always say Pedro is here

Pedro also ro sir Nadia hello mr. Duncan from Paris oh now

I know that I have quite a few people watching in France many people watch my

live streams and they never say hello never some people are very shy so if you

have never said hello on my live stream before maybe today is the time to do it

go on go on say hello mr. Duncan it is my first time typing something to you so

go on do it now I might give you something nice in a return so yesterday

I went for a lovely walk I went very close to where I live

because we've had a lot of rain and the rain had been falling for for over 28

hours so we actually had around about 28 hours worth of non-stop rain and here is

the result

I hope you enjoyed that so some views that I filmed yesterday on my mobile

phone whilst out and about on a walk so yes we've had a lot of rain it has been

pouring down the rain had been falling for many hours and and there were floods

all over the place so around this area there was a lot of

flooding some of the roads were blocked and you could see in that video the

water was coming down the hillsides so the things you could see were not rivers

that water isn't normally there it's not supposed to be there so you can tell

just how much rain we've had over the past few days quite a lot in fact we had

rain for 28 hours without stopping so that's the reason why hello to patch you

hello also to Ana yesterday I went to the country I had a

wonderful walk and picked many chestnuts oh do you like chestnuts I like roasted

chestnuts they are very nice hmm hello Guadalupe my mother lives in a little

town but her house is far away and there there isn't the internet but there are a

lot of natural sounds one of my favorite things one of my all-time favorite

things must be the sound of nature last night I was cleaning my teeth in the

bathroom last night and I could hear sheep so all the sheep at the back of

the house last night were feeding in the dark so they were all awake and they

were actually calling to each other in the dark it was very nice it was a

lovely sound not to mention the Owls quite often we get lots of owls near the

house at night as well so quite often you can hear them

I like the sound of nature as well hello row sir I was thinking of her

mother oh yes of course Belarussians mother is not very well maybe Belarusian

easy with other things because today in Argentina they are having one of these

so in Argentina right now there is a general election taking place they are

voting for a new leader a new government in Argentina so that might be the reason

why Belarusian isn't here today because of the election mr. Duncan you make

lovely videos you are also a good photographer congratulations Thank You

Silvia that's very kind of you to say a lot of people believe and they think

that I have other people working for me I don't I do everything myself so all of

the videos you see were created by me all of the camera work was done by me

all of the editing was done by me so I do everything so all of the videos all

of the things that you see were actually created by me talking of videos we are

going to take a little break and we are going to go back six years to this

actual weekend to find out what I was getting up to I thought today I would do

some of my lesson sitting down because I've had such a busy month so I'm going

to set my chair up in the garden somewhere hmm

now let's see where shall I put it

you know one of the most confusing things about the English language

relates to how it is used in England and the way it has evolved in the United

States the fear of many students is that if they learn one version then they will

be unable to use the other of course this is not true

many of the differences between British English and American English are quite

small yes the spelling of certain words in American English is different color

and labour have license has an S instead of the second C double letters

in Words become single Center become Center with er at the end spelt

becomes spelled aluminium becomes aluminum you may have noticed there that

despite the different spelling most of the words are pronounced the same ah

but mr. Duncan Americans have a different accent that is utter rubbish

accents exist within all languages in Great Britain the English language is

spoken with a variety of accents all over this country English is being used

in many ways the spelling is the same but the accents are not in the USA there

are various accents too from one state to another

just like here in the UK English is spoken with different accents I have

said this before and I know it annoys many English teachers there is only one

version of spoken English accents are not languages during my time in China

I had a few awkward moments with teachers from the USA who took offense

at the fact that I was being allowed to judge in English speaking contest

why is he doing it he's British there is a certain amount of arrogance that goes

with that statement I often found myself on the receiving end of hateful comments

and for want of a better word prejudice from other English teachers I see no

rivalry between British and American English as far as I can tell when spoken

they are pretty much the same when I watch a US TV show I don't have the

subtitles active I can understand it because it's English one English

language one way no confusion

for some reason we always seem to get a little emotional when talking about

accents the notion is that a person's accent defines them but this is not true

language is a means it is not who you are all this talk of division in spoken

English just ends up putting unnecessary pressure on those learning it for

English students this pressure can make learning English daunting modern

communication has broken down this divide between languages we can grasp

things much faster these days so remember there is only one spoken

English one way only no confusion accents exist in all languages they are

all as varied as each other

doo-doo-doo-doo oh yes it is Sunday and there we were going back in time six

years ago to this very weekend six years ago in the garden talking about some of

the differences and also some of the misconceptions about the differences

between American English and British English don't forget there is only one

English language only one that is spoken the differences are often due to the

accent that is being spoken hello also to Eric can I say a special

hello to Frankie 54 who says hello I haven't seen your name before on the

live chat so maybe it's your first time here Pedro asks mr. Duncan it will be

Halloween on Thursday will you be showing mr. Steve as the ghost yes I

will we will be talking about Halloween on Halloween which will also be the last

day of October which will also be the anniversary of my YouTube videos being

published for the first time I created my youtube channel way back in 2006

however the 31st of October will not be this this is not happening I'm not

mentioning it I'm not saying the name I will not say the name I refuse to say

this so this is not happening on the 31st of October however this might be

happening this might happen here in the UK in December is it my imagination or

has the world gone quite chaotic it's become very chaotic I think so Noemi

says Mia we are voting today in Argentina oh hello there and there are a

lot of people I had to hue-hue if you queue

it means you stand in a line a line of people you will wait to be seen or you

will wait to be served so you have to stand in a queue

lots of people standing behind each other

hello also to Frankie Oh Frankie is now saying I often watch

your videos but I still have trouble understanding the oral English okay

don't worry and a big hello to Lorraine in France it's nice to hear from you I

haven't seen you before on the live chat so I think I will give you a round of


a big happy bonjour to you Marwa is here I agree the accent isn't really

important but the most important thing is that you speak clearly and fluently

yes this is something I've always said for the past 16 years I've been talking

about this in my work wherever I was if I was in the classroom when I was in

China I would always talk about the importance of understanding that English

as a language is one thing many people become distracted by accents or the

spelling of certain words when in fact you should be concentrating on all of

the root words so when we talk about root words the common words that occur

in English and those words will will appear and occur everywhere so not just

in the UK not just in the United States everywhere so a lot of people do become

a little confused or frustrated when they don't realize that there is only

one English so don't worry about American English or British English

quite often those things become important when you start speaking so

maybe some people like to speak clearly when they're using English it depends it

is almost like a choice really hello to Rolfie if all people spoke like mr.

Duncan there would not be a problem oh okay then well I agree with you some

people say that I do speak very clearly but then I am an English teacher I mean

there would be no point doing this if you couldn't understand me it would be

pointless to be honest with you when we ask questions we are using a form of

interrogation so you are using a sentence interrogate of Lee

so when we are asking questions there are certain words that we will use to

show that information is required so I might ask a question but I quite often

will require an answer so we will often use certain words as a way of asking

questions for example what what an occurrence or an action you might react

it by saying what what was that what are you doing so quite often we will ask

what as a way of finding out an occurrence or maybe something that

recently happened what what happened what are you doing or maybe what are you

doing tomorrow so maybe a future event you were also asking about what another

one quite often asked why why once again you are asking for information why did

something happen why did you say that why did you go there why did you hurt me

why why so both of these are forms of interrogation we will ask a question and

normally these require an answer what did you say what did you say I didn't

hear you what did you say why did you say that so in this sense we

are asking the reason for it why so quite often

why is used to get information and also to find out the reason for something

occur ring why did it happen why did you hurt

me what did you say another one again and very common words and these are all

forms of interrogation where where where quite often refers to location or the

position of something so you are asking for the location or maybe the position

of a thing or a person where are you where is he where do you come from so

quite often when we ask where we are asking for information about location or

position where are you time is another question you might pose or put forward

when so when we ask when we are also asking for information about not

position but time we want to know when something happened or when it will

happen when did it happen

when will you arrive when will I be famous when so this particular word

relates to questions about time position time however sometimes we can also use

where when we want to ask a question about a particular time so this can also

sometimes we used to ask a question about time when is almost always used to

describe time or to ask a question about time frankly it is better in English for

people I believe but of course it is more practical for me in French do you

mean the language hi mr. Duncan I send you my regards and greetings from Rio de

Janeiro in Brazil yes your English is perfect to be understood furthermore you

are one of a kind in teaching English direct from its birthplace it's true

England is where it all started this is the birthplace of the English language

thank you very much for that hello @ EF @ EF says sorry I did not hear the

notification I am late don't worry you are here and that's all it matters mr.

Duncan would you please upload full English grammar courses from basic well

the problem with that is everyone else has done that if I do it everyone else

has already done that so I always try to do things in a different way different

from other people so if I start doing a 20 part or 50 part course about English

that will take all of my time I won't have time to do anything else and to be

honest with you there are so many people now on YouTube doing the same thing they

are all doing the same thing they are all teaching from basic English to

advanced English so if I did that it would take all of my time and I wouldn't

have time to do this so that's the reason why how this is another question

that you can ask people how so the circumstances of a certain thing the

circumstances of a situation the one thing became another thing so maybe a

change of circumstance and if you want more information about it we will often

ask how how did it happen how will you get here so if there is a transit

taking place from one thing to another we might be interested to find out how

it happened or how it will happen how will you get here how can I earn

some extra money so you want to get from one thing to another how do I get to

your house how so this is another question when we

are talking about the transition of one thing to another how did you become so

unfriendly how did you become so miserable how how did you get from one

thing to another how hello to Emilio what questions what questions our basic

topic when English language is studied I'm not quite sure what you mean by that

what questions are basic topic when English language is studied I think

maybe you are giving me an example of the use of when well in that case we are

talking about an occurrence so when something happens so in that sense the

word when refers to the circumstances of something occurring so in that sense it

isn't a question here in Mexico we have changed the clocks to to what did you go

forward in Mexico or did you go back in Mexico so here in the UK we have gone

back one hour how is mr. Steve mr. Steve is all right don't worry mr. Steve is

still alive and well

how did you find this channel and this is an interesting question actually this

is one of the questions I do like asking how did you find this now over the years

when I first started doing this on YouTube

the channel was very different from what it is now in fact I would go as far as

to say I would say 100% that YouTube in 2006 was completely different from the

way it is now completely almost unrecognizable in every single way one

of the main things of course is the quality of the video so many years ago

when YouTube was very young the video quality was pretty bad first of all the

screen was very small and also the resolution of the picture was very poor

I think it was about 240 P which is a very fuzzy grainy picture so the picture

originally on YouTube was small and grainy very fuzzy the quality of the

picture was not good not good at all and we have the final one of all the

questions you might ask who who this is very specific this is a way of finding

out information about a person who maybe someone broke into your house last night

and they stole all of your jewelry who broke into my house who did it who was

responsible for the robbery who

who are you you might not know a person's name you meet them for the

first time you don't know who they are you ask their name who are you who a

person who who are you who are they who do you think you are if

you are angry with a person you might ask them who do you think you are who do

you think you are it's normally said at a point of extreme

anger it really is would you please show us

your first ever YouTube video my first video is actually on my youtube channel

and I was actually filming inside my house in China so that is actually the

first video I ever put on there Rolfie says I found this channel in an English

group on Facebook that's why it's important to share this channel with

your friends to make it grow and reach 1 million subscribers can you imagine that

if I had a million subscribers wow that would be amazing I must admit that we've

rather that would be rather nice I think then I would do live streams every day

maybe even twice a day who knows for those who are wondering 31 days will end

this week on Thursday it will be the final day of October so on Monday

Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday I will be with you from 2 p.m. UK time as we come

to the end of English in October it's quite a shame really isn't it I think

some people might be a little bit disappointed I think so do you like

technology I love technology so much in fact I love it so much I made a full

English lesson all about

here is a word that might be familiar to you the word technology generally

relates to any complicated tool that has been created to carry out a task of some

sort this task can be a simple one such as adding up numbers right up to the

really complex and difficult ones such as steering a jumbo jet or sending

someone to the moon there are some other words that relate to technology such as

device which is something that uses technology to function such as a

smartphone or tablet they are types of devices the device forms the hardware of

the technology while the programs and applications running inside are the

software they are both forms of technology it is hard to imagine what

life was like before modern technology came along technology is used almost

everywhere now in factories and offices in our leisure pursuits in our cars and

homes and perhaps in the not-too-distant future as a part of the human body it

would be fair to say that virtually all of the great technological leaps forward

have occurred during the past hundred years since the

discovery of electricity our world has been magically transformed into an

amazing Wonderland where our thirst for information can be easily quenched and

the human imagination is encouraged to run free

do you like technology would you miss it if it wasn't around what piece of

technology do you use the most a computer game a mobile device a

super-duper talking watch which piece of technology are you looking forward to

using in the future a flying bicycle a driverless car an artificial brain a

holographic TV perhaps will they ever be reality only time will


so there it was one of my full English lessons an excerpt from full English

number 15

hmm I hope you're enjoying today's livestream yes we are live for a few

more moments and then I am going so you have a few more moments to stay with me

and then I will be off hello to Noemi who says I agree with Marwa you deserve

more than a million subscribers well sometimes you know what they say

about life sometimes the things you want the things you desire are always out of

reach so sometimes yes it is a little bit difficult

Erik asks mr. Duncan did you finally receive your special gift from YouTube

no no I've never received any plate or play button from YouTube ever isn't it

strange so it would appear nowadays to be awarded something on YouTube you have

to sit in front of your computer and play computer games all the time and

Jane just and then just shout and swear and then that's it YouTube will give you

a special prize and lots of money as well isn't that nice however if you put

a lot of work into your videos and do it for 13 years the rest as they say is

history Amelio interesting as all of your

lessons are thank you very much we have become addicted to your live streams

what will we do after the 31st of October well I suppose you can always

watch all of my other videos there are many videos on YouTube on my YouTube

channel don't forget like and subscribe you can subscribe to my channel and then

you will never miss another video or live stream so there will be more live

streams ah after the 31st of October but not every

day so I won't be doing live streams every day there will be some changes and

I will tell you all about those as the week goes on so on Thursday I will tell

you exactly what is happening on my youtube channel after November the first

arrives I found this channel by advice from the

best channel to learn English and since I started to see mr. Duncan's lessons

I couldn't stop mr. Duncan is addictive hmm it is almost as if people are

addicted to English Wow I like that hello also to Zayid mr. Duncan we want

full English grammar basic courses if you keep typing the same thing again and

again please I've seen your message okay

okay see this is what happens sometimes dear me when will people learn I've read

your message I have seen it clearly and I have responded to it please tell us

what do you think people think about Russia as a country what do English

people think about Russia well I'm sure there are many people who are who love

Russia but of course there are always people who will hate everything or

anything there are people who hate English people so maybe if I go

somewhere in another part of the world maybe there will be people who hate me

that is something that happened to me personally when I was in China I got a

lot of criticism a lot of hate from people who didn't like an English man

being the centre of attention so yes it could it could refer to anyone really

anywhere there are people who did like who disliked Germans or French or

maybe some people who disliked Australians so there are people who

don't like Russia and there are people who do between you and me I am always

fascinated by the history of many countries including Russia so during the

periods of time when a country changes from one thing to another it is always

interesting the same thing has happened here in the UK so over the years there

have been many changes to the way people behave or maybe the way the government

works and of course the monarchy so I suppose the biggest change here over the

past four or five hundred years must be the monarchy the the rulers of this

country there used to have all of the power but now they have very little

power in this country after the signing of the Magna Carta Patrick hello I like

Russian vodka and also girls well good for you

I'm very happy to hear that at EF I don't like Iranians oh okay then I don't

know why why don't you like Iranians I've never met an Iranian that I didn't

like but then again as I go around the world I try to find nice people to talk

to but there are good in bad in all societies and all countries including

here in England and the UK so everywhere has it's good points and it and it's bad

points sometimes people will focus on the good things and sometimes they will

focus on the bad things so it depends really

it depends sheriff says racism is not good well I suppose so I think it's fair

to say that being Ray assist is not good or logical to be

honest when you think about it it makes no sense Connell says I was searching

for the silent letters in English on YouTube and I discovered my lovely

teacher mr. Duncan Thank You carnal I'm always interested to find out how people

found my lessons so I suppose I'm a little bit different from other teachers

because sometimes I will talk about subjects that other people won't talk

about so for example I did a lesson all about death a very hard subject to talk

about and yet I did it I did it I didn't want to shy away I decided to be brave

and push the boundaries so many many years ago I made a lesson all about

death a very hard subject to talk about Rosso is here also our man Z T Abdullah

mr. Duncan greetings from Bahrain you are the best English teacher and you

have a unique way of teaching English can you use other platforms platforms

like Instagram for teaching and also Twitter well first of all I do have a

Twitter account so I do use Twitter but not very often

because Twitter is is not really an education platform you may have noticed

that Twitter is a place where people go to fight and argue over all sorts of

things I do have an Instagram account but again I don't use it very often but

I do have a Facebook account you can also also find me on Facebook Facebook

there we go Facebook there is my address on Facebook and also my email address so

yes I do have a Facebook channel and that is the one that I use the most

besides YouTube so you can find me on Facebook and quite often I will post

lots of information as well to tell you what's happening in my world so don't

worry about it there are lots of ways of getting in

touch with me why would someone hate a whole country

because of a bad act some of someone else or somewhere else

well it does happen sometimes people are not logical they come to conclusions

about things maybe @ef says Mr Duncan once again I have to tell you your

pronunciation is fabulous thank you very much I am going in a moment because it's

five minutes past 3:00 GMT so don't forget we are now GMT that is our time

zone so no longer are we British summer time no that's ended now we are GMT

Greenwich Mean Time so that is the time zone that we are in here now Patrick

thank you very much thank you also to Rahul by the way if

you want to make a donation yes I have a donation account on PayPal so for those

who would like to send a donation don't forget everything I do I do for free for

13 years I've been doing this and I never charge you anything for my work

including this livestream so there is the address for your donations if you

want to send a donation you are more than welcome to do so if you've just won

the lottery maybe you've just won the lottery maybe a million pounds I don't

know Pat you sir can you tell me whose sound

is recorded on the International exam preparation course I don't know I have

no idea don't know who it actually is I know

when I was in China I recorded some of the tests for the listening exam in the

English examinations in China so yes I did that myself but I'm pretty sure that

isn't me so I'm not sure who the voice is on the international exam preparation

course I don't know thank you very much for your company I am going now I hope

you've enjoyed today's lesson as we approach eight minutes past three

o'clock I hope you had a lovely day let's have a look outside briefly whoo

it's got a little bit dull outside now oh look at that it's a little bit dull

that's not very nice I'm hoping that that will get a little bit brighter

thank you very much for joining me thank you sir Ed thank you also to business

I'm still interested to find out what your business is maybe we will talk

about that tomorrow so see you tomorrow it is the final four days we only have

four more days of October and then it's all over

this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying see you tomorrow

2:00 p.m. UK time and of course you know what's coming next

yes you do... until tomorrow...

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 27 - improve your English - WHAT/WHEN/WHY/WHO/HOW - 27th October