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Hi everyone! It's Jennifer. If you haven't joined me on Kiki yet,

I'd like to invite you again. There's a lot of learning that we can do together on Kiki.

What is Kiki? It's an app. You want to go to the app

store and look for Kiki Time. There's some

different apps with a similar name, but you're

looking for Kiki Time.

Here is Kiki Time if you're... if you have an iPhone or iPad.

And here's the Kiki Time app if you're on an Android device. Okay?

Download the app. It's also web based, so if you are on a computer you can use the URL Kiki,

and once you register, you will come to a page like this, where you can

explore. And once you start following pages, you'll get your feed.

I'm going to show you on this page how you can find me. First, you can find a page, any page.

Type in a topic. If you're also interested in things like...I don't know...math, history, gardening,

whatever, you can find other pages with posts by other publishers.

So that's what we call them. I'm a publisher. You can be a publisher too.

I have two pages on Kiki. Jennifer's Movie Club and English Vocabulary with Jennifer.

The movie club has been popular. Lots of people are joining, and each week I'm sharing a

new movie review. And there's also a Community tab

where you can post. Right? You can see what other people have shared.

You cannot plagiarize. That means you cannot copy other people's works.

Be very careful where you find your images and do not copy and paste from other websites.

Kiki is monitoring content. Things that violate Kiki terms will be deleted. Okay? I'm trying to help too.

I am looking for quality content. I would like to see movie reviews, descriptions of movies, reactions

to movies, suggestions, and recommendations

all on the community tab. I'd love to see a lot more activity and I'd love to see quality posts

from my community. There have been some posts that are absolutely wonderful. This is one them by Yavuz.

I encourage you to check out this review of La La Land.

Okay. And another one that I like very much is by Facundo. It's an HBO series, "The Bronze Garden." You could read his post as well.

Okay, those are good examples of what I would like to see on the Community tab.

Even if it's a great post, if it's not related to movies, it's going to be deleted, so make sure that

it is appropriate in all ways.

In English Vocabulary, what can you do? This is a page where I'll share posts

on different days of the week and at the end of the week, I'll share a video review.

What I've been doing is creating some review tasks,

and then you can check your answers using the video. Okay?

A regular post might have one or more photos for you to enjoy.

And as you go into the text, you will read a post with a lot of vocabulary in context.

At the end of the post, I encourage you to look at the useful words and phrases

and make sure that the highlighted vocabulary is familiar.

Go back and read the post again. I have questions here. If you'd like to answer, you can do so in the comments.

This page, like any other page on Kiki, has a Community tab. This is where longer responses are welcome. If you

just have a few sentences to share, post in the comments. If you'd like to say something longer, come to the Community tab.

Again, be careful where you find any images; you don't want to take any image that you find online.

Make sure that it's an image that is allowed. That you are allowed to use, okay? Ideally, it should be

from your own camera. But there are other sites where you can take photos that are free of copyrights. Okay? You want to be safe.

Susana has a very nice post about Jeff Bezos. So this is a good example of a longer piece of text that is a bit too long for the comment

section, but wonderful for the Community tab. And it has to be original.

Daily writing practice. That's something that you can do here on Kiki. Let's take a look at what Kiki looks like on a mobile device.

Here we are on the Mobile app. On the homepage, you can explore and find pages or see the feed of all the pages that you follow.

See what's new. You can meet the creators of Kiki and understand their vision.

And here, of course, are my pages. You can have a page too.

But once you find my pages, this is what you'll see. In Jennifer's Movie Club, you'll find all my

reviews. I post a new review each week, so please take the time to read them. These are my movie

recommendations, and each review also has useful vocabulary, key vocabulary, so you can learn this

vocabulary in a really fun and interesting way. On the community tab, you'll see what other people are sharing and recommending.

I would love to see more of these movie reviews. I want quality movie reviews.

If you want to recommend a movie, please come to the Community tab and share a post.

Here's the English Vocabulary with Jennifer page. Again, you'll see my different posts.

At the end of the week, I have the video review. And this is about the average length of a regular post.

There are useful words and phrases highlighted. You can post a short comment.

And again, I welcome you to the community tab. This is where longer posts are welcome.

Or if you want to share a short text and image and you believe that your text will be useful for others learning English, then share it.

This is a wonderful place for practice. I'm not able to offer corrections on the Community tab.

Community tab. I will read posts, I will comment on posts, but I'm not able to offer detailed corrections.

Just keep that in mind. But this is a place for sharing and practice.

I hope more of you will join me on Kiki and follow my two pages for practice throughout the week.

I'd love to see the community grow!

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