Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Does God guarantee an easy life to those who are born again?

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John Ankerberg: Right.

And the words in there are mind-blowing, okay?

Hes got a plan for us, and He called us to be like His son.

And for some Christians it seems like an easy path.

For some other Christians, like Joni Eareckson Tada, okay: 17 years of age she breaks her


Shes a quadriplegic for all of her life.

And yet she has one of the greatest ministries around the world, okay?

She suffers every day.

I know other people that have sat in that chair and told me their stories.

And they are Christians, and yet theyve suffered.

I know people overseas.

Sometimes I tell people if you want to see a real Christian you need to go overseas,

because theyre willing to die for their faith, okay?

And God calls some of those people; not only does He save them, but He calls them to jobs

that we wouldnt necessarily want because you could die doing it.

But then it also says He justified us.

And I love this, because heres Jesus coming to earth to do this.

And the Lord Jesus Himself suffered and bled and died on a cross; was buried; rose again;

and showed, gave us proof, that He is God Himself, alright?

And the fact is that He has the power to change us and to pull all this stuff off that Hes

talking about.

So, these words are loaded with meaning.

And looking ahead, to think that He is going to glorify us some day.

Hes going to bring us to heaven.

And Hes talked about the magnificence of the things that Hes going to bring to us

in heaven.

Its tremendous, okay?

People should be excited about this.

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