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Hello everybody this is Havoc back with another collaboration with Paradox Interactive on

a tutorial for Crusader Kings 3. Todays tutorial will focus on Understanding & Managing

your Domains, or the lands you own within your Realm. Well take a look at factors

such as Domain Limit, Development, Control, and a few others that youll need to be

thinking about as you expand.

Lets Dive In.

Land Organization. To better manage your Domains, you need to understand their organization,

and its pretty simple to grasp Your holdings come in two different forms in CK3: Counties

& Baronies. Counties consist of anywhere between 2-6 Baronies. Baronies are where buildings

are constructed, which we will cover later in the video, but it is at the County level

where three of your more important constant values lie: Development, Control & Popular


Development. Development is a measure of the advancement & infrastructure present in a

County, which is found on the right hand side of the County Overview. The level of development

directly influences an increased percentage of levies, taxes & the supply limit of said

county. Development growth is slow and designed to span across the entire duration of the

game, reaching a potential maximum of 100. As your countys development increases,

it will slowly spread outwards affecting the counties around it.

Using this idea, there are some ways to maximize the system. First, you CAN use your Stewards

Increase Developmenttask, although this is a very slow process and your Steward

could honestly be better used elsewhere. Counties with Farmland and Floodplains make ideal candidates

for development, so focusing your efforts in those areas could yield potential centers

for future gene rations, which would then spread to counties around it that are ideally

in your empire, creating a long-term domino effect for development.

Control. Control is the direct amount of power you hold over a County. Anything under 100

will see a reduced percentage in the amount of levies and taxes that a County contributes

to you. A low amount of Control may lead to County Corruption, further causing a decrease

in money and levies provided to you.

During war, forcefully seizing territory will naturally see a decreased amount of control,

and its wise at times to consider a more peaceful means of acquiring territory, through

vassalization for instance. It is of course possible to increase Control in any County,

the best of which is to use your MarshallsIncrease controlCouncillor Task, tho

depending on the amount of Contro, it could take quite a while to get up to 100.

Popular Control. This last County-level value is equally as important as the first two,

perhaps even more so simply because of how you can handle it in your empire. Popular

Opinion is a measure from -100 to 100 of how the Countys populace feels towards the

character than holds their County. Do note that this may not be you, especially as you


Should the population become unhappy for long enough, they may be able to start or join

a Peasant or Populist Faction, which can easily spread quickly through the entire Realm. This

effect could ruin smaller empires if not kept in check. The easiest way to control Popular

Opinion is by ensuring the County Holder is of the same Culture & Faith as the population,

although other factors from your County Holders characteristics may have a positive or negative

influence on Popular Opinion regardless.

Baronies & Buildings. Now on to the smallest form of your land ownerships: Baronies. As

mentioned earlier, each County is made up of a certain number of Baronies, and each

Barony may or may not already have a building constructed in them.

The Three core types of holdings remain true from Crusader Kings 2: Castles, Cities & Temples.

Castles provide levies & fortifications, Cities give taxes and a focus on Development, and

Temples provide taxes and a focus on Control. Knowing this, you can think ahead to develop

certain counties: Build several cities to create a Development hub, lots of Castles

in a chokepoint to slow down future enemies, or even several Temples in an area that might

be a constant hotspot for low Control issues.

As for the buildings themselves, it really depends on the terrain of the County. These

regular buildings primarily focus on increasing Levies & Taxes, but several have a secondary

effect that ranges from things like increased damage to certain military units or even straight

development growth increases.

New to CK3 is the idea of a Duchy Capital Building. These buildings can only be built

in the Capital of any De Jure Duchy, which limits their availability across the map.

In order to actually build these, you will need to personally own the Duchy Title, and

since you can only own 2 Duchies without penalties, this limits a players desire to hoard Counties

JUST to build these buildings. Duchy Buildings are completely unique, providing much more

intense benefits than the regular buildings themselves.

To see the long-term effects of any building chain in your Baronies, simply click on the

Preview button and check out the different stages of upgrades, their costs and time to

construct. This is immensely helpful in figuring out a strategy that will lay the foundation

for future rulers of your empire.

Domain Limit. Bringing up Duchy Buildings and their limited availability requires a

more basic understanding of how many lands you can personally own. This Domain Limit

determines how many Holdings you as a character can hold without penalties to income and Vassal

Opinion. A Holding can be on the Barony Level, or on the County Capital Level, giving you

some flexibility on just what you want to own, and what you might want to pass off to

another family member or a vassal.

Your Domain Limit is affected by a multitude of things, but most dominantly are personal

Stewardship Skill, your Succession Laws and the Tier of your Primary Title. This combination

means it is possible to hold several Counties in your own name before the penalties kick

in, and its also worth focusing more on the Stewardship Skill Tree as you climb the

Ranks if you want to hold more land.

Thats all for this tutorial on Domains in Crusader Kings 3. Tune in next time as

I will take a look at handling Money in the game. Be sure to check out and subscribe to

Paradox Interactives YouTube channel for more videos. Thanks for watching, this is

Havoc, and I will see you all in the next video.

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