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Hey Ashley. Guess what? What?

I got accepted into the YSU Nursing Program. Cool, right?

Oh my gosh Monica! That's great. Have you given any thought on what you want

to do? No. Not yet. I don't know what I wanna do.

This is our last year. You need to figure it out.

I know. That's why it sucks being a senior. Everyone expects you to have your whole life

figured out. Hey girls. Ashley, where's that beautiful

smile of yours? What do you want Tyrone?

Well you might find this hard to believe, but it's Friday night and I don't have any

plans so I was thinking, who's the most beautiful girl in school? I should see if she's got

plans and ask her out tonight. Well when you ask her, what did you have in

mind? I don't know. Take her out to eat, get to

know her a bit, head back to my place, and watch a movie. So what do you say?

Long story short, she said yes. I've got a date.

With the biggest player in school. He's not a player. He's a really sweet guy

and he thinks I'm the prettiest girl in school.

Here's the deal, every girl wants to hear that they're beautiful.

They make it so easy. You tell a girl that she's beautiful, they

are willing to believe anything you say. Anything.

So, are you excited about your date tonight

with Tyrone? Yeah. It's just nice to be noticed.

What are you guys doing? You heard him. Go out, talk, go back to his

place, watch a movie, whatever. Do you think, you know.

Know what? What if he tries something?

Monica . . . Guys like expect something out a date.

Well, what if he is? It's not a big deal. He thinks I'm beautiful.

I don't know what kind of a world Monica is living in, but when a girl likes a guy, there's

certain things she has to do to keep him happy. That's just how high school relationships

work, right? Ashley has no clue what a healthy relationship

is. I just hope she doesn't get hurt over the whole thing.

So you know my mom's making her famous chicken tonight. I think you should join us.

Nice try. You know I have that date with Tyrone tonight.

Come on! You know he has one thing on his mind.

Look! This is how relationships work. If I want a boyfriend, then there's certain things

I gotta do to keep him. And what if you get pregnant?

Then I won't let things go that far! Are you happy?

So what happened? Well, we were just sitting around watching

a movie, you know the usual. And we starting kissing and he was calling me beautiful and

I was like "This is kind of nice." One thing led to another and I was like "I don't want

to go any further." Did you tell him that?

No. I just couldn't. I knew he really wanted to and I knew he wouldn't stop even if I asked

him to. And you wanna know what the worst part is? Tyrone wouldn't even talk to me today.

He acted like nothing even happened. Oh, my god. That's terrible.

See Ashley. I'm telling you. All he wants to do is hook up with you. Now what if you

get pregnant or get an STD? Look come here. I'm telling you because you're my friend and I care.

Alright. How's everyone doing today? Good.

Good. Good. So yesterday we talked all about reaching

your goals and reaching your dreams and things like that. So today we are going to talk about

the easiest way to reach your dreams and goals. So Monica yesterday didn't you say that you

wanted to be a nurse? Yes.

Nice and Ashley did you say . . . wait what did you say again?

She didn't even tell me and I'm her best friend. Aw come on. You should tell us. You know what?

Here's what I can say, you guys are seniors so you got a little bit of time but you need

to figure out what it is you wanna do. Okay? So right now in life what should be the most

important thing? Education.

Good. Education. After you get your education, you graduate from high school, go to college,

pick up a trade, a technical school, something. You do all that hard work for what?

Get a career. Good! So you can get your career. After you

get your career you enjoy life, you learn a lot about yourself, what it is you like

to do. Then you find someone who you couldn't imagine spending the rest of your life without

and then what? Marriage.

Then you get married. Alright. Then after you have this nice little wedding. Then what's

next? Children.

Good! Children. Alright so we call this the Success Sequence. Alright, this is the order

in which things should be done for us to reach success in the easiest form.

Alright! Good job today guys. You know? Be good. I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey. Let's go talk to her. She seems pretty cool.


Hey girls. How are you doing? What can I help

you out with today? Well here's the deal. There's this guy Tyrone

and I think he might be interested in me. I'm pretty sure he's interested in something

else. Oh, okay. Go ahead Ashley. Let her talk.

Well, he's asked me on a date and like Monica said I think he just wants to have sex.

Hmm, and how do you feel about that? At first, I didn't think it was that big of

a deal, until what Monica said and hearing you talk about reaching your goals and dreams

and stuff . . . Alright honey, let me ask you a question.

So what exactly is your dream? I want to be a veterinarian.

What? Yeah, I know it's stupid.

No girl. That sounds great! That is awesome! That's a great goal. So let

me tell you something. I think being a veterinarian would be awesome and amazing and I think you

could do it. But I can also tell you if you have sex with him, you are putting your future

at risk. Is it really worth it? No.

So I think you girls know what to do. Have a good day.

Thanks! Bye.

Hey Ashley! What's up? Tyrone. I don't want to go on a date with

you tonight. What? Why not? You afraid I'm going to show

you a good time? That's the thing. Your idea of a good time

and my idea of a good time are two different things.

Come on baby. You don't know what you're missing. No. I know what I'm missing and I don't want it.

Am I mad at Ashley for breaking off our date

tonight? No. I'm mad at that friend of hers for messing in my business. You know what

Monica or whatever your name is, stay out of my business.

Well I had a date and now I don't have a date, but I'm okay with that.

And I'm very happy, because going on a date with Tyrone tonight, you could've gotten pregnant

or an STD. Yeah and I wouldn't be able to do the whole

veterinarian thing. Which I'm very happy for you. It's very cool.

Thanks. And thanks for being a good friend. You're welcome. Don't mention it. Since you

don't have any plans tonight, my mom's making chicken. I can call my uncle for you, he's

a veterinarian. Why didn't you tell me that?

I didn't know you wanted to be a vet. Well let's go.

Come on.

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