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a lot of excess water here let's try and pour that all the greatest slime ever

made what's good I guess pop JQ from tea with me and we are back with the brand

new video and today guys we are doing the slime challenge that's right what's

a slam challenge it's a slime factor challenge because we

make in a box for slime pack to be going big we go an industrial we're making the

biggest slime factory known to man wait Logan look where you are

yeah we install the basketball net because we thought that'd be pretty fun

Logan tracks ahead and see this oh but anyway like I said we are back and of

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no chance we're doing dunks on this thing Bobby Jake first shot of the day

as you know I've been wanting to do this video for a while now and make a massive

slime Factory I'm gonna be showing you guys how to do a DIY slime factory cuz

we're gonna be making our own slime but I wanted to get some inspiration like

this slime building kit slime pallets my favorite thing this is

considered slime but I saw and I was like you know this looks really fun look

at those kids how much fun they're having guys I think I want to open this

up first

look at this okay so apparently this never dries and it's mess-free slime

it's like a weird styrofoam no you can mix them together too purple and blue

right it's like so satisfying

it doesn't really pull up Oh sticky yeah let's see if I can dump the slime so I'm

going up oh well I've gone forever it's never coming back down we got to start

building because we got to make our slime factory so we're gonna grab some

cardboard I'm not gonna show you guys everything we're gonna be using to make

our DIY slime but let's just say we went big on this I'm not gonna lie I may have

bought more glue than I should have this is one of the main ingredients of slime

and to make it really awesome but there's tons of different slime we can

make now all we have to do is start putting together our box for it I think

we can go for a standard design but the inside is what counts here we're gonna

make this a true slime factory not only that but a mega slime Factory this thing

is gonna have to be crazy with some great interiors so let's start building

this and then deck out the inside to make this work

done dude check this out the slime factory is completely this is a massive

multi-billion gallon slime producing factory and it is all done here we've

got the nice vaulted ceilings of course we come around the back here we've got

the long slime chamber here we still have to go inside and deck out the

interior so we can actually make slime but yo check this out guys we need like

a wacky slime door which I thought was really cool it's different you know it's

got a nice little angle on it that's pretty cool so now it's time to go

inside deck out the inside and then when you start producing slime slime factory

is complete we got everything inside and to start making slime and making it big

and huge but check this out guys so we got a table here which we're gonna

prepare this line we've got this cool it kind of broke but look this is a cool

slime ax fication device so basically you put the slime in here and then you

kind of mount it on this and then when you want to make the slime you turn this

off how cool is that we also have all of our supplies and ingredients we've got

different colored slime to add to our mixture and of course we got this

massive tub of glue to make a huge batch of slime and all this stuff we need like

water for axe and then I got some extras lime here that I kind of want to try out

so I think the next step of what we have to do is get on our lab coats once we're

suited up because you know you gotta wear lab coats when to deal with science

we'll get inside here me and Logan will start preparing and I think it's time to

start messing around and finding the best mixture to create the world's

greatest slime and then we'll go big and make a massive amount of it always

wanted to do this

all right so in order to make the greatest slime ever in our slime box for

a factory we've got to analyze some samples that I've collected so this is

stuff that came in the mail I'm not exactly sure how it's gonna act but it

looks like you know what is that what are those what are those little red

pieces in it this is cool this is like golden glitter slime so we've got green

glitter slime we got golden glitter check that out I just want to eat that

looking kind of right all right so this one definitely feels a lot thicker than

the green one this is like thick slime hold on I'm gonna grab it it's

completely different than the fluff check it out guys oh yeah there Kay so

this is like a weird feeling slime like it's very sticky but at the same time it

kind of breaks apart easily it's a similar texture but it's a little bit

softer all right let's open the pink slime and see what that's like this I

don't even know how to explain this yo check this out look it feels amazing G

I've never felt anything like this

no slime five five five high five the slime exploded sorta again like I said

guys this time we did not make it came pre-made it's not it's not bad this is

how you make fluffy slime but I kinda want to save that for when we make yeah

this is a slime bag dude it's like come another production like all right let's

get the slime going here all right all right keep it coming keep it coming this

is the boss slime guys but I think we can step it up a notch in our slime

Factory I think it's time to make our own slime so we're gonna go big I like

when you stretch it and you make like a wall of slime we got to make sure that

we can produce the proper slime the slime that we have right now let's let's

sort it let's put it over here transport slime bros now before we go super big

and make our own slime we got to make sure that we know exactly how to make it

with the proper ingredients you know you add too much glue too little glue too

much water it can completely change the substance of slime I'm gonna be making

our own here we've got some of this Elmer's glue we got a little Bowl here

and we've got our slime the fire up here so let's take this Elmer's glue off of

here add a bunch of glue now this is not slime if you were to touch this right

now it would it would stick to you it's glue so now that the glue is added guys

we're gonna add a little bit of water mixed with borax we now we don't have

measuring cups because Papa Jake isn't a measurer okay we're gonna add a little

bit more blue glue to this guy's now we're mixing it all together time to add

it to the slime afire

already starting to get slimy there's a good sign I think so the bottom is

definitely more glue than slime I might need a button up my lab coat

give me one sack Jake I've got the slime fire almost attached there we go we're

locked in and slime fi

there's a lot of excess water here let's try and pour that Oh No Oh No and what

we're left with is this might be the greatest slide ever made oh oh it's very

interesting Jerri slimy guys it's very very this is the slime you slime I've

ever seen Jake it's definitely got a weird texture to it oh yeah it's very

slippery it's a very hard slime it's very slimy but I think for when we

ramp it up we need to put the proportions a little bit better yeah I

would say less glue no we need more glue after a long review I have figured out

that this slime is not slime it's more fluffy fell over and it's not exactly

that great so if we're gonna go big and we're gonna use an entire gallon we need

to go back to the drawing board we need to figure out what went wrong and then

go huge so now it's time to just kick it up a notch and make a massive amount of

slime in this box or factory our last slime didn't turn out exactly as planned

it is more of a it's a bouncy pop I don't I don't know how but we somehow

figured out how to make a homemade bouncy ball but that's okay because we

are now going to step it up a notch with the proper math and make a huge amount

of slime Logan its slime time yeah here we go guys so we have to empty out this

entire container of glue it's like we're making like pancake

batter I was about to say it looks like a massive pancake right Wow that is a

lot of food which is gonna be a lot of slime next up we're gonna add our

coloring blue which is the green sparkles gonna mix that in here get as

much of this out as we can now it's time to add the equivalent amount of water

that we use for glue here we go slime dude this stuff is cream why do a little

bit of green in it

guys you really honestly thought that that little bit of green slime coloring

would work but I guess we made so much of it oh my god it looks like oh it's

like you're making a people once you take it out insert it dries in a more

slimy yeah now it's so sticky this is awesome

give me some that flup I want to add to the slime of a fluffy slime this stuff

yeah a nude okay oh here we go okay you can barely move it

infinity pool of slime which is a weird slime concoction I created it's like got

both bad slime fluffy slime and everything in between I got a big thing

a slam I got a dry mine now by doing the dry tactic here I go back and forth like

this I just kind of attached my jaw and my hand is kind of stuck too what about

all across the ceiling look to things like pulling down yo

if you think we should do more slime experiments smack that like button down

looks I'm having so much fun look at my hand right now Jake oh gosh spider-man

slime oh whoa yes this place looks like a

slime factory Jake it is definitely a slime factory I think this pretty much

wraps up this video for today hope you guys enjoyed it of course guys if you

did be sure smack that like button and if you want to join the pop of Jake BAM

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awesome video

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