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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What If You Had A Tough Relationship?

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What if you had a tough relationship?

What if you had a tough relationship?

What if you looked deeper?

What if you

weren't valued in your relationship?

What if you researched the tough issues?

What if you found out your relationship wasn't normal?

What if you discovered you were a teensy bit in an

abusive situation? What if you

googled narcissist emotional abuse and verbal abuse

What if you found out

that it's not your fault? What if you found words for

what's happened like

"gaslighting", "triangulation", "psychological abuse" and

"trauma"? What if you grieve to

the love you thought you had? What if you wrote the

story you've experienced? What

if you had a glimmer of hope? What if you connected to

people with

similar stories? What if you realized you're worth more?

What if you

discovered there's a better life out there?

What if you stepped into the life

you were meant to live? What if you kept writing and you

gained resilience? And

what if you shared this with someone else who

needs to know? Then you would be

the HERO of your own life story.

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