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(upbeat music)

- Hey everyone, I hope you're having an amazing day.

It's Mark Wiens, I'm in Bangkok, Thailand,

and one of the top questions I get asked

is what are my favorite Thai dishes.

So today, we're going on a Thai food tour.

I'm going to share with you five of the best

of my favorite ultimate Thai foods.

I'm meeting up with my friend Greg from Travizeo.

He's actually the one filming now.

A huge thank you to Greg.

We're gonna eat some incredibly good food

and yeah, we're gonna share it all with you

in this video right now.

(funky upbeat music)

Alright, so we're gonna eat our first dish right now

and actually before we even get to the restaurant,

the restaurant's around the corner,

but I met the owner here.

This is some of the behind the scenes.

This is where they're preparing the braised beef.

Oh, look at those giant pots of beef.

She's slicing up the beef here.

Oh, she's about to add in all the cilantro,

all the coriander.

Oh, that smells so good.

The aromas, you can smell the Chinese spices,

the star anise.

Another thing that's very important

is the coriander roots.

In Thai it's called raak phak chee.

It gives so much flavor to the broth.

I'm so hungry now.

Yes, there it is.

Awesome, there it is.

That is the male organ. (funky upbeat music)

Okay, we've moved over now.

So they're cooking the beef in the back

but at the front of the restaurant here

is where the eternal cauldron,

bubbling juicy pot of braised beef is living.

Okay, so she's fixing our fire pot.

She adds in some pak boong

which is the morning glory,

then I got it with everything

so that's gonna be mixed with the organs.

There's some lung and liver and tripe in there.

This over here, Greg, is the (speaks Thai)

that is the braised beef.

Oh, and this is the tendon.

Oh, those lumpy, beautiful, jiggly bits.

This is the intestines.

It smells so good. (laughs)

So she's going to fish out a selection of the beef

and put it into the fire pot.

Oh, and then final step is that garlic.

I'm extremely hungry now.

My mouth juices are flowing.

(Mark speaks Thai)

He's grabbing some of the charcoal

that's going to go in our fire pot.

Oh, can you see the blower over there?

That's going to blow it from the bottom

so that it heats the charcoal even hotter

so flame comes out the top.

Yes. (laughs)

Greg, you gotta get yourself on camera saying that, man.

- It's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Look, I'm crying.

(Mark laughs)

(uplifting orchestral music)

(funky upbeat pop music)

(speaks Thai)

- And here it is.

This is one of my favorite dishes in Bangkok.

(speaks Thai)

So that's the braised beef,

but it is the (speaks Thai),

which is the fire pot of braised beef.

It's a beautiful thing,

one of the most beautiful things in the world.

You can just see that garlic,

whole cloves of garlic floating around there.

Here's the cilantro roots.

I gotta just taste that broth first.

Oh wow.

That is unbelievable.

It's so fragrant.

You can taste the garlic in there,

you taste all those Chinese spices,

the star anise, the cinnamon.

Oh, that's ultimate umami.

But now I gotta mix my sauce.

Okay, so what you do for your sauce,

(speaks Thai) which is dry chili flakes,

go in,

this is vinegar, chili vinegar.

But I might hit that with just a little bit of fish sauce

just to bump up the flavor.

Let's try to get one of those good--

oh, for my first bite of beef

you can see everything is in here

from the tendon to the tripe to the meatballs.

I'm going to get one of those pieces of braised beef

on this first bite, though.

So fish that out,

and actually I will dip it into the sauce,

just let that kind of scoop up beef.

Oh man.

It's so soft and tender.

Oh, it's so good.

And then you chase that with rice.

The owner just walked in

and gave us a whole plate of tendon.

Tendon, this is one of the prized pieces.

It's not fat, this is all tendon,

just jiggly chunks of beautifulness.

I got to have a bite of that immediately.

Just let that soak in there.

Wow, tendon.


Greg, you gotta taste that, man.

- [Greg] I'm ready.

- That melts in your mouth.

It just slides down.

You don't even need to chew.

(Mark laughs)

- [Mark] That tendon, man.

- Have a slice.

(Mark speaks Thai)

Right, right?

It's so good.

- This is one of my favorite dishes to eat in Bangkok,

one of my top Thai foods.

But we have a lot more to eat today,

so let's move on to the next dish.

The next dish that we're eating is called pad krapow

and it's one of the best Thai dishes.

It's a dish that everybody loves.

It's one of those dishes

that you would be very happy to eat

every day of your life

and the spot that we're going to,

it's right across the street.

Let's go.

(jazzy upbeat music)

And they have a seating section right here on the corner,

but we're going to go talk to Lun,

who is the (speaks Thai) who's making it.

(speaks Thai)

Oh, here goes in the minced pork.

And that is a generous amount of oil,

or lard, that goes in there.

He actually shallow fries that

but I ordered a dish called (speaks Thai).

So it is minced pork stir-fried with holy basil.

It's one of the top comfort foods of Thailand.

If you ask any Thai person what they would like to eat

as like a good meal that they come back

to Thailand to eat, this would be the dish.

So he fries the minced pork first in a lot of oil,

then drains it.

Now he's tossing in the chilies and garlic.

Oh man, the fragrance of that garlic immediately.

A handful of chopped long beans

and then the final step, the final ingredient

is that toss, that's the holy basil right there.

He adds in a little bit of broth. (chuckles)

A little bit of dark soy sauce goes in there,

a little bit of sugar.

Oh man.

You see that sizzling away?


It smells so good.

(speaks Thai)

You smell those chili beans, Greg? (laughs)

And that goes right onto your plate of rice.

And this came out of the wok

literally about 10 seconds ago.

She walks it over here, out of the wok,

onto the rice, walks it to your table.

You can smell the peppery aroma of that basil.

I got the kai dow on top which is mandatory.

Well I mean, you could order it without the fried egg

but believe me, you're gonna want the fried egg.

Yeah, it's mandatory, it's mandatory.

You can smell the garlic.

Okay, for my first bite here, yeah.

I'm just going straight in.

I'm just going straight in for that egg.

And the egg, you can see,

it's kind of crispy on the sides but look at that yolk.

Oh. (laughs)

That's also another food sensation that never gets old,

breaking yolks.

Okay, I'm gonna grab a bite, get a little bit of everything.

See how that yolk is just melted in the mixed pork.

You can even see the whole chunky cloves of garlic.

Oh yeah.

Oh, it's so awesomely good.

Yeah, the peppery basil.

It's so garlicky.

You've got that chili heat.

And what you notice

is just how freshly stir fried it is, you know?

I mean, that's right out of the wok.

It's still hot.

And his unique touch is where

he actually deep fries the meat

and then drains it, so it almost has a crunchy edge to it.

Wow, that's good.

Let me get another bite.


It's perfect.

You could not want anything else

on a single plate of food.

One more thing I forgot,

and it's essential when you eat this dish.

And that is prik nam pla,

which is fish sauce and chilies.

I'm gonna make this bite count.

A little bit of fish sauce on there,

a good dollop of sliced chilies

with the egg, with the basil.

(motorcycle thrums)

Oh, oh.

Oh wow.

That even bumps up the flavor.

Yeah, (speaks Thai) knows what he's doing

when it comes to pad (speaks Thai).

He has just perfected his recipe.

(women speaking Thai)

Just walking down the street and we stumbled

into a lady who's selling khanom bueang,

which is a very popular and very good Thai sweet snack.

It's like a little crepe that she fries on the hot plate

and then she adds in some meringue

and you get your choice of topping.

But the one we really like is called foi thong,

which is the yellow egg yolk candy.

So we got it here.

That's candied egg yolk strands,

the meringue in there,

and all wrapped up in a little crispy wafer.

It's great.

It's crispy, it's sweet.

It's got that egg white kind of flavor to it.

And then that sweet, rich egg yolk candy.

Great sweet snack.

We're at the next stall now,

and this is just a small little typical

Isaan stall serving Isaan food,

which is food from the northeastern region of Thailand.

This is a great little spot

and I'm about to order the dish.

(speaks Thai)

I ordered a dish that's called (speaks Thai)

which is a green papaya salad

with fermented fish sauce, spicy.

Oh look it, a whole handful of chilies.

(speaks Thai)

She adds in a whole handful of chilies.

A little bit of salt in there to get it pounding,

and then she's gonna pound up all those chilies right now.

She adds in just a tiny little bit of palm sugar,

and here it is.

This is the (speaks Thai),

this is the fermented fish sauce right here.

This is the good stuff.

That's the flavor.

Oh yeah, and you can smell that, that cheesiness.

Oh it smells so good.

This is a lao olive,

which also adds some crazy flavor.

Chinese longbeans go in.

She's squeezing the lime,

but also she puts in the entire lime too

and she's going to kind of pound that up

so it gets all mixed in and gushy.

And here comes in the green papaya.

That's shredded green papaya.

And that's the crab.

That's thebpu right there, that's the crab,

the little patty crab.

(speaks Thai)

She's going to make also some (speaks Thai)

which is an Isaan soup.

So we got a few assorted dishes

because you can't come to a little stall

like this and just get one dish,

but the main dish on this list,

one of my favorite dishes,

which is tam bpu (speaks Thai),

which is green papaya salad.

You can see that murky fish sauce, that's the (speaks Thai).

You've got the crab in here, that's the bpu.

You've got tomatoes in here

and something that also is cool.

Something you got to notice is,

the shreds of green papaya,

she chops it up with a knife,

just chops chops chops,

and then slices it off rather than using a grater

so you can see how all the shreds of papaya

are all in different sizes.

Let me just get a good bite of this real fast.

Oh man, that looks and smells incredible.


Oh, the dribble.


It's so much flavor.

It's such a depth of flavor.

It's so complex.

And then you've got that crunch of the green papaya.

It's sour, it's citrusy.

It's spicy, it's fishy.

It's everything.

Then what you do is you take sticky rice

which is called (speaks Thai),

you can make a little ball,

then what you do is you then dip it into the juice.

That completes it.

Yeah, it's spectacular.

That's the dressing.

We've got some sub no mai,

which is a bamboo shoot mixed salad

and also some larb,

which this is a minced pork version.

There's some skin in here.

There's some minced pork,

there's some dried chili,

she adds in some lime.

Yeah, this is just a good dish too.

Mm, mm.

The dried chilies in there.

That just has a smoky taste.

Grab a little ball of sticky rice, dip that in.


We've eaten three of my

absolute favorite Thai dishes in Bangkok.

So good, and there's two more to go.

Have some very, very exciting,

very mouthwatering dishes to come

so let's go to the next spot.

(quirky upbeat music)

I didn't even mention this to you,

but we're eating all five of these dishes in one day,

so it's a packed day.

We're moving from place to place.

We drove over now to Bhangkapi

and this is where the next restaurant is.

This is one of the

best southern Thai restaurants in Bangkok,

it's called Janhom,

and we're going to eat a southern Thai dish

that's mind-blowingly flavorful.

(upbeat jazzy music)

I'm always excited to come eat here,

even after eating three meals already.

We're going to grab this table

all the way in the corner here 'cause it looks cool.

Look at these giant wooden booths.

This is just a huge wooden table.

(speaks Thai)

- Hello. (laughs)

- Okay. This is not the main dish,

but this is another delicious dish that's rolling up,

that's coming right now, which is the fried fish.

It's called pla tod kamin,

which is the fried fish with turmeric.

And it comes with a sauce.

This is delicious, check that out.

(upbeat jazzy music)

We also got some melinjo leaves stir fried with egg.

This is another one of my absolute

favorite dishes in the entire world

called goong pad ped sataw,

which is shrimp stir fried with stink beans

and you can see all that shrimp paste in there,

a lot of shrimp paste in there. You can smell the aroma.

It's coming right now, the main dish,

the main curry that we came here to eat.

Oh yes.

(speaks Thai)

Oh, there it is.

There is the gaeng tai pla.

It is a curry, a southern Thai curry

flavored with fish viscera,

like a fermented fish entrails, the insides of a fish

and if you can take a good look at that.

There's chunks of fish in there.

There's that beautiful dark color.

There's pumpkin in there, there's eggplant.

There's lots of kaffir lime used,

there's the pea eggplant, pieces of grilled fish as well.

And that's just that intense,

intense curry liquid.

Oh, I gotta put some of this on my rice immediately.

You stick this on your rice,

add a little bit more of that curry gravy.

Oh, this is fresh right out of the pot.

Oh, it's hot.

No doubt one of my favorite dishes in Thailand.

It's such a potent flavor.

It's so sharply salty.

But you can also taste the smokiness of the fish in there.

You got the little pea eggplants

that sort of pop, explode in your mouth with those seeds

and then you've got the creamy pumpkin.

One of the greatest dishes of Thailand.

Southern Thai.

Oh, mm hmm.

It's hot.

(laughs) It's so hot.

That was a big bite.

Next dish is the stink beans with the shrimp,

and you can see there's some chilies in here

and you can see that pink color

which is all from the shrimp paste,

which is like krill paste.

That's a beauty and actually I'm just going

straight in for this bite without even going to the rice.

Oh wow.

That shrimp, it's perfectly cooked.

It's so meaty and succulent.

There's onions in there actually,

which give it some sweetness and the stink beans.

I love gaeng tai pla,

but as far as single ingredients go,

stink beans, sataw,

that is one of my favorite ingredients of the entire world.

Okay, the fish. And I think this is called (speaks Thai),

which are sand fish, deep fried.

You can see this is all turmeric and garlic

and actually, fully deep fried.

You can even eat the entire head.

I'm just gonna eat this like a fry. (laughs)

This sauce, by the way, is award-winning.

There's garlic in there, there's chilies,

it's vinegary.

Just kind of let that head soak.

(laughs) Oh, that sauce.

And you can eat the whole head,

it's crispy all the way through.

The turmeric almost gives it kind of a mustardy taste.

It's awesome.


And finish with the melinjo leaves.

They have some of the best texture

of any leaf and have a nutty taste to them.

Okay, we're rolling.

Greg and Pam behind the scenes.

- [Greg] Get the sauce inside the fish head.

- [Mark] Yes, that's right. (laughs)

- [Greg] Can I tell you I'm gonna cheat a little bit.

(Pam laughs)

- [Mark] Yup.

You want to drown it. (Pam laughs)

(Mark laughs) Yes.

- Alright, I gotta say,

to all those people that think Mark's faking it

when he does his face,

it's 'cause you've never eaten food like this.

(Mark laughs)

You kind of like have a little moment to yourself.

- [Mark] It's emotional.

- When you eat stuff like this.

(upbeat electronic music)

- We made it.

This is the last restaurant.

It was about an hour to get here,

so I'm going to go ahead and tell you straight.

This restaurant is way off the beaten path.

It is only for the serious food lovers, even Thais.

Like it's really the guys

that are hardcore for food come to this spot

and at the moment,

this is one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok

and this is where we're going to eat the final dish

on this list of five of my favorite Thai dishes.

Let's go inside and let's order this dish.

I cannot wait.

(chill drum and bass music)

Let's sit over on this side over here.

You walk into this restaurant and I like it,

it almost has like a barn feel to it,

it's like this really old Thai house, wooden house.

It's beautiful, actually.

It's the perfect setting to just have a feast.

This is the restaurant, it's called Pla Mae Nam.

Which actually means river fish,

so they specialize in river fish.

Most of the dishes on their menu are river fish,

but the chilies are fiery,

the chili pastes just explode in your mouth.

(chill electronic music)

Sitting down for the final meal

and I could not be happier in my life at this very moment.

They're so cool back in the kitchen.

The chef, he is a master at spicy Thai dishes

and again, at this restaurant

you can't go wrong on the menu.

Everything is incredibly delicious

and although we're focusing on the main dish

as the top five of my favorite dishes,

there was no way we could not order

a whole table full of food,

so we did.

But the main dish, it's called gaeng pa in Thai,

which directly translates to jungle curry.

And so it is a curry, it's a water-based curry,

but it's called jungle curry because it makes use

of lots of wild herbs and just jungle ingredients

that you might find just foraging around.

In order to make this, he boils some water

and then he put in not just a spoonful

but like a spatula dollop full of chili paste,

which is literally like just pure solid chilies

which he dissolves and a mix of herbs and spices

which are pounded into a paste

so all the flavors are released.

That's pounded in a mortar and pestle

so all the flavors are just completely maximized,

even the chili oil is exposed

and he dissolves that into the water

and then in the meantime they have a plate

with all of the ingredients.

The fish, the finger root,

which is also a very important ingredient

and kind of gingery.

Some of the longbeans, some of the different eggplants.

He tosses that in into the cauldron

with the bubbling chili paste

and that just boils away for a little bit

and finally when everything is cooked,

when the fish is cooked,

he tosses in a handful of kaphrao, which is holy basil,

which is what we ate earlier today.

That finishes it off

and you don't want to cook that very long

so he just tosses it and turns off the gas,

dishes it into the bowl and that is it.

Okay, everything we've eaten today

is one of my favorite dishes in Thailand,

but this.

This is beyond spectacular.

It's a life-changing dish.

This is my ultimate favorite dish in Thailand.

I'm gonna grab a bite of the fish

and this is all freshwater fish.

Actually in Thai it's called (speaks Thai).

I'm not totally sure what the English version is,

but I'm going to get everything on this bite.

Yeah, and you know I do have rice,

but I'm not even going to touch the rice on this bite.

You can just see the herbs just exploding

and chili seeds throughout just folded through everything.

Oh wow.

That's just like, it's literally,

it's liquid chili but infused with herbs

and there's so much basil in there,

or the basil has such a wonderful pungency

that you can almost feel your tongue tingling a little bit.

Okay, this one is the pad pet

which is basically just a chili stir fry.

It's actually kind of similar to the jungle curry,

just in stir fried format, a little less soup,

and there's green peppercorns in here too.

This is another one of my favorite dishes as well.

I'm going to stick this onto the rice.

It is beyond stunning.

Okay, next dish here.

This is deer which is stir fried with black pepper.

In Thai it's called gwang pad phrik thai dom,

so we got some deer here, slices of deer.

There's some onions in here, there's some peppers,

and he literally tossed in,

that was not just a tablespoon.

That was like a mountain tablespoon of black pepper

into this single dish.

There's a lot of pepper, okay.

Oh wow, oh wow.

You don't even need to second guess yourself,

that is just pure pepper.

Another dish that's famous here is their tod mun,

which is the fried fish cakes.

And these are literally like burger sized

and they are bouncy.

You want to give this a little bit of a dip.

You gotta see the interiors of this.

That is just like pure fish sponge

and it's all 100 percent fish and chili paste.

It's so good.

We have completed five of my favorite,

five of the best Thai dishes.

This has been one of the most amazing

Thai food days of my life.

How was the day, Greg? (laughs)

- (groans) Can't speak, no words.

Too amazing, too good.

- (laughs) So we began with the braised beef,

we moved on to the pad kra pao,

which is the holy basil stir fry.

Then we had the (speaks Thai),

which is the green papaya salad with fermented fish sauce,

then we had the southern Thai food,

the gaeng tai pla, which is that curry,

that whole southern Thai meal.

- [Greg] And my favorite side dish--

- [ Mark] Yes, melinja leaves.

- [Greg] Melinja leaves, wow.

- And then finishing off with the gaeng pa,

the jungle curry, one of the greatest dishes.

That's just straight up liquid fire

and what a meal to end with.

But the entire day.

I mean, for me I cannot choose a favorite dish

because those are my favorite dishes

but that's just a sample.

The best thing about Thai food in Thailand

is that there's so many dishes

and I gotta say my favorite dish depends on the mood.

- At the moment.

- Yup. - Yep.

At the moment--

- These are five of my favorite dishes.

Greg, what was your favorite dish of the day?

- Definitely I would say, oh,

the fried fish that we had,

the Southern Thai fried fish.

- [Mark] Oh yes.

- [Greg] That was amazing.

The sauce that came with it, that was incredible.

- Oh yes.

- Plus the melinja leaves with the fried egg, oh.

(Mark laughs) Yeah, I'd have to go with those.

Those were the two things there that for me just like

phew, amazing. - Awesome.

- This was pretty incredible. (Mark laughs)

I still can't feel my mouth (Mark laughs)

which is kind of cool, but yeah.

So this was all really good.

I can't, it's hard.

You can't choose a favorite.

- You're right. - You can't choose a favorite,

but thank you so much for letting me

into your favorites of the time.

I have such a different understanding of Thai food now.

- Cool.

- Absolutely incredible. This is a dream come true for me.

Like, I've wanted to eat with you

for as long as I could remember, like years, dude.

I've been following you for years

and I always said, I want to eat with Mark Wiens.

So thank you so much, Mark.

- Cool, thank you. - I really appreciate it.

- And I want to say a huge thank you to Greg

and Pam from Travizeo.

Greg, they make amazing cinematic travel videos.

I'll have all their links in the description box below.

Check out Greg and Pam and yeah,

that was just so much fun to eat with you all day today.

- Thank you so much, man.

That was great.

- Well that wraps up the five best Thai dishes.

Thank you very much for watching this video.

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- Ciao!

(upbeat music)


- [Mark] Can you smell those chili beans, Greg? (laughs)

(air whooshing)



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