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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 6 Ways to Find Time to Improve a Language / 6 maneres de trobar temps per millorar un idioma

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Good evening and good afternoon everyone!

So, today I want to speak to you about how to use your convenient

moments to improve the language that you're learning.

Is this RealLife?

Aww Yeah!

So I'm going to speak in Catalan because obviously I'm doing this challenge. If you haven't seen the other video click here to watch,

where I'll explain to you what I'm doing in this 30-day challenge.

So it's very important, as I'm doing this challenge, that I find convenient moments to practice Catalan because I work,

like you probably do, too, and I don't have a lot of time to sit down and study.

So, I've found some other ways to take advantage of these moments,

and if you're like a lot of people that I know who say that they don't have time to practice,

I'm sure that you'll be able to find it.

There are six things that I want to recommend that you do in order to take advantage of these convenient moments.

The first is to listen to Podcasts. I spend almost all day listening to Podcasts:

when I go for a run or exercise, when I go grocery shopping, or if I'm walking somewhere or going to teach, I am always listening to a Podcast.

So, I listen to a lot that are in English, but I also listen to "la Competรจncia,"

and this way I can practice listening to Catalan and also

get up-to-date on what's happening in Catalonia and I laugh a bit, too.

So, the next thing is an application called Anki. Anki is phenomenal.

I recommend it to all of my students and my friends and to anyone who is learning a language.

It's the best tool that I know for practicing and for memorizing vocabulary.

As I'm doing this challenge, I'm learning a lot of new vocabulary and it's great because this way I don't forget it.

The next thing to do in your convenient moments would be reading.

I try to read every day before going to bed, and that way I also note down new vocabulary that I don't know.

I don't look for it at that moment because if I did I'd get too bored.

But I note it down and after I look it up and then I put it in Anki to study later.

Anki is great because you only need five minutes to review the vocab and it works with your mind, with your memory

I have an article that I wrote about Anki that you can read here.

Next would be watching. Watching series. When I'm eating, often I put on a series,

a 20-minute episode and I spend the time eating and watching the series, and this way I practice listening.

Obviously in English you have a lot more options than in Catalan. You are luckier than I am.

So the fifth thing would be Whatsapp. Whatsapping. I also spend a lot of time Whatsapping

my friends, so I also practice writing a little bit even though it's by Chat, but it's still good.

The last thing is singing. I spend a lot of time singing, too:

when I'm in the shower, or I'm walking somewhere, even though people might think I'm a little crazy,

but I like singing a lot and in addition, in other languages if you sing you can improve your accent a little bit.

It's a good way to practice your pronunciation by training the muscles

in your mouth to make the sounds from other languages that you don't have in your mother tongue.

Well that's it, all six, and I challenge you to go out there and take advantage

of your convenient moments with these six things.

Thanks a lot for watching this video and I hope you'll follow my challenge.

I really appreciate your support. Thanks, bye!

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