Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Feature doc: Euromania by Peter Vlemmix

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It's the combined strength of countries joining together,

an economic force,

a political force.

How often do you go here, Serena?

Every week, every friday.

How large is your family?

There are three, my husband and I got fired at the same time

Fired at the same time? - Yes, because of the crisis,

they had to let people go and he got laid-off.

Are more people visiting here?

Yes, the first time we got here, we thought it's not bad

But the more you come, you think, oh...

there a really a lot of people in trouble.

They would be happy if we joined the EU.

But we don't want to. They would be happy if we joined the EU.

But we don't want to.

We have the idea we wouldn't be able to do what we want.

Now we can vote here.

Sunday we go voting again.

And we say: this we want, and that we don't.

And the majority decides, right?

- And why not?

Better for Switzerland.

Better for Switzerland, to be outside the EU.

But one needs the EU, right?

When too many people talk together, it won't work good.

Swiss people also have, a funny attitude.

Yes? A funny predisposition?

We are a little bit, like Asterix and Obelix.

The little village, and around it lays Europe.

Switserland is a well organized anarchy.

- Yes?

You can look at Switzerland

and from the outside it looks more order then chaos.

But for the politicians it is somewhat chaotic.

They want to decide, but there is a vote.

Barely chosen, the people say: we don't like what you did.

And now this is the question, does one trust the own citizens?

Does one believe, that citizens voting will work or not?

It's very complex.

It's one Europe, but differences are huge.

We should never have done that.

The idea that you are not in control.

That you depend on that, have to obey.

It wouldn't be too bad, as long as it would go in a better direction.

But this way, i find it a bit scary to be honest.

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