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What's up guys today we're doing a video that is sponsored by guru v surprise mini brands bless sure. That's how it all began

But before we get started

Give me a huge thumbs up

What in the world happened to the peanut butter this thing is tiny I can't make a sandwich with this

Whatever evers can make something else

Guys what in the world is going on? These pasta sides are tiny I

Bet you dad's behind this let's go get him and see what's going on

Hey, what's the big idea

What there's tiny food everywhere? It wasn't me then. Who was it? I don't know. Let's go ask the girls

Girls come here for a second

Hey Matson, I

Have two problems here that is one problem. And that is a problem. What did you girls do to the food?

Dad, we didn't do anything good on new 5 surprise mini brand

Yeah under this toys

Wait, you mean those ones that we got from zuru in that big box? Yeah, go get him. I want to see him

It's light

Girls where are they there was a whole box full of those. I don't know

Anything well girls

We gotta find those because we're supposed to be making a video on all these toys

We can't do a video with just two of them. Well, we got to let's open those

Yeah, they look good for their room

All right, guys

We're gonna go open these ones up so we can see what this five surprise many brands is all about and then we gotta go

Find out what happened to the rest of them

Over 70

You guys I think this is the same stuff that mom uses

I'll be right back you guys keep open and I'll be right back trans first layered, you know

That is shrimp the shopping cause shopping baskets. Okay, you have five

Hidden surprises. So four of them are the mini brands and one of them is like a shopping accessory

Which could be a shopping cart shopping basket or like store shelves?

Look at this play this case

I didn't find her giant bottle

But she has like one of the I guess mini bottle but this is super mini like a travel size. Yeah

Can you see it like everything is the exact same?

You can collapse what golden one. Ooh

Super rare gold. Oh and then glow in the dark cupcakes. Yeah, like whoa pull in the dark

It's a chin over here a bottle of some baby


Wait, what did you get a shopping?

Cart. Alright guys, so Trinity got the shopping basket, imagine our shopping cart. So we're gonna get these both put together

So we got in the shopping cart and the basket

Evan you just closed it all back up the mass and I see that okay put it on. Oh

Wait, what's he got? He's got the pain. He's got mom's peanut butter

We got back let's go upstairs and see what he was just doing up there the one closed off ish watch out for

That was like to one of the little ones wait, are you doing a scavenger hunt for food? No, we're looking for five surprise toy

Will grab that and let's go downstairs and Subin Eva was joking. Okay. Hey my SuperSpeed powers thing

I thought we were looking for bad surprises not food

Okay, I don't see it hmm

Wait girls, let's take em over quick and see if they look like the mini brands. Okay? Okay. Okay. Let's go

click, all right before the neighbor finds us and

There's the little one later, let's see here

Extra crunchy Skippy

Fuel the fun super chunk peanut butter. That is the exact same thing

Oh wait

Nutritional facts, let's see

190 calories two tablespoons

Whoa, you guys this is the exact same. It's just pasta sides chicken flavor fettuccine. Oh my goodness. You guys I was crazy

They head in with food because it's food

Just grab the box and we'll put them all in the box. Okay, then we gotta find more

Stored in the box. Do you want to just carry the box around? Okay. Just set it down

All right girls were gone next the closet yeah

Is there anything to second what what's that bum?

Rap you get out the free grab one grab one. The late girls. Felony was right over here. Watch out

The box


Breathing tightness Nelson, where is he putnis?

Vegas north the garage

Well, okay see if there's any in here any


You know where she's at I don't know where she's at

Right there I'm surprised. Okay, let's go find your sister. Okay. Now we lost the Train

What's under the app

All right, she said she spent a table I don't see her like

That table what oh,


Get a parent it safe hurry

Okay, let's go peasant she's here okay, we've got one we've got it in this room well, but you're so let's go find the rest


Man there's more Madison

Jackpot look at all those. Uh, I don't know since we have so many these right here

Let's go ahead and open them up and then take them downstairs. Okay? Okay. Okay, both of you grab one hurry open


All right guys, so we got him open up

Let me show you really quick what they got so we can get back to finding the rest right so Masson got some soap some

teeny little q-tips some cold stone

Wet ones aren't eat. The one that mom has they to clean our hand

Yeah, and a little thing of shaving cream Trinity got the same soap. She got some peanut butter chocolate

Bacon bits Oh another one of these things but this one's the rice and some lotion. All right, guys, let's go find some more. Yeah

Very anything

And the last one

All right now so you got those okay, can you get yours

What you didn't drop nothing

Well, I'm I'm dead

I guess we're going to help the girls carry these down see if we can get down there get the neighbor out of our house

Girl stuff you're sending that we're gonna get rid the neighbor

Alright guys, we have all of them now we need to get rid of the neighbor

So we got a plan so I'm gonna go open the door so we can get rid of the neighbor

What are you doing here, uh checking the moment I stopped to talk to the neighbor for a minute

You were talking to the neighbor. Yeah, he's I mean he took off over there



Well, it doesn't look like he has any of our toys or anything

Alright guys, then we got mom back. So she's gonna go ahead and videotape us

We are all gonna open two more of these

So we're gonna open six of these five surprise me brands in the next five seconds ready

five four three

two one

Duck alright guys, so we got a lot of cool stuff trendy and Madison both opened

These are the metallic they're metallic

Raspberry warheads and Trinity got the glow-in-the-dark moon pies. Yes. I can't wait to test this out

But I also got a metallic

I got the metallic

dum-dums and

We actually have these in the house at the end of this video you guys I think me and mom are gonna do our own

scavenger hunt with the girls

We're gonna see who can find the most real stuff that matches up with our mini brands

But you guys we still have not got any of the gold so we're gonna open

four more of these things and this time Warleggan take three seconds ready girls ready and

I got me a shopping cart, finally. So we all got shopping carts

But right now we've got a scavenger hunt

So what we're gonna do

Me Mom right now are looking at all these different

Things and then we have two minutes to grab as much of this stuff in the house that we can and be back here

So our scavenger hunt is starting now. Alright guys, so here's everything that we've got with opening all those five surprises

We've got over 100 of these mini brands. So I get it add the pesto Spencer to my list

some shaving cream


Some wet wipes, but what I really want you guys is the golden pets. It looks the coolest

but first calendar hunt this is how we did I ran into the kitchen got the original peanut butter and

chicken noodles and then I got both the Mentos gums and

The dum-dums but moments the other way she went to the bathroom

She got the q-tips the shaving cream the Tresemme the Sun

tanning lotion the other Tresemme and the Wet Ones so it looks like mom beat me but I

noticed this

Zoom in here mom. Did you see that that says 300 and that says 500

So I don't think this counts

But you guys I know you guys can't comment on this video, but we'll make a post about this video tomorrow

So on that post go in there and tell me that I won because mom's right gee

Well guys, thanks for watching. Make sure to give me a huge thumbs up good fats guys's turnout kisses

See you guys later. Bye bye surprise

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